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Friday, September 05, 2003


It looks like the Axis is at it again. This time France and Germany are demanding that the United States hand Iraq over to the U.N. before they will authorize support in the Security Council. This will once again create a diplomatic standoff between the U.S. and Old Europe. In reality however, the problem is not Old Europe diplomacy. The real problem is the fact that the U.N. recognizes France as a major power. This allows them to manipulate the U.N. to their own advantage and reap benefits their power in the world would not normally afford. How FRENCH!

Two words that should never be in the same sentence are "vanguard" and "crunk." Check out this excerpt from an Arista Records press release...

"Atlanta-based So So Def/Arista recording duo Youngbloodz, who are in the vanguard of the crunk movement, are drinking in the spirit of the highest chart debut of their career, as their second album, DRANKIN' PATNAZ, enters with top 5's across-the-board ... The album got off to a summer-long head start with the June release of its first single, 'Damn!' ..."

Thursday, September 04, 2003


So Ole Tondar has been talking alot about hobos lately. But it turns out our understanding has been slightly skewed by the Simpsons. Here is a great site for livin' la vida hobo. They also have links to hobo signs and the hobo cook book. Check it out!

Tondar upon realizing many streets in Ann Arbor are now 2 way: This town is so liberal even the streets are turning Bi.

Disciple Tom: I hope I don't get an MIP walking home.

Tondar: Disciple Tom has lost it. He's not going to stop until he has his spot on the couch, we have to move passed out jesus NOW!

Gayson: So Seth locks himself in the room with beer and a fat chick, so I just went around and climbed in the window.

Tondar: Wouldn't it be great if I burst through the wall cackling and riding a broom while the rest of you ride in and do circles around the bigguns?


In the race for governor in California Cruz Bustamante is leading the democrats over Republicans Arnold and McClintock. Bustamante is very pro-immigrant career politician. How pro-immigrant is he? Well to begin with he was a member of a group that wants to give Southwest America back to Mexico. They also are willing to do it through violent revolution if need be. In addition, they have ties to anti-semetic groups. FOXNEWS has the scoop. But as a measure of the liberal media lets see how many major news outlets pickup on this one compared to Arnold's shady past of drugs, sex, and possibly the r word (racism). I find this sort of anti-american and racist affiliations far more alarming than a 20 yr old's wild nights.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003


From Seth..."Please make sure that you're still stepping on any gnomes you might come across. A few of them seem to have found me at my place of business and
are screwing up my efforts to put our back issues online. Here's an e-mail a co-worker found, sent from my own computer, which should make even the last of you non-believers admit that gnomes exist:"

Subject: from the office of gnomes

Hello, Jennifer,

We are the evil gnomes who populate BNP's Troy Office who are currently tapping into Seth's computer to write this e-mail and cause other mischief.

We would like to keep you informed of our progress. So far, we the gnomes have managed to keep Seth from getting onto storyserver not once but twice this afternoon. You should see the faces he makes when the "Login Failed" message comes up. It's priceless!

But the best part is how we've managed to keep turning it on and off so the idiot keeps up hope that it'll work.

Just wanted to let you in on our little joke. Ha ha! Gnomes rule!

-The evil gnomes


James was talking about this point the other day. John Engler was the scourge of all Michigan Democrats. Now that Jennifer Granholm is running the show she is going to cut jobs, pay, or both and Democrats are still blaming Engler. It's funny when a Republican makes cuts he's a bastard. When a Democrat does the same she is making tough decisions for the state. Well here's an article from the Detroit Free Press about that featuring commentary from one of the Union tards here at FIA.

CHRIS CHRISTOFF: Granholm escapes blame from state employee unions

September 1, 2003

well you all know that I worked on Jennifer's campaign and I don't think I am one of the state employees who is blaming Engler for where the money is coming from to fix the next years budget....but I would like to know if he agreed to the 3% knowing that there wouldn't be the money to pay for the raise............that would make sense now wouldn't it......he could mess with us one last time..:-))) -- Tondar's Union Tard


Today at sunrise, Gov. Jennifer Granholm will lead thousands in the annual walk across the Mackinac Bridge.

