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Wednesday, April 16, 2003


This email is from the creator of the new Yeza logos. As you can tell he's not a fan of Ole Tondar. But you have to give him props for realizing the alternate Yeza logo even if he is an old stick in the mud UM engineer (01010101101100100101). Oh well, VIVA LA YEZA ...


I prepared two rough attempts at a logo, one with your yellow/blue idea, and one with a starkly different color scheme. Either can be easily swapped to accomodate whatever colors you like.

I included the aforementioned "Block Y" design, which I created in about 5 minutes. It's a butchered block M (intentionally) with a dash of Yale block Y throw in.

I could export any of these to the desired graphic format, so holla at cha dog. (That means 'let me know' Dave)

I then embarked on a almost 2 hour mission to realize Tony's creative vision. Now I'm usually the last to humor Tony's sickness, but i
wanted to do this one...."for yeza".

Big Bird and Al Sharpton both appear in living color, in both logos. I chose the most logical location, Livonia Stevenson High School
(Alma Matter of Sackett-Giancola, co-founders) as the backdrop. This is where the similarities end.

Of the two logos: The first is pretty much a de-facto presentation. I chose a childlike handwriting font, and used a cartoonish lightning bolt. For the second, I added a realistic lightning bolt, and a more adult handwriting font. I thought that really 'hipped' it up a notch. Either is suitable for framing. Email me for enlargements/originals.

Ultimately, making a reasonable business card is impossible with Tony's ideas (assuming I have created a reasonable mock-up). Any of the other three could be suitably adapted, but the scale and ultimate appearance of Tony's design (not to mention the language), compromise the professional demeanor one usually tries to convey with a business card.


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