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Friday, August 01, 2003


Well the one good thing about the New Blogger is that somehow it fixed the Archives. So check those out on the left margin and I will be back posting again on Monday.

So last night I was going to stop by Media Play on my way home from work. To my horror, the place was for rent. The letters were torn down and the store looked totally vacant. This is weird because only 2 weeks ago I was there and bought a Dvorak CD. This really sucks because I don't know where I am going to go now to buy my classical CDs. If anybody knows where I can find another Media Play in the Grand Rapids area lemme know. I'm just glad I didn't special order any operas from them.

Bruce Springsteen tickets go on sale tomorrow. Email me if you are interested in coming on up for the rising and a wicked good rock and roll show.

Talk about throwing your weight around. The only thing that would make this funnier is if it were one of my clients.

Global warming would be a horrible thing, if it were really happening. But the truth is scientists don't have enough data to really understand the difference between nature and man. FOXNEWS has a very good rundown of this contemporary myth.

St. Therese has inspired Pigpen. Not so much to do the little things that make the world better, but to shake his fist at fwds and those responsible for passing them on. Yes, that's you Dark Lord Denise


"I'm glad to see that the Lord finally ditched his 14.4 modem and got AOL. He's really tapped into a huge market by handing out grace at wholesale prices to the mindless generation that can't pull away from the information superhighway - correction the divine information superhighway. I think this is funny that no matter wha,t people will still pass along garbage like this no matter what the empty promise. It could say that "on the fouth day a dumptruck full of cheeseburgers will arrive at your house if you pass this to 40k people in 7 minutes", worst part is people will still do it because in their pea wit brains they think "maybe it's this is stupid...but if it really is true I don't want to miss out/be cursed...what have I got to lose", a prisoners dilema for the 21st century; thus results in the worst kind of dendritic expansion (1-2-4-8-16-32.....n*2) - the propogation of idiot intellect and resoning."

This morning I met with a new client. Seemed like your typical rehaber except for what he kept muttering under his breath: "Soup." I'm not sure why but I heard him say that word 3 times to himself, no explanation, nothing else with it, just "soup."

Sure, it should have been a good time. But unfortunately nobody figured out what happens when you fill a "Partay Bus" with 25 drunken idiots and take a booze cruise to Grand Haven. So after slapping down $20 on this debacle-waiting-to-happen, I was not surprised to see the wheels on the party bus come flying off off off, as the dinner in the fools came up up up. Others had greater expectations and had exponentially worse times as a result. But after years of piracy Tondar understands that idiots and liquor are like oil and water, poor people and responsibility, or cigarettes and gasoline. They simply do not go together. The bus itself was a sleek black motorcoach, and just like the name on both side it really was "Absolute Class." It was pretty nice except for the fact that it was parked in the sun and heated to about 3000 degrees inside. It had comfy seats, a good stereo system, and easy access coolers for the kids to keep their drinks cold. And let me tell you there were plenty of drinks. I think just about everybody brought a fifth of something. On top of that the kids mixed up some bug-juice stuff. It tasted like a girly tropical drink and looked like split-pea soup. Not exactly a Tondaresque means to party, but I had to keep it on the DL so I could come into work today (which I did on time, with moderate-heavy ass dragage, not quite Johnny Cash in the Hurt video).

So we met up with the kids in an ally between the Olive Garden and BW3 on Alpine. We were supposed to be there at 7 sharp. Of course we didn't leave until 7:20. The party-goers consisted of the Kenowa crew and the Olive Garden employees (the place must have been run by robots that night). Heather was the bridge between these two worlds, one a maelstrom of drunken chaos, the other a group of high school friends celebrating a simple birthday. Within this Maelstrom were several formidable idiots, some girls with hot bodies that looked very strangely OLD, and the girl that did Josh Dumphy. I run into this girl about once a year. She always comes off as kinda cute and then I remember the story about her and Dumphy. Yes, the same Dumphy that earned the name Booger for himself in elementary school. Let's just say he is one of the most obnoxious/disgusting people I have ever met. This fact makes her probably the biggest case of "damaged goods" I have ever witnessed, except for the girl that got the facial from Todd in South Quad. These people had been drinking before hand, and were walking that fine line between enthusiastic drunk and belligerent drunk.

