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Friday, July 18, 2003


The European Union is trying to construct a new superstate. However, they must first worry about their own demographics. An aging population and low birth rates are a horrible combination that no state can survive, especially not a superstate. A recent article in the Economist has the details.

U2: BEST OF U2 1980-1990--1998

U2 really made it big in the 80s as they moved from a new wave/punk band to the greatest live act of all time. For this reason a greatest hits album was way overdue. However, with a band that makes such amazing albums it is difficult to capture the band's essence all one album. From the heavily punk influenced "Boy," to the anthemic "War," to the Americanized sound of "The Joshua Tree," each album has its own distinct sound, theme and writing style. Nevertheless this collection does a solid job of capturing the highlights of this period. In this format what stand out the most are the ballads such as "With Or Without You," "Bad," "The Sweetest Thing," and "All I Want Is You." However, as anyone who listens to classic rock radio knows, U2 does not rely on their ballads to carry them musically. Though this album does not form a microcosm of the bands work, it serves as a greatest hits collection for the casual listener. If you are a bigger U2 fan (no not big like the ZooTV belly dancer) then be sure to pick this up at least for the Bonus B-Sides, (to be reviewed at a later date) which is sold in the double CD format.

Tondars rating: ****1/2
All Music rating: ****1/2

Looks like Madonna, La Regina De Pop, visited a fertility clinic. What's wrong, can't trap a husband for the two kids you have now? MTV Italia has the news.

Man, former student, former sinner, evangelical Christian, free-lance preacher, and now intern, for it is often said that man is a political animal.

Here is a strange scientific study that finds semen to be an anti-depressant for the ladies. I question the connection between the two since any woman having sex is probably going to be inherently happier. But hopefully the ladies will read this study and understand why its important to use "Tondars-happy-face-lotion."

FOXNEWS has a new poll with some interesting data. It seems that support for the president has dropped to 59%. On the other hand a plurality of people think that the prewar intelligence debate is a "minor issue being blown up by President Bush's political opponents" (44%). In addition, 45% think that President Bush was doing the right thing before the war compared to only 29% who suspect a massive coverup. Even more amazing is the fact that 50% believe the Iraq war was worth it "even if weapons of mass destruction are never found." This pretty much rips apart any cohesive argument that Seth may have in attempting to reframe the prewar debate as something anti-Bush. The American people aren't buying it. They realize the liberation of Iraq was a good thing even if democrats cloud the reasons.

Thursday, July 17, 2003


This is what ole Tondar will be doing this weekend.

From James...
"friday either crow or seth is going to lollapalloza. so whomever isn't going might come out to the lake. but then crow recanted at the end of the night and said he has to get to angelina's parent's cottage this summer. oh well. saturday the kids are getting a couple kegs and everyone's getting hammered. so i think our saturday plans are concrete.
sunday oblivion has a gig. not sure where or what time.

irony of ironies; my parents are leaving this friday on vacation. so sometime friday the leave, and i don't think they come back until monday. So, what's the plan then, you ask. well, i think your best bet is to come out here on friday

what else...oh-jason got kristen a puppy. i think they are sharing ownership. funny, its almost like having an illegitimate child together. its named after paul: Loki."


"Read between the lines on this one and I think I'm beginning to see a fall-guy in the administration. Vice President Dick Cheney is too sick to run again. He's been estranged, at least in the public eye, from much of the administration since his last heart attack. It was a foregone conclusion a year ago that he wouldn't be running for the Vice Presidency again. He's their fall guy. Tenet began to take the responsibility on himself for allowing bad data to get into the State of the Union address. But this article shows that he's not cool with being taken down on this one. He hints that someone in the administration told him to put the African nukes in there and that Bush should be furious about it. This looks pretty staged, as he called on Bush to reveal who the jerk in his office was.

We'll know in a month or so: bad, naughty, Dick Cheney.

Of course, it's quite obvious that it was Bush himself who was pushing for any intelligence that could get people behind his war in Iraq. He needed to bullshit to get his war and he needed an escape route from the bullshit if it was discovered. This isn't excactly a creative solution - every President since Kennedy has been adept at deflecting his screw-ups - but it's a workable one."