Elsewhere this Labor Day, thousands of state employees will wonder whether they'll soon have jobs to labor at.

And who will they blame if they don't?

Why, former Gov. John Engler, of course.

Nothing in the late summer breeze suggests that Granholm is approaching a political day of reckoning with labor types who helped get her elected in 2002, even though she's putting the screws to state employee unions.

She's asking them to give $230 million in concessions or accept layoffs of up to 3,000 people. It's the final piece of her budget-balancing plan, which takes effect Oct. 1. And it's Granholm who put the figure on the table; there's no automatic formula that prescribed a $230-million "hole" to be filled with employee wages.

But when you talk to union leaders, it's the previous Republican administration that gets the rap. They're not happy over the prospects of wage cuts or layoffs. But not a single public barb, press release or sound bite has attacked Granholm or laid blame at her administration's door.

This must really annoy detractors who complain of her seeming Teflon
quality. They might wonder whether, if it were Engler doing the same,
he'd be a target on the bridge by renegade unionists loading the old
cannons at Ft. Mackinac with live ammunition.

Instead, labor leaders are happy just to have access to a governor for
the first time in 12 years, even if Granholm wasn't necessarily their
first choice in 2002. Mark Gaffney, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO,
has even volunteered as a go-between to help Granholm and the employee
unions avoid a messy, internecine blowup.

Gaffney avers that Engler bought labor peace in his waning months as
governor by giving state workers 3-year contracts that he knew wouldn't
be affordable in 2003. As for Granholm, he said: "I'm convinced the
governor cares about the well-being of state employees and their

It's the thought that counts.

Not that Granholm doesn't have a serious administrative problem.
Large-scale layoffs would surely curtail state services to the point
where the public would notice. And that's exactly what is hoped by many
employees, who insist they'll accept layoffs (of less senior workers,
not themselves) rather than concessions.

John Denniston, president of the Michigan State Employees Association,
says it's not the fiduciary duty of his 4,000 members to balance a
budget that's been shrunken by Republican tax cuts.

"If you have a problem with revenues, then raise taxes," he said. "Why
should I fund it? If you have to close parks or close Secretary of State
offices, do it. That's what corporations do. You'll still get service,
but you may have to drive 30 miles to get it."

In other words, here's an opportunity to show the public that tax cuts
affect them, not just "the govmint."

Such a strategy has risks, and union leaders know it. State workers are
always an easy target for taxpayer resentment.

In fact, negotiations haven't been held since April, as the state
awaits a ruling from the IRS on whether it can ask workers to give up
some hourly wages and instead bank that money in their pension plan.
That's not an idea that makes union employees feel any better.

Apparently, what does make them feel good are e-mails and memos from Granholm, like one Thursday, in which she thanked them "for your hard work, your continued service and your ongoing commitment to the people of Michigan." It goes on to ask for forbearance in the "difficult public debate over our budget issues" -- meaning, wage concessions -- and it extols the work of state employees during the recent electrical blackout.

"I can't remember any governor doing that before," said Mary Ettinger,
president of UAW Local 6000, with its 17,500 state workers. "For 12
years, we had a governor who, from all appearances, was doing his best
to get rid of every state employee he could."

In the end, there'll be a compromise. The unions won't like the outcome. But they won't be passing out pitchforks in front of the governor's residence.

Very rarely do I ever like human interest stories. But this, was one of the most interesting I have ever read. Check out how a little girl is being visited and comforted by her dead friend. It's a nice reminder that life isn't all about making poor people cry and broomings.

From Disciple Tom vs. Jesus to Seth dodging brooms on a belly of a whale stay tuned for a rundown of the Labor Day festivities (featuring camios by Gremily and Robyn).

Seth has often identified himself as a member of the inteligensia. This means that he is a member of the Western Left and identifies with the great blowhard liberals of the last 100 years. Here is an interesting essay on how 9/11 really revealed the moral bankruptcy of his class.