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Thursday, July 03, 2003


Today is the one year anniversary of my return from Europe. I awoke at 440 am in Madrid and arrived at Chicago at 230pm. IT WAS NOT A SIX HOUR FLIGHT (but at least I was sober and 100% alive). I was out of the country for six months, visiting over 10 countries. Upon my return I was yelled at and forced to find a job and become the shell of a man who wrote this.

Rush: Signals--1982

This is a new featur for the daily rant. Everyday I take a different CD from my collection to work with me. So from now on I will be reviewing these albums as I go. Today's album is Rush's synthesizer driven rocker from 1982. This album marked the beginning of the third stage in Rush's career following the success of Moving Pictures and "Tom Sawyer." Here Geddy Lee moves towards keyboards and the songs became more concrete taking on a general sense of "awareness." This can especially be heard on "Subdivisions," "New World Man," and the ballad "Losing It (which includes blatant references to Earnest Hemmingway in structure and lyrics)." This is one of the best Rush albums and was produced during their prime by their longtime producer, Terry Brown. Signals has a tight song structure that neither drags nor irritates. In addition, it produced 2 of the most classic Rush songs. "Subdivisions" was one of the first songs completed. This CD opener kicks off the third stage with a synthesized driven synchopated beat before Neil Peart jumps in with his distinct drumming. "The Analog Kid" is a rocker that is often performed in concert. Alex Lifeson is allowed to wail while Geddy Lee's vocals soar. Overall this is a great album. It sound may be dated due to the synthesizer, but it also reveals why this trend was so popular in the 80s. On a personal note, I bought this album on Crete during My Big Fat Spring Break.

Tondars rating: ****1/2
All Music rating: ****1/2

The Supreme Court overstepped it's boundaries last week when it ruled on Texas V. Lawrence (the sodomy case). It advanced a "right to privacy" that does not exist, making it more difficult for states to enforce their own laws. Jeffrey Rosen breaks down the judicial activism of the court's new position in the New Republic. Normally the New Republic can suck it (it became a pay site), but this article is worth reading. Personally I would most have to agree with Justice Thomas. The law is uncommonly silly but there is no way to justify the court's activism to usurp the legislation of the States. Rosen hits it right on with this money quote...

"In the same way that O'Connor offered the case for striking down the Texas law in the narrowest possible terms, so Justice Thomas gave us a dissent of eloquent simplicity. "The law before the Court today "is ... uncommonly silly," he said, quoting Justice Stewart's dissent in the contraceptives case. "If I were a member of the Texas Legislature, I would vote to repeal it." Nevertheless, Thomas said he was unable to find in the Constitution a "general right of privacy," or, as the Court called it "the liberty of the person both in its spatial and more transcendent dimensions." The fact that the majority didn't bother to respond to Thomas shows how little the judicial activists on the left and the right have learned from the errors of Roe."

Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi was recently named president of the European Union as Italy takes its 6 month turn in the E.U. leadership role. However, now he is under fire for calling one of his German opponents a (Nazi) guard. This is troubling especially considering what the left has called Berlusconi. They have called him criminal, fascist, and even Atilla the Hun. But when he strikes back as harshly, the european left throws a fit. As a European conservative he is closer to America in his views of world and social politics. His agenda is to build a European super-state that has close ties to America and he is willing to stop terrorism, illegal immigration and was a member of the coalition that liberated Iraq. Berlusconi is probably the best prime minister Italy has ever had. After a national struggle against communism for 45 years, Berlusconi was able to usher in an era of deregulation and has tackled the corruption that has always plagued the MASSIVE Italian government. In addition, he is America's only shot at limiting the Paris-Berlin axis that wishes to "check" American power in the world. This is going to be a very important time in European history and having a man like Berlusconi presiding over the E.U. could help shape a more agreeable super-state.

It looks like Bush's plan for medicare reform and free prescriptions may be killed. This is good news for anybody who is concerned about the future of social security and the current deficit. It seems the house wants more free market controls and the Senate wants no free market control. Because of this serious sticking point it looks like the new entitlement maybe killed, stopping a plan that would cost an additional $400 billion that the government doesn't have now. It is about time somebody has stepped up and went after Bush for his wasteful spending. For a "conservative" President he seems to be a big fan of huge budgets and (to more alarm,) wealth redistribution.

Some New York City firefighters are trying to get their jobs back after being fired for a parade incident involving blackface. From foxnews, "People on the float threw watermelon and fried chicken to paradegoers and made it appear as if one of the men in blackface was being dragged, city officials said." It's funny only because it's so wrong. You just have to wonder what would posess somebody to behave like that.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003


I was considering buying her new book "Treason" until I read this scathing review. It seems that she likes to play with facts and quotes just like Michael Moore. Though some of Brendan Nyhan's article seemed a bit like nit-picking, one cannot deny the fact that Coulter has grouped ALL democrats and liberals under the great tent of treason. It makes me curious if there is a well researched, truthful account of the McCarthy era out there.

Hope you like tearing your ACL. Oh Blue how could you!

This pretty much sums up my trip to New York, except backwards.

It's disturbing they could be so open about their discrimination.

