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Friday, December 05, 2003


Does Islam need a Pope or a Martin Luther? Tech Central Station breaks down the theology and political theory behind protestantism, Catholicism, and Islamism. It looks like the fanatic fringe in Islam is similar to the fracturing of Christianity following Martin Luther's schism. It's a bit lengthy and dense. But if you ever had to wade your way through Aquinas, Luther, or Machiavelli, it's worth the read and very interesting.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

1984 WATCH

Earlier this year Ann Coulter released a book full of sweeping generalities about how democrats are treasonous partisans working to undermine the United States for their own political gain. Of course, there was a hint of truth to it, but like a Seth argument it was so full of ad hominem attacks and hyperbole that it distorted any legitimate point. Well now, some historians have tackled the issue of Communist infiltration in America and have written a book. Check out this great but rather lengthy interview about how modern historians are not willing to accept the evils of communism as they try to rewrite the past to control the future. ORWELL WAS RIGHT!

Looks like W. may win Florida again. Money quote:

"the Florida numbers will surely shift after the early primaries, when some low-scoring candidates drop out and one to three survivors see a "bounce" out of the Sunbelt primaries from South Carolina to Arizona in February. He said Bush's 54-percent approval on conduct of the war and 52-percent voter confidence on the economy mean "it will be very difficult for the Democrats to win in Florida" next year."


Many people wanted to wait before we went to war. They wanted the United States to act "multilaterally" and go begging to the French for their blessing, using the slow beauracracy of the United Nations to achieve a peaceful solution that would have given the inspectors more time to do their job. While all of that was going on... (Check out pages 12, 43, and 49).

Bill O'Reilly sticks it to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (the one in California) for their attempt to write new laws from the judicial branch. We're not going to hear too much of this story from the "mainstream" media, so I will try to post every item I come across about the liberal attempt to usurp the Constitutional authority of the people vested in the legislation process. This is potentially very dangerous for the Republic because courts answer to nobody and can pull binding law out of their ass (just like in the Lawrence and Roe).

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Is America heading back to the moon anytime soon? Sounds like President Bush is down with the idea. Ya know Tondar is down too. In addition, to the adventure of expanding man's horizons there is also a great chance for a future economic boom. It may take a good chunk of tax payer start up but the exploration and colonization of space will be bigger than anything Christopher Columbus could ever dream up.

Here is Katherine's take on our adventure to Portugal. I will post my take in the coming days entitled: "Day 2: A Fragment of an Abortion Resulting From a Hideous Incest." As you can see Katherine had a much more positive take on the situation than I did...

"To start off the weekend, my friend Tondar from Grand Rapids came to visit, and he arrived on Thursday. We went to a party at my school Thursday night and got a little crazy with the free drinks and such. All of my professors were there, and it was a blast hanging out and tipping back a few with the school.... and it was all free which is even better! After that we went to my fave pizzeria in town for some din din and then hit up the club. My friend here works there, and it was the opening night of this place... so we got in and had free drinks as usual. It was a blast... even though it was a gay club. It was great for me because there were lots of hot guys and there were really good dancers on stage too. We left around 4am and Tondar and I went and got churros and hot chocolate on the bridge before I rolled back into my casa around 6am.

Friday was alright... due to some miscommunications on my part we didnĀ“t do much during the day, but we rented a car and went to Portugal that night. Two girls I hang out with a lot-both named Jill came, and my bartender friend Jose Manuel too. So there were 5 of us, and I drove the whole way there in the rain and dark. Once we got to Lisbon, we were lost for about 2 hours or more in the streets trying to find our hostel. It was so frustrating, but an angel appeared and helped us find it! We got in and went to bed since it was around 2:30am... and woke up the next day for a great day of Lisboa.

First we had some breakfast before climbing up to the castle that overlooks the city. It was an amazing view... and also beautiful weather. Then we saw some old churches and ate some Portugese food which was actually really good. Then we took a tram to a tower thing on the ocean, and then shopping! I bought some clothes and such and then we went to a Chinese place for dinner. The food was great, and it was in the mall. When I was walking around the mall I noticed a table labeled SIDA. Knowing that meant AIDS in Spanish, I went and talked to the guy. It was really hard because Portugese is similar to Spanish, but at the same time different. Anyway, I ended up buying a cool key chain and donating money to his cause... since you all know my passion for AIDS education. It made my day that there was someone sitting in the mall spreading the word on AIDS to the people.... that is the kind of stuff we need to educate the community. The keychain is really cool, and it has the ABC method... which is a current teaching method in Africa to help with the epidemic. WOW!

Sunday we went to another city north of Lisbon called Sintra. Here we climbed up another castle and had some cheese pastries in town. The view was amazing, and it was another beautiful day. Soon after we went back down to Sevilla.... about a 5.5 hour drive. I was so glad to finally return to car today... I was sick of driving with crazy people here!"

