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Tuesday, June 08, 2004



"though totalitarian regimes haven't average more than a century of rule in recent years, china is an interesting case for the efficacy of the WTO.
first, i must question if china really is a communism.  they have collective farms, that's true.  but they don't follow much else in terms of communist dogma.  trade is an anathema to communists, because trade is part of the capitalist burgeious order, which leads (according to marxist doctrine) directly towards imperialism.  so then a communist country trying to join the WTO is as sticky as defining mormons as christians.  they claim they are, even if they don't really fit the described norms.
if china is a communism, or simply a totalitarian regime with collective farms, they none the less are attempting to join an international governmental organization and participate in the world order.  additionally they are becoming part of the global market and are every year increasing their economic interdependence.  their fate will be tied to ours.  with the development of this grass roots democratizations in china, one must ask if they are gradually moving towards a greater democracy?  after all, most political theorists at U of M will tell you that democracy, international participation, and economic interdependence goes hand in hand.  can china do two whilst eschewing the third?

in the voice of john mclaughlin "the correct answer is:  china will be a representative democracy within the next fifty years.  Bye bye!"

Seth came across this while doing research for his magazine. Seem's Ann Arbor's favorite Shower Shitter has moved on to bigger and better things. Personally ole Tondar is still waiting for him to come back to 308 and clean up the puke his Asian GF left on Long Brown Sofer.

This was originally written Friday so it was still safe to assume that the Lakers were going to Kill the Pistons. However, since the Lakers don't play defense, Detroit may end up just running away with this one.

From Seth...
"You know, anybody looking for a quick buck can go out there and find a blonde willing to lay down coin on the Pistons without so much as a spread. But you'd expect more from a governor of a U.S. state!
The Terminator is clearly taking advantage of our beloved Gov Granholm. If it were the Ducks, Kings, or Sharks in a series with the Red Wings, I'd have no problem with them making a bet - I mean she's Canadian so hockey's in her blood, right? But to pit a California jock against our sweet blonde Canuck in a bet based on basketball knowledge is just plain mean.
Isn't there somebody on Granholm's staff who could have asked for a spread. Like, say, Lakers in 6 or 7 over Lakers in 4 or 5.
Or, better yet, just change the winnings. Like, if California wins, we promise not to throw out their stupid standardized test for another year and if we win, Arnold has to take back Ward Connerly and publicly apologize for Kindergarden Cop and Junior. Now there's something to get the Pistons fired up!"

From Seth...
"This is not going to work in China. Not unless the United States and every other wealthy western state falls flat on its face.
Taking from our conversations last night, I'm always so impressed by the Chinese who continue to peacefully work for Democracy in their country. I'll say this for political systems: Democracy is at its best and Communism is at its worst when forced to defend itself.
And please don't work this into your rhetoric about Iraq. My point is that Democracy as a political system has to trust its people to do the right thing, and as James and I discussed last night, there's a marked danger of it degrading into mob rule. But the success of our system in the face of crisis demonstrates that in the end, people are smart enough to figure out the right thing to do and humane enough to put aside their innate selfishness to get it accomplished.
When our system is challenged, as it was in the Great Depression and WWII, we can rise to the task. Heck, we're itching to rise to tasks - which is how an attack by ignorant, absolutist filth that costs us two buildings and a few thousand lives can galvanize us into sacrificing trillions of dollars and just as many lives in retaliatory action. It's a profound statement about mankind and our ability as well.
When Commmunists are challenged, they have to resort to detainmnet, direct manipulation of media, and rights abuses. And each time one dissident is silenced, two more will become disillusioned. Each time a story is blacked out, more people will decide not to trust the Party to be telling them the truth. Given enough time, an oppressive political system is self-defeating.
It's not going to work, China. Even if you temper the communist economy with capitalism and temper the Communist political system with Democracy when you're in a giving mood, how you act when challenged will negate the benefits of any paternalistic gifts. And on the 15th anniversary of Tienneman Square, that simple fact is no less apparent."

Well now that ole Tondar is back in Michigan, I swung into Ann Arbor for the first round of shenanigans since January. The devil came in the form of 2 30 packs of beer, 2 bottles of Richards, 2 bottles of Night Train (see bum wines to the right), and a half of fifth of diluted Popov (they actually sell it with lower alcohol %). This was the first time we ever rolled with Night Train. It seemed to go over very well with the kids, though Tondar didn't notice any real difference between that and Richard's. In the end the damage resulted in Tres falling in the trash, getting a face full of cake, the preacher stopped by for a sermon until taking a shoe to the eye. Tres took many people on pilgrimage to discuss the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, and half of Luke. However, the highlight of the night was when Tondar threw the pink shirted douche bag outta the party. He still refused to leave so Tondar chased him down the street trying to get the house's phone book back (aka pink shirt's spanish homework). It was a classic Tondar moment to say the least.