Seth, Seth, Seth,...I still don't really see much of a story behind this thing. Intelligence is a difficult game. Are we to assume that weapons of mass destruction don't exist because we haven't found them? It's not a court of law where things are proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. Plus nobody has denied that Iraq tried to buy uranium yet. Speculation goes back and forth CIA says maybe, maybe not Tony Blair says yes. Hopefully like Seth said if we do wait a month we will know. I still do not see much of a scandal here. What I do see is a group of people that are bitter over the 2000 election and losing the pre-war debate, are now waging a post-war debate over the same information to change history and discredit a president that they loath. Even if it turns out to be false are we to assume that Saddam was actually a good guy and simply misunderstood? That Iraq should still be under his control? These 16 words were a small part of a much larger case. What about the 12 years of defiance or the 17 U.N. resolutions that Saddam had ignored.

As for Dick Cheaney taking the fall, I doubt that too. The Vice-Presidency is inherently a behind the scenes job (how much did we see Al Gore before 2000?). Constitutionally their only duty is to preside over the Senate. I haven't heard anything about his health getting worse nor have I heard about a fundamental need to alter this administration. Bush would be wise to stick to his guns and re-present the case from 6 months ago. If there was a REAL reason to condemn the man I'm sure the NYTimes or somebody would have found it by now.

For all you gamers, there is a new Donkey Kong champion in the world. Probably the sadest part about all of this is that he has a wife and kids. Money quote...

"We always smile when we hear about these kinds of things," Nintendo spokeswoman Perrin Kaplan said. "Donkey Kong means 'stubborn monkey' (in one rough translation from Japanese), and the fact that he was able to achieve this many points against a stubborn monkey says something."

Oh that stubborn monkey!
1984 WATCH

Now the House of Representatives is getting involved in monitoring computer use. Michigan's very own embarassment (no not Carl Levin) John Conyers (D) and California's Rep. Howard Berman (D) have introduced legislation to make mp3 swapping illegal and punishable by jail time. Talk about being in the hand of the recording lobby. These guys probably got a VERY nice kickback to their reelection campaign for helping the crap-mongers of the recording industry rip us off even further. This is the beginning of the end. Next they will start charging tax followed by "regulating" information through the Department (or ministry) of Information. This could easily become a slippery slope.

Dick Morris is probably the greatest political mind of our time. He was the one responsible for helping Clinton win re-election in 1996. Today he is an analyst for Foxnews. He doesn't give spin one way or another. He simply understands the American political system and how to manipulate it. This week he offers some advice to Joe Lieberman regarding the liberalization of the Democratic party and how to prevent Howard Dean (McGovern II) from getting the nomination.

Bill O'Reilly this week has an interesting column on the health of the Pope and an inside look and the Vatican's relationship with the American Church. Check it out because O'Reilly does some good reporting to get an inside scoop as to why the Pope has not better handled the recent Church-sex scandals.

The Washington Post has an interesting article about the rise of Anti-semetic crime in France. This is very troubling considering that the French government will not touch this hot potatoe since they rely on Muslim immigration so heavily. With Arab populations on the rise this could very well be the end of France as it has been known for the last 1300 years. It's demographics are shifting and the Jewish minority is paying the price. Charles The Hammer would set things straight if he were here, but alas he is gone.

I forgot to include this in the album review... "Ironic" may be the worst of the albums hit songs. The only ironic thing in that entire song is the name. Her list of irony isn't ironic at all. It's just bad luck. "An old man dying after winning the lotery," or "black flies in chardonay" are just plain unlucky. Hopefully Alanis invested in a dictionary after this album because I don't think she was going for a U2 style of self-parody with "Ironic."

Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill--1995

Comercially and critically this was one of the great albums of the 1990s. Since then Alanis has been "Under Rug Swept" due to tragic flaw of "wanting to be taken seriously as an artist (notice how the AMG biography of her ends after 1996). But "Jagged Little Pill" still stands out as a great soundtrack of 1996. Truthfully the hits on the album are its weakest contributions. I bought this album in the summer of 1995 after I caught the video for "You Oughta Know" late at night on MTV. The song rocked and I figured I would never hear of her again (just like Urge Overkill or Harvey Danger). "You Oughta Know" sold Alanis as the angry front of a rocking band that hangs out in the desert lamenting some ex. Naturally this apealed to Tondar. However, the album is a more eclectic mix of her shitty poetry. As bad as it may be it has grown on me in its simplicity. It's a nice change from the heavy lyrics of Trent Reznor, Nick Cave, or Tool. In addition, like Bon Jovi, this album walks that line between pop and rock (alternative in this case) that I love. This rockin' sound can be heard on "You Oughta Know," "All I Really Want," and "Not The Doctor," with wailing guitars and steady driving beat. The songs that made this album so popular are actually the worst. "Hand In My Pocket" is whiney, while "You Learn" is just a general piece of crap with a Dumbsian attitude. "Ironic" may be the worst of the albums hit songs. The only ironic thing in that entire song is the name. Her list of irony isn't ironic at all. It's just bad luck. "An old man dying after winning the lotery," or "black flies in chardonay" are just plain unlucky. Hopefully Alanis invested in a dictionary after this album because I don't think she was going for a U2 style of self-parody with "Ironic." But lately "Head Over Feet" has grown on me. It's the perfect celebration of the irrational behavior of women and how they truly fall for men that are "complex" (treat them like crap) so they can "change" them. This song takes this universal truth and applies rational thinking as Alanis realizes that the guy she has been jerking around is a good choice and the one she SHOULD fall "Head Over Heels" for. Overall this album is a classic. It had mass appeal at the time and today still has a rockin' charm of ignorant bliss that fits perfectly with her sappy cliche` filled poetry.

Tondars rating: ****
All Music rating: ****1/2

There has been alot of talk from Iraq about "how people feel." Up until now, this has been anecdotal evidence which often reflects the newspaper's position if anything at all of true meaning. Channel 4 News and the Spectator have commissioned the first comprehensive independent survey in Baghdad since the conflict. This gives a great insite into how the Iraqis REALLY feel about liberation and occupation. Scientifically the survey is pretty solid though they should have used a greater population sample. It seems that most of the people are unhappy with the current chaos but optimistic that their future will be better than it was under Saddam.

In August of 2000 Grant Hill left the Pistons after signing a HUGE sign and trade deal with the magic. Detroit got Ben Wallace (2 time Defensive MVP) and Chucky Atkins (a solid back up point guard) in the deal. Orlando got 47 games over 3 years from Hill, the former all pro. On top of that since Hill won't retire the Magic are forced to pay him $93 million over 7 years. Now to add further insult to this hairline-fracture injury, the Magic have been denied an injury exception Hill's salary. This means Hill will be sitting out, while all the money he makes is counted against his team. How greedy can this man be? To take all that money, play 47 games, and sit out for the better part of 4 seasons. Retire for crying out loud! Let your team get better since you have obviously caught the suck! You're not going to recover--it's over. DEAL WITH IT!

It is true that much of the world resents American power and wealth. Now it seems that it has become common knowledge that we deserved September 11 as Biblical punishment for capitalism. The Timesonline has a great column about the lack of humanity in Europe and asks the question what if it had happened on the other side of the Atlantic. Though in a way this resentment does make sense. Personally I hated and resented the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Yankees for their success. However, when this attitude is brought to politics that childish attitude becomes dangerous for everyone. It is horrible to wish death upon one's rival because they have more economic and raw power. As a Tigers fan (the middle east of baseball), I still resent how the Yankees win EVERY year. But if they were all massacred, it would have no effect on the Tigers. Europe is bitching because they are the Red Sox of the global economy. Doing away with the Yankees would make them top dog. But to follow the analogy to its bitter end would result in death, murder, and unspeakable horrors. And even if the Yankees were destroyed, do you think the Tigers would be content having their asses kicked by the Red Sox on a regular basis? I for one will never understand the appeasement of terror. It can only beget more terror and lead to further destruction. This should be clear to all of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers that consider themselves members of humanity.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Tucker Max is back with a new email and he has cleared up his legal troubles regarding "name removed" girl. I especially liked this story about when he dated Miss Vermont. These are some of my favorite lines...

"This girl was either the stupidest female I had ever come across, or the shrewdest, most conniving person on earth. I couldn't figure out which."--Tondar's dated that girl too.

"GoldenBoy and his wife have seated me at a table at the back of the room. It is quite obviously the "drunk, boisterous and embarrassing friends" table. "--Or in the words of Tondar, "The Douche Bag table."

