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Wednesday, June 11, 2003


If you haven't checked out the tardblog (link is in the left margin of this page) then you need to get on that. If you have, then check out this story. This was a tard story that somebody else sent in but it's probably the best one on the entire tardblog. A TRUE MUST READ.

Ken Adelman today sums up the two previous Bush-blastings and then takes a look at what he calls the third wave. This has to do with the lack of WMD yet to be found in Iraq. However, at this point Bush has bested his detractors twice. And everytime he does he becomes more popular while the naysayers are left cleaning the egg off their face. Tondar's saying be patient but I guess the Bush-haters would prefer to be known as a fringe minority with no credibility.

Pigpen: If I find out who has those firecrackers I am gonna pound them in the ass.

CORRECTION VIA PIGPEN HIMSELF: "it's not pound them in the ass - it was pound their ass"


Last night I was playing the PS2 and lead Iverson, Jermaine O'Neil, and my Denver Nuggets against Shaq, Kobe and the Lakers. This will probably be the last time I play this game for a while. My nuggets had a field goal percentage of 86%. Somehow I still ended up losing 83-82 despite a last second three that SHOULD have put it into overtime but somehow became a 2. I don't mind losing but when the game destroys competitive equity and overcomes 86% shooting in a conspiracy to beat me, I don't want to play anymore. NBA Live can suck it until further notice.

Those words all seemed like a Bush Administration exaggeration, especially considering that Suni Iraq, Shiite Iran, and East Asia have little in common besides a hatred for America. However, according to an article from the Washington Post, Iranian officials visited North Korea earlier this year. These are the two remaining members of the Axis of Evil colluding together over their nuclear weapons program. According to reports, the Iranians were there to learn how to fool weapons inspectors. This is what North Korea has been doing since the 1994 Clinton deal that failed in trading aid for non-proliferation, resulting in the current North Korean crisis. This latest development, may make Iran a pressing issue that can't wait until Iraq is rebuilt. If Iran were to build a nuclear device and use Al Qaeda or some other non-state delivery system, the results would be horrific. The Bush Administration needs to take a hard look at Iran and their nuclear program before it is too late.

Because of the liberation of Iraq Hans Blix was laid off from his cushy weapons inspector job at the U.N. So what does he do in response? He lashes out at the U.S., Pentagon, and Iraq. It seems that Blix is upset about a "smear campaign" launched by the Americans against him and the United Nations so in response he calls them "bastards." This is uncalled for since Blix would have been content to wander Iraq indefinately while 200,000 American troops sat waiting for him to finish dinking around, not finding a "material breach," but also not finding Iraq in compliance. It was the perfect gig for Blix and now that he doesn't have it anymore, he bitterly lashes out at those that took it away. No wonder America has concerns about supra-national organizations. I know Tondar would be pissed if there were no more poor people. I would also lash out at those that took away my job, why should a lifetime civil servant be any different?

Here is an interesting article from the London Telegraph about the failure of the European Union and the euro currency. It's taken from an interview with one of Germany's most respected economists. His problem is that the E.U. and euro removes too much national bank authority, greatly limiting any kind of monetary adjustment that an economy can make. This is especially true for Germany that has had a stagnant economy for quite some time now. This interview reminds me of that scene in "Billy Madison" when Billy crushes the fat kids face for saying that he wants to go to highschool. "Don't say that. Don't EVER say that. Just stay here. Stay here as long as you possibly can."

Wilhelm Nolling's version of the quote...
"The present euro zone structure is devastating for Germany," he says. "Our economy is bleeding. And I am convinced the UK would be crazy to join - you should stay out for as long as I can foresee."

Keep in mind while reading that "you" refers to the U.K. since this article came from the Telegraph.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


In the wide world of blogging Andrew Sullivan stumbled upon this great interview that sheds some light on the world of Islamic Fundamentalism, terrorism, and Pakistan. This is a translation from a Polish interview with the French writer Bernard-Henri Levy who followed Daniel Pearl's steps and finished his reporting. Read the whole thing because it gives a very balanced perspective of the war on terror and a revealing look at the problem caused by Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

JUNE 10, 2002: ISTANBUL to PARIS--Ole Tondar had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn and then make my way to Istanbul's main square, Taksim. Here I caught the airport shuttle so I could fly back to Paris. Nothing eventful happened but I remembered this when I grabbed the U2 album "All That You Can't Leave Behind" this morning so I could listen to the song "New York" in honor of my trip tomorrow. The cover of this album pictures the band standing in Roissy Hall 2F, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris. This is exactly where I was one year ago. This airport is very recognizable because it is a post-modern nightmare. It was designed by Paul Andreu and is most notorious for its futuristic buildings and towers that were made from a low quality concrete that has now faded with pollution. This combined with the completely random placement of buildings, gates, and three terminals make flying in and out of Paris a living hell. I strongly suggest everybody avoid this airport unless absolutely necessary.

