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Saturday, February 12, 2005


Check out what's going down in Central Park while I'm here in the A. T. L. Christo has finally realized his dream of 25 years and has put up saffron (pigpen: "looks like orange to me") sheets throughout the park. Why does contemporary art have to be so pointless, retarded, and show such a blatant lack of talent? Here's some more public art ideas for you...

1. Shine the Batman symbol on the Chrysler Building...Wooo, Gotham!

2. Flaming dumpsters throughout Central Park with the faces of American Presidents on the side...He's so clever, he's making a political statement!

3. Hang LOOOOONG red, white, and blue banners from the Empire State Building...Wooo, America!

How do you get more people to file bankruptcy quicker? Offer a credit card to "high risk" groups at 69.5% interest. Yes, 69.5% interest! Of course this is in Britain so I'm not sure exactly how their bankruptcy courts work, but this is not a good idea if you're trying to REDUCE poverty and increase savings and ownership.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


*Sigh* Lenny... Posted by Hello

From Seth...

"Where would you rank, in order of greatness, the following dynasties:

-'00s Lakers
-'80s Lakers
-'50s (plus '49) Lakers
-'50s and '60s Celtics
-'90s Bulls

-'29-'31 Packers
-'40s Bears
-'60s Packers
-'70s Steelers
-'80s 49ers
-'90s Cowboys
-'00s Patriots

-Jeter Yankees
-'70s A's
-Post-War Yankees ('47-'62)
-DiMaggio Yankees ('36-43)
-Ruth and Gehrig Yankees ('23-'32)
-Connie Mack's A's

-'80s Islanders
-Gretzky's Oilers
-'60s and '70s Habs
-Early '60s Leafs
-'50s Habs
-Gordie Howe Wings
-'40s Leafs
-'20s Senators

NCAA Basketball
-'90s Duke
-'60s and '70s UCLA

NCAA Football
-'80s Miami(FL) 'Canes
-'70s Sooners
-'60s 'Bama
-'40s Notre Dame
-'30s & '40s Minnesota
-1870s & '80s Princeton
-1880s & '90s Yale
-1900s Point-a-Minute Michigan

I decided to make 3 championships in 5 years or 4 in 7 the cutoff. And irony of ironies, that means the two dynasties that didn't make the cut were both Detroiters. '50s Lions, and Yzerman-era Wings both had 3 in 6.

Seth's rankings coming later..."

Check out this write up about the Villa Corsi-Salviati in Sesto Fiorentino. Ya know ole Tondar used to live there. Of course I called the Aula Magna, the "Fancy Pants Fresco Room." The garden was wear Tondar contemplated the universe while listening to "Natural Science" again and again. And of course, who could forget the cute girls, their beautiful voices, and the 4:1 ratio in favor of the Dar.

Dick Morris makes a strong pragmatic case for her. If that's not good enough for you, she may just be the only Republican capable of beating Hillary following these 8 years of Bush.

Well it looks like the Democrats are drawing a line in the sand to stop Social Security reform with everything they got. In fact, they are promising "retribution" for any Democrat that supports Bush on this issue. That's not a good move given the popularity and support for reform on this subject. But ever since Clinton left office, pragmatism has been about the last thing on the democratic agenda.

Here's an update from George Will on what Arnold is doing to the great state of Caley Forn E. Ugh. It's quite the political move to use his popularity to do the end run around the democratic legislature. So far, so good. I am impressed.

Well this guy just shoulda known better than to be fat and to dance for the webcam. He he, I'm gonna watch it again :)

Nothing like a good ole fashioned ESPN Page 2 list. This one features the most overpaid players in the NBA. There really are so many (especially playing for the Knicks). However, the list did forget Allan Houston (injury train), Penny Hardaway (injury train), Alonzo Mourning (yes, that injury train is still technically playing), Derek Fisher, Cliff Robinson (oops on you Joe Dumars), and Mehmet Okur (haha Utah, DEAL WITH IT).

