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Saturday, May 22, 2004


I have been a pretty big Mehmet Okur fan since he had some monster games in his rookie season last year. However, he is still very young and doesn't always play up to his potential. This has led to him riding the bench since the arrival of Rasheed Wallace in Detroit. Despite all of this, Isiah Thomas has been eyeing Okur as the next New York Knick to get a contract he doesn't deserve. Okur would join a long line of Knick big money failures such as Larry Johnson, Charlie Ward, Keith Van Horn, Tim Thomas, Dikembe Mutumbo and Penny Hardaway. Of course if you have been following the Knicks, Isiah Thomas has taken this team from bad to mediocre and there they will be stalled while they wait for many terrible big money contracts to expire. Frankly, if you read the article it appears to be a long shot for NY to land Okur simply because they don't have any extra money (nor a winning team) to offer Okur. However, with Isiah Thomas being the bad decision counterpart to Joe Dumars, Ole Tondar is certainly worried that he and the Knicks are showing any interest in one of Tondar's favorite players.

John Kerry is certainly a weak candidate. But one site makes the lesser of 2 evils argument inspite of...welll...inspite of John Kerry himself. On top of that they use Tondar language.

Check out this story about a British plan to create cheap missiles that never came to fruition.

How about that Game 7 against New Jersey. Talk about going to work and then getting the job done. With the playoffs half over the Pistons continue to work tonight when they go to Indiana for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. First, here are some great quotes following Game 7...


"Usually the bitch wagon rolls by ESPN when it comes to the Pistons, but despite the fact that the Detroit News is a homer I thought this quote was very good.
"Big Ben struck early and loudly and continuously, and everyone knew what it meant. It meant time was up for New Jersey, and Indiana was on the clock. And it means times are about to get real fun around here, real quick."
Oh yeah and SC Friday morning talked about how NJ lost the game rather than how Det won it."

isn't that always the way. I read a NYPost article about how Chauncey was pissed how the series always revolves around Jason Kidd. Last year it was about how Kidd took Chauncey to school, with no mention of Chauncey's sprained ankle. This year it was all about Jason Kidd's bum knee and no mention of Chauncey's great play (except for that amazing shot in game 5).

Mitch Albom...

"A word here about Ben Wallace. He was insane. Just when you think you've seen it all, he morphs into a shooting guard. He hit eight of his first nine shots, many of them outside jumpers, he finished with 18 points, and this was in addition to snaring rebounds out of the hands of his opponents with his bulky frame. We saw, Wednesday night, how a superstar steps up when Kevin Garnett had a monster game to lead Minnesota to a Game 7 victory."

Speaking of Ben Wallace, wasn't that a monster of a 3rd quarter he had. My favorite moment was when he nailed that open 19 foot jumpshot just inside the 3 point line. Afterwards, he back peddled down court screaming something. I'm not sure what it was but you knew it was intense. If anybody happened to hear or see exactly what he said, please email me.

But anyways, whatever you do be sure to be watching tonight on ESPN at 8pm. It should be a good game.

Friday, May 21, 2004


It's jerks like this barking idiot that keep lawyer jokes funny after all these years.

Bill Cosby really hit the nail on the head the other night at a 50th anniversary celebration for Brown vs. Board of Ed, when he pointed out how many poor blacks simply aren't trying to better themselves.

Money quote: "They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English, I can't even talk the way these people talk: 'Why you ain't.' 'Where you is.' ... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. ... Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. ... You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!"

I think it's funny how the NAACP then pointed out how most people on welfare aren't black. Great! What does that have to do with anything? You're supposed to be working for the Advancement of Colored People, not making excuses and pointing out the short commings of other groups.

The cos is absolutely right on with this. When I worked for the welfare department there would be people coming in wearing $200 jacket, brand new basketball shoes, Lakers jersey, and flashing bling. Then they would ask the state for help paying their $500 gas bill. Now of course this isn't specifically a black problem, but Cosby is right when he says, "The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal." Being poor is not having a lack of money, it's being ignorant and making bad economic decisions that keep you living crisis to crisis. Equality doesn't mean you get extra government freebies. Equality means you have the freedom to do anything you want and become anything you want. Unfortunately, along with this freedom comes the freedom to fail.

