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Thursday, September 11, 2003


Here's what those bastards ran in the Le Monde newspaper today. What a display of class from our "allies." We should have left them to Hitler!

If you are anything like me then you hate the French. This morning I found a wonderful site that hates those cowardly Judas' with the passion that I wish I had. Lately they have been hyping the fact that 15,000 French have expired in the heat because socialized medicine failed.

The Hands That Built America
Words by Bono

Oh my love
It's a long way we've come
From the freckled hills to the steel and glass canyons
From the stony fields, to hanging steel from the sky
From digging in our pockets, for a reason not to say goodbye

These are the hands that built America
Russian, Sioux, Dutch, Hindu
Polish, Irish, German, Italian

I last saw your face in a watercolour sky
As sea birds argued a long goodbye
I took your kiss on the spray of the new line star
You gotta live with your dreams
Don't make them so hard

And these are the hands that built America
These are the hands that built America
The Irish, the Blacks, the Chinese, the Jews
Korean, Hispanic, Muslim, Indian

Of all of the promises
Is this one we can keep?
Of all of the dreams
Is this one still out of reach?

Its early fall
There's a cloud on the New York skyline
Innocence dragged across a yellow line
These are the hands that built America
These are the hands that built America

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Just when I thought my job was bad I started talking to our Hope Network Janitor today and suddenly don't feel so bad. It turns out yesterday he was late finishing up because he had to clean the client bathroom downstairs. It turns out somebody had taken a dump in one of the urinals. To quote Hope Network Matt, "Some of these people live just like that. They are animals. You see them down in the loby, and they live like that."

I don't know what's worse, somebody dropping a deuce in the urinal or the mildly retarded guy disapproving of the way poor people live. After hearing that story he certainly has a strong case. Personally I'm just glad Im not working as a poopsmith for $1.09 an hour (yeah they don't make anything).

Due to the budget trouble in the state here's what's going down between our union and the boss people. I don't blame them for rejecting this offer. Here's the latest...

"Local 6000-negotiation team met with the Office of State Employer The State requested that the Union agree to all of the following proposed concessions.

* Four mandatory Banked Leave Time Hours per pay period per employee,
for one year

* Five unpaid furlough days.

* One paid furlough day which would be the day after Christmas

* An increase in prescription drug co-pays to $15 for generic drugs and
$30 for non-generic drugs.

The Local 6000 team voted not to accept any of the proposals. OSE responded by saying that the state would then follow the contract and that there would be furlough days and layoffs. Local 6000 continues to maintain there are ways to save money besides cutting negotiated benefits. And that State workers should not be held responsible for the State's budget problems."

I'm not sure what "banked leave time" is but it sounds like more work for less money to ole Dar. I have said it before and I will say it again...Granholm can suck it! Blaming this all on Engler is like blaming Trotsky for the Scissors Crisis in the 1920's Soviet Union. He had been dead for years but somehow he was still responsible for Russia not having enough grain. Yeah, that makes alotta sense!

Even though we are running 2 nation building efforts in the middle-east it is important for the army not to get too near-sighted. Check out this FOXNEWS view about China's continuous buildup and what we will need to counter them.

It looks like the RIAA has settled with the 12 yr old girl for downloading MP3s. They only charged her $2000. I guess they took into consideration that she was living in a housing project. Oh, such mercy!

Last night I was able to catch some of the Democratic Presidential Candidates as they squared off in their second debate of the fall. The debate was sponsored by FOXNEWS and the Congressional Black Caucas. The night was characterized by Bush bashing and wild campaign promises that would be impossible to keep. Heres my rundown on how the candidates did…

Sen. Joe Lieberman: In my opinion he looked like the strongest candidate. He was the most centrist of the candidates and avoided the absurd and insane criticism of Bush that plagued most candidates. He would be willing to continue the war on terror while at the same time further peace in the middle-east. Lieberman was also very strong in his defense of Israel pointing out that it is the only democracy in the middle-east and criticizing Howard Dean for his position. If you want to know a secret…he’s the only one of the nine that could possibly beat Bush. SSSHHHHH

Rev. Al Sharpton: He was my favorite on the night and in my opinion won the debate. Like the SBP, once you get him going he is a great orator. On top of that he was able to put the Lieberman hecklers in their place. He also had criticism for the Democrats saying that they have ignored black voters for too long. Potentially this could be huge for him and the party. If he can secure the black vote (33% of democrats) and the rest of the candidates split the white vote, Sharpton could easily win the nomination.