Well the trip out to Grand Haven was fairly nice. We had a few drinks. The girls were bouncing to some ghetto-fab tunes. There were a few loud drunken shenanigans, but nothing in my league and nothing of great interest. It's hard for a group of uneducated baffoons with the social skills of a special ed class on a field trip to understand the optimal way of cutting loose and throwing shit into a fan (Katherine and I would discuss this point later in the night). The lowpoint of their antics, was when they gave Melissa a happy-birthday-body-rock, as they dry humped her with Absolute Class in the presence of her boyfriend. When we got to Grand Haven everybody split up. Jen started talking to the bus driver because it turned out he was one of her previous suitors. Abby and Heather went on a nacho hunt. And I went with the rest of the kids for a wandering adventure to get icecream. Highlights of this include, me shoving Melissa's boyfriend into the womens' room, and spitting at the ducks (it's funny because they eat it). After this, we quickly made our way back to the bus to return to GR so I could go home and they could go to the bar. I wondered why we had to meet back at 9:30 which was pretty early since the bars don't get going for 2 more hours. However, once I got back to the bus I soon found out why.

The drunkenness of the day had increased to a fever pitch at this point. This is why we left so early. It took forever to get everybody rounded up and back on the bus. Back out on the road, it didn't take too long at all before an entire bag of pretzels found its way onto the floor. In about 5 minutes the floor of the bus had been covered in cookies, pretzels, and assorted snack foods. It was a mess. And it wasn't long before somebody had to go to the bathroom. Our first stop was at a gas station in Spring Lake. Here, Jen bought herself a loaf of Wonderbread and popped a squat on the cement near a gas tank. Meanwhile, the kids were running a muck in the gas station buying snackies and terrorizing the bathroom. Outside some of the Olive Garden Crew decided to take a cigarette break near one of the gas pumps. Luckily the train wreck did not become an inferno. When Big Girl FINALLY had the herd back on the bus, Busdriver gave us a good talkin-to about respecting the bus and not spilling beer on the floor pretzels. This would do little good.

Our second stop was just down the road in front of St. Mary's church in Spring Lake. This is the one with the copy of Michelangelo's 1501 AD Pieta out front. This was an emergency stop because Pukey McWeakstomach the First couldn't hold his liquor. Luckily there was Big Girl there to take care of and molest him as he sat there in a stupor. She had her hands all over him; caressing his face, touching his leg, holding him close. I'm sure there were NO hidden feelings there. Katherine and I thought it was kinda funny that he started the night with a few drinks and ended up being craddled by the self proclaimed babysitter of the trip. You all know the type. The one that wants to be in control and pass out obvious orders. "Let's be responsible guys." "Don't puke on the bus." "Don't forget to breathe in and out." OK I made the last one up but you get the idea. Pretty much the only thing that put her in charge was the apathy of the real adults. We could see this trainwreck coming a mile away and had already assumed the crash position for ourselves.

After we finally got back out on the road, things turned weird. One kid in the back decided that he had to puke. You see, Pukey2 had a drinking problem that night. It seems that he spilled half of all the liquor that he consumed onto himself and those around him. Melissa's Boyfriend was not too happy about this because as a result of Pukey2, he ended up with more beer on his shirt than in his blood. Nevertheless, Pukey2 somehow still managed to get too much liquor into his system. But since he didn't want to be yelled at by Busdriver, he opened up his red igloo cooler and proceeded to fill it. Busdriver caught on fast, slamming on the brakes and pulling the bus onto the rumble strips just outside of Coopersville. After a shouting match with Busdriver, Pukey2 finally gets off the bus and finishes the evacuation of his belly. While this was going on I was feeling pretty Tondar Drunk and it hit me the amount of money I paid to getondabus. I decided I would take a little something for the road. So I grabbed a brownpaper bag and started filling it with beer from one of the communal coolers. Katherine was a big help with this just as she had been in pirating 5 years earlier in Spain. You see the way of the Tondar is the way of the Good Pirate, and what I steal is for the good of all. I had a great distraction in the 2 puking kids so that nobody would ever figure out what I was doing. While this was going on Melissa's Boyfriend struck up a conversation with Molly. However, this conversation would be hijacked by a drunk girl that nobody knew asking questions 2 or 3 times before being able to understand the answer. But luckily they were saved as she decided it was naptime and passed out. Being concerned hostages on the Party Bus to Hell, Molly and Melissa's boyfriend thought they should point this out to her crew. Luckily her boyfriend knew exactly how to help. He started feeling her up. When Molly tried to point this out and save her from her sexual assault, Molly was told, “Don’t worry about it. He really cares for her.” Sure, why not? Meanwhile, upon his return to the bus, Pukey2 sat right behind the driver and proceeded to cursed out EVERYBODY for making him puke. Whether it was the big-girl or the trip organizers, if you were in his sight, you were in his wrath. As I sat there with a full BPB of 8 beers, Katherine and I shared a look as we realized the full extent of the trainwreck.

