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Friday, October 31, 2003


Check out this TNR column (yes it's free for once) about military intervention in the post-cold war world. The author makes the case that both Republicans and Democrats are making decisions not based on any ideology or world view but strictly on partisan grounds. It's sad that both parties won't give the other any credit or slack for interventions in Iraq and Kosovo. This fair and balanced article is well worth the read because it reveals the depravity that has consumed politics in the last 10 years.

Thursday, October 30, 2003



"Like riding a bear, you just hang on for dear life and it's not over until the bear says it's over."

It's over.

Check out this article about the rise of Spain's increasingly independent foreign policy. This is the result of two things. First, this marks Spain's recovery from 40 years of fascist rule under Franco. Secondly, this marks the irrational position of the French and Germans in trying to block the United States from going to war in Iraq. Spanish leaders like Eastern European leaders remember what its like to live under tyrannical dictators (fascist and communist) and they are willing to make sacrifices in their own defense and in the name of humanity. On top of that, it certainly beats trying to negotiate with Chirac and the Paris-Berlin Axis.

Just when you thought the French couldn't be any less classy they make a joke like this.

Check out this piece about the history of French diplomacy. Like France itself, its diplomacy comes across as morally bankrupt, extremely self-serving, and completely arrogant. From the Franco-Prussian War to Vichy to helping Iraq build a nuclear reactor, the French have had one deadly blunder after another.

Check out the Gender Genie to see if you write more like a woman or man. Personally I have found that it will always say that any writing is from a man, even when it is from a woman. The only piece it said was written by a female was a little email from Frank about a "Saturday Night Incident" at the height of the 628 Days. Nevertheless, it is still fun to play around with.

Here's a feature story about my friend and favorite Diag Preacher Dave Sackett.

Seth decided that I needed to be set straight...

"I can't do it anymore.

Dammit man, YOU'RE "intelligentsia." You graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science. You spend hours every day reading, pontificating, and discussing politics, drawing on your knowledge of history and the world around you.

We've been having these textual debates for months now, and I'm beginning to understand there really isn't a point.

You don't see it.

You can't see it.

But your politics are psychotic. They're offensive, stupid, and frustratingly blind. You're stuck believing in Conservatism and will preach its values to the detriment of anybody. You post moronic, badly-written, right-wing propaganda articles that are full of lies,
half-truths, quotes-out-of-context, and outrageous suppositions.

Yet the biggest problem with your political outlook is that you NEVER REASSESS IT! I know, most Americans don't think too hard about their political position; how do you think Republicans convinced rural Americans that the Estate Tax would shut down their farms (they're exempt). But I know you and I know you're capable of devising your own political outlook. I think we're friends largely because we both respect each others' intelligence.

However, every time we start writing on politics, you send back only the simplest Republican rhetoric. On the website, you lambaste me constantly with my e-mails without ever actually responding to what I write. Yet the worst is your constant mischaracterization of my political viewpoints - painting me as the representative of every pundit from Gore to Gorbechev who ever stood left of Right Wing extremist.
You've seen me talk politics enough to know my standing on Political Correctness, Religious Freedom, Free Media, and the War on Terrorism and Iraq. How could you identify me of all people with anyone who would put an agenda of any kind into News Coverage? How could you believe that I shared politics with BAMN blowhards and Tipper Gore Democrats who invade artistic freedom? How could you post an article under the Header "The problem with Seth" that claims the Democratic Party wants to promote Communism?

You don't get it.

You can't get it.

You thump Conservative politics like Sackett (who was just on the front cover of the Daily yesterday) thumps his bible. I can't ask you to change. Your Conservatism is yours, you're outlet alone for professing your right-wing agenda. What I can do is end the conversation and stop contributing. I got in hoping for a progressive debate between "intelligentsia," but I'm the only one really interested in understanding the other side.

My glimpse into Conservative politics was interesting and helped solidify some of my convictions that disagree with the Democratic Party Line. But I also found the Right is more wrong and more evil than I originally believed. This isn't an ideological debate; it's idea and anti-idea. We're not talking about how best to help Americans or make
the world a better place. How can we; the left and center need to spend too much time defending against attacks from the Right. We're fighting different battles; Democrats to fix the world and Republicans to win power. Frankly, it's disgusting. Democrats criticize Bush's mishandling of Iraq and the response isn't "well, our hope is that such-and-such policy of ours leads to such-and-such," but "you're a bleeding heart Liberal, you're anti-patriotic, the News reports you're quoting are Liberally biased, you're against God, you're an intellectual snob who's dislocated from reality, you're a Communist." What I've seen from the Right Wing is nothing but filthy politics.

So in that mire of an ideological black hole, I leave you in perpetual malcontent. You'll be forever trapped in blind adherence to the deceitful Right, too smart to ever be truly unaware that they're feeding you lies like "mainstream television and newspapers are Liberally biased," "racism doesn't exist in our society and blacks are at fault for their economic realities," "The homeless and poor are dregs on society and less than human," "Giving the majority of a $1.7 trillion tax cut to the mega-rich will boost our economy," "abortion must be illegal even if it means killing the mother," "America's single-greatest threat comes from Mexican immigration," and "Bush has handled the Iraq situation well." You'll sacrifice your Christianity to their fundamentalism even as the Pope rails incessently that their brand of Puritanism is anti-Catholic.

