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Friday, March 05, 2004


"So I was chopping lettuce at the Red Robin and I accidently cut my finger off. Boss says we waste too much food so the next day our special was 'Chef Salad."

Hey, check out the frog with the 3 heads! You can also see more pictures of it here.

Why is it that when Rush Limbaugh admits to having a drug problem, he goes to rehab and then faces criminal charges afterwards. While a judge in the same town had the same exact problem and was never even investigated. I find it odd. Matt Drudge has the scoop.

How PC is the LA Times? Well instead of calling an opera pro-life (because it's a celebration of life), the thought police changed the phrase to the new-speak term, "anti-abortion" which doesn't fit at all. Though you have to give the paper some credit. Unlike the NYTimes they were able to admit that they were wrong and issue an apology.

Today I was checking out the Crazy Science linky dink (at left) and I noticed an interesting phenomenon. It's called sleep paralysis and it is often equated with alien abductions. However, it turns out that this is actually just a sleep disorder that affects 25-30% of the population. I find it eerie because I suffer from this condition myself on average of about 3 times a year. Now I dont exactly have the visions of aliens but I do have the half awake paralysis and sense of total fear because I can sense or see someone or something is present. Please check out this link and this one too, and email me any stories of your experience with sleep paralysis. I am curious to see just how common this is.
Bitchass Rents Always Up In Your grill

From Pigpen...

"Man I hate when bitchass rents are up in your schizzle and bustin you for having squares - Ya'll don't know me!"

Check out Bob Novak's latest column that takes the idea of a GOP schism beyond the issue of immigration. It seems that the White House and Congress are not communicating perfectly over this years election strategy and it is causing a bit of grumbling on Capital Hill. I think this reflects a lack of Republican leadership and direction especially during the last six months of the Bush slamming Democratic primary.

Money Quote: "The disaffection is such that over the last two weeks, normally loyal Republicans -- actually including more than a few members of Congress -- are privately talking about political merits in the election of Sen. Kerry. Their reasoning goes like this: There is no way Democrats can win the House or Senate even if Bush loses. If Bush is re-elected, Democrats are likely to win both the House and Senate in a 2006 mid-term rebound. If Kerry wins, Republicans will be able to bounce back with congressional gains in 2006."

In 1992 Roe V. Wade was reaffirmed in the Supreme Court case of Planned Parenthood V. Casey. However, according to the notes of Justice Blackmun, Roe was almost overturned. However, Justice Kennedy swung at the last moment to keep abortion in place. This is a very interesting behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the Supreme Court which always likes to keep its process private. It's fitting we get this information from this case because regardless of how you feel on abortion, Roe V. Wade was one of the worst decisions in Supreme Court history. It basically looked at the Constitution and invented a fictitous right to privacy that never existed to justify their legislation from the bench. Since this "right" was never placed in the Constitution either by the Founding Fathers nor by amendment, under the Tenth Amendment the right to regulate abortion should have by default lied within the powers of the elected representatives of the individual state. However, Roe made this a national "right to privacy" issue that has allowed the court to legislate even further from the bench such as in last year's Lawrence case (the right to sodomy). As Pat Buchanan and David Limbaugh will often tell us, this is plain and simple judicial tyranny that allows the courts to steal power from the people.

Thursday, March 04, 2004


In the Sports Guy's latest column, Bill Simmons takes a look at the debacle that has become Celtic basketball and asks, how hard is it to run an NBA team?

Money quote: "I wouldn't take on other teams' mistakes. I wouldn't clog my cap except for a sure thing (a rule for any aspect of life, by the way). I wouldn't pay two half-decent guys $15 million apiece when I could earmark it for one superstar. I wouldn't give up on young players unless I had a legitimate chance at a title. I wouldn't roll the dice with drunks, druggies and gimps."

From Seth...

"Guy's walking down the street wearing a t-shirt from Urban Outfitters that reads, Voting is for old people."
A wealthy elitist businessman walks up to him and says,
"Excuuuse me, but Haahhhhhhrvard doesn't like your shirt. Might we suggest 'Voting Rocks,' which sends the right message."
The guy proceeds to kick the ever living crap out of the wealthy elitist businessman and yells, "Freedom of Speech, bitch."
The elitist businessman goes back to his office, which happens to be the executive suite at the corporate headquarters of Urban Outfitters, pours himself a drink and laughs as America buys his stupid t-shirt."

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


It seems that President Bush's pandering amnesty plan is beginning to splinter the Republican party. Check out this FOXVIEW that talks about the real problem with immigration. Simply put, it's all about enforcement of the laws that already exist. We need to know what kind of criminals are sneaking into this country along with the janitors and maids that we need.

If you're not Seth or a liberal, then you can see the similarities between George W. Bush and Winston Churchill. Both were war time leaders. Both stood up against the appeasement policies of the more liberal party. And both had a clear sense that they were fighting against evil on the side of good. However, what we often forget is that almost immediately after the end of WWII, Churchill lost in a landslide election. Take a look at Andrew Sullivan's latest article that asks if the same fate awaits Bush this November.