When we got back to the Olive Garden I scrambled off the bus. As I hit the last step, my brown paper bag split open and I lost one of my beers. Then as I was dumping them into my trunk I dropped another. Katherine was there with the pickup but it was still pretty obvious. Meanwhile, the night would continue for Pukey2 as he hopped into his SUV and drove down a grassy embankment to escape his pesky friends that were under the strange idea that he was too drunk to drive. Well he showed them! We watched this in horror not really surprised at all. After this, I bid Katherine goodnight, as her and the trainwreck derailed downtown to Tiki Bob's without Tondar. I then spent the next half-hour wandering around the parking lot hiding from the Olive Garden crew (in case they realized I took some of the beer) and talking on the Phondar. It was a strange night, but it was good to see the kids even if there were alotta douche bags along for the ride.

Right after publishing I got this email from Pigpen...

"Last night about 11:00 Brad and I are returning from Golfing in GH and as were passing St. Mary's in Spr Lk we see a bus with "Absolute Class" stenciled to the side and what appears to be some one puking on my lord and saviors front lawn. So I remark to Brad "I think some ones puking over there" to which Brad replies "absolute class". Train-wreck kept-a-rollin huh?"

Here is another review of the Hollywood steamer, Gigli. Check out the box of quotes from various critics. They all seem worse off for having seen this film. HA! HA! Sucks to be Bennifer.

My mom sent me a fwd about St. Therese. It had it's traditional bells and whistle ploy if you passed it on to others. However, it inspired me to look up the real life story of St. Therese. It's pretty interesting. Here's the fwd by the way. It boggles my mind as to why people even bother passing these things on...

> Don't know how many Catholics there are out there receiving this
> message,
> but in case anyone is interested, Saint Therese is known as the
> Saint of the Little Ways. Meaning she believed in doing the little
> things
> in life well and with great love. She is also the patron Saint of
> flower
> growers and florists. She is represented by roses. May everyone be
> blessed
> who receives this message.
> REMEMBER to make a wish before you read the poem. That's all you
> have to
> do. There is nothing attached. This is a powerful novena. Just send
> this to four people and let me know what happens on the fourth day. Do
> not
> break this, please. Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive.
> There
> is no cost but a lot of reward.
> (Did you make a wish?) If you don't make a wish, it won't come true.
> Last Chance to Make a Wish.
> May today there be peace within.
> May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are
> meant
> to be....
> May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
> May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love
> that
> has been given to you....
> May you be content knowing you are a child of God....
> Let this presence settle into our bones, and allow your soul the
> freedom to
> sing, dance, praise and love.. It is there for each and every one of
> you....
> Send This to 7 People within the next 5 minutes and your wish will
> come
> true.
> Please send this'll see why.

Thursday, July 31, 2003


The GDP rose 2.4% in the last quarter. That is almost double the growth from the first quarter's 1.4%. This is currently feeding the Dow higher (up 147 at posting) and could finally signal the beginning of the recovery. And we all want a recovery because that means better jobs for all of us out there in the real world.

Last night I was watching a show on PBS about the Watergate investigation and the fall of Nixon. President Bush and the Republicans of 2003 could learn some important lessons from their counterparts from 30 years ago. Like Nixon, probably the biggest problem facing Bush is his own arrogance. This can be seen in how he has abandoned his conservative roots and the FL Cubans. These moves assume the base is solid and will support any move and any spending program no matter how outrageous it may be. And if you read Bob Novak's column about the Cuban-Americans, this latest lack of intervention may have possibly cost him Florida in 2004.

Also, this arrogance has extended even to the President's role as Chief Legislator. Novak again reported that there is a pattern to this behavior...

"The complaints, taken in isolation, might seem petty. Telephone calls from the Hill are not returned by the White House. Congressional appointments with senior officials are difficult to make and sometimes broken. Senior lawmakers are admonished by junior White House aides to refrain from being too chummy with Democrats."

It sounds alot like the way I do my job. But the big difference is I have to answer to crackheads and prostitutes. He has to answer to the American people.