But as for these e-mail debates, the nature of your Conservatism makes them pointless.

You can't get it.

You won't get it."

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


James' latest on his job...

"Jason just got fired. he talked to me at lunch and said that he was fired. so far the average of one firing a week still holds. the boss has been interrogating me in his office for at least ten minutes. it is clear that he wants to fire me, but wants to do it nicely. i am out. "people have said that you're unhappy here", he says to me. no shit sherlock. i don't want to work for a criminal. i beat the mean, i am the sole survivor...but now i'm through."

Check out these pics from Saturday's anti-war rally. It's quite disturbing and full of irony just how far some of these people go. Now of course, these fascists and communists don't speak for all of the left, but they sure are loud and you don't exactly hear the centrists offering alternatives other than "Bush-Bad/Bread-Good."

Check out this William Safire column about the improving economy. With the new Ecstasy Index climbing higher and higher, it's a bad day to be a Bush hater.

After 2 wars in 2 years we are beginning to see the long term effects and consequences of President Bush's Pre-emption Doctrine. One of the true sticking points however, has been the quality of intelligence to know which countries could soon become imminent threats. Check out this Ken Adelman FOXVIEW about the strategy and its shortcomings. True, Pre-emption is not a great strategy but like democracy it is the best we have. The alternative of course is to rely on the rationality of tyrants and terrorists. Personally, I would take pre-emption anyday.

I'm not one to be all about saving the whales. But when the slaughtering of dolphins turns the sea crimson, the only word that comes to mind is barbaric. Is there really a need for the modern Japanese to be eating dolphin anyways?

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


It seems I have opened my big mouth too soon. The liberal media monopoly is slowly being broken up. Check out this great (but lengthy) article about South Park Republicans. Thanks to free market capitalism conservative ideas have made an influx into mainstream culture and the marketplace of ideas. There's still a long ways to go since network news still draws 25 million a night. But the trends are there and competition is ruining the liberal stranglehold on media. Amen.

Saturday, I caught some of the anti-war rally in Washington D.C. on CSPAN. It was quite sad. The protesters wanted to save the Iraqi people from bombs and massacre by demanding we withdraw. Now, sure they are all aging hippies living in another dimension (or commune), but I didn't realize how crazy these people really are until I read this. To quote the protest organizers: "The anti-war movement here and abroad must give its unconditional support to the Iraqi anti-colonial resistance." It's frightening that anybody would embrace fascism and offer unconditional support to it after the century it has had. Only communism comes closer to equaling fascisms horrific death toll, truly mind boggling!

Kobe may have told her to kiss it but now he's telling Shaq where to go. How sad that only a rapist could stand up to the biggest player/prima donna in the NBA and put him in his fat place. Money quote...

"But this is his team, so it's time for him to act like it. That means no more coming into camp fat and out of shape, when your team is relying on your leadership on and off the court. It also means no more blaming others for our team's failure, or blaming staff members for not overdramatizing your injuries so that you avoid blame for your lack of conditioning. Also, "my team" doesn't mean only when we win, it means carrying the burden of defeat just as gracefully as you carry a championship trophy."


Check out this Weekly Standard article that discusses U.S. strategy in Iraq. It sounds like the military needs to stick to its Small Wars Manual for the greatest chance for success. This is a how-to on counterinsurgency strategies. However, this didn't exactly take care of the VC in Vietnam. Is Seth right? Is this the making of another Vietnam in Iraq? Not quite...

"The American military experience distilled in the Small Wars Manual was largely forgotten in Vietnam. Instead, the United States pursued the big-unit, search-and-destroy approach of Gen. William Westmoreland that many officers knew could not prevail."

This article is worth the read because it gives interesting details behind the war strategy instead of just blindly praising or condemning President Bush.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schoeder has made a career out of attacking American Foreign Policy. Well now it seems this strategy has finally backfired. Within Germany his approval rating is at 22%. That is worse than Gray Davis even. I'm glad to see the German people are waking up and realizing that they do not have a monopoly on evil fascist dictators.

I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. But either way I would buy one for my daughter. Money quote:

"Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11. Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like Liberals do. They don't have the energy. If they had that much energy, they'd have indoor plumbing by now."

Normally, I am supposed to have 1 new case a day. Today due to some wonderful computer glitch I have 4. Probability of long wait: 100%. Probability of tears 90%. It's a bad day to be poor.

Remember Pigpen from Peanuts? She kinda has the same hair, too bad she likes to write bad checks.

Monday, October 27, 2003


It seems President Clinton is STILL having problems with the truth. This time he is quoted as knowing about Tony Blair's heart condition before Blair's doctors even know.

"It is, I think, true to say that the intelligentsia have been more wrong about the progress of the war than the common people, and that they were more swayed by partisan feelings. The average intellectual of the Left believed, for instance, that the war was lost in 1940, that the Germans were bound to overrun Egypt in 1942, that the Japanese would never be driven out of the lands they had conquered, and that the Anglo-American bombing offensive was making no impression on Germany. He could believe these things because his hatred for the British ruling class forbade him to admit that British plans could succeed. There is no limit to the follies that can be swallowed if one is under the influence of feelings of this kind. I have heard it confidently stated, for instance, that the American troops had been brought to Europe not to fight the Germans but to crush an English revolution. One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool."-- George Orwell

Wars come and go but the "intelligentsia" stays the same.