"I have been told that I was spotted on the porch singing Irish drinking songs with TheShepard, making up my own words about all women being drunk whores and fornicators and what not."

"A few days later she called me and left this message, "Tucker, I just got back from the ob/gyn and we need to talk."
Now tell me what would you have done after that message? I freaked, and was busy orchestrating a complicated plan to throw her down the stairs when I finally got her on the phone. "


Today's lesson comes from The Guardian(the bottom editorial). The Author contends that Jews cannot be taken seriously in their support for Israel because they are biased. In addition, to being anti-semetic in this case, this approach to debate seeks to shut out an opponent before any arguments can be made. This is called "Poisoning the Well." If the argument comes from a possibly biased source it must be disregarded completely without consideration. This tactic was used to discredit Catholics in British politics around 100 years ago. The name was taken from a Bishop that claimed his opponents were "poisoning the well of discourse" because they argued that he was Catholic and under the command of the Pope. This tactic is used to defend a weak position, and to shift the focus of debate. A great example of this tactic in modern politics is when pro-affirmative action groups acuse their opponents of being racist. In the modern political world this carries such negative connotations that it immediately makes character instead of affirmative action the crux of the debate.

Working in Malebolge isn't as bad as it used to be. Plus, now that I can work on my blog I have a renewed purpose for being here 40 hours a week. That is why I recently implemented Operation Don't Get Fired. This is a two-pronged attack. On the one hand I will do just enough work to not get fired. This means watching deadlines and pissing people off minimally. Secondly, I will become the Jason Blair of the office. I will befriend the right people and be the charming darling that nobody will want to punish. This is working so well in fact that one of the directors wants me to blow off work and go golfing with him. On the other hand this also requires me to make sacrifices and eat buckets of shit (and lard) while grinning. Nevertheless Operation Don't Get Fired is a success!

So the fat horrible blob had a baby shower yesterday at work to collect gifts for the manifestation of sin that grows with in her disgusting belly. Tondar didn't want to have any part of this celebration but unfortunately office politics demanded an appearance. As part of Operation Don't Get Fired I felt I had to go. So I threw down $8 so I could eat 3 fajitas, a massive plate of nachos, and cake. On top of that I went to the dollar store and threw down another $7 on gifts that the darklord picked out. The whole way to the store I spoke in the voice mocking Needs-a-Wheel and her devlish plan to trap a husband: "Of course I'm on the pill!" "Put it in my cooter! bump! bump!" "My fertile time is in the summer you don't need a condom in the winter." "If you loved me you would poke me in my porky hole." "You sure do make my loins wet MMMMMMMMMMM!" "Gettin' knocked up! Gettin' knocked up! WOOP WOOP! Ugh! It's only a song, you're so insensitive!" "Now that I'm pregnant you HAVE to love me forever and ever!" "Let's just have a small wedding since that's all YOU can afford."...etc. Well needless to say ole Tondar was bamboozled on this one. But if it helps me keep my job, it was worth wasting $15 on Fatty McFornicator.

This whole blogging thing is a very new medium and it has the power to change the world as much as the internet itself did in the 90's. This was the topic of a recent forum in the U.K. Tondar's Daily Rant is pretty small compared to many of the great blogs. But it's part of a growing trend. Everyone now has a voice to praise what is cool and tell the crappy to suck it. From the attacks on Howell Raines and the NYTimes, to promoting Howard Dean for President, to helping to bring down Majority Leader Trent Lott, the blogs have a way of keeping stories alive and generating a voice while keeping people connected. This truly is the next wave of the information revolution. Millions of people now have millions of voices and do not have to rely on traditional medias to get information. Thanks to blogging information becomes a free-flowing ocean instead of a guided river. It can now flow where it pleases and there is no way to control it or regulate it. Assuming there is no government interference blogging will retire the Orwellian Nightmare of "1984" to the dustbin of history because information is becoming so easily accessable from so many places there will be no means of controling thought, only the presentation of facts and arguments where truth and logic will inherently reign supreme. People will still have different conclusions (just ask Martin Luther), but the world where Seth can make up facts to support his illogical views is coming to pass.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


The Democrats have been using the same strategy now for almost a decade. If they are backed into a corner in which they cannot defend their own actions then they will personally attack and smear their opponent. Americans don't like to hear about it, but the media cannot let a negative story die. So pretty much this is exactly what is happening in California thanks to the success of the drive to recall Governor Davis.