However, this is not the President's problem alone. The majority in Congress has not always been completely civil with the minority either. Such as Bill Thomas' behavior that earned him the slur "Fruitcake." The liberal media would have had a field day with this one except, luckily the Democrats sunk to an equally low level with their name calling. However, the point remains the same. There is too much arrogance coming from the Republican party. They are riding high thanks to their work against Saddam, and terrorism, and the 2 tax cuts. There is no way that the Democrats can beat them in 2004. They are disorganized and being pulled to the left by Howard Dean and Rev. Sharpton. On the other hand, the Republicans are vulnerable to their own hubris. The election is Bush' to lose. And this could easily happens if he continues to abandon balanced budgets, free trade, and his Cuban base. These failures and the behavior of Thomas will stick with voters much longer than tax cuts and a liberated Iraq. The public wants to identify with Republican issues, but if they continue to rule as a party of arrogant meanies, the voters will give them a zero-sum attitude adjustment like in 1976 and 1998.


Those are the words that CNN is using to describe the new Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez movie, Gigli. Check out the scathing review that references the FOX411 which called the film "stupefying." I have gathered a collection of quotes from the movie and have shown how they would be funny in other contexts...

"Like Ben, who actually says the word "heart-throb-a-rama,"

Needs to be used in reference to Bea Arthur.

"A penis is like a sea slug or a long toe."

Picture Buffalo Bill as he tucks away the goods to show off his "ugly naked woman." Note to Spencer Craine...NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR UGLY NAKED WOMAN EVER!

"I thought you wanted to be my bitch."

4 words: Kirk Douglas--Post stroke.

"Among its biggest problems is a love scene in which Lopez spreads her legs and tells a smoldering Affleck, "It's turkey time. Gobble, gobble."

The only answer? Harrison Ford wearing the turkey on his head chasing around half-dressed girls in fast-motion.

Now THAT'S Comedy.


Matt Millen, the Detroit Lion's horrible puppateer was recently shaken down by Jesse Jackson and Johnnie Cochran for $200,000. This was because Millen didn't interview any minorities when he recently hired the very white, the very coveted, and the very fired Steve Mariucci as head coach. Here is Seth's take on the situation. I hate to say it, but I would pretty much agree with Seth on this one, but I find it funny that Seth's opinion suddenly becomes inconsistent on affirmative action when it hurts his interests. Though as a liberal Seth has the benefit of knowing best how and when to weild the power of "equality." After all he is enlightened! And to think the Lions picked up Mariucci based on his crededentials. They should know that those things don't matter when some citizens are more equal than others.


"In case you've been busy watching Tigers baseball since last April, the Lions fired Marty Morningwheg (sp?) about 2.3 seconds after Steve Mariucci became available. Marty was hired in the first place simply because Millen made it clear that he wanted a guy from the Bill Walsh system. Of course, why take Walsh's assistant's assistant when you can have his true heir. Mariucci was also a local product (MSU) with many ties to the Detroit area. In the entire league, he was the only guy who could bring fans and give the organization some credibility.

The NFL, however, says that in any interviewing process, you have to look at a few minority candidates. So the Lions called the usual dudes (Dennis Green, Tyrone Willingham, Bobby Williams, etc.) who all refused an interview because it was too obvious the Lions were going to take Mariucci. Then they signed their guy.

So now to save its ass from Johnny Cochran and Jesse Jackson (who raised a fit about the hiring) the NFL slapped a 200k fine on Matt Millen.

In part, I understand where they're coming from. Depite being over 60 percent black, the NFL head coaching positions are primarily white guys. In a way, the Bill Walsh fraternity of coaches is like an old boy's network (except, ahem, Dennis Green). The NFL's argument for its affirmative action policy is that it believes more qualified black coaches have a harder time moving up through the ranks due to past discrimination. It makes sense during a hiring process (like we had before selecting Morninwheg) that was more convoluted. Forcing the team to interview a black assistant coach could work for both parties if there really are such undiscovered diamonds being passed over for 49er hand-me-downs.

But the NFL isn't one of those places (like a University, for example) in which a strong individual candidate is getting passed over due to race. Even the most careless GM job scouts the head coaching position like no other industry. It's so competetive with so few slots available, that teams end up doing a great job of weeding out potential coaching candidates. The NFL's racial inequities aren't caused by a failure of the interview process, but because there's still a dearth of black assistants in the league.