The Liar just called me wondering where her rehab cash was. She must have woke up jonesin' something to make her higher than her miserable life could. Well after i explained she had to wait until I got to it. She then said "thanks hun." How creepy is that!? Nothing like a toothless drug-adicted alcoholic calling you hun. Tondar's grossed out!

Friday night I went to Archie's liquor store which is about 5 minutes away from my house. While looking over their wines I found a bottle of Richard's Wild Irish Rose: Wild Grape. This is a new flavor since I have only been able to find the Red and White up until now. I picked up a bottle even though its only 13.5% alcohol per volume but I trust Richard and knew he won't lead me astray. For me it's that abusive relationship from which I just cannot free myself. I know Richard can change he just needs my love and business to become a wonderful product. So whhile I was exercising this love at the checkout, I happened to asked the clerk if they carried Cisco. No, they didn't have Cisco, but the clerk said that he would order some "just for me." Well certainly this made my night! I then went home and tried the Wild Grape. No surprises there! It had a strong sugary grape smell similar to Cool-Aid that hasn't been properly mixed. However, the taste was delightful and sweet like straight grape juice. It actually wasn't that bad at all, but dont be fooled. Richard's is not to be passed out to the nursery school children. It still carries a wicked bumwine after taste, that oh so familar "gasoline has filled my mouth with death vapors" taste. I could certainly tell that it was one of Richards' fine products. I had 2 glasses and noticed no real change in taste with or without icecubes. Though like a 40 of malt liquor it had an ass end that made it difficult to finish. I did not have enough to notice any adverse drunken effects. This will require further study. Though Richard's Wild Irish Rose: Wild Grape is no Kalimatxo, I would still recomend it as a fortified wine for the lady that is afraid to soar with the bird but still willing to crash like a hobo.

Al Qaeda is on the run, but that may be a bad thing. The Washington Times is reporting that several Al Qaeda members have fled to Iran including Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Iran is a rogue state that is ruled by a religious oligarchy of clerics and deserves to be toppled. First, for the 1979 taking of American hostages that Jimmy Carter allowed to happen without punity. Any strong President would have flexed U.S. muscle to teach the Ayatollah a lesson in international law and power. It showed American weakness that led to the rise of Islamo-fascist terror around the world. Secondly, Iran should be toppled because of its abuse of its own citizens, especially women. Iran's fundamentalist government has set progress back years because of their extreme policies. The citizens would welcome a democratic change for the better. Third, Iran is harboring terrorists, one can apply the Bush doctrine for their dismantlement under this reasoning alone. However, at this time an invasion does not seem to be very likely since we already have Iraq to rebuild. The war in Iran would also be swift but the aftermath may stretch US forces too thin. So what will the United States do about this? In my opinion, there will be alot of bitching and moaning and for the forseeable future nothing will be done. Let's just hope that softer forms of diplomacy and pressure work for the time being to prevent any major terrorist attack.

Monday, June 09, 2003


California governor Gray Davis is in trouble. With a 21% approval rating he is facing a recall drive. Robert Novak has a good summary of the political situation as it stands right now. It's amazing that Davis could get reelected last year and then become so unpopular. But that is the price you pay for raising taxes.

"In the first place you must get yourself out of health by unwise drinking and eating, and out of condition by neglecting your exercise, then you must contrive to be worried very much and made very anxious and uncomfortable, and then you must work very hard for four or five days and for long hourse every day at something too petty to be interesting, too complex to be mechanical, and without any personal significance to you whatever. This done, get straightway into a room that is not ventilated at all, and that is already full of foul air, and there set yourself to think out some very complicated problem. In a very little while you will find yourself in a state of intellectual muddle, annoyed, impatient, snatching at the obvious presently in choosing and rejecting conclusions haphazard."

H. G. Wells "In The Days of the Comet" 1906

Last night I came upon this quote while I was reading and I thought it best paraphrased what has happened to me since I started working. It's not that I want to blog and keep the kids updated on my boring life. But rather this page is a necessity to keep from descending completely into a "state of intellectual muddle."

Robert Kagan of the Washington Post has a logical breakdown of the search for weapons of mass destruction. If there is a conspiracy to fool the American people into supporting war then the Germans, French, and U.N. would have been in on it too. The simplest explanation is that the weapons or evidence of their destruction is very well hidden and it will take more time to figure out exactly what happened. Was there a "rush to war?" From the looks of things the only rush is to smear the Bush administration and the inteligence community. The truth will eventually come out, but why force the issue now and turn it into a dead horse. Tondar's patient. Why can't the media be patient?