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Saturday, November 06, 2004


Here's an interesting piece in Slate that says gay marriage did not drive the re-election of Bush. Not really sure what to think about all this. But I'll continue to post as we get deeper into the numbers that drove the last election.

2000 and 2004 is not the first time the Red and Blue states have split their electoral votes this way. Back in 1896 the real William Jennings Bryan (not the sock frog) won throughout the same region as George W. Bush. Of course demographic shifts over the last century have turned Texas and the South into bigger electoral players. However, it is intersting to see these maps together.

Eugene Volokh gives a nice breakdown of some of the top Constitutional scholars most likely to be appointed to the Supreme Court during Bush's second term. In particular, there has been a large amount of fuss concerning Michael McConnell.

Considering the age of many of the Justices and the liberal emphasis on using them to create law and social policy, The Daily Rant will be focusing on this issue for many years to come. Here's to undoing the Viking pillage of the Warren Court.

Friday, November 05, 2004


As Katherine was pressing the rain, she learned a valuable lesson about the African healthcare system...

"Things are going well for me in Ghana this week. It has been a rough week due to the mosquitos. They really are little devils. It all started out that our cook got malaria last week. Then one of the boys that we had the birthday party for got it early on this week. Then last night I came home from town and one of the girls in my group was feeling sick. We had the nurse come to check her out, but it was really bad. I found her shaking in her bed covered in blankets and rolled up in a ball with her sweatshirt on. Now you know that someone is sick when they are wearing a sweathshirt in 100 degree weather. So, we got our professor and decided that it was best she went to the hospital. I was Nurse Kat and took her there along with all of the goods I had brought from home in case someone got sick. I can't even explain what the hospital experience was like there. Whoa. I wish I could have videotaped it so you all would be SO THANKFUL for the health care that we all complain about in America.

So there we sat in the waiting room as I waited for what was going to happen next. We went into an office and I talked to the Doctor since Desiree was pretty much out of it and couldnt respond. They told me they were going to have to keep her overnight, but that I coudln't stay. I was like.... WHAT! I have to stay! I would freak out if I was her and there was no one there to help me! See the big problem is the language barrier, they speak English here, but it is with a crazy accent. They also speak a lot of Twi, which I know very little of. Anyway, I sat with her there in the hospital for 4 hours before I went home. She spent the night and got back in the morning. She is still super sick, and they found out she had malaria AND food poisoning! Yikes! Anyway, a lot of people in the group are starting to get sick. I am determined to stay healthy for the next 5 weeks! Yes.... 5 weeks from today I will be arriving in Detroit. I must say that even though I am having great experiences here, I will be ready to go home.

On a more positive note, this week has been fun too. Friday night I had a teacher I am friends with from the college over for dinner. I cooked my African family (our professor, the 11 student teachers, Tehteh and his son, and the teacher) a yummy dinner. I saw that there was Ragu spaghetti sauce at a store, so I bought a bunch along with some noodles and cooked up a storm on Friday evening. I also bought bread off the street and made my own version of garlic bread. (it was no Texas Toast, that was for sure!) Oh course.... we had to have some wine with our pasta dinner! For dessert I got fresh pineapple off the street and cut it up. It was the most deluxe meal I have had in the last 3 weeks, and it was fun to have everyone there to experience a little American food. After dinner my teacher friend (who is a beautiful African man) pick us up in his little blue Jetta (my favorite car!) and took a couple of us out clubbin.

We went to a really nice club in town, and he wouldn't let us pay for anything. He is super nice, and we had a blast. I danced with several gorgeous men (I am sweating just thinking about it!), and on the way home around 3am we hung out on the beach and watched the waves. It was a fantastic evening!"

After two days of coming together and feeling good after the election, Paul Krugman launched the first salvo from the radical left today.

"President Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical - the leader of a coalition that deeply dislikes America as it is. Part of that coalition wants to tear down the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, eviscerating Social Security and, eventually, Medicare. Another part wants to break down the barriers between church and state. And thanks to a heavy turnout by evangelical Christians, Mr. Bush has four more years to advance that radical agenda."