Bon Jovi--Bounce: 2002

Following 2000's "Crush" Bon Jovi returned to the studio to continue and build on their refound success. However, "Bounce" does not measure up to the greatness of "Crush." "Crush" was a brilliant album that walked a fine line between pop and rock. "Bounce" is too sappy to be considered any kind of milestone of the like. Whether the band is driving all night, or standing tall, it just seems like we have heard many of these lines on other records (even in some of the song titles "You Had Me From Hello" or "Misunderstood"). Instead of thoughtful songwriting, their lyrics have devolved into a collection of cliches. Compared to their earlier work the sound is definately alot heavier for Bon Jovi. Richie Sambora must have been listening to alot of Collective Soul or Creed. Luckily Jon Bon Jovi does not try to imitate Eddie Veder like 80% of alternative rockers. Still, there aren't really enough rockers at all since half of the songs are either love ballads or awareness ballads. Even the title track sounds VERY similar to the live instrumental version of the Bubbleman Theme from Megaman II. Despite the album's many short comings it is still very much Bon Jovi and that alone means it has some redeeming quality. If the band is willing to only play the kick-butt rockers "Undivided " and "Everyday" in concert than the album will still be a solid success in my book. If you are interested Disc-Go-Round on Alpine has about 20 copies at $3.99 a piece.

Tondars rating: ***
All Music rating: **

He was a cardinal-bishop, the leader of the Franciscans, friend to a saint and a holy king, and a doctor of the church. St. Bonaventure surely did have good fortune. Click here for an extended biography.

After the 2 recent Supreme Cases people have been talking about race and ethnicity at universities. This idea of diversity completely ignores the financial costs after being accepted. Unless you went to Groves or Seaholm, or are lucky enough to live in the state of Michigan, your middleclass status greatly limits your options for college. Check out this very relevant FOXVIEW regarding the costs and lack of diversity within socio-economic backgrounds at colleges. This is the true reason why Yeza came together. Just like the author, The "university I attended was as racially and ethnically diverse as it possibly could be, but it was no surprise to me that by the time I graduated, I had subconsciously gravitated toward a group of friends with blue-collar backgrounds like mine." Either you can be really poor or really rich otherwise you are Sorta Outta Luck when it comes to paying for a quality university.

Pat Robertson has become so pious that he is now praying for GOD's wrath to come against his enemies on the Supreme Court. Sure it would be nice to have three or so Supreme Court Justices replaced with people that would be willing to rule on the law instead of their personal whims, but how would Jesus answer this prayer. I think Robertson needs to brush up on his Augustine and Aquinas, injustice is a part of the temporal sphere of politics. DEAL WITH IT!

Probably the coolest part about being president is the traveling around the world and getting fre stuff. It's like going to Vegas except you get more than just a key chain and a deck of cards. Recently Tony Blair gave president Bush a toilet bag. I'm sure it came in REAL handy when Bush was brushing his teeth (with bottled water) in Africa. But what were some of the crappy gifts?

"He got a $3 jar of fish bait from Morocco, and a paperback book on fighting terrorism from the Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski. The Canadian prime minister, Jacques Chretien, gave him a marble and wood pen holder which must have been particularly naff, as it is officially registered at a value of only $20."

I think the paperback would have to be the biggest joke. The other you can blame on poverty or simply being an asshole, but the book is just stupid! I wonder if Kwasniewski swung by Borders on the way to the Whitehouse. "Oh crap, I forgot to bring a gift! Hurry, Pick up the new Springsteen album for me and something about fighting terrorism for Bush. I'm not going to show up empty handed!" I wonder if this has made the President a fan of Polish jokes?

Monday, July 14, 2003


Bob Novak has the scoop on President Bush's 16 word flub in the State of the Union address about Iraq trying to buy uranium in Africa. It should be noted that the man responsible for this CIA report was actually a state department official that was sent to do a spy's work. And how did he go about finding the information? He asked Niger's government if the Iraqis have been through trying to buy uranium lately, and Niger's government didn't know ANYTHING about it. Hmmmm. Money Quote...

