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Monday, April 14, 2003


Here's a thinly veiled criticism of the United States and Bush Administration disguised as a political science article about American hegemony/imperialism. If you're not so sure, you need not look farther than the source: it's from both CNN and the NY TIMES (nothing like the most biased sources of news coming together). This article discusses how international percepetion has been weary of America's "War on Terror". However, in typical CNN/NYTimes fashion their historical perspective forgets a vital piece of information: Weapons of Mass Destruction. The article views the world in the traditional Post-Westphalian ideas of state interaction and hegemony, but does not take into account the post-modern world of nuclear and biological weapons capable of killing millions in a single accident or attack. Also note the politically incorrect terms used to describe America such as nationalism, imperialism, and preemption. Nice try, but Tondar knows bad Poly Sci when he reads it.


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