Wow, ya gotta know the guy's off his rocker when he's using mediscare 2 days AFTER the election. But this type of attitude is to be expected. However, like I said before, with a solid majority in Congress, now is the time to run the table. Let Krugman and the radicals spew hatred. In the meantime, let the Republicans change federal as well as FICA taxes, and we will see who gets elected in 2006. Desperation is in the air, now is the time to put the hobnail boot to the neck of the liberal agenda and crush it (that's a southern saying).

Despite the secrecy of the Bush administration, it looks like the Secret Service has come clean with one detail. Remember the bulge in the President's suit during the debate? Turns out it was his bullet-proof vest.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well the original Sports Guy finally has his NBA preview out on ESPN. Of course he has Detroit leading the East. While in the West he has the Spurs coming out on top. This is a must-read. Like a fine wine or scotch, even if you're not a great basketball fan, take the time to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Here are some of the highlights...

"These guys already had their highlight of the season -- back in June, when Jahidi White was on the front page of after the expansion draft. The only way that's happening again is if he kills someone."

"Just once in my lifetime, when this situation unfolds like with Vince and the Raptors, I want to see the team say, "You know what? Screw you. You signed a contract to become our franchise player, and now you don't want to live up to that obligation? Fine. You're sitting on the bench. Don't worry, we'll pay you. You'll get your checks. You're just getting a DNP for the next five years. We're making an example out of you. You will never play for us again. And you won't play anywhere else, either."

"Congratulations to Isiah Thomas, who managed to construct an NBA team with the exact same problems as the 2004 USA Olympic Team."

"Seriously, how many NBA teams know what they're doing right now? Three? Five? Have you ever seen anything like this? It's like handing $20 bucks to a little kid in a candy store, then watching him pick $80 worth of candy. There can't be a dumber group of executives in any walk of life. There just can't."

"Given that this was the strangest sequence of moves in NBA history -- an inexplicable quest to finish 30-52 every year through 2010..."

"Imagine if the Jazz lured away Detroit's PA announcer this summer, then he started screaming "Youuuuuuuuuu-tahhhhhhh Bas-ket-balllllllllllllllll" 50 times a game as 20,000 Mormons sat there in shock?"

It's hard to believe that the Jihad against America turned 25 today. Of course if Reagan or Bush (either Sr. or Jr.), had been president in 1979, there probably wouldn't be worries today about Iran's nuclear capabillities. We also probably wouldn't have seen September 11, 2001, as the Jihad would have seen American strength, right from the start. But anyways, check out this interesting story that catches up with the hostages taken at Iran's American Embassy (yes, that's an act of war), 25 years ago today.

Check out this study that says that affirmative action actually hurts black law students.

"Affirmative action hurts black law students more than it helps them, by bumping applicants up into law schools where they are more likely to earn poor grades, drop out, and fail their states' bar exams, according to a forthcoming study by a law professor at the University of California at Los Angeles.
The author, Richard H. Sander, argues that ending racial preferences in law-school admissions would increase the number of black lawyers because it would help ensure that students attend law schools where they are more likely to succeed."

That's an interesting twist. So if affirmative action hurts black kids, white kids, and asian kids, where is the compelling state interest Justice O'Conner?

Well it looks like the NYTimes has annointed Hillary Clinton the 2008 Democratic nomination.

But now, even this soon after Mr. Kerry's loss, many Democrats in and out of Washington are mentioning Mrs. Clinton, the junior senator from New York, as the leading contender for the party's nomination in 2008, citing her immense popularity among Democrats, her fund-raising prowess and her formidable political operation, which was employed, unsuccessfully, in the Kerry presidential bid.
"Hillary now becomes a natural rallying point for the party," said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic consultant in New York. "Hillary has a national constituency, a top-tier political organization and shrewd political skills."
"The party will be looking to her," said Chris Lehane, who was a senior adviser to Mr. Kerry early in his campaign. "Hillary is uniquely positioned."

