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Thursday, May 29, 2003


Happy Birthday to the tax revolt which turns 25 next week. This is the movement that helpped elect Regan, and showed how cutting taxes can be good for the economy. Though big government is far from dead, Colorado has led the way in getting it under control. However, I don't think Detroit or the state Democrats would go for liberty as extreme as a tax payers bill of rights here in Michigan. They have an agenda of wasting money on the irrational and irresponsible and they'll be damned if anybody is going to derail that free-money train.

Sure, she is now a cohost of "American Idol," but where has she been since her 1995 album "Head Over Heals?" Well it turns out she was broken. She had horrible back problems caused by a fall when she was a cheerleader. Recently she did an interview for Dateline NBC where she talks about overcoming bulimia and her numerous surgeries that shortened her a full inch. Interesting Stuff.

This morning there was more FOX 411 on Bobby and Whitney in Israel. Check out the 12 easy rules that you must follow to become a Black Hebrew. If Bobby and Whitney are going to join they should probably make one more rule: Abstain from using cocaine and stealing from Las Vegas high rollers.

Yesterday I sent this email to my boss in response to some questions she emailed me about one of my consumers who was upset that I hadn't fixed her foodstamps despite the fact that she mailed her paperwork out 1 working day earlier.

"You were pretty close to being on base because today I finally got all of her paperwork. I can now make the changes on her case. For next time I will also include a note explaining the difference between quantum physics and the US postal service so that next time she mails me something she will know that the big blue mailboxes are not automatic transports to my desk."

Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Why did we go to war against Iraq? Bill O'Reilly being the master of PC (perpetual correctness) lays out several consequences in his latest installment of Talking Points Memo. America has brought stability to the region while putting pressure on Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. However, O'Reilly is also correct in pointing out and criticizing the lawlessness that has plagued Iraq since the fall of Saddam.

Sure we all want to hate somebody but now that hating Jews and blacks is out of style why not hate Catholics. According to Philip Jenkins this is the new trend among "intellectuals." Though I don't really think the bias is as bad as he insists, I would agree that there has been a tremendous amount of backlash against the Church following the sex scandals(most of it deserved for the local coverups). On the other hand, I would attribute many of Jenkins' ideas to a culture of victimization and rampant PCism that tries to rewrite history and cash in on past wrongs. If you disagree just ask James about his ex-girlfriend, and take two helpings of "DEAL WITH IT."

Just when you thought Whitney and Bobby couldn't get any crazier they join the Black Hebrews. I guess drugs weren't enough so they ran out and joined a cult in Israel. No whitty comment is necessary for these two, they are amusing enough on their own.

It depends on who you talk to regarding the details, but just about everybody agrees that the Democrats are facing an uphill fight for the presidency in 2004. Iowa and the rest of the nation are not very impressed by the candidates. Right now two-thirds of Americans still approve of the job Bush is doing and he continues to ride high after winning the war in Iraq and passing his tax-cut plan. However, William Saletan of Slate seems to think that the Democrats are changing their message to get back on track. But truthfully they never were on track. These are desperate moves and a return to policies that worked under Clinton. Class-warfare and appeals to Clinton are their latest strategies. But most people have heard these before and know that they are just not true. Bush's tax cuts have been for all Americans across the board as well as being pro-family ($500 a child credit), while the popularity of Clinton is difficult to counter it is also difficult to harness since he can never run for president again. It's like saying the Republicans are great because they had Lincoln in the 1860s. Times have changed since Clinton's presidency in 1993-2001. Right now 50% of Americans disapprove of Bush's handling of the down economy. If the Democrats are to win they will need to stress this fact. Though up until now America has forgiven Bush for the economy since he had to face September 11 and the corporate accounting scandals which crushed previous recovery attempts. The Democrats best hope for 2004 is that the current recovery tanks or the careful politician Bush will screw up big time. I'm not counting on either of these scenarios, though crazier things have happened in the past.

Right here in Michigan it looks like the Church will ordain a new priest that has been married for 25 years. Not much is known about the priest other than he will work near Flint and is a convert. Other than that the details of it all are rather sketchy since the new priest is not allowed to talk to the media.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Check back tomorrow for the latest in this epic struggle.

The continent of Africa is often overlooked in the catalogue of problems facing our world. Check out Nicholas Kristof's column about problems and realistic solutions for getting Africa in shape. Even though it's from the NYTimes, Kristof seems to be on top of things as far as credible writing is concerned. Though it doesn't take much journalistic work to know that Africa is a bad place. My political sociology professor called Africa the "Western power's last chance to get it right." However, Kristof is probably right and in 30 years our children will be asking "What were you doing when Africa went to hell in a handbasket?"

My vacation plans for this year will not be taking me to Europe. After today's news that the dollar is at an alltime low versus the euro, it would be VERY expensive to visit Europe since everything is about 40 cents per dollar more than when I was there last year. For example the CD player I bought in Italy for $95 would now be $141. However, this now gives me a chance to visit some places in America I haven't seen in years. Plus I don't have to worry about unfavorable exchange rates (except for 5/3 Park's Crash Cash), while all of you in Europe have no excuse for not visiting Tondar this summer.


Instead of doing work this morning I read the All Music Guide's history of Bill Haley. It was a pretty interesting read regarding the roots of Rock and Roll. However, the part I found most amusing was that in 1954 the word "rock" was another word gettin' it on. Check out this quote...

"Haley's bowdlerized version of "Shake, Rattle and Roll" was the most overtly sexual song ever to reach the American Top Ten up to that time, and "Rock Around the Clock" wasn't very far behind. Though Max C. Freedman might've meant his song differently, taken literally in the true meaning of the word "rock" as it was used in 1953-1954, "Rock Around the Clock" was a bouncing, beguiling musical account of 24 hours of sexual activity, and the precursor to such numbers as "Reelin' & Rockin'" by Chuck Berry."

Brings a totally new meaning to the Moody Blues Bukake inspired song, "Rock and Roll Over You."