"CIA officials did not regard Wilson's intelligence as definitive, being based primarily on what the Niger officials told him and probably would have claimed under any circumstances. The CIA report based on Wilson's briefing remains classified. All this was forgotten until reporter Walter Pincus revealed in the Washington Post on June 12 that an unnamed retired diplomat had given the CIA a negative report. Not until Wilson went public on July 6, however, did his finding ignite the fire storm."

This story isn't done yet but it looks like another case of the media rushing off to condemn Bush with too much hype. For Iraq having only been liberated for 10 weeks there is ALOT of information to find and ALOT of work to do. One can certainly see the media bias when everyday the President is acused of either lying or creating a quagmire in Iraq. In the words of Tondar, "Be cool. Tondar's cool. Why can't you be cool?" There will be plenty of time for impeachment or removing feet from mouths and egg from face when all the facts are known. Right now the only one "paying the political price" is the mainstream media's credibility.

I'm not sure how they could report this one with a straight face. It seems ole Deion Sanders has heard the word of the Lord, and GOD has told him to only pay as much as he feels he should. I think I am going to try this when I go to law school, or the next time I go out to eat or when I buy CDs from Tres' band (whoops! that one really is "pay what you feel").

INXS: Elegantly Wasted--1997

With a rockin' guitar sound like U2, and vocals like Mick Jaeger, INXS was one of the most popular bands of the 80s and 90s. 1997's "Elegantly Wasted" was the band's last album before the brain-damage induced suicide of Michael Hutchence.
"Elegantly Wasted" has a very distinct late 90s sound similar to U2's "Pop," but with a darker touch that borders on heavy middle eastern influences with rockin' sitars, twangy guitars, and strong driving beats. The album kicks off with the slow building rocker "Show Me (Cherry Baby)." It then goes into the title track which was the albums lone hit. It also includes "Don't Lose Your Head" which was featured in the closing credits of the film "Face/Off." The album has a very solid sound that appeals to the Tondar lifestyle about finding your way through a world full of booze and girls while always maintaining the cool. For Tondar, this album has provided many anthems for "doin' the lord's work" and remains one of the favorites that is often brought back into rotation. On a personal note, the album was found inside the case of "The Doors" soundtrack. I'm surprised that I EVER thought to look in THAT cd.

Tondars rating: ****
All Music rating: **

People that claim to be "homeless advocates" need to shut their pie-holes and let government and businesses find real solutions. The advocates don't like registration of panhandlers, advertising in exchange for food, or placing them on retired cruise ships. First, they are approaching this problem from the wrong angle. Those that are homeless suffer from a combination of 1-3 problems: Drug addiction, laziness, or mental illness. There are many programs to help the mentally ill and the addicted. However, a good chunk of the homeless are just too lazy to improve their lot in life. They would rather wander the streets and shakedown people then work to get their lives back in order and get a job. What pisses me off is when groups claiming to "help" the homeless want to simply just throw money at the situation in a socialist redistribution of wealth from the hard working to the non-working. Secondly, advocates would be well advised to let business and government try to come up with new and creative solutions. It is obvious that the socialist idea of throwing money at hobos simply doesn't work. In many ways this is a lifestyle choice and should be regulated or criminalized like prostitution in Nevada. Everybody knows where the whores are and if you wish to be a part of that scene you can get the hookup. As for everybody else they can go about their lives and not have to worry about having their girlfriends chased/raped by hobos, or worry about idiot friends that hand out $20 to every jackoff with a sad story. Hey Tres I've gotta story for you. My mom is an evil darklord. I need booze money. When are you going to hook me up!? Homelessness is a major problem that is on the rise in America. However, to correct the problem people have to get over the PCism and be willing to sweep them under the rug and be willing to approach the problem from a fresh new creative angle.

It took me over three years but last night I finally cut out the last of the original Regi. This brings my personal total up to 57. I'm not sure how many have fallen into the hands of others. But estimates believe that there are as many as 70 Regi still in existence. Let it also be known that I saved 1 of the original flyers so it is possible to make more if something were to ever happen to the original crop. These Regis will be planted in due time. However, due to Tondar's single status this project must take a back seat to hide the inherent creepiness of 3 score of Regi starring back, screaming in obnoxious silence, "Hey, who wants to be a poly sci major!?"