Only in the past ten years has there been a significant rise in minority coaches, and that has nothing to do with the NFL. African American coaches are appearing more frequently in the college ranks and, as Tyrone Willingham suggests, could become even more frequent because of their recruiting advantages with black athletes. More and more often, former players are taking over coaching roles at their Div I-A schools whereas only a decade ago, most college assistants came from former high school coaches. Give it time, and there will be more black coaches in the NFL.

The case of Millen, Mariucci, and the NFL just goes to show how stupid the NFL's
system is. At this level of competition, how could you expect the Lions to hire
anyone else. And if there's a guy who's perfect for an organization, so much so
that they fired their own coach to make room for him, why should black candidates like Dennis Green have to embarrass themselves in a mock interview? I'm glad the NFL is recognizing they have a problem, but a token answer like the
current interview-or-fine system doesn't seem to have any effect aside from leaving everybody pissed off at each other.

Yesterday President Ford celebrated his 90th birthday here in Grand Rapids. There was a big festival at his museum and about 8500 people showed up. Ford was a long time Congressman from Michigan's 3rd district here in Grand Rapids before he replaced Spiro Agnew as Vice-President. This was because Agnew had problems paying his taxes. Well it looks like he isn't the only one with that problem. Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards (NC) hasn't been paying his property taxes to the District of Columbia either. Well there go his chances in 2004. Nothing like a campaign killer 15 months before the election.
1984 WATCH

Since Congress is in the pocket of the music industry loby it looked pretty grim for the future of private music swapping online. Then the internet provider struck back. Pac Bell felt that the music industry's demand for names has become too intrusive and has counter-sued to protect their customers. It's good to see that there is another ally out there that believes in the free exchange of information. It looks the Orwellian nightmare of 1984 has been held off for another day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003


I was looking for some information on the 3rd Fatima Prophecy when I came upon this gem of a site. It gives a series of predictions beginning in the 90s. Some have come true. Some are kind of abstract. Some are WAY off. However, for some reason, many things are predicted for August 2003. Whether it is the death of the Pope, war with Iran, or war with China. Something having to do with the planet Mars' proximity to earth is going to cause alotta unrest. I guess we will have to wait and see. If it does, you read it here first, if not...LOOK OVER THERE!

Since I won't be able to run for president until 2016 I see no reason to be shaking hands with random people. This is especially true for one eyed hobos that think because I give them free money we have some sort of business deal. Let it be known to all hobos that if you offer your filthy paw it will be ignored in the interest of my own hygene.

It didn't take much work, but I was able to find Kobe Bryant's accuser online. There are 2 good sites devoted to exploiting Kate Faber. One is pretty legitimate. The other looks like a porn popup and makes about as much sense. I was kinda dissapointed in Kobe after seeing her photo. The man is married to a supermodel and he had to go and get involved with a girl that would be about a 4.0 on the G.S. Scale. He should be doing a minimum of 4.5 everytime outside of the marriage. He's a multi-millionaire NBA star for crying out loud! He has money, power, AND prestige, everything a woman will ever want. He should be riding high on the Bell Curve and getting that 99th percentile of hotties. However, because of his super-star status, this also makes him an easy target for somebody that might be looking to make a fast buck. Personally, if there has ever been a great idea for a money making scheme it is to jump on board a media circus like this. Victim exploitation websites are a gold mine for anybody that can do html and a little bit of research.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003


So this crabby woman comes in yesterday and demands help. She was laid off at the beginning of July and on unemployment so she only made 3 times the amount of her rent instead of 4 times the amount like she does working. Well naturally she was about to be evicted because she fell "one month" behind. However, what made this case unique was the fact that she didn't want to return any verifications because she didn't want people to know that she was poor. So she uses her problem solving skills and decides the best way to get help is to yell at me. Being used to the Dark Lord I immediately resent every word that comes out of her fat mouth and start pushing buttons. I demand 3 months of pay stubs and I give her one week to find them, even though she will be evicted tomorrow. I then fax an FIA 38 (verification of employment) to her employers and then called, letting them know that "I need to know her income so I can help her get assistance from the Family Independence Agency." I never heard back from her employer though I heard back from Captain Crabby many times. She called and left several wild messages about how I "never answer the phone" and how she is going to call my boss so she can fire me. Of course these messages were left at 6pm and 12 pm (dinner and lunch). However, under operation Don't Get Fired, I actually tried to help her instead of making her life a lower circle of hell. You see it helps to leave a call back number instead of an angry incoherent ramblings (I saved 1 in the hall of shame). YOU NEED TO HELP ME...HELP YOU! Well when the rubber hit the road, I had made her wait 5 hrs in the lobby yesterday and another 2 hours today before I denied helping her. I could have helped. But her 'tude and projected income told me that she was far too independent for my assistance.