From a political point of view, this would be exactly the move the Democrats would need to finally break the current string of stagnation (for better or worse). For the country, this would be a socialist nightmare. Remember her plan for universal healthcare? C'mon, you remember, it was the largest proposed tax increase in U.S. history. Yeah, exactly. That was the last we heard from her under Bill Clinton's administration.

From Pigpen...

"So how will the liberal California media spin this? Will she be a champion of animal rights?"

Ya know ole Tondar, has pulled stuff like this before. But I know when you take other peoples food you run away as fast as you can while shoving as much as possible of it into your mouth. Yes, it's a choking hazard but you gotta roll like that sometimes. Am I right Seth?

I'm not one to gloat. However, after the outcome of the election the following people are invited to suck it. Suck it long. And Suck it hard...

Bruce Springsteen
Dave Matthews
Tracy Chapman
Sheryl Crow
Bruce Springsteen
Death Cab For Cutie
Pearl Jam
John Fogerty
The Dixie Chicks
Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Bruce Springsteen
Eddie Veder
Puff Daddy
P-D (or whatever the fuck his goofy ass is called)
Bruce Springsteen
Barbara Streisand
Alec Baldwin
John Mellencamp
Bonnie Raitt
Jackson Browne
and Bruce Springsteen

That is all for now.

It is said that St. Francis of Assisi used to preach to the animals. However, you should keep in mind that these animals were Italian, so they were probably already christian.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


First, the numbers...

1. President Bush became the first President to be re-elected while gaining seats in the House and Senate since 1936 and the first Republican President since 1924 to be re-elected while re-electing Republican House and Senate majorities.

2. Became the first President to win a majority of the popular vote since 1988.

3. Received 57.4 million votes - more than any other candidate in history. He broke President Reagan's 1984 mark of 54.5 million. (96% reporting)

4. Increased the popular vote by seven million votes since 2000 - more than twice Clinton's increase from 1992 to 1996.

5. Improved his percentage in every state except four (MD, OR, VT and WY). This includes a four percent increase in John Kerry's home state, Massachusetts.

Secondly the thoughts...

1. First, I think it is huge that Bush got an actual majority of the popular vote. The "popular" Clinton couldn't even pull that one off in his two elections. Secondly, I find it funny how the hate-spewing left is call for a truce and a healing of the nation. I remember back in Y2K, they said the same thing. So as a measure of good will, Bush's first law was a bipartisan education bill passed with the help of Ted Kennedy. After getting what he wanted, Kennedy casted Bush aside and accused him of telling "Lie after lie after lie after lie." From there, things just kinda fell apart. Personally, if I were Bush I would use the new majorities in Congress to pass a strong conservative agenda. If the nation dislikes it, they can vote in more Dems in '06. However, we know the left is going to fly off the emotional handle eventually. We might as well use the majority as a mandate, and see what the nation exactly thinks of smaller government, tax reform, border control, and social security reform.

2. For all you history buffs and dissapointed liberals, remember the curse of Tecumsah may still be alive. This is the explanation as to why every President elected in a year ending in zero has died in office going back to William Henry Harrison. Of course Reagan escaped his 1981 assasination attempt. But in all fairness to the dead indian chief, the bullet only missed by a few centimeters.

3. Speaking of scalps, how about the biggun of minority leader Tom Daschle. Now many people are saying, why would you want to take down such a moderate leader? However, that is the entire reason right there. Daschle always came across as a soft spoken moderate, while being the man behind the scenes that pulled Jeffords to the Dems in 2001. He's also done a great job of holding up Bush's nominations, while blaming it all on the White House. Afterall, if Bush puts judges on the bench that rule on the law, there will be no other way to advance the liberal agenda. Like replacing Gephardt with Pelosi in the house, hopefully we will get a typical hate-spewing liberal that can drive Republican turnout in elections to come. In addition, it's always a good thing to have such a worthy political oponent outta the way. Check and mate. Hope you enjoy that casino money Tonto!

4. As you can tell, my Republican spirit has been re-energized by a great victory. However, now that we have given Bush 4 more years, we expect to see some changes. Most importantly, good execution of the war on terror, as well as a hint of fiscal conservitism. I don't wanna have to become dissatisfied. But I will if it's 4 more years of trying to appease all those Americans that hate you anyways.