From Seth...

"Chris Perry's #3 in the Heisman! Does he deserve it over Larry Fitzgerald or Jason White? No, not really. Fitzgerald, although hyped to LeBron levels by ESPN, really is a psycho-dangerous receiver. He relies on his skill (unmatched in Div-1A) to beat guys so his NFL potential hinges on whether he learns routes, but as for what he means to his team, Fitzgerald IS Pittsburgh. Stats? He broke Charles Rogers' record for most consecutive touchdown games and puts up better stats against Big East opponents, including Virginia Tech, than Randy Moss mustered when walking all over MAC defensive backfields. Jason White? He's having an EA Sports NCAA video game-type season. He doesn't miss, doesn't get caught in the backfield, puts up like 50 points with six passes...he's unreal. He's what Navarre would be like if he lived up to the expectations of Wolverine fans. Then again, Navarre would probably be having Jason White's season if he was surrounded by the Oklahoma Sooners.

Okay, so Perry? Does Michigan have the season it's having without him? No. Has
he been absolutely instrumental in every Michigan win? No. He was a Heisman
runaway in the early season, but that doesn't mean much. What's more telling about Perry is that his best games, aside from running over mid-major dufuses and Big Ten lightweights, came against Michigan's biggest three rivals: Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State. His play was magical, his stats hurt by facing three of the top 4 rushing defenses in the nation (Iowa, MSU, OSU). But remember this: his worst games were Iowa, Oregon, and Minnesota. John Navarre turned the Minnesota game around. Iowa and Oregon we lost but Navarre, not Perry, was responsible for almost bringing us back. Michigan State? They feared our triple-threat receiving corps so much that they never put more than 7 in the box. Ohio State? His two big rushing TDs were about 20 yards from the end-zone during drives when Navarre was on target, thus making the Buckeyes pull man and double pass coverage to prevent Edwards or Breaston getting another easy snipe up the middle. Is Perry the best back in college football? I say yes. His break, cut-back move, intelligence, hands, and ability in traffic make him the perfect underrated back, especially because he plays run-stuffing Big Ten. But he needs Navarre and that way underrated offensive line to keep the defense just soft enough for those holes to open up. Perry doesn't do the sweep * his speed just isn't like that, nor does the sweep work particularly well against fast Big Ten linebackers. Navarre, on the other hand, needs Perry to keep the defense honest, but of the two, I'd have to admit that John's the better at going it alone.
Perry for Heisman? Maybe in 1975, but not in today's slamma-you-know-what game. The best highlight reel you could put together of him would be to play all 53
carries against MSU, plus shots of clean John Navarre versus dirty, chalk-covered Chris Perry sucking air. All-American? Oh yeah.

Here's Frank's take on a great Anti-marriage site for men that focuses on the irrational and irresponsible behavior of American women. It's a fair warning Pigpens and Gentlemen...

"Well, I do appreciate a good critique of marriage now-and-again.

It seems to me that, for the most part, the proponents of "Marriage Equals Fulfillment" put less thought into their faith than the cynics of "Marriage Equals Hell" ideology.

That said, I have read news reports citing studies showing people in marriages happier than those outside of marriage, though this is a skewed sample of all of those people who disliked their marriages so much that they ended them divorce.

And speaking of specious stats, has plenty; a lot of the facts and stats cited on t! he site I have never read or heard before (trust me, I know this shit), and it is telling that a lot of the evidence on the page is not referenced. Sometimes it appears that the author took every negative stat on marriage and multiplied by two, which obviously does not lend his arguments credence.

Really, this site is an example of the cultural blow-back to modern, Counter-Enlightenment feminism, a la Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, Playboy and The Man Show, which I sympathize with, simply because "Contra Oprah" arguments are stronger and more closely conform to reality.

There are three things that could solve this whole marriage problem: a prenup, a prenup and a prenup. A prenuptial agreement is like an insurance policy. Most people would get car insurance if they had a 50% chance over their lifetime of getting in a car accident. So it only makes sense for a couple contemplating marriage to do the same, if divorce happens 50% of the time. I have been in this fight for awhile, and it is nice to see someone thinking with a degree of level-headedness on these gender and relationship issues."

A FOXVIEW uses a historical perspective to examin the current stabilization process in Iraq. I especially liked the information about the French debacle (yes, that's a French word too) in Algeria. Interesting stuff.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


In Russia people are trampled attempting to get bread. In Cincinatti people were trampled attempting to see The Who. And in Florida a woman was trampled trying to get a Walmart DVD player. I guess a rain check was out of the question.

So Ole Tondar finally made it back from Spain last night. Forgive me for not keeping up on the blogging but the internet isn't handy in trains, buses, and hostals. However, I did take down day by day accounts and will be posting those in the week to come. There weren't too many great stories or culturally shocking experiences. However, there are some interesting stories that all stem from the bathroom (yeah, strange stuff).