Last week's link to the creationism fair has created alotta talk. However, what blows my mind the most about this site is the fact that I can't decide if this is real or parody. I want to say it's fake due to the outrageousness of the creation fair and some of the pictures. However, some things on there are just too serious or interesting to be ignored. For example, check out "Diamond Jack's" Game Theory page. This is the type of thing you study to become a UofM political scientist. In this application it gives a strong logical argument for Christianity and the Christian doctrine of "love thy neighbor." On the other hand there is the condemnation of the mall. This includes a comparison between Hallmark and the beast of Armageddon from Revelations chap 13 (look up the bible passages). Frankly this site has me completey intrigued. Email me if you find anymore interesting links from it.

When you're ten years old, and a car drives by and splashes a puddle of water all over you, it's hard to decide if you should go to school like that or try to go home and change and probably be late. So while he was trying to decide, I drove by and splashed him again.

Remember back to Junior High there was always that one kid that knew everything about tossing salads, cutting glory holes, and explained to everybody what a blumpkin is. Well this Taiwanese kid got a head start thanks to grandpa.

Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory?--1995

This was the album that made Oasis the "greatest band in the history of music," Well at least in the opinion of Sir Will Farrell, MP. This is one of the great albums of the mid 90s that walks the line between pop and rock. However, the only downside is that the album drags through places. This is especially true on songs 2, 5-8, which really hurt the overall greatness of the album. I always seem to forget how good this album is because it gets bogged down in the mire of "Hey Now!" "Roll With It" and "Some Might Say." The hits are solid as we all remember "Wonderwall." I'm sure any of us could sing the entire song even though we haven't heard it for years. Also this album includes the rockin' title track and "Hello." This album also features one of the best songs of the 90s, "Champagne Supernova." With it's paradoxical lyrics and wailing guitars, it is probably the bands best work as it takes the listener on rock and roll roller coaster before finally fading away. Overall this album captures a pop-rock ideal that fit perfectly into the music of 1996. And like Alanis Morissette "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" provides a great soundtrack for that time period.

Tondars rating: ***1/2
All Music rating: ****1/2

Last night I was watching Godfather Part III since cable has not rammed this far enough down my throat compared to parts I and II. And I noticed 2 things. First their Sicilian accents weren't right. In one scene they are talking about the Americans. Don Tomisino says "Americano," with an emphasis on the first A. However, in Sicily it is actually pronounce "Mitigano." This caused me to start screaming at the TV in Italian missing vital dialogue. Secondly, this is a pretty solid movie and stands well with the other 2. Many of the scenes revisit locations and themes from the first 2 movies. I especially liked the murder in Little Italy and the scene where Vincent and Joey Zaza visit Michael on his day of great honor. If you are interested in more Godfather the Chicago Sun Times had an interesting article about the making (or lack there of) of Part IV.

So I went to Post on the Daily Rant yesterday and to my horror they have once again changed the blogging format online. Instead of being able to see everything that I have worked on, I now have only a big text box to fill. This is going to hurt Daily Rant quality because I lose the ability to proofread as often as I did before. New Blogger needs to put the lotion in the basket and go back to ole blogger which worked perfectly fine. Tondar's Pissed!

So I went to use the bathroom this morning when I heard a horrible snap in my pants. It was at this moment that I realized I had never changed out of my pajamas this morning. This is odd for 2 reasons. First because I almost NEVER wear pajamas. Secondly that I forgot to take the bottoms off when getting dressed this morning. If this continues to happen somebody please call 247-6363 and put me in adult foster care so I don't further embarass myself.

I can't get over how cynnical Paul Krugman is. In fact he has taken the side of the BBC in their battle with Tony Blair's government over their "sexed up" story about Blair's faulty intelligence. Also note how much Paul Krugman looks like an older version of Seth in his NYTimes picture. Both so horribly wrong. Both so horribly bearded. :/

Monday, July 28, 2003


This amusing link was sent to me over the weekend. This irrational and irresponsible behavior goes much farther than the typical woman. It's possible that there may actually be another Dark Lord out there.