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Friday, October 24, 2003


Check out this slate column that rips into Susan Estrich (She's the gravely voice clown-makeup woman that is often doing commentary on FOXNEWS.) and details modern feminism over the last 10 years. It's funny how Clarence Thomas and Bob Packwood were both bastards while it was later ok for Clinton to do a "little groping." Double Standards are perfectly acceptable for Democrats, but at least Estrich has the conviction to only change her story once.

Well, I never heard of this before. They must be some sorta mutant vampire babies.

Today from James...

"the boss excoriated me for a good half hour today. he is one step away from firing me. i think if i leave the office, jason will follow. at any rate, i'm definetly going to step up the job hunt. this insanity cannot last."

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Here is a great essay that explains what the heck happened to the left. It's a bit dense but it explains how the left has been hijacked by extremists that seek to promote a secular communist revolution by changing American society. Especially note the importance of the idea of "liberating tolerance," the systematic anti-democratic suppression of ideas that may be contrary to the leftist/marxist agenda through democratic means. This is what is happening in Alabama and California. Leftists are using the First Amendment to suppress religion and replace it with secularism as a state religion. It is right out of the playbook of Marcuse.

"Even Donald Rumsfeld admits we've gotten ourselves into mire in the Middle East. While I'm glad the administration is finally realizing that everything's not going fine (although still not able to accept responsibility for it, obviously) I really disagree with Rumsfeld's solution: a new beaurocracy (like the DEA) to focus on terrorism (what's left unsaid is the supposition that the department will be under the complete control of the Secretary of Defense....quite a scary thought).

What really pisses me off is that the Bush administration has spent the last few months ripping into respectable media and anyone else who didn't spout the Party line for not painting a rosy picture of success in our recent Middle East wars and occupations. Now they turn around and admit we're going to have difficulties? We knew long before Bush began the War on Terrorism and even more so the War on Iraq that it would be costly, arduous, and largely unsuccessful, but Bush and co. kept trying to paint their efforts as anything but a miserable failure. Note to Rumsfeld: Maybe if you guys thought out the possible consequences a bit more before making your incursions, you wouldn't have to do so much Post Hoc rationalization."

Well Seth really seems to think that this was a great revelation in the war on terror. However, if you look at alternative sources of media you see that in reality this is Rumsfeld's management style. The memo is meant to inspire discussion and innovation. I would be even more concerned if Rumsfeld didn't keep questioning the methods and cost effectiveness of the war on terror. In response to Seth, he has painted the administration into a position that they never occupied. Of course President Bush did stress the positives in Iraq but this was in response to the doom and gloom mainstream media focus on casualties and all that is going wrong. Americans were only getting half the story.

Secondly, Rumsfeld's new solution was not a solution but merely a brainstorm. Innovation is the only way we are going to be able to stay one step ahead of the terrorists. This is truly going to be a long hard fought war and it doesn't help when Seth second guesses and attacks every brainstorm that a Republican may find. Terrorists hate American Democrats too. Also note that Seth did not even mention Rumsfeld's plan to attack the "madrassas" or fundamental schools of terror. Why continue to fight terrorism when you can root them out before they even become brainwashed suicidal fanatics?

Finally, if Seth does not approve of the war on terror I would like to hear a viable option. One that takes into account French obstructionism and French President Chirac's growing domestic alliance with Islamo-fascism. One that is based in the real world and does not rely on the "negotiating skills" of terrorists like Yasser Arafat. Truly Seth, how do you defeat an enemy that relies upon anti-semitic and anti-American lies to recruit people to attack innocent women and children. If there is an easier way, I would love to hear it.

James' continuing saga of his new job...

"Well, monday was quite a trip. troy lewis-the guy who sucked 500 dicks, came in to work, as did paul-the guy who was fired the week before for not having a driver's license. so they are working hard, because the office has been understaffed for over two weeks. jason comes in for an interview, and it goes ok. then they call him back to the office (by then he was on the m-14) to go to lunch. he goes to lunch and gets totally tanked, ala my first day of work. the boss wants to hire him, but keeps insisting that he can't be trusted. he is convinced that jason is too ambitious, and will stab me in the back to get my job. my boss is the worst judge of character ever. first, jason is so lazy that he lives with seth. second, i know about jason's summer tour schedule, and it don't include sending faxes. third, as far as i know all the office positions pay the same. why would he want my job, it is more responisibility for the same pay. i don't even want my job. i'd rather do jason's job. but it looks like dave is trying to make me do olde mike's job as the "relationship manager". shit. oh well. so costanza went to work today, and is making bucks. hopefully this will turn out for the best. i will keep the dar posted as usual. this would make a great short story. oh yeah, troy and paul were fired yesterday. the boss alleges that they stole 500 dollars from him. that certainly affects the mean for the avg. time worked here."

James' continuing saga of his new job...