It's because of passages like this, that makes Catholics shy away from complete relliance on the scriptures. Though I wonder what Sackett would have to say about this "abomination."

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


It seems those bastards in the EU are up to their old trick of trying to stick it to the Americans. They have slapped tariffs on American imports. This is in response to American corporate tax breaks, but of course nobody is to mention how a good chunk of EU cash goes to subsidize inefficient French Agriculture while the plains of Eastern Europe offer cheaper labor and richer soil. Simply put: bastards.

One of Michigan's nicknames is the Wolverine State. However, a Wolverine hasn't been spotted in this state in 200 years...until now.

Today I gotta phone call from the Late Show about my request for tickets. But apparently they don't just let in any geek off the street (you gotta be handy with the trivia, earn your keep). Well I'm talking to the lady on the phone and she starts quizing me about how often I watch the Late Show. Now Dave has taken a dump in the last 5 years. It's no big deal, one must only take a look at the ratings to see that Letterman isn't exactly the edgey funnyman he was 20 years ago. I don't mind, the show still hasn't been canceled and it would be a fun experience. But I guess now to get tickets I had to answer this idiot's trivia question about some dumb girl on the show. Of course I didn't know since the show is on opposite Family Guy reruns and Jay Leno. Ya know, maybe I would watch the show more if a) it were funny and b) I was actually on it at one point c) it were funny.

But from here on out I am calling for a general boycott of David Letterman's show. If you don't want me in your studio audience you don't deserve to be on TV. I'll go see Conan or Denis Miller. Screw you, and screw the high horse you rode in on.

(However, this doesn't end my effort to get tickets, it simply fills me with rage)

Monday, March 01, 2004


Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the 2000 election and now it seems he is running for the presidency again. Check out this piece from TNR (they can still suck it) about his paranoid fits and desire to hurt the Democratic party for not being left enough.

Actually, during the election of 2000 I went and saw Nader give a speech in Ann Arbor. It was quite interesting because not only was the crowd full of BO smelling green lefties, but he had Phil Donahue and Michael Moore opening for him. He made alotta good points about corporations feeding the two major parties and not caring about the common man. However, I was glad that he was (and still is) only a marginal candidate because much of what he said was borderline communism that relied on a massive redistribution of wealth. After reading this article I am even more disturbed to imagine what kind of fascist Leninist President Nader would be to institute his tyrannical rule according to his paranoid views of the world. In other words, thank God for the two party system that keeps extremists sidelined.

Sunday, February 29, 2004


These were the words outta the black man behind me when the end credits started to role for "The Passion of the Christ." Friday night I went around 7 and was just able to get tickets for the 12:30 am showing because of the films popularity. Seeing "The Passion" should have been a better experience but I sat next to a couple of chatty lesbians that decided that they would narrate and read the subtitles aloud. I dropped the "SHHHHH!" on them but my heterosexual prowess had no effect over their idiocy. One would think I was in the most ghetto theatre in Brooklyn, but in fact this was Manhattan just down the street from Madison Square Garden.

But anyways, I really enjoyed this film. It was not the great masterpiece many on the Christian right make it out to be. Neither did I feel that the violence was completely over the top. Though the effect of the violence on me was lessened as the black man behind me shouted "SHIT" and "DAY-AMN" every time Christ was hit. The film starts out kinda slow beginning with the Agony in Garden. However, when Christ is brought before Pilate the film picks up momentum as the Latin and the Roman presence seem to give the pokey chaos of the early scenes some direction. After studying Italian, I could pick up a good chunk of the Latin the Romans were speaking to eachother. On the other hand I was completely lost with the aramaic, but I did like the fact Gibson put it in the original language. Thus, thou could avoideth most awkward Bible-speak.

In addition, another of the most effective elements of the movie was Gibson's use of flashback. This was used to juxtapose Christ's suffering during the Passion with moments earlier in his life and ministry. I would have liked to have seen more of this because it puts the violence in a much better context. This was especially true in one scene where Mary sees Jesus fall under the weight of the Cross and there is a flashback to a scene where he falls in the same position as a small child. It was the most touching moment in the film and the only nod to the good that lies within man's soul.

However, for me, the best part of the film was the way Gibson directed and posed the actors. It was obvious that he had seen many of the great works of art and tried to duplicate the position of the actors to reflect the power of these paintings through out history. You could see the Agony in the Garden, the Lamentation (pieta), Ecce Homo, and the Crucifixion as had been painted and sculpted by Tintoretto, Titian, Michelangelo, and Raphael to name a few. As a Catholic this is important because many of these works of art were created in accordance with the Council of Trent (which began the counter-reformation), which demanded strict accordance to iconography and the scriptures.

This film is a solid interpretation and I hope that other catholics will continue to make more artsy religious films in the original language. However, I would not reccomend bringing children under 10 like the people 2 rows in front of me. Though the kids were well behaved and did not freak out. The violence and the film is just too intense for the kids. If you would like to learn more about the Passion or the history surrounding the major characters check out New Advent. They have devoted their front page to a series of links that provides a great historical background for everything relevant to the film.

All Movie Guide Rating: *** (outta five)
Tondar's Movie Rating: **** (outta five)