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Friday, August 08, 2003


Ole Tondar has to step up Operation Don't Get Fired and get alotta work done. So that means few posts for a while. So I call upon all of you to write the Daily Rant and I will publish it for you. So if you have articles, stories, or rants, pass them on and I will put up anything you have (assuming its not too obscene or HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG).

It was recently released in the government's September 11th report that the hijackers, not the passengers downed flight 93 over Pennsylvania. This is not surprising since nobody knew what really happened. However, what did surprise me was the rage that still fills me over this horrible act. It has been almost 2 years but it still makes my blood boil that our nation and citizens were so cowardly attacked. There was no reason for this to happen, and it could have easily have been anybody on board that plane that flies from time to time (yes, even Tondar). To think that these people died for no reason. They simply had been targeted as the enemy and were executed because of some silly religous hatred. Frankly I am glad we have President Bush in power right now. He is willing to see this as a realistic threat and take the fight to our enemies so that innocent Americans don't have to fight with the Ziad Jarrahs, Abu Zubaydahs, and Zacarias Moussaouis of the world here in America ever again. And may all three of those murdering bastards burn in hell.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Last week the Pentagon came up with a new plan to create a terrorism futures market. This allows people to place bets on future acts of terrorism, war, and political upheaval such as the death of Yassir Arafat or an Iranian Revolution. This is a very unusual idea for the government. On the one hand it is horribly morbid to be able to wager on the loss of human life. But on the other hand it allows the free market instead of government employees to predict the next terrorist attack. Pat Buchanan has written a very strong case in favor of this plan. It's a shame the plan was ripped apart in the media because it relied on a good idea. Sure, it was horribly inhumane and cruel. But it presented a different line of thinking and a flash of creativity that the war on terror really needs. Hopefully they will keep plugging away and find some way to combine free market prediction with a more humane approach.

Once again Las Vegas proves why it's my kinda town. Stick it to those hobos, stick it to them good.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003


According to a NYTimes report, PBR is cool once again. All I have to say is that, IT'S ABOUT TIME!! Begging to Differ has his take. Personally Pabst Blue Ribbon is a family tradition past down before the days of that piss water, Busch Light. Next time I roll into Ann Arbor I may have to bring a case to celebrate Tondar setting another trend.

Hmmmm, the day before the Episcopalian church was to confirm their first gay bishop the man is hit with sexual harassment allegations. Something sounds really fishy here. Especially since the right wing of the church (based in South Carolina) has been against him from the start. This "inappropriate touching" stuff seems all to convenient. "What's wrong, did the gay man touch your shoulder when he said "God bless you." Are you afraid you're coming down with a case of the gay now too? You know that's how it's passed...through touching!"

For crying out loud, if their church allows priests to form sexual relationships, than what does it matter if a priest has his relationship with another man. The flesh is weak and the origin of all sin. To accuse the man of such sexually depraved behavior is horrible if they merely just disagree with his lifestyle. His sexual behavior is between him and God and will be sorted out in the end. Personally, I didn't really care about this story but now that it seems the evangelical right has turned this into a witch hunt I hope he sticks it to everyone of those bastards (No not like that).

This goes back to what I was saying last week. Right now the Democrats don't have a shot at beating Bush. Sen. Joe Lieberman realizes this. He knows the only way to win is with a candidate that is strong on foreign policy and fiscally conservative. Unfortunately this candidate will have to be even stronger than Clinton to close the security gap. Right now, the Democrats are just not to be trusted with America's national defense. If they do nominate an old fashioned liberal, they could very easily end up with another George McGovern on their hands (see Nixon's landslide win of 1972). Lieberman's money quote...

"If George Bush and his bankrupt ideology are the problem, believe me, old Democratic policies like higher taxes and weakness on defense are not the solution...We need to reclaim the vital center of American politics for the Democrats."

though, fat chance of grabbing that center when Dean and Sharpton are driving the party so far left Comrade Stalin himself is rumoured to be a guest speaker at the convention next year.

This August Mars will be the closest to Earth it has been in 60,000 years. In case your wondering, it's the really bright star on the southern horizon. This is also the phenomenon that the New Prophecy kids (see linky dinks to the left) have been talking about that will unleash the horrors of August 2003.

Monday, August 04, 2003


Hi, I work for the NYTimes I'm going to write an article about how President Bush caused September 11th and passed taxcuts only for the rich. I don't have to tell the truth or do research though because I have anecdotal evidence. It's amazing they would try to pass this off as "news." The best way to describe this piece is simply liberal propaganda. You think they could have at least used a poll or quoted somebody famous. Nevertheless, it's comforting to know that the NYTimes is still turning out Rainesian era crap. Personally I wonder if they even went to Iowa to interview these bumpkins, or just pulled these interviews from the Jason Blair Archives.

Tool: Lateralus--2001

This is one of the best rock albums in recent history. Its complex layers of guitars, vocals, percussion, and ever-changing rhythms take many years to understand the full complexity and greatness of this album. I've had this album for 2 years now and everytime I hear it's still fresh and engaging. Though the lyrics aren't always easy to hear and understand, they are written in a way that certain words can have several meanings and layers of relevance. In case you've ever wondered what Maynard was saying you can get the lyrics along with horribly narrow interpretations of the songs here. As a whole Lateralus fits the perfect definition of an album because it is a complete work where songs ebb and flow seemlessly from one to another. Even more so than Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon," this album maintains a solid consistent flow. The only time this does not happen is the song "Schism" because this is easily recognizable from radio. Tool's previous album, AEnima, was the band's attempt to show the negative side of fame when the art of music is combined with business. Lateralus is more personal as it focuses on the individual and the individual's perceptions of life, art, and the universe. Yes, it's that deep and that abstract. But it is still a masterpiece for the simple reason that it totally rocks without sacrificing melody. Personally my favorite songs are "Parabol" and "Parabola." "Parabola" extends from the subdued "Parabol" into a rocking climax that celebrates both the gift of life and the weakness of humanity. It also has religous and sexual connotations that fit within both the music and lyrics. This is one of my favorite albums and I can easily spend an entire day at work listening to it.

Tondars rating: *****
All music rating: ****