"So yesterday the bossman takes jason with him to a bank meeting. after the meeting they go to a bar and get totally hammered. apparently the boss told everyone in the bar that it was jason's birthday and that he lost his virginity the night before. they brought out a cake and sang "happy virginity". apparently they attracted two skanks, but luckily nothing came of that.

They came back to the office after three, and by 4:30 we went next door to the bar. a few ironies are inserted here. first, the day previous the bossman resolved to not drink for a year and to go on a diet. second, earlier in the day i was chastized because the file updating was not finished, and we had left early every day the week previous. yet at 4 i told him i wasn't finished and he said "finish it tomorrow, we're going now". at the bar, jason got even more hammered. the boss knew jason had a gig that night and that jason had to pick up his truck in livonia around 8. after jason was sufficiently trashed, the boss made sure i wouldn't let jason drive and then took off. Here now was my dilemma: both of us need to get home, with two cars, heading in opposite directions. jason needs both to get to livonia to get his truck and to get to ann arbor to prepare for his gig. i decided to take his car and drive to livonia, get his truck, and drive his truck and his sorry ass to ann arbor. i figured i could bribe seth with a 20 to get me back to southfield. at any rate, jason was so hammered that he couldn't tell me how to get to his house, and eventually passed out in the passenger seat. after i unsuccessfully looked up evans in the phone book, i eventually got him awake. he got us lost, and couldn't even remember a c minor triad. he kept saying "c flat" and "a". finally he woke up enought to get us to his house, and we got his truck back. there he got the keys from his dad and wouldn't let me drive.
ann arbor went ok. i was too tired to enjoy oblivion, and i hitched a ride with ben fisher. i gave him a ten for gas, but later regretted it. apparently he works for his dad's consultant firm, and has a real job that probably pays like mine but is legitimate. and his destination was not far away. you see, i was under the impression, from seth, that ben was unemployed. oh well, it was worth it to get my car back and get home.

To wrap this saga up, jason calls in to work today and tells the boss he won't be in until ten because he has a migrane headache. funny thing is he was supposed to go to the boss' house this morning to install his dvd player. the boss decides to fire jason. final tally: costanza-2 days. not the best i've seen, but not the worst either. call this one an update from il inferno."

Here's an update from James about what happened today at the Falcon group...

"Jason got his job back. i told him that its like he's in the mafia now. for some reason he hasn't heeded my warnings. he should work here while its convenient, all the while looking for a new job, like me. i feel like an old sailor warning people "no, go back!" while they steer straight towards the edge of the world."

This time it's another member of Berlusconi's coalition, Umberto Bossi, who is attacking the EU leadership. True it was a personal ad hominem attack to call the EU elite "filthy pigs." However, he raises an important point about "liberating tolerance" within the EU. Money quote:

"Mr Bossi, leader of the Northern League, said Brussels was "transforming vices into virtues" and "advancing the cause of atheism every day". He denounced the European arrest warrant as a step towards "dictatorship, deportation, and terror, instilling fear in the people, a crime in itself". It would lead to a Stalinist regime "multiplied by 25".

If there is one thing an Italian Conservative knows how to do, it is fight secularism and and a society led communist revolution. Ever since World War II the Italian democracy has been under attack from forces of the left inspired by the writings of Antonio Gramsci that have laid the foundation for undermining Western Civilization and leading to the moral crisis that has gripped Europe and is seeping into America. Of course the liberal media jumps on the viciousness of Bossi's comments. However, since all of the history of Italian Politics is based on the ends justifying the means one must look at the resoning behind such a comment and attack to find the hard truths about Europe's current direction.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Last night I went to visit my grandma and get my birthday card. While I was there I ate an entire can of cheez curls and half a pizza. While I was enjoying my pizza and my year old can of the High-life, Grandma and I watched ABC Nightly News with Peter Jennings. After getting most of my news online for the last year I couldn't believe how horribly biased they were. They led with a story about Congress passing a ban on partial birth abortion. However, they would only call it "late term abortion." Now whetever your opinion may be on abortion what Congress has outlawed is a barbaric act that induces labor so the doctor can vacuum the brain out of the fetus. Not very pretty and certainly not necessary in a "civilized" society. However, ABC news did not describe the procedure, nor did they even call it by its proper name. This was then followed by a story about the comatose woman in FL that is once again being kept alive. I found this story to be biased too. One could almost hear the snear in the voice of the reporter as he described how the legislature and governor of Florida (the elected branches) have usurped the authority of the courts (the non-elected branch). The only interview with the story was one of the legislator that voted against the measure. ABC News provided no voice for the other legislators and people that fought to keep her alive. This one sided reported then continued for another 25 minutes. Abolutely awful!