Personally I would also add offensive MVP Steve Nash. Sure he's got amazing stats this season. But even Mark Cuban knew this guy was about to get tossed under the injury bus anyday. On top of that, Nash just doesn't play defense. Good luck with that when the playoffs roll around. Looks like we could have another #1 seed rolled by a #8.

It's interesting how some pics suck but still have aesthetic value due to their composition. I just love the framing in this almost accidental shot. Posted by Hello

I could relate to this one...

"A guy goes to the U. S. Post Office to apply for a job. The interviewer asks him, "have you been in the service?

"Yes" he says. "I was in Vietnam for three years"

The interviewer says, "That will give you extra points toward employment". The interviewer then asks, "Are you disabled in any way"?

The guy says, "Yes 100%... a mortar round exploded near me and blew my testicles off".

The interviewer tells the guy, "O.K. I can hire you right now. The hours are from 8:00 A M to 4:00 PM You can start tomorrow. Come in at 10:00 AM.

The guy is puzzled and says, "If the hours are from 8:00 A M to 4:00 PM, then why do you want me to come in at 10:00 A M"

"This is a government job" the interviewer says.

"For the first two hours we sit around scratching our balls. No point in you coming in for that."

From Seth...

"How low is too low? I mean, I still let my boxers stick out over the rim a bit. And why wait through 15 years of low-riders to pass a law now?

And how do they expect young Virginian men to meet single Virginian women if we can't see their telltale G-$trings sticking out?"

Va. Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginians who wear their pants so low their underwear shows may want to think about investing in a stronger belt.

The state's House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday authorizing a $50 fine for anyone who displays his or her underpants in a "lewd or indecent manner."

Del. Lionell Spruill Sr., a Democrat who opposed the bill, had pleaded with his colleagues to remember their own youthful fashion follies.

During an extended monologue Monday, he talked about how they dressed or wore their hair in their teens. On Tuesday, he said the measure was an unconstitutional attack on young blacks that would force parents to take off work to accompany their children to court just for making a fashion statement.

"This is a foolish bill, Mr. Speaker, because it will hurt so many," Spruill said before the measure was approved 60-34. It now goes to the state Senate.

The bill's sponsor, Del. Algie T. Howell, has said constituents were offended by the exposed underwear. He did not speak on the floor Tuesday.

Spruill and Howell, also a Democrat, are both black.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


From Joel...

"I hope this isn't a trend that people start having to follow-through on their drunken promises."

"The sad part is, he didn't always used to be evil..."
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Monday, February 07, 2005


A fwd sent via Drake...

"No sex tonight?

I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart.


One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said "WHAT????!!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear...

"You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?"

Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big, big unnamed department store. I walked around with her while she tried on several different very expensive outfits. She couldn't decide which one to take so I told her we'll just buy them all. She wanted new shoes to compliment her new clothes, so I said lets get a pair for each outfit.
We went onto the jewellery department where she picked out a pair of diamond earrings. Let me tell you...she was so excited. She must have thought I was one wave short of a shipwreck.

I started to think she was testing me because she asked for a tennis bracelet when she doesn't even know how to play tennis. I think I threw her for a loop when I said, "That's fine, honey." She was almost nearing sexual satisfaction from all of the excitement.

Smiling with excited anticipation she finally said, "I think this is all dear, let's go to the cashier." I could hardly contain myself when I blurted out, "No honey, I don't feel like it." Her face just went completely blank as her jaw dropped with a baffled "WHAT???!!!"

I then said, "Really honey! I just want you to HOLD this stuff for a while. You're just not in touch with my financial needs as a man enough for me to satisfy your shopping needs as a woman." And just when she had this look like she was going to kill me, I added, "Why can't you just love me for who I am and not for the things I buy you?"

Apparently I'm not having sex tonight either."

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One Superbowl is a championship

Two Superbowls is Back-to-Back

Three Superbowls is Dominating Your Era

Four is a Dynasty.

That's my thinking. But with three championships in four years, it's time to give the Patriots some time on the stage with the greats.

