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Friday, April 04, 2003


This really shows how desperate Saddam's regime has become. They are resorting to using pregnant women as weapons against Americans and their own humanity. You think the Arab world would have learned after 50 years of constant attacks on Israel that terrorism is not an effective tool of diplomacy. Well, unless your aim is to bring misery, death, and destruction upon yourself. Which reminds me, I don't really want to get off on a rant but for crying out loud what's wrong with the Palestinians? If they had used peaceful passive resistance like Ghandi or Martin Luther King they would have had their own country 20 years ago. Instead, they use terrorist tactics and fight a losing war while their people live in absolutely horrible conditions, in poor health and soaring infant mortality rate. If they had had a legitimate chance of winning peace then Jordan would not have thrown out the PLO 30 years ago. Instead they desperately fight on, dying at a rate of 3 to 1 compared to the Israeli population they are attacking. What does it take before you realize you are your own worst enemy and that your situation is your own bitter creation. It's like the cocky junior high kid that keeps getting more detention because he can't keep his mouth shut. When is enough enough? At least there is comfort in the fact that Iraq will only be like this for a few more months before the people are liberated and allowed to finally live in true freedom. But in the meantime, I'm afraid we will see more tragedy as Saddam and his thugs continue to wage a losing war using terrorist tactics with no strategic value.

So I'm checking out the ole and theres always pictures of soldiers breaking or carrying off pictures and statues of Saddam Hussein. I was wondering if there was anywhere you could actually buy one of those online. It's not that I'm really a fan of his, but it would make a great mothers day gift. Since the Dark Lord Saddam were friends when they were both learning how to run a Stalinist-terror regime, I think she would really like a picture of her old friend as a reminder to carry on the battle.

Seth sent me an interesting email last night in reference to many things, but most interestingly The Doors...

"And shucks, I like the Doors. Remember, they're the first guys to realize that a rock song didn't have to be 3 minutes long. "

I'm not sure if that's too accurate because if you will remember 1967 was the year the Moody Blues released Days of Future Past. That gem of an album didn't really have any set lengths to its songs since it flowed between symphony and rock and roll. Though the two big hits "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Nights in White Satin" were about 5 minutes and 7 minutes respectively. I guess, the only way we could really tell is if anybody knows which album was released first, The Doors or Days of Future Past?

Thursday, April 03, 2003


Here is another wonderful editorial from William Saphire of the NYTimes. He talks about how Latvia, Turkey, and especially France have pushed American friendship to its limits and have lost economic and political favor. I wonder if Turkey remembered how fragile their economy was before they decided to vote against America?

For lunch I read an interesting report about Israel after the 6 Day War in 1967. It's kind of a long read but it's worth it if you are interested in modern Middle Eastern history. I give it 3 Arby's Melts.

For those of you with things better to do than read Supreme Court transcripts here are some excerpts from the 2 UofM cases. I think Ted Olson had the money quote of the argument in response to a question by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

JUSTICE GINSBURG: General, we're part of a world, and this problem is a global problem. Other countries operating under the same equality norm have confronted it. Our neighbor to the north, Canada, has, the European Union, South Africa, and they have all approved this kind of, they call it positive discrimination. Do we -- they have rejected what you recited as the ills that follow from this. Should we shut that from our view at all or should we consider what judges in other places have said on this subject?

OLSON: I submit, Justice Ginsburg that none of those countries has our history, none of those countries has the 14th Amendment, none of those histories has the history of the statements by this court, which has examined the question over and over again, that the ultimate damage that is done by racial preferences is such that if there ever is a situation in which such factors must be used that they must be -- race neutral means must be used to accomplish those objectives, narrow tailoring must be applied, and this -- this -- these programs fail all of those tests.

The UM policy is an obvious violation of the 14th Ammendment, but now what is up to the court to decide is if diversity is enough of a compelling state interest that this violation is acceptable. It's hard to say which way this will go. Most likely it will come down to Justice O'Connor just like the Bakke case came down to Justice Potter.