However, I think this is revealing another transition, a good transition in our society. In the age of information everybody will soon have the ability to get a news story quickly and truthfully. No more will we be forced to get our news through the biased filter of ABC NEWS or Dan Rather Biased. Thanks to outlets like Foxnews and the internet there is an alternate source out there that can give you both sides of the story without the editorializing of the BBC (Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation). In the meantime, as network news dies we are going to see them become more and more outrageous. Like Paul Krugman trying to blame every problem in the world on President Bush, the liberal media monsters will flail about irrationally and then fade away with a whimper. And what a day that will be.

CBS will soon be airing a new miniseries on the Reagans. Check out what this blogger has to say about the historically distorted script. Also can anyone explain what exactly is the "UGLY SPECTER OF PATRIOTISM?"

There's an old saying that "When fascism comes to America, it will come in the form of anti-fascism." This may not be totally correct. Check out this first person account about the Palestinian Solidarity Conference at Rutgers University. It's disturbing how forces of the liberal left will resort to intimidation and threat to censor "zionists" from filming a protest. However, this is another example of the tyranny of the left on college campuses across the country. Heaven forbid anybody be white, jewish, christian, or republican in an this atmosphere that is so "open to diversity." This reminds me of the moment I was most ashamed to ever be a University of Michigan student. It was on September 11, 2001. On the Diag, in the center of campus there was a candlelight vigil to remember the fallen. Thousands of students had come together in silent and tearfilled solidarity. However, this vigil didn't last long because it was hijacked by the arab students so they could condemn Israel and blame the attacks on the Jews. Sometimes I just don't understand the depravity of these groups.

Check out this disturbing article about the hatefilled Arabs in London. Im not sure what is worse, their hope that 80-90 civillians are killed by every suicide bomber, or that this hatred is fueled by the BBC and has spread to native Englishmen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


You know that basketball is just around the corner when Dr. Jack Ramsay has real analysis breaking down the latest NBA trade instead of singing the praises of Shaq, or McGrady, or every other slamma-jamma-in-yo-face superstar in the NBA. It's a team game. The quicker America realizes this point, the faster we will regain our international prestige.

If Howard Dean is "insufferably right" about the Red Sox beating the Yankees in baseball then he must also be "insufferably right" on Iraq.

Therefore, if the Red Sox lost to Boston then Howard Dean cannot be right on Iraq.

Check out the end of this article to witness the collapse of Howard Dean's logical proof.

Check out this other David Brooks column about the fundamental problem within the Democratic party. Like John Edwards, he seems to think that the Democrats don't respect middle America and middle American values. Money quote:

"When I interviewed people during the 2000 campaign I found many voters preferred Democratic policies to Republican ones. But they didn't trust Al Gore because they thought he looked down on them. They felt Bush could come to their barbershop and fit right in."

Sounds alot like Howard Dean since everybody at the barbershop loves an "insufferably right" doctor with a god complex.

Check out Paul Krugman's column in today's NYTimes. Not only does he defend the anti-semitism of the Malaysian Prime Minister, but he also finds a way to blame these comments on President Bush (who has condemned the remarks). This article is worth the read because Krugman's hatred of President Bush is so strong that it totally meanders the main idea of his column. Which if there is one thing schools hammer into every student about writing, is the necessity of focus and a commitment to a central thesis. This piece begins by defending this anti-semite racist, and his economy, but somehow ends with a spiteful attack on Bush. I find it disturbing that Krugman is such a slave to the liberal left that he will defend genocide, anti-semitism, and Islamo-fascist terror if Bush is against it. I also find it disturbing that he has his own column in the NYTimes but only a elementary understanding of writing. I wanna write for the NYTimes for crying out loud!

I went to preschool,elementary, junior high, and highschool with this kid. My mom said that he and his twin brother would try to team up on me before I would take turns pushing each of them on their rear or pinching their fingers in the cracks of doors.

Check out this David Brooks column from the NYTimes that explores the 3 different kinds of Iraqi Democrats. Though I would like to see a similar article that breaks down where Congressional Republicans stand since they did not fully support the President's $87 billion plan for rebuilding Iraq.

Monday, October 20, 2003


The war has been over now for six months and America has won. However, now there are many reports that America has "lost the peace." "Friend and foe alike, look you accusingly in the face and tell you how bitterly they are disappointed in you as an American." Things are in chaos and there are many grumbles from the newly liberated.

Money quote--Never has American prestige in Europe been lower.

Sound true? Well this was taken from a Life article in January 1946. Following the end of WWII. It's funny how things don't change much. But is there anybody that can truthfully argue that the world isn't better off without Hitler? Oh, how easy it is to criticize when it's not your butt on the line.

It seems that Princess Diana isn't quite going away. Check out this story about a letter she wrote claiming: "They will try to kill me." The last thing the New Phrophecy site needs is to be proven right.

James--God loves us very much and wants us to be happy. That's why he gave us Arby's.