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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


From Seth...

"Thankfully we have President Bush to help us with our self esteem:
Big bad UN: You're all getting overweight
America: Overweight? Fat? Oh my God, do we look fat in this?
White House: No honey. You don't look fat. Big Bad UN's just jealous of you 'cause you're a hottie.
I'm glad Bush nipped this one in the bud right away. I thought Europeans knew how to deal with women. Could you imagine the fallout in this country if the United Nations suddenly called all 170 million American females fat! Dammit, UN, before you go shooting your mouth off, think about those of us who already have enough problems with our girlfriends'/wives' self-image neurosis."

They won't help in Iraq but they certainly find time and money to insult us.