From Seth...
"Abbas opposes the use of force against militias because he fears it could trigger a civil war. He suggested Tuesday that illegal weapons would not be confiscated, but that Palestinian police would try to persuade militiamen not to use them." -AP

Yeah, as if asking terrorists "Please sir, we'll let you have your gun, just don't fire it" really works. I feel for Prime Minister Sharon who has to negotiate on peaceful terms with such a schmuck. I understand he's in a difficult negotiating position without much control of Palestinians who don't support him but if he can't deliver on peace promises, what's he doing at the table?"

Abbas' comments are also eerily close to the NRA's feelings on anti-government psychos walking around with automatic weapons.

Abbas must crackdown on terrorism or he will be marginalized like Arafat. In Politics one of the ways to define a state is "a monopoly on all violence and force within a given territory." The palestinians do not have this. Instead of terrorists think of them more as war lords with individual agendas. The only item that brings them together is a hatred of Israel. This is becoming more clear as the roadmap is followed. Palestine would most likely errupt into civil war if it were truly given independence and forced to decide upon its own destiny instead of fighting a power they cannot defeat. Do you think Hamas, Hezbollah, and Arafat could agree on taxes, healthcare, education? They probably couldn't even agree on a form of govt or leader. Hatred of Israel is the only thing that allows palestine to function.

Now the problem with that quote and them keeping their weapons isnt the fact that they have them. But the reality that Palestine really has no rule of law or military/police authority over its own people. I dont think it is that close to the NRA nuts because the NRA nuts still believe in the American rule of law (for the most part). In palestine, a lack of police willing to crackdown makes negotiating peace near impossible under anarchy. Bush's use of brute force (Afghanistan and Iraq) has been the only thing terrorists have understood. That is why he has come closer than Clinton to peace. He is holding leaders responsible for the violence and using a greater degree of violence himself.

Finally the difference between the Palestinian guns and Iraqi WMD (whether you believe bush lied or not) is huge. That is why Iraq was destroyed. A lone nut with a gun could maybe kill 20 if he were lucky. A lone nut with a dirty nuclear bomb could easily kill 20,000. A leader can gamble easier on the gun then on the WMD. Just keep that in mind, you cant always use absolutes. Though absolute force and the will to use it will always trump.

I just had to meet with another new poor person. This time I decided not to antagonize this one because he had this warning in his po' people file...

"*Client should never be assigned to a woman. Client has serious mental health issues. Client has been isolated at Ypsalanti since 1/00."

Well I met with the guy. This was probably the strangest interview I ever had. He was obviously all drugged up so he would not be a danger to me or anyone else. He sat there and just mumbled to himself. With him, he also had a very hot German girl that wasn't a social worker, relative, or girlfriend, but very willing to help. Disaster averted but I still have 2 more meetings this morning to make somebody cry.

This morning I discovered another missing CD. This makes 2 in a week. If anybody has happened to have borrowed or seen INXS "Elegantly Wasted" and "Listen" Disc 6 featuring Ligeti, Webern, Crumb, Bernstein, Schumann, please return those to me so I can once again sleep at night.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Sure it's kinda dorky, but we all know whats going to happen. Check out the details if you want.

Robert Novak has a very good rundown of the state of the current judicial branch. He really points out the willy-nilly attitude of the court as it upholds some things and strikes down others. Money quote:

" As for her concurring opinion striking down the Texas sodomy law, Scalia asserts that O'Connor creates a jurisprudence under which ''judges can validate laws by characterizing them as 'preserving the traditions of society' (good); or invalidate them by characterizing them as 'expressing moral disapproval' (bad).''

I would have to agree with Novak and David Limbaugh. The court is out of control. It cannot be a tool to institute social change or strike down unpopular laws. It needs to get back to the law and do a better job reasoning or America's democracy could be in trouble as the balance of power shifts too dramatically.

Welcome back to Michigan Frank (beep beepity boop)...

I think you will be able to assume who this is-the person you have not spoken to in more than a month. I wanted to convey my feeling of disdain for you. I am disgusted with the fact that you were completely unable to tell me in a forthright manner that you did not want to date me anymore, using the strategy of avoidance to deal with the problem. I guess I should take partial blame in all of this, since I obviously made the mistake of dating a vacuous, ignorant and ultimately faulty girl as you, in a relationship that I knew from the get-go was unsustainable. You might think that avoidance was the “mature” way of dealing with me, and from your life experience, you seem to think avoidance is a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with a given problem. Well, it is not mature at all, and I feel that I now have to take the burden up of dealing with this issue in a forthright manner, a la this note, since you were unable to do so.

I believe your avoidance of me as a way to end our dating was emblematic of your pettiness. I dreaded the thought of having to go to City Club a few Saturdays ago on your sister’ bequest, since I did not want to celebrate 18 years of dysfunctionality that is your life. This is a moot point I know, but I think it was best that no one in public celebrated your life and all of its failures. I cannot think of many people I know personally who are so inept-intellectually, emotionally and psychologically-that they are incapable of doing something as pedestrian as graduating from a real high school. I cannot remember anyone so fucking stupid-and keep in mind I know a wide-variety of people-that did not know what the words “introvert” and “suffice” mean. And your inability to construct even a cogent argument above the level of a six grader in the car was a sign of endemic ineptitude. Lauren, you have joined a deplorable pantheon.

