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Saturday, March 27, 2004


Check out this FOXVIEW that examines the Political Correctness insanity surrounding Bob Ryan's idiot comments on white basketball players. Now I've seen this tool from time to time on ESPN. It's not surprising that he said something this stupid and illogical. What blows my mind is that people would take this quarter pound turd burger seriously.

First, Tony Blair supported Bush during the Invasion of Iraq. Now, Blair is vowing to adopt the EU Constitution without putting it to a vote before the people of the UK. Between these two very unpopular moves I wonder if Blair will survive much longer as Prime Minister.

In case you haven't heard, there is still a criminal investigation trying to smear Rush Limbaugh for his adiction to prescription painkillers. What is so sickening is that the prosecutor has been using a different standard for Rush than for the rest of Florida. You can read what Rush's attorney, Roy Black has to say in the Opinion Journal.

This is very disturbing because it shows just how reckless liberals are in their quest for equality. On the one hand some groups are more equal and deserve special preferences to get into schools or jobs. But on the other, some people are less equal and are being denied equal protection under the law. I simply just don't get it. Of course some people would see Rush's problem as what is wrong with America's War on Drugs. But i wouldn't know where to begin that one, Seth?

Friday, March 26, 2004


Not even 10 years ago my buddy Ted got away with this same thing with no problem. I've always marveled at him for getting away with it on a trip to Cedar Point. However, since it was with an eatbeast (scroll down the page) I never respected him for it.

Thursday, March 25, 2004


Pat Buchanan's latest column is a disturbing look at future demographics. Personally I don't mind a shift that would make whites a minority. As long as everybody speaks English and believes in the traditional values of the "American Dream," everybody wins. However, what bothers me and makes this article so right on, is the breakdown of the great American melting pot that makes the American Dream possible from coast to coast. Buchanan is correct on this point and in his column blames liberals and neo-marxists for their assault on American history and Chrisitianity. Without the traditional base of American culture we are left as a Tower of Babal nation. Different people thrown together without any common background or identity.

During my travels to Europe I have witnessed the problem of diversity causing national disunity. Without one uniform language or culture people of the same nation easily fight amongst themselves always creating an "us against them" mentality. Italy and Spain are great examples where people's allegiance fall to their region and often border on an irrational, racist hatred for those of other regions. This is especially true of Basques and Sicilians who struggle with the "standard" of their own language. Are we facing a similar future where nobody will hire or trust el californio because he can't speak English? It is really something to think about, and it's sad that only Pat Buchanan is raising this issue.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


If you thought the Bertuzzi hit was bad, check out what happened to Detroit Redwing, Dennis Polonich during the 1978 season. I guess what I find most surprising about the article is that there were no TV cameras capturing this hockey game. Now I could see this happening way back in the Gordy Howe days. But this isn't too long before I was born. How could they not at least had a local news crew covering the NHL? I guess it really shows how hockey's popularity has exploded in just the last 20 years.

It's far too early for it to really mean anything, but Bush has pulled even with John Kerry in the polls. If you check out Dick Morris' (the man responsible for triangulation politics and re-electing Clinton in 1996) latest column, he thinks this is a landslide in the making. Like I told Seth on the night of the New Hampshire primary, Kerry is just too liberal to appeal to most mainstream voters. Dick Morris would agree. It's not so much that Kerry is the candidate Democrats selected, as it is Kerry is not the volatile screaming Howard Dean.

Money Quote: "Kerry only won the nomination because Dean lost it and Edwards was hobbled by Clark so he could not get the momentum he needed to mount a real challenge. With the front-loaded process, decreed by financial-wizard-but-political-amateur Terry McAuliffe, the party is united but saddled with a nominee who can't handle prime time. "

The Memphis Grizzlies will be going to the playoffs this year for the first time in franchise history. Check out how Jerry West and Hubie Brown turned this franchise around in just 2 seasons.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


From Seth...

 "I think everybody except the conspiracy theorists agree that had Bush known that New York City would be attacked by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001 beforehand, they would have done something.
I think Bush has stumbled upon a whole new way of doing politics: ignore the tough questions by stating the obvious. Mr. Bush, your old counterterrorism advisor wrote a book in which he says that you did not pay attention to him when he said that Al Quaida was a threat. "Well, sonny, I gotta tell ya, if Richard Clarke had come to me and said, 'Mr. President, they're gonna crash 747s into the World Trade Center, on the second Tuesday in November of 2001,' doggone it, I woulda done something."
The rest of the administration's defense has been similarly retarded. Rumsfeld and Powell said that Clarke was "out of the loop" on anti-terrorism efforts by the administration. What? They were keeping the Counterterrorism Advisor to the President out of the loop on counterterrorism discussions? Who were they talking to then? CIA director Tenet? Tenet said he was working with Clarke!
From listening to the discussions today, I think it's quite clear what happened with al Quaeda before Sept. 11: both Bush and Clinton were trying to deal with the problem with diplomatic means and didn't know that the attack was coming so soon. Of course, that doesn't help you when you're trying to run a re-election campaign based on being tough against terrorism. The laugh is, Bush could get past that easily if he could get over his own hubris: "Like all of you, I underestimated the threat that terrorism posed. Mark my words, we'll never make that mistake again."