From Seth...

"Simple: base voter turnout.

We were SURE a high voter turnout would be good for Kerry, that voters who weren't participating would be extraordinarily Democratic. When we heard of long lines in Cuayahoga Falls, we were ecstatic - finally the inner cities, the youth, the dormant power of the left was rising to bring us out from under the shadow of the all-powerful GOP.

But our get-out-the-vote paled in comparison to the Republicans'. How you got 98 percent turnout in some rural precincts I can only wonder.

The fact of the matter is, Kerry lost a few key battles. First, Bush beat him to defining himself. Before we got to see War Hero Kerry, Bush and his team were already calling him "flip-flopper" and "liberal." The landslide in the Democratic primaries was supposed to be a beat-Bush gesture from the Democrats, but it helped the Republicans know who their enemy was and allowed them to win the race to who defines John Kerry.

The second is the power of incumbency in war, which we underestimated in our belief that the rest of the country saw the Iraq war as sickly as we did. What we got instead was labeled with a "nuanced" position. Again, as often as Kerry defined his war position, Bush was defining it for him on his terms. And even if Kerry was right in the world of reality, on a campaign, it's a lot easier to say "stay the course," and "it's hard work," than "well, at this point he should've done this, and I can get
these guys to help here, and we can tweak such and such."

The debates helped clear that up a bit, but not enough, as there were a full three weeks after them to muddle the messages again. That long stretch helped Bush make this again a partisan race, as he recovered from losing the debates and got back on message. What we see now is that his base didn't care or didn't watch the debates. They met him. He was speaking only to supporters and on election day, the supporters came out in droves. This most partisan year wasn't a battle for undecideds, but
who could get the most of their guys to the polls.

One big key was Kerry's decision to keep the Democratic Convention when it was scheduled instead of following the Republicans' lead through the election laws loophole. It meant that for the home stretch, Bush got to spend in two months what Kerry had to spread out for three. So the only answer was to cool off in August between the conventions and make a run in September. Well, Bush knew it. And when the Kerry camp was effectively shut down as far as national exposure coming directly from the campaign, Bush was using the unlimited pre-convention resources to spread a dirty lie about Kerry's most impeccable feature: his war record. In effect, by September, Bush had a massive lead, cut into only by the debates, and Kerry had to run the rest of the way without his purple hearts or swift boat comrades.

Thus was the moderate, intellectual war hero turned into a flip-flopping liberal, but only in the eyes of those whom Bush needed to see it. In other words, African Americans, young people, environmentalists, and the rest of the left couldn't get excited by a dream nuanced liberal because they were the only people listening when Kerry called himself a moderate. Meanwhile, Bush built himself an image of a man of the people to his supporters, distancing himself very well from Big Business.

Finally, in the very end, the social issues got involved. We thought gay marriage was just a homophobic longshot until they started running ads for it. One by one, Kerry's best supporters in Ohio, Michigan and Florida were shown on GOP commercials to be behind the righteous Republicans' attempts to "let voters decide on gambling" and "protect marriage." How many times did we see it: Proposal 2, two men in black&white holding hands in tuxes, say "liberals want to..." with photo of Kerry making stupid-face, pan over good nuclear family in color, flash cutout of Jenny Granholm (subtle hint of a woman in power hates nuclear families), fade to black, write "defense of marriage."

In effect, we ran a campaign that would have won in 2000, but not in 2004."

From Pigpen...