The saddest part of all of this is that you will likely live for another 18 years as a burden to your family and society. Of course, things might work out for you in a way. As someone close to you stated to me, you will likely, “End up pregnant in a few years” and “Be a stripper because she (you) is not that smart”. In all fairness, I disagree with the later prediction-you are too flat-chested to ever be a successful stripper. And do not delude yourself-you could never graduate with a four-year college degree-anywhere. You are too underdeveloped intellectually (alas, underdevelopment seems to be a pattern with you in a number of areas) and lack even a semblance of diligence to complete such a task, even if your mother heavily subsidized the venture (I hope she is smart enough not to waste money on such a futile fantasy!). I guess you can feel a sense of “accomplishment” by graduating from a retarded high school. And yes, you are pretty, but in a decade or two, you will lose that, and trust me, YOU WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LEFT! So I can see why you might celebrate your birthday now, since you will have very few birthdays in the future to celebrate anything of value about yourself.

You might be asking yourself why I am writing this. Actually, many have asked me the same question. Usually, they frame it in the context as, “Why do you want to waste your time with her, that girl from Virginia Farrell (snickering about you ensues). She doesn’t even know what “suffice” or “introvert” means? Oh my God! (more snickering about you occurs).” Well, I have a feeling of noblesse oblige about all of this (noblesse oblige is a French term, which you would not know, because you could not even get through even an intro French course). I know that it is a waste using all of these words that you do not understand, and that to some degree my mental energy could be used for more self-aggrandizing and even socially beneficial purposes. Yet I feel someone such as yourself, who is so worthless and engages in the aforementioned petty behavior, deserves to be excoriated. And I guess that this is just a task I have to execute.

This note, in a way, is a belated birthday message. Do not bother to respond to this note: I will delete your emails before ever reading them, I will erase any messages on your answering machine and I will not answer your phone calls. Ditto is true if you try to involve any third-parties. Yes, I have the last word in all of this. Your birthday, unlike most others, deserves to be disparaged. I think it is necessary for you to know, as you pathetically step towards adulthood, and before you go to your dysfunctional school today that you will soon be graduating from, that you are worthless.
2004 Democrats=1996 Republicans

As the Presidential race kicks into high gear we see the Democrats moving further and further left. Check out what David Limbaugh has to say about their need for anger management. Money Quote:

"The far left controlling the party will nevertheless force all the Democratic contenders to scramble to the westward-most end of the ideological spectrum to curry their favor. "

By the time a Democrat wraps up the nomination Bush is going to face such a left wing wacko it will be too late to secure the middle of the road independent vote. It's not partisan complaining, just smart politics in a majoritarian electorate system.

I dont think they could come up with a worse name for that storm that is ravaging the Southeast than Bill. Everytime I see a headline about it, I think that it has something to do with a bill going through Congress, or President Bill Clinton is porking something again. On top of that why do they have to name the storms after men now. It is obvious that Bill is a bitch and you never hear about men getting things all wet. They need to stick to names like Gertrude, Gail, Denise, Bertha, Big Tiff, etc. There's no mistaking these ladies plus they even sound like massive trouble makers.

Captain Crabby down the way must be about 12 months pregnant now because the manifestation of sin has grown to portions that rival the elephant mans' tumours. Frankly I am disgusted everytime I look at her now. Before she wasn't that big at all, from a UofM perspective she wasn't even that bad looking. Really, I could only comment on that fact that she is having a child out of wedlock (slut-harlet-tramp). But now after months of butter and sugar she has reached a point that the only thing bigger than her obnoxious voice is her size. Tondar would not be surprised to learn that she was knocked up after an encounter with the Pillsbury Dough Boy (she's popping huge). She's so big in fact that her whole center of gravity has shifted and she now leans WAY back as she lumbers past the cubicles. Its like she needs a third or fourth leg to help support her massiveness. For me it brings to mind the Depeche Mode song "Freestate"...Let yourself go, let yourself go *twang twang*"

The same bad guys that went after fast food have now struck a nerve with Kraft Foods (and Tondar). They are now reducing portions to prevent future lawsuits from the fatties. How sad is that!? As a consumer with a higher metabolism I should be allowed to eat as much as I want. However, Kraft Foods would know alot about these kinds of lawsuits since they are the parent company of cigarette giant Philip Morris. They are reducing their liability now to prevent a future fat tax or major settlement which would reduce demand and profits for these producers of yummy cheese products (excluding Kraft American singles which can suck it). Personally I don't know which the worst part of this news, the fact, I will get smaller kraft portions in the future, or that we are beginning to see the manifestation of Frank's Fat Tax being created. What's next, the hand-job police? Personally I blame this on the Supreme Court. Over the last 40 years the court has taken it upon themselves to legislate from the bench as they see fit. Instead of interpretating laws they are now creating laws. This allows people to use the courts to overturn laws with which they may disagree. Tondar's not happy about this one!