Possible, but let it also be known that Clarke is now selling a new tell all book that chronicles these events. Let it also be known that before his resignation, Clarke was only in charge of cybersecurity and that in his resignation letter Clarke praises Bush for his "courage, determination, calm, and leadership."

From Seth...

"s there a growing Musical-Industrial Complex between the Republican Party, the Recording Industry, and Good Charlotte?"

OK I can tell from the article the connection between Republicans and Clear Channel. But how does Good Charlotte fit into all of this? Just because they suck doesn't automatically make them part of the Republican conspiracy. Afterall, look at the Dixie Chicks. They suck AND they don't like President Bush.

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Pledge of Allegiance case. But today, David Brooks' column in the NYTimes examines the importance of religion in our society. What is often overlooked in arguments over the separation of church and state is the importance of Biblical philosophy found in the study of the Bible and Theology. These ideas present a way of looking at humanity and the world that is very important. Afterall, if you look at the great texts of political thought, many of them are religious in their origin (Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin). Now of course we should not create a Napolianic theocracy where the church is used to serve the purposes of the state (or vice-versa). But it is important for a people to have a moral compass and to understand that their existance and freedoms are granted from a higher power than the government. Afterall, if the rule of law is to be respected, people must understand that there is a greater sense of good and evil that makes such laws necessary.

Normally when Dr. Jack Ramsey writes an Rx for an NBA team they have hit a bit of a slump. But since the Pistons have won 8 games straight and have held most opponents during that stretch to under 70 points a game, Dr. Jack has done the opposite. His prescription this week outlines how a team can fire up their offense to beat the Pistons. Dr. Jack is the smartest writer for ESPN, but I am a bit dissapointed with him for letting this cat out of the bag. Doesn't he realize the Pistons are supposed to win EVERY game? Probably what is most encouraging about this is the fact he can find no weakness in the Detroit system. Basically, his prescription can be summed up thus...

"Expect a battle and bring your A-game...Playing the Pistons is not a walk in the park."

Monday, March 22, 2004


This one has been long overdue. But you all should check out one of the best up and coming bands in Michigan: Oblivion. Also be sure to look under "Music" and download the 5 songs they have (two from their first album, "...", and 3 from the new album "The Garden In The Machine") posted on the site. If you live in Michigan get your butt in gear and go check out one of their shows for cryin' out, cryin' out. You will be pleasantly surprised (and rocked).

Here's a great candidate for worse mother ever. Check out Bill O'Reilly's weekly column to see just how horrible of a mother Melissa Ann Rowland is. If you remember, she was the woman that refused a C-section delivery (because she didn't want the scar) causing the death of one of her twins. You've gotta read this one to believe it.

From Seth...

"On Saturday, Ben and I got a chance to see the big anti-war rally in Ann Arbor. It was a pretty large showing - thousands of people crammed into the diag - not just the square but the whole damn piazza.
They started with a march down Liberty Street and ended in the diag, where Utah beach-esque crosses were set up to represent each of the American soldiers who had perished in Iraq.
Overall, I'd have to say I was pretty dismayed with a lot of what I saw there. Even though the majority of attendees didn't seem to support their cause in any way, the "Free Palestine", "Support the Detroit Worker's League", and "Vote Nader" groupies were pretending like the political demonstration was theirs. The voices of mothers who'd lost their sons to war, political leaders decrying Bush's foreign policy, and participatory group activists were drowned out by a cacophony of communists and anti-Israelis who wanted to channel the mob's righteous frustration with American foreign policy into their extremist causes.
Apparently, the BAMN for grownups lobby has been infiltrating grass roots events since before the invention of the soapbox, so I shouldn't be surprised if the far left decided to descend upon center-left activism to gain some new recruits. I guess I'm just not a real grass roots activism kind of guy. Aside from generating a feeding frenzy of extremist groups, rallies by nature are absolutist. They appeal to the mob's emotions rather than impart enlightened politcal commentary. I can admire the people who organized and attended the event, but I have to admit, I walked away more upset, at least for the moment, at the "Pull our troops out Now" bumper stickers and "End Israeli Apartheid" signs than at Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, and the rest of the "guns solve everything" leaders who sidelined the War on Terror and America's international allies for war in Iraq."

Here's an interesting interview from on the morality and "right" of immigration. If you don't mind a bit of theology, check out this very balanced look at the morality and practicality of this very contriversial issue.

Money Quote: "An immigrant is a human being taking a difficult, often risky step in pursuit of his own development. His very act of migrating proclaims that these goods are important to him and his family, and are at risk if he does not migrate."

I was personally moved by this passage here because it best describes my reasons for emmigrating to NYC. And though I still haven't found a job yet I hope that I am close. Personal development is indeed a very worthy goal. Nevertheless, it doesn't pay the rent and put food in my mouth. Wish me luck on today's interview!

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder handed over control of his political party yesterday. However, this could be a case of too little too late. He may have to give up the Chancellorship soon too. Schroeder has been very unpopular because of high unemployment and the fact that the German economy has shown little growth in 3 years. But how can Schroeder still be in power with such a terrible record? He has used opposition to America's War on Terror to boost his own popularity in Germany. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if Schroeder can stay in power much longer because when the distraction of Bush passes, Germany is still left in an economic mess.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Check out this piece from FOXNEWS that examines the political factors involved in picking a vice-president. It really is a complex process because you need someone to compensate for the nominee's own weaknesses. It will be interesting to see who John Kerry selects.