"While the youth registration movement was a successful endeavor, you can register all the kids you want, but you can't get them to actually pull the lever. The youth and the eat drink and be merry crowd are more apt to vote for Kerry or any other liberal for that matter simply due to the nature of the platforms and the message of no personal accountability. This we know, but it doesn't surprise me that they then take an apethetic attitude towards the act of voting. "You can lead a horse to water..." On the other hand the majority of the conservative base (you and I don't count due to age) is then charged into action to counter what the media portrayed as this unavoidable surge that the youth WILL be the determining factor. No such surge happened, the choices were vote or die - I guess most of them chose to die. Hannity yesterday mentioned something about how the Penn Dutch were turning out in record numbers, while Penn went to Kerry it still kinda paints a picture of certain groups of people that came out of the woodwork that went overlooked during the campaign. In 2000 analysts were confused as to why the non-catholic christians didn't turn out in higher numbers, with gay marriage on the ballots in 16 or 17 states that had to have fueled the apparent Bush surge in certain places that exit polling really didn't pick up on, when you think gay marriage ban you don't think of John Kerry or Democrats for that matter.

This can all be summed up in an analogy that we are all familiar with.

The GOP and the Dems lined up prepared for a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" election. The GOP line opened a huge hole that allows the RB to break out, or in the case of the Dems, the youth vote was on the D-line and folded. Something that can't be predicted, only played out.

Rambling aside, the Dems banked on the youth and the minority vote based on new voter registration - they didn't show up, big surpirse. According to pollsters the 18-30 percentage was the same as it was in 2000. I really don't think that the dirty tricks came into play because enough attention both public and private was put on by both parties to have their guard up. I really think that the bible belt, which apparently is everything but the two coasts went the moral direction. Now it can be said that the uppermidwest is conservative, but fell to Dems - look at a county breakdown of Wi, Mi and Il - the areas that you'd expect (bleeding heart union sections) went Dem and consequently have a higher pop density than the rest of the respective states. Wayne county was the only county in Mi that had a lopsided Dem vote (by which I mean a huge margin) other counties went Dem, but it was closer 51-48ish. You can draw your own conclusions. Not to drag out the point, but Milwaukee area was subject to similar trends

Thought it would be dirty, surprised it was as decisive as it was."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


So my friend Larry came to visit from New York last Thursday. Wow, that kid is O.O.C. You see Larry is the greatest BSer I have ever known. This is the kid who called me at my current job and pretended to be one of the firm's partners. This is the kid that gotta job with a major New York clothing distributor without ever graduating from college. In fact, he's in college now and actually paid ole Tondar $50 to write a paper for him. Just to give you an idea what kinda character we are dealing with, the first time I met him he spoke in a strong New Jersey accent about running a mafia casino outta his garage and going to jail for 4 years instead of rolling on anybody. Though, it was too absurd for the inventor of the Tondaring, I'm sure there's somebody out there that would have bought it. Like I said, greatest BSer ever.

Well anyways, I picked up Larry at his hotel about 9 and we headed into Buckhead. Now Atlanta, demographics have changed in the last 10 years. Downtown is now becoming a hip new hangout for all the yuppies, while Buckhead (the area just north of midtown), is starting to become a hangout for drug dealers, and other shady characters. We hit one club only to find it was really loud, and pretty empty still. We should have known this wouldn't have changed all night since Buckhead isn't the hipster locale it once was. So after catching up we went to the club next door where things got interesting.

Right off the bat, Larry started macking on this hot brunette working the beer trough out front. Eventually, we made our way inside and went up to the bar, where we had a few shots courtesy of his employer, who never hired me (this was the company where I sparked a pissing contest between the head of compliance and the CEO). So we had several tequila shots which is good, but what made it great was licking the salt off the hot waitress. Now, of course we weren't the only ones to have a good time with the bartender. A few minutes after Larry and I had shots, she was up on the bar licking body shots off of a fellow bartender. Upon seeing this, Larry immediately jumped into action busting out his digital camera and taking several pictures of the girl's cooter and ass as she laid out across the bar. Yeah, that Larry is a classy guy!

After this we hit the road and as we were heading into this Irish bar these drug dealers started talking at us. Larry, not being one to keep it cool, started swearing and throwing out random hip-hop words and numbers. So right in front of me, Larry's about to complete the drug deal, when he shoots me a grin and says, "Nah man, that's just too much." We then head off for another bar, with Larry giggling like a school girl all the way inside.