Check out the latest Bob Novak colemn about how Bush is losing his conservative base. Though it really makes sense after the ballooning debt and the medicare expansion. Bottom line: Ain't shrinkin' govt. if you addin' more programs spendin' too much money!

Check out this media thread of what they thought happened in Iraq as the news about the wedding shoot out came through. In an era of instant media it certainly makes you think twice before believing any news article you read.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Here is another great rundown of the positive things in Iraq, It's easy to get caught up in thinking "disaster" and "quagmire" when the media only likes to focus on failure. Personally, I think this is bigger news because it is completely overlooked and shows how Iraq isn't the mess the mainstream media is trying to paint.

With the road team winning every game in this year's Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals ole Tondar just had to ask Seth...

"Have you ever seen anything as crazy as the western conference finals? The road team has one every game.  Can you remember a precedent in all of sports for road ice advantage in such a close series?

And of course the walking encyclopedia of NHL history replied...

"Yeah - it's happened a bunch.

If you recall, Detroit lost two at home to the Canucks two years, won two in Vancouver, then won an overtime game in Detroit and won in Vancouver again - the home team didn't win once in regulation.

The most I've ever seen the road thing happen in the playoffs was New Jersey in '95. Fitting, considering Jersey never got home ice advantage throughout the playoffs. All told, the Devils had 11 on the road. Against Boston they won games 1, 2, and 5 on the road and only game 4 at home. Boston won game 3 on the road. Next series, Jersey beat Pittsburgh in games 1 and 2 on the road, Pittsburgh tied it up with two victories
in New Jersey, then the Devils won the last two, not getting a home win until game 6. The same thing happened in the Eastern Conf. Finals versus the Flyers. Games 1-5 were won by the road team until Jersey took game 6. Then, as we all know, they swept Detroit on the road in the finals, then finally put two home wins together in a series to sweep us. Final tally: in series that New Jersey played in, the home team was a horrific
5-16. The Devils' road tally was 11-0. Talk about your unwelcome guests.

They did a similar thing in 2000, going 10-4 on the road and 6-10 at home. Fortunately for the Devils, one of those home wins was the overtime game 7 that won them the cup.

There's a reason this kind of thing happens to New Jersey; their team has been awesome the last decade but their fans stink."

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. The longer I live the more my mind dwells upon the beauty and the wonder of the world."

John Burroughs

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


The courts in America are out of control. With one bad decision after another they are usurping power away from elected representatives and enacting their own liberal agenda. However, looking back in history it's difficult to pinpoint the exact case that started this oligarchical revolution. Pat Buchanan blames Brown vs. Board of Ed (the segregation case). Personally, I stand behind this case as being necessary to bring equality to all Americans. Which to me negates the necessity of other such "equality" activist rulings such as Roe (abortion), Lawrence(sodomy), and Bakke(affirmative action).

In the column, Pat Buchanan tries to blame "Brown" for the urban problem of "white flight." However, there was much more to this deathblow to the modern era city than Brown vs. Board of Ed. Nevertheless, this piece is a good timeline that shows how one good decision can create a slippery slope of bad change. If only Silent Cal or Andrew Jackson were here, they would certainly tell the court where to go.

The cicadas are back this year for the first time since 1987. And once again the danger is real. The only way to protect yourself from their fury is to educate your self. Better head to Cicadaviile.

From Pigpen...

Free speech or no free speech this guy is seriously a pain in the ass - do what he says or he cries foul. "Roger and Me" was good, effective, and tasteful. Since then pomposity has clouded the logical and rational portions of the mind and spit out this craptacular peice of cinematic tripe.

