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Friday, September 26, 2003


"Speaking of those a$$-bags... Pat Buchanon's article you posted is a perfect example of how the Right is still the home of the racist. Immigrant liscences will put California drivers in danger? Why? Because Mexicans can't drive? Pat likes to call his style "plain-speak" but it's more laden with undercurrents than most anyone else out there. The image he conjures is that of wily young male Latinos screaming haphazardly around the road with no concept of the traffic laws, killing white teenage daughters wherever they pass."

So, so angry.

But obviously, Seth has never been to Mexico and risked his life in their traffic. Buchanan is right, Mexicans CAN'T drive. If you think that is racist, rent a car anywhere in Mexico and take your life into your hands. However, right now at least most Mexican-Americans will drive very slow and obey any traffic law to the letter. Why? Because if they get pulled over, they could get deported. How would you drive knowing that if you got pulled over the police would send you to Mexico as punishment? Once they have licenses the fear will be removed. They'll throw caution to the wind and tear through school zones like it's downtown Gaudalajara. And why wouldn't they do this? Why wouldn't they conform to our way of driving when right now they don't even conform with our language, culture, and laws?

Here is an article in the NYTimes that explains how the BBC functions (or lately, doesn't function) in Britain. Did you know that everybody that owns a TV is taxed to support this FAR left propaganda outlet? It's a bit lengthy, but worth the read.

Thursday, September 25, 2003


Pat Buchanan has an interesting column on just how serious America's immigration problems are. At what point do we stop the third world from coming to America to take advantage of our welfare system? At what point do we draw a line in the sand and say 'this is our America built on a system of democratic laws that apply to all'?

...and into the fire! well, i got a new job. sound pretty good. basically i'll be working for a guy who buys companies for other people. he came out of retirement and is rebuilding his business from the ground up. it looks like a really great opportunity if it is what he says it is. also I don't have to work saturdays. shenanigans are back!"

Congrats to James for finding a job. On top of that it's a job in the real world where people are rewarded for their intelligence and hardwork. Not a government job where you have to tell people to stop wasting their money on cigarettes so they have money to get their goddamn lights turned back on.

Ever notice that the War against Terror and the Battle for Middle Earth both began in 2001?

I actually agree with most of his analysis. There's nothing like an anti-war general to give democrats credibility on defense issues. Unfortunately, I think Gen. Clark is having problems adjusting to life as a civilian politician. He is being hounded for having 3 different positions on the war with Iraq. And wait until the professional politicians like Dean, Kerry, and Gephardt go on the attack against him. Right now he may be high-flying-adored but I think he will come crashing back to reality soon once the media and his opponents put him through the ringer.

Seth's take...

"Wesley Clark seems to be kicking ass in fundraising and recent polls, but it looks like the honeymoon will be over next week. Clark ran the best pre-election campaign since Clinton but he's going to have to break in with issues if he has any chance to capitalize off of it. Remember, the next headline Clinton made after announcing his bid for the presidency was the "It's the economy, stupid" comment, which was accompanied by an open-ended, but well-thought-out economic plan. Clark is making a good case against current leadership but it'll be worthless if he can't propose an alternative. Right now, he's doing some
explaining on contradictory comments about the War on Iraq but I have a feeling that could be part of the plan: keep him talking foreign policy and military tactics (which he's really good at and can use to undermine formerly strong Bush support in that category) until his camp can come out with a domestic agenda that capitalizes on Bush's weaknesses internally."

What better way to celebrate diversity than to have a bake sale! Of course the organizer's goal was to have diversity in their consumers so they priced accordingly. That is, until big brother showed up to enforce tolerance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Last week at Duke, Sigma Chi threw a party with a south of the border theme. They had "border patrol" working the door and passed out expired green cards to guests (frat parties often have to keep track of their guests for the university). Though it wasn't mentioned, I bet they also had tequila shots and corona for the ladies. But now the P.C. crowd is going ape over the "insensitivity" of such a party. Personally I don't see any problem with it. There are thousands of latinos (in my city alone) that have snuck into this country to have babies so these newborn "citizens" can collect full cash and foodstamp assistance from our welfare system. If anything, they should use this party to draw attention to all the illegals that sneak into our country every year or stay too long on expired tourist visas while creating a strain on our already overburdened welfare (and immigration) system. But instead they rally around their ridiculous cry-baby cause pointing fingers reliving the 60s by trying to create a new civil rights movement. I think one of the hispanic community's biggest supporters, Dumbs, said it best..."DEAL WITH IT!!"

In the 1980s the U.S. helped the Afghan rebels fight off the Soviet invasion. At the same time Usama Bin Laden was helping the Afghan rebels fight too. So the U.S. supported Bin Laden, right? WRONG! Check out this piece that explains the difference between Arab Afghans and Native Afghans and how we had nothing to do with Bin Laden even when we were both fighting for the same cause.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Tobias--"It's been fun boys, and I just want ya' to know, if I was a faggot, I would have tried somethin' with each of ya'."

Last week while I was sick I had some time to watch "Requiem For A Dream." This is a great movie, but it's also pretty disturbing as it follows the downward spiral of 4 individuals as they get caught up in substance abuse. It occured to me that if you want kids to not use drugs, you should show them movies like "Requiem." That would teach kids how "cool" drugs can really be (and how they will end up in prison or gangbanging strangers for smack). And, if that doesn't work you can always have them do reports on stories like this one. I'm not sure what's stranger, the fact that this kid cut off his own tongue and pee-pee, or that German doctors make house calls.

I can't think of anything worse than using 9/11 as a metaphor for your own political beliefs. I can't think of any worse way to dishonor the 3,000 dead Americans than this shameless column.

Here's House Democrat, Jim Marshall with his take on what's going wrong in Iraq. The problem is not a lack of troops or a stubborn hiding enemy. The problem is constant doom and gloom reporting that wants to turn Iraq into another Vietnam by eroding American support. Instead of reporting America's success the media is focusing on the problems and violence. Rep. Dorman is right that the war in Iraq is a fight we cannot lose. However, it is a shame that the liberal media has become a propaganda machine for Al Qaeda and the Baathists.

Monday, September 22, 2003


Someday I hope they pull your body out of this house. This is what you deserve for dumping me Paula, Lacey, and anyone else that has caused me to curse your name, drink heavily, or throw a shopping cart.

This weekend I had what alcoholics call a moment of clarity when I realized how I am going to die. It will be on a Saturday in late September. Once again Michigan football has me duped into thinking they are going to win a national championship. They will have survived all their great tests, only to get manhandled by Oregon, Syracuse, or Washington, a team they should beat. At the conclusion of the game I will sink into my lazy-boy, put on the SEC game, and quietly wait for my heart to stop working. After Saturday's loss to Oregon, I am sure this is how I will die, quietly fading away after another dissapointing season.