Gov. Howard Dean: He represents the liberal “intellectual” wing of the party (that means he's all about wealth redistribution). He has some great ideas for making the world better, unfortunately they would only work in a magical land of make believe where fairies and elves dance to the harmonies of a magical band of woodland creatures (rock on Mr. Bunny). Basically he wants the U.N. to handle Iraq, while in America he is going to spend a lot of money on universal healthcare and education (no specific plan, but its going to help our children). Combine this with Bush-hating rhetoric and you have a front runner for the Democrats.

Rep. Dick Gephardt: The hate is strong with this one. You can certainly tell he has the strongest Union ties. He’s the one that called Bush a miserable failure and after his plan to raise taxes didn’t go over to well he has resorted to simply attacking Bush. With his strong union ties I would put him as one of the 3 candidates that will probably win the nomination along with Dean and Sharpton. It will basically come down to who can get out their vote; the unions, the liberals, or the blacks.

Sen John Kerry: Talks a mean game, but has as many original ideas as a magic 8 ball.

Sen Carol Mosley Braun: "Hi, I was sent by the Clintons and the Democratic leadership to steal black votes away from Sharpton."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: This nobody pretty much came out of nowhere. Personally I would not be surprised to find out that he was a robot or a made over hobo.

Sen. Bob Graham: This guy knows what he is talking about but can’t get much press. This forces him to bash Bush. This may work a little but people will eventually be turned off by the fact that he writes down EVERY detail of his day. “7:15am--I got dressed and decided to where my blue and red striped tie.” “7:30am--I had Grape Nuts and an orange for breakfast.” “7:45am—I finished my business. It had chunks of corn and immediately broke up upon being flushed.” OK I made the last one up but you get the idea.

Sen. John Edwards: Totally forgettable. Please try again in 2012.

If anybody else saw it send me your comments and I will post them.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


David Bowie: "I've re-invented my image so many times that I'm in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman."

Are you worried about a harddrive of MP3s? Well MSNBC has an interesting article of how the RIAA is spying on America. So far they have come after a grandpa and a Yale Professor. How low can they really sink? In case you are still thinking about downloading music you might want to do it in off hours and be sure to move the files once you are done. If anybody knows of a site that has info on how to stay ahead of Big Brother RIAA please pass it on.

After George W. Bush's speech Sunday night, it is safe to assume that the war on terror will not be quick. The military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown just how quickly the United States can kick butt against a standing army. However, the real battle is going to be rebuilding the losers. In modern warfare this is a necessity to prevent chaos, tyranny, and a future war (look at Germany following WWI). It is the winner's duty to restore order and a friendly government to prevent future crisis (Germany and Japan after WWII). Today,we must expect a long term commitment to the war on terror and defeating the forces of Islamo-fascism. Like World War II this current war is going to take several years and will not be over with the mere surrender of Kabal and Baghdad. We need to see this effort through to the end. That means lengthy occupations so the seeds of demcracy and capitalism can take root to help create a new middle-east.

Right now in Iraq, America is still trying to create order and build a new government. This is made difficult because terrorists from around the region have come to fight along side the baathist reminents. However, in the long run, this is a good thing for America and follows one of the contingency plans for the war. This plan has been referred to as the "Flypaper Strategy," and allows us to fight terrorists with trained soldiers far away from American shores and civilians. Who better to fight a war against terrorists than the soldiers trained to defend this country. Andrew Sullivan has a great summary and report of this strategy.

The war against terror is the calling for this generation. Thanks to weapons of mass destruction and better weapons, a handful of well funded nuts can cause the same amount of death and damage that an army of thousands could do 100 years ago, we must be willing to do whatever it takes to defeat this threat. The first purpose of any government is to protect its citizens. A government has fundamentally failed when it cannot even provide the freedom of life for its citizens. To do this the United States needs to upend terror and plant the seeds of democracy around the world. As Americans we did not ask for this burden, but on 9/11 it was forced upon us. For the west, this is a problem of collective responsibility and we cannot rely on the United Nations or France to carry their weight when it is in their political and financial interest to appease. If we do ignore this threat than it will truly mark the fall of Western Civilization and the end of liberty, Judeo-Christianity, capitalism, and everything else that the Islamo-fascists hate about America, the West, and our prosperity.

Monday, September 08, 2003


I was watching "Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers" and I notice a very striking similarity between the battle of Helms Deep (click on the link on the official page) and this renaissance painting, The "Battle of Issus." This was painted in 1528 by the German Albrecht Altdorfer. It depicts a battle between the forces of Alexander the Great and the Egyptians. Notice how the spears of his army combined with the castle in the background and the very expressionistic sky could easily have served as the artistic inspiration for the Battle of Helms Deep. Also both this painting and the movie have thousands of different soldiers fighting independently of eachother in great detail.

It's good to know that there is at least one positive voice working for the NYTimes. Check out what William Safire has to say about the situation in Iraq and how the media and Europeans want to distort the truth for their own agenda.