After a quick breather we came back out and ran into the drugdealer again. Once again, Larry stopped to jive talk and say random phrases from the hippity-hoppity music that the kids are listening to these days. But eventually, he got bored so he gave his new "boy" some love and we headed off to another bar. It was now about midnight and we expected the bars to be hopping . Unfortunately, it was one cock-fest after another. However, Larry was totally amused by this with a typical, if it's not New York, it sucks attitude.

Finally the night slowly came to an end, after Larry realized the girl that he had been macking on for an hour was ugly. "No wonder she was wearing a hat. DAMN!" But of course, in the dirty south it's the Waffle House after the party. And still Larry hadn't mellowed a bit. He was swearing at the waitress and all the other patrons. He also had to comment on every girl that walked by loud enough for her to hear. One hottie heard his catcall and turned, "Larry?" It was the same super-hot brunette from the bar earlier in the evening. She gave Larry a big hug before running off to join her friends in the corner. At this point, nothing could have shocked me, yet I still found my jaw on the table after this brilliant display of mack-daddyism.

I'm not sure how, but the night ended without us catching a beatdown or a cap from the dozens of people that Larry mocked, ridiculed, and antagonized that night. But it was good to see an old buddy in the A.T.L. It was also good to drink on the dime of a company that screwed me over. But I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear me say that I was glad Larry only stayed one night.

From Africa...

"Last week was great. I had the week off of teaching, and we traveled with the students to waterfalls, beaches, and cities. I wish I could send you digital pictures, but this computer would take about an hour or so to load one. I have taken about 400 pictures so far! I have to take pics of everything because everything is soooooo different here!

My favorite part of last week was going to the market. There are no set prices for anything, and you have to barter. I have my friend Tehteh went with me so I don't get ripped off. He is from here and knows how much things are supposed to cost. Everything is pretty cheap, and I don't know how I am going to get it all home. I am planning on throwing all of my clothes and shoes away so that I can buy stuff and bring it home.

I got sick for the first time (and hopefully the last) this week. It was not that bad, but I brought lots of things to help myself get better. One of the girls in my group was so sick she had to go to the hospital, but she is out and all better now. This week we also didnt' have water for 4 days. That was quite the challenge. It is hot and sweaty, and not being able to shower or flush the toilet is so disgusting! Be thankful you all can do that at home.... and that you all have toilet paper!

This weekend was fun because we put on a birthday party for Tehteh and his family. He is our driver that takes our group all over and tells us about Ghana. One day we were asking him if he had any children, and he said he had 4. Three of them all had birthdays last week, and I asked how birthdays are celebrated here. They are not celebrated because no one has money, and he said he couldn't even afford to buy a cake (which is about 15,000 cedis.... which is only $1.50 in American dollars). So, our group planned a surprise birthday party for him and his family this weekend. On Sunday we made cakes for each of his children, and we made a huge lunch for everyone. I brought balloons with me from home along with construction paper, so we strung balloons all over, made a sign, and cards. Another girl had gotten a ton of Burger King crowns and happy meal toys to bring here, so we made birthday crowns and gave them toys as presents. When they walked in we sang to them and some of the kids started crying. They have never had a birthday party before, and they were so happy. It was great fun watching the kids open the toys and eat the cake. They had also never eaten cake before (can you believe that?). It brought tears to my eyes to see this whole thing happen. For only a few dollars we threw these kids a party that they would otherwise never be able to have. Oh.... and I have it all on video so I can watch it again. It made me appreciate everything I have in my life. Most people here do not have running water, electricity, or a roof over their heads. I cant' tell you all how lucky we are to have the things we have.

So I went to the primary school this week to start teaching health. When I got there, I observed my first class. I couldn't believe what I saw. First off, there are 36 kids in each class, which is a ton. The teachers throw things at the students, yell at them, call them stupid, pull and twist their ears, smack them, and throw books at them for discipline. My school is one of the better schools with discipline because they do not use canes to beat the kids. Can you believe that? I was sitting in shock at the back of the room watching this all. Afterwards, I met with my teacher and asked her what I was going to teach until December. She pulled out the objectives and I saw that what I had to teach were things that I have never done before. For example, I had to teach the fifth graders how to sew, the fourth graders how to make table runners, the third graders floor mats, and the second graders were learning the primary colors. I am certified to teach health, and this is what their goals were. Starting next week they wanted me to do a two week unit on diarrhea. WHAT? What am i supposed to teach about that? Especially for 2 weeks! So I talked to my professor, and he found out that at the college they teach SPANISH! So now I am at the college teaching Spanish starting today. I have 4 classes and I don't teach on Tuesdays or Fridays. I am so excited! The college is amazing, and it is really new so it is full of technology. I am so happy that I am here and not teaching little kids about diarrhea!