Well the Dark Lord Denise started her April-rent-money tirade this morning. However, she was pretty strategic about it. She waited until we were in the car and then hit me with the hardcore nagging. After several minutes of her bibbling she asked "are you even listening to me?" To which, I said nothing. She then spent the rest of the trip making angry sighs, but the best part was I didn't have to hear her bitch after that.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Since I'm not deaf I just now overheard the mailroom ladies talking. Well when we need verification back from the poor we give the Business Reply envelopes where "No Postage Is Necessary If Mailed in the United States." Well I guess the mailroom had been getting several of these lately filled with personal correspondence. It seems "customers" have been using these to mail their own letters even though our address is printed on the front of the envelope. It seems they have to come up with about 100 of these before they come across a gem like putting their drugdealer down as an authorized representative that can go "shopping" with their debit/foodstamp card thus having access to the money.

So this dirty bastard of a homeless man comes in today to get free money. He obviously hasn't bathed in days unless you count pouring a fifth of five'oclock over your head. You could just smell filth and booze just rolling off of him like a baby snake on a space heater. It was bad. Well after I press him for information the creature shakes my hand with his brown little poop-paws. I wish the poor would understand that handshakes are for gentlemen and people that bathe. Well needless to say, after that interview I purelled, washed twice, and purelled my hands again just to make sure I didn't catch any of the "homeless."

Well I survived the shower-shake-down today. Two other guys in the office took the day off, while I was lucky enough to escape(thanks Jill). I guess, glaring girl is getting married this weekend. I hope her wedding dress has a parachute in the front otherwise her butt-gut-o-kid is just not going to fit. Ahhh, so many whispers but only 1 shotgun.

Here is a link to the other case relating to UM's admission policy. Its a shame they don't say who asks the questions. Though you can pick out Scalia and Bryar when their questions drive the agenda.

After yesterday's oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the affirmative action case I searched all over, but it wasn't until this morning that I found a transcript of yesterday's arguments.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


Sunday morning I was the first to awake. After I poured myself a beer I put on Johnny Cash and ate my leftover pizza. But I guess Disciple Thomas had a rougher morning. He had to call his boss (the same girl I picked a fight with the night before when I told her to "Deal with it" in a Dumbsian voice) and explain how he was too drunk to work. After this Tres, Gayson, and James woke up and we inspected the damage. The ceiling was crumbling over the stairwell. The wall had been reconstructed where the Red Ninja had used his Flying Ninja Kick. We also saw how Gayson had taken one bag of charcoal and thrown it at a parked truck. The other bag was in the alley where somebody had tossed the grill in a fit of drunken rage. We then finished up the morning trying to get things stuck on the roof.

Tres: Well Tondar, it seems you weren't the freakiest freak in the freak show this weekend.
Seth: Yeah, you were more like Tondown.

Monday, March 31, 2003


Saturday night we had a little incident down at 308 E William. It seems the Red Ninja came and mistook Tres for a badguy. So with a "Flying Ninja Kick" he caved in one of the walls "at the speed of light." Tres was left with a nasty bump while the Red Ninja escaped into the night.

Everybody remembers good old Nancy. The clean freak that can't lift a finger to save his life. The same one that lurches around the house like a 300 lb Frankenstein causing the collapse of the ceiling over the stairwell. The same one that bitches about the kitchen being a mess while crusty dishes and pans are left next to the dishwasher, gravestones on the Romlette Trail to mark the fallen remnants of normality and his heterosexuality (A romlette is an omlette with romin noodles mixed in). Well Saturday night at the party it seems he made some new friends and acquired a new nickname, Bazarro Bags. Now this raises an interesting question, which nickname is worse: Bazarro Bags or Nancy?

Saturday afternoon I went out to lunch with Tres and his girlfriend. Afterwards we decided it would be fun to go to the art museum. So as we were checking out the exhibit on German Expressionism, somebody rips a very long and very loud fart. We all looked at eachother and then we realized it was this old guy who happened to be walking by Tres. We tried to go behind a display wall but we were just laughing too hard to enjoy anymore culture so we headed home.

The internet is finally working again so I will try to post everything that happened this weekend in chronological order. But to tell you the truth I am plum-tuckered out and have been just going through the motions as far as work so bear with me and my internet connection.