Green Bay won NFL championships in 1961, '62 and 65 before winning the first two Superbowls in '66 and '67. My guess is that Bart Starr and the rest of Vince Lombardi's tough guys would have beat any AFL team in those three pre-super years. So how do the Patriots stack up? Well, the decade is young and they're off to a better start. The Packers won 5 of 7 from 1961 to 1967. So it'll take two more victories in the next three years to reach that benchmark. Yeesh.

The Steelers' run lasted from 1975 to 1980, in which they won two sets of two. All told, it was 4 Superbowl victories in 6 years. Tom Brady need only win one in 2006 or 2007 to match that dynasty. It's doable. Joe Montana's 49ers dominated the entire '80s decade - so the championships are more spread out. The first was the super comeback against Cincy in 1982. Then they won in '85. Then they got two in '89
and '90. So for all intents and purposes, the Patriots would need to win 4 in 9 years for Brady and Branch to match Montana and Rice. I guess they're off to a good start; if they win just once again between now and the 2008 season (2009 Superbowl), they'll be just as prominent as the 49ers' dynasty.

The Dallas Cowboys' feat is the easiest to meet, which is still by no means easy. In the 1990s, Jimmy Johnson's boys won, wouldya believe it, 3 in 4 years: 1993, '94 and '96. Troy Aikman and co. dominated the middle of the decade, but that was it. Certainly, if we call the Cowboys of the '90s a dynasty, the Patriots have already reached that definition for the first decade of the 21st century. One more Superbowl ring for the Patriots, and Emmitt Smith's ol' team would once again be relegated
to the status of the lesser dynasty.

So I think it's fair to say now that the Patriots are to this decade what the Cowboys were to the last, and that Tom Brady is the Troy Aikman of today. Is he the Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, or Bart Starr, though? One more, Tom. Win one more and you'll be in their league. And looking at this team, I can't imagine that they won't do it at least once more in the next five years or less. They're getting younger and better each year. Remember, they won the first Superbowl with old guys like Cox.
Brady was only in his 2nd pro year. Since then they lost Lawyer Malloy but picked up Rodney Harrison to replace him. Cox got supplanted by Roosevelt Colvin. And at tailback, snagging Corey Dillon in his prime makes them an infinitely better team. They're now a true juggernaut, not just some scrappy vets and kids who buy into Belichick's system. And you could tell last night -- the desperation adrenaline of the first victory against the Rams now completely replaced by cool confidence.

And among the irrepressibly GOOD numbers -- 23-of-33, 236 yds., 2 TDs, O INT -- Brady had a few absolutely beautiful passes when he needed them. Look at those numbers again; the're pretty much exactly in-line with the ultra-high expectations we put on an NFL QB. The truth is, those numbers can't win a football game alone, but they can do so without a super-stellar defensive effort or more than a mediocre running game.

In other words, this is repeatable. There are not many teams in the NFC right now that can give you as much of a run for your money as the Eagles.

Right now, they're a 3-win dynasty. But there's potential to be the best there ever was. Stay tuned."

2 others you forgot...

The 80s Washington Redskins under Joe Gibbs. Not quite as good as the 49ers but they certainly won 3 Superbowls with a great defense over several years.

Also if the Cowboys dominated the mid 90s I think you have to give credit to the Buffalo Bills for what they did in the early 90s. Sure they never won "the big one." But they dominated the game over 4 consecutive years, which has never been done by another team.

Looks like Seth enjoyed the game more than Tondar...

"Tom Brady had some amazing passes.

Donavan McNabb was cold in the 1st quarter with flashes of brilliance.

Both defenses came up big against the run.

What else did you expect? After two weeks of analysts predicting every detail down to the likelihood that Kevin Falk will be the difference maker, the game turned out exactly how we knew it would: Pats up by 3.

It was, in its way, a perfectly executed football game. If Brady and the Pats were Cinderella in the first Superbowl of what I guess we now have to call a dynasty, this time they were Goldilocks. The score was not to small, not to big. The defense was not too great, but not too shabby. Brady was not superstar spectacular, but he was better than good.