So I decided that in my free time of Tuesdays and Fridays, I am going to go by myself to schools around Ghana and do lessons on HIV/AIDS to the children. I am going to develop an hour long lesson that is fun and interactive for all ages, and then I will go and teach that on those two days a week. I am only here for 6 more weeks, so I have to hurry and make as big of an impact on these people as I can!"

Damn it, I woulda paid good money to see that 2 week long unit on diarrhea. The comedy practically writes itself!

"I am so tired of the election I'm glad that it's done tonight. The GR Press is so enraging - Sunday's "perspective" section was 3 doz editorials that just slam the EEEVVVIIILLL Republicans. Also, I was flipping through channels yesterday and it is so dishonest of MTV to be so anti-bush (not pro-kerry) - in a psuedo ambiguous way. P Diddy was on there with his rediculous "Vote or Die" shirt ranting in again, psuedo-ambiguous fashion about the EEEVVVIIILLL Republicans intimidating the minorities into not voting in swing states. He did everything but say he was gonna bust-a-cap on those that dissuade the "blacks", then quicky and awkwardly added other ethnic groups ("uh, oh yeah"). So according to P Diddy the minorities NOT voting will be the ONLY way Bush is going to win. But yet on the other hand with all the "tubthumping" going on after the registration date how many unregistered idiots will go to a poll and try to vote? I'm listening to Stern right now and so many retards are calling in saying "I voted for Kerry because you said so" how ignorant and cynical is that."

I'm not surprised, I was talking to a coworker yesterday. Without offering any evidence, she asserted that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for September 11. She also made the ignorant and depressing statement; "My mamma says we're democrats, so that's what I am." It's sad to think that my vote will be canceled out by somebody that votes how their mamma tells them to. Is it too much to ask for a well informed electorate? Seth and I rarely agree on issues of politics. But for crying out loud, the man is at least informed on issues and doesn't rely on mamma for his political opinions.

But anyways Pigpen, if you're so angry with the GR Press, why don't you hit 'em where it hurts and cancel it. You can always read it online for free.

Pigpen found this interesting info...

"At about the time our original 13 states adopted their new constitution, in the year 1787, Alexander Tyler (a Scottish history professor at The University of Edinborough) had this to say about "The Fall of The Athenian Republic" some 2,000 years prior:

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From Bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back into bondage."

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000 Presidential election:

Population of counties won by:
Gore = 127 million
Bush = 143 million

Square miles of land won by:
Gore = 580,000
Bush = 2,2427,000

States won by:
Gore = 19
Bush = 29

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Gore = 13.2
Bush = 2.1

Professor Olson adds:

"In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the tax-paying citizens of this great country. Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare..."

Olson believes the U.S. is now somewhere between the "complacency and "apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy; with some 40 percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase."

From Minister of State, William Jennings Bryan...

"Indian Monkeys bad. Republic Monkeys good. Republic Monkeys no bite children. Republic Monkeys like children, give them candy. Indian monkeys live out door, throw poop, smell like tee-tee. Indian monkeys no even have government. Anarchy no way for monkeys to live. Make William Jennings Bryan sick. Throw up now."

Check out this interesting Guardian piece about one of my favorite authors, as he plugs his new book and gives us his thoughts on the election. It's kinda funny to see the Guardian try to get their heads around the idea of middle America and the fact many people agree with President Bush.