Pigpen's right on this one. Back in the day it was easy to hop on the Michael Moore bandwagon as he stuck it to greedy corporate America. Nothing was better than this fat slob showing the chaos of a post-GM Flint. I was even a big fan of his shortlived NBC show, "TV Nation." It was a great comentary on our post-modern culture. However, with his latest effort being so political it combines bad taste with bad business. I can totally understand why Disney wouldn't want to touch this movie from a business end. It's just stupid to piss off the 50% of the nation that supports George W. Bush with an Anti-American piece of lie-filled propaganda. It would be one thing if Moore's work can be trusted. But after "Bowling For Columbine," which was so full of lies and holes that it should have been considered a mockumentary like "Spinaltap," it's just a bad business move to get behind anything Moore does. On top of that "Columbine" was simply a poorly made film. It was 2 1/2 hours long and Moore meandered this way and that, but never settled on a thesis or message. IT'S CALLED EDITING! Sometimes you have to cut things and not use ALL your footage if you want your story to make sense and educate your audience.

Plus if you read a non-partisanreview of his latest, ":Faranheit 9/11" it creates an inherent contradiction in pointing out how George W. Bush is both an idiot and a grand conspirator. How can he be both an idiot on one hand but then this great mastermind of evil on the other? It just doesn't make senese. Nevertheless, the French crowd really seem to love it, giving Moore a 20 minute standing ovation. That's a REAL huge surprise coming from the French. They can fricken keep Michael Moore for all I care and we'll even throw in Jerry Lewis for good measure.

The first ever amateur rocket was recently launched into space. I'm glad to see the development of independent space programs that will further our exploration of the universe. Hopefully soon we will have comercial spaceflights for tourists and even further down the road will come the days of moon bases and even deeper space exploration With or without the government, it's going to happen. Man is just too curious. Plus, as technology becomes cheaper we will see a greater amount of amateur efforts in space. For the future that is on the horizons, it's an exciting time to be alive.

Isn't there always that one attention starved idiot in every highschool? I know at mine David Lotzschitz (sp?) was always getting smacked around, chewing on inkpens until they exploded in his mouth, and in one case ole Tondar got him to superglue his hand to the back of his neck. Well now there's a new generation of idiots coming through the schools and in this case, the idiot drank a mystery liquid in chemistry class on a $2 bet. It simply blows the mind how stupid some kids really are.

Monday, May 17, 2004


Ever hear of the term social engineering? Well check out this story from a smooth talker that was able to bluff his way into stealing $4,000 worth of merchandise. This is an amazing read and a great reminder of how you need to be careful about with what information you give to strangers.

Sunday, May 16, 2004


Tonight the Pistons face a crucial do-or-die game 6 vs. New Jersey. Especially after a heartbreaking loss like Friday's triple overtime marathon, it is important to forget about the past and focus on the task at hand. It is situations like this that seperate champions and probably what is needed most of all is a hero. In the tradition of Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, or Charles Barkley, the Pistons need somebody to put the team on their shoulders and carry them to the next round with a 30+ point performance. Since the Pistons have not found this marquee player in their new format, here is a rundown of who can be that savior?

Ben Wallace: This would be the most likely candidate. He is the intimadating force that runs this team. However, offense is not his thing and when defensive players go OOC (out of control) they often end up in foul trouble.

Rasheed Wallace: He's a great player that hates losing. Unfortunately he often has problems keeping his cool. Though it would be great for him to rage and explode for 30+ points it will probably have to come from somebody a bit cooler in the head. That will rise and shine instead of flaming out like a super-nova.

Chauncey Billups: It is certain that he will TRY to be that superstar. Nobody on this team likes taking that bigshot more than Chauncey. However, after 2 years of watching him in action (especially after Friday's game), I'm just not convinced he has it in him. He is gonna try and carry this team. However, if he gets off to a cool start we may have to look elsewhere.

Tayshaun Prince: He has been huge these playoffs and I don't expect anything less for this game. However, I think he is still a bit too young to and shy to put the fate of this game squarely on himself. Look for a big game, but not the star performance that is necessary.

Rip Hamilton: He is the Pistons leading scorer in this series with 17.6 ppg and on top of that he is due for a massive game. Rip is a great player that often gets overlooked by the NBA media. This game 6 will be the perfect chance to come of age and take his game to the next level and show the world that this day now belongs to Rip's Pistons.

New Jersey is gonna come outta the gate firing because they know they cannot go back to Detroit for a game 7. They have to win at home or face a difficult game 7 on the road. However, I think this will be the game that Detroit as a team gets their defense back on track thus forcing a game 7. Tondar knows they can do it. Now it's only a matter of proving me right.