I thought they would give our old Wolverine quarterback another MVP trophy. Why not; everything he gets now is just something more to solidify his goldenhood in NFL hype-istory. Branch and Brady both had great games, and it was the classy thing to do to give it to Deion. If there was anyone who really deserved an MVP for that game, however, it's whomever kept making those screen plays work. Philly eventually had to
abandon their awesome blitzes because every time they came in, all-of-a-sudden the ball would be in the hands of Corey Dillon with six blockers in front of him while Eagle downfiled defenders demonstrated their impression of the population density of Antarctica.

The best moment of Super Bowl XXXIX for my crowd was when the Pats lined up late in the 3rd quarter with five men wide, then passed the ball for a 1-yard gain. "Where'd they get that play?" my father asked, to which I replied, "he's a Michigan quarterback; Lloyd Carr taught him that."

Can you just imagine Brady in the huddle, Philly's just tied it, and the Pats need to get down-field and re-gain the lead. Brady's like, "I got one; we did this at Michigan ALL THE TIIME."

Actually, watching all these Lloyd Carr games, I discovered, has minted me an expert on conservative playcalling. Like when Philly was running off seconds to the half while also trying to mount a late drive. Both teams were seemingly running Carr's offense to the letter. They also, reportedly, went around calling each other "tremendous" after the game. But there was nothing more vintage Lloyd than the end, when needing to go 96 yards in 45 seconds, McNabb tossed a 2-yard pass up the middle. Wonder who gave him THAT idea..."

From Seth...

Lloyd Carr says they're tremendous. Okay, Lloyd, here's your new boys:

Blue Chip Recruits:
Rivals 6.1 rating: Kevin Grady
Rivals 6.0 rating: Mario Manningham, Marques Slocum, Antonio Bass

Justin Forcier is a new direction for the Wolverines, as he's more athletic and scrappy than strong-armed. It was tough to recruit this position so long as Chad Henne has 3 years of eligibility left, but the fact is, Justin will have a real shot. If Henne's everything we ever wanted, he could leave for the NFL after the '06 season. That puts Forcier 2nd in line (behind Clayton Richard, who'd be a 5th years
senior) for the starting job in '07, when he'd only be a redshirt sophomore.

The question is why come when Michael Hart is gonna start for the next 3 years? Well, because there's no way he'll be the only guy carrying the ball. Kevin Grady will start playing immediately and could match Hart for carries. He's a 5-star talent who has already worked out with the team. Lost behind Grady and Hart is Mister Simpson (3-star) whom we stole out of Cincinnati. He's a tough player, 6'0, 200. Neither of these backs is much like the Chris Perry, Anthony Thomas, big & tall
dept. runners. But as Hart demonstrated last year, height isn't everything, especially at tailback.

We've recruited some good ones who are working in the system now, but picking up Andre Criswell (2-star) late might turn out to be a great find. Carr calls him his sleeper, because he wasn't highly recruited and we didn't even offer him until a few weeks ago. But he slipped under the radar at Detroit Renaissance High until his coach called Lloyd and said, "dude, this kid, oh my G-d." He's 6'2 and 250 lbs.

Wide Receivers:
Braylon may be gone, but the three newcomers could become a great group. The highlight is Antonio Bass (4-star), who some think is the next Breaston (maybe not as fast, though). A QB in high school, he's a "tremendous" athlete who will make his mark in his own way, beginning this season. Mario Manningham (4-stars) is a wiry baskeball player who made some spectacular plays in high school. He might figure into this year. LaTerryal Savoy (4-star) is a big boy from Louisiana. He's not
super fast, but he's got hands and jumping feet to accompany his 6'3, 200 lbs. frame.

Tight Ends:
Carson Butler (3-star) is another sleeper from Detroit Renaissance. At 6'5 and 235 lbs., he's a freak of nature with a 4.6 40-time. He's got to learn before he plays, but he'll figure in as a replacement for Tim Massaquoi.