Also I thought this was interesting because Tom Wolfe did quite a bit of research for this book back in 1999 while I was still at UM. My writing teacher and I talked about it, and we figured he was doing another "Bonfire of the Vanities" showing the clash between the elitist liberal atmosphere at great universities compared to the real world. We thought this would be most likely true since President Bolinger and all the other big dawg BFers declined to be interviewed. But anyways, turns out the book is actually about the sexual revolution turning into a sexual carnival, but either way sounds like a commentary on America that ole Tondar is gonna have to own.

Monday, November 01, 2004


During the days of the First Italian Republic (1947-1993), there was a great saying, "Hold your nose and vote Christian Democrat." The Christian Democrats were the corrupt ruling party that gave Italian Politics its bad name. On average, the Italians changed Prime Ministers about every 8 months because the government coalitions would collapse or be toppled due to scandal. Now this makes you wonder, why would they keep electing the same corrupt party? Well, like America now, Italy was quite evenly divided. One third would always vote communist. 15% would always vote socialist. And the rest of the country was forced to vote Christian Democrat to keep the other 2 parties out of power. Nobody really liked the corruption and scandal but because half of the electorate was so misled, every election held the fate of the Republic and democracy in the balance.

I think many parallels can be seen in this week's election. America stands at a crossroads. We can continue fighting jihadist terror on the offensive, or we can do the easy thing, and retreat and appease. Now many people are not fans of Bush. And after his betrayal of small government, border control, and the expansion of medicare, it's obvious that he is not the small government conservative this country really needs. However, this election we are asked as a nation to decide on the most important issue of our day. Do we continue to use our power and might to transform the middle east into a prosperous region, or do we sit back and allow the "nuissance" of terrorism to continue to thrive?

Now John Kerry says he has a plan to win the war on terror. If you've followed the election you might think this plan is top secret because his message ambiguous. However, that is quite intentional since half of Kerry's base supports Iraq and half want him to retreat. But if you look at Kerry's record over the years he has consistently been on the wrong side of the military and history. This began shortly after he returned from Vietnam and slandered American troops while talking about the atrocities that he himself committed. Later, while Reagan was winning the Cold War Kerry voted for a nuclear freeze. Kerry also voted against Gulf War I, and later voted for war in Iraq, but not to fund the troops. In addition, after the first World Trade Center bombing back in 1993 Kerry was absent from a year's worth of intelligence committee meetings. To top it all off, Kerry has consistently voted against the weapons systems currently employed by today's military. For being a veteran, when push comes to shove it is obvious that John Kerry has no interest in American power and security. In the most crucial election of our life time this is frightening. And it's even more frightening how many Americans are misled enough to consider him for president.

Rush Limbaugh lays out the case for Bush better than I can. Money Quote...

But the truth of the matter is, America is the dominant power and economy in the world today. We determine the course of freedom throughout the world, not just here in the United States of America. It is something that has to be fought for on a daily basis. It's something that far too many people take for granted. It is something that far too many people think that can be purchased with appeasement of enemies. You can't purchase peace with appeasement. I heard over the weekend, "You can only rent it for a while," but eventually you're going to have to make the buy. You're going to have to purchase peace. You don't get it because you want it. You don't get it because you bury your head in the sand and ignore it. You don't get peace, you don't continue the lifestyle of freedom and liberty that we in this country too often take for granted simply by wanting it more than the other guy.

Yes, Bush has done so much to warrant defeat tomorrow. However, his policy of engagement and confrontation with Jihadist terror is the best way for America to be a beacon of freedom throughout the world. If we must, we can always have the man impeached during his second term. But the policies of his administration must continue, if not for us, but so that our children may live in an America where the streets will never again run red with the blood of the innocent. Like the socialists and communists of the First Italian Republic, Kerry simply cannot be trusted to preserve the Republic and protect its citezens.

So yes, The Daily Rant hopes America will hold it's nose and re-elect President George W. Bush to another term.

Sunday, October 31, 2004


From Woody...
"Your heart really goes out to neglected fatties everywhere. Merkling and I can't be there for all of them to rebound with.

Larry: We call this manipulating the system that's built to manipulate you.

Larry: We call this manipulating the system that built to manipulate you.