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Thursday, April 17, 2003


I guess I wasn't pissed off enough about the wings and everything else going on, so the always inept Peter May took it upon himself to once again trash the Eastern Conference for the This time his "East should not exist" theory is centered around the idea that the Chicago Bulls should be elevated to the Finals by default. Why? Because the Bulls went 4-4 in April and it would make for good stories. Now I will be the first to admit the Eastern Conference is weaker and will most likely get creamed in the Finals. But that is how sports work. If Peter May is so down on the East, then why not write about the West? Is his self-esteem so low that he needs to rip through every moderately good team to make himself feel better? On top of that, you can tell he has been in journalism for too long when his reasoning revolves around the fact that the Bulls would be a better team to cover. Well, if story is your motivation, why don't you write a fantasy about Abdul-Jabar and Shaq going on a journey of self-discovery to McDonaldsland where they find the secret of life in a hot apple pie, and leave sports reporting to the real journalists. It must be a tough job having to watch all those NBA games and then being forced to write about them. Conferences go in cycles. Remember how the NFC dominated the AFC for years? And then an underdog team from Denver beat Brett Favre and the Packers. Nobody expected it, but thats the fun of sports. Anything can happen. That's why they play the games and thats why the system is based on rules and not the fiat power of an ESPN turd-burger without a shred of creativity.


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