Beefcake! We had a great year (wouldn't be Michigan) in offensive linemen. Tim McAvoy (4-star) is a big kid with good feet who needs to fill out his frame a bit, but he'll be a good tackle for us down the line. David Moosman (4-star) was a chess champion in New York, and he's also a David Baas-type guard who'll have a good career here. He's got great speed for a lineman, which is a big help in pulling around. Mark Ortmann (3-star) is a tackle or tight end, probably a tackle, with great
size and a great work ethic. Look for him to help down the road. Justin Shifano (4-star) could be the guy who replaces Stenavich after '05, as he's already 6'5 and 300 lbs. He needs some coaching to become a shut-down tackle, but he's got the quickness (if not the speed) and size to do it. Cory Zirbel (4-star) is one of our Kentucky boys this year and at 6'7 and 300 lbs. he's a massive tackle prospect.

Wow did we do well. The best of the awesome defensive line prospects is tackle Marques Slocum (5-star). He's 6'5 and 335 lbs. You heard me. He's not as purely athletic as Gabe Watson, but he's similar in size, speed, ability to play offensive and defensive line, and pure immobility when he wants to set up camp in the middle. With Porch-Man gone, he could see time early. Also at DT is Kentucky's James McKinney
(4-star) who's the more mobile type who can play end in the 3/4 set. Terrance Taylor (4-star) out of Muskegon is a super-strong tackle who stays low to the ground and hits hard. At 285 lbs., he's already a handful for any o-lineman. At defensive end, Eugene Germany (3-star) was a 5-star recruit in '04 who committed to USC after a battle with U-M but didn't enroll and will enter Michigan this year instead. A former hyped star out of high school, now he's a sleeper.

Athelete Chris McLaurin (4-star) has some size and smarts but he'll take some time to fit into our system. He might play early now that Lawrence Reid has suffered a career-ending injury. Brandon Logan (3-star) is another Kentuckyian outside linebacker with a lot of speed who knows how to hit, but he has to learn coverage.

Defensive Backs:
We've had some good years recently at safety and the focus was on cornerback, even with the loss of Ernest Shazor. Brandon Harrison (4-star) is our best shot for a freshman starter. Fast but small, he's great in one-on-one press but he's not your Marlin Jackson zone-type guy. Chris Richards (3-star) is another small coverage guy with speed and athleticism, but he's a Todd Howard or James Whitley at best. Johnny Sears (3-star) might be a sleeper and has more size than his counterparts, but might need a few years to develop.

Special Teams:
By now, you must have heard of Zoltan Mesko (4-star), the punter who'll have us praising his name while wearing bubble wrap. Carr came across his foot during a summer camp in Ann Arbor and offered him on the spot. He'll be a good one for the next 4 years, likely stepping in immediately in the wake of Adam Finley leaving.

Injury/suspension updates:

Our great team of 2005 is falling apart. So much for a Rose Bowl year; we'll be lucky to finish strong in the BIg Ten, now.

Larry Harrison's porch excursions got him kicked off the team, so we'll be seeing some younger defensive linemen get playing time. But the best DT prospect is Will Johnson, who is still out with injury, and super end prospect Tim Jamison will be out this spring too, which means both will be very raw when we need them this fall. Jeremey Van Alstyne, the starter who sat out most of last year to have a few good games and then get hurt against Ohio State, is still out, too.

The biggest losses are Ernest Shazor leaving for the NFL early and Lawrence Reid calling it a career because of a nerve problem that he probably shouldn't have been playing with last year. It's a big loss, as this would have been his 3rd year starting and he's a great tackler with great speed. It's time for Shawn Crable to finally step up, I think. Joey Sarantos, who finally learned to tackle last year and helped us a lot against Northwestern, will graduate and move on with his life rather than play next year.

Fullback Roger Allison looked like a future phenom, but he's got a bad shoulder problem. Jim Presley, another good fullback prospect, might come back to the team, but it's not certain.

At quarterback, behind Henne we're getting pretty shallow. Matt Gutierrez still can't play in Spring due to a slow surgery recovery and Clayton Richard is staying out of spring ball to shop for transfer locations.

Center/guard Leo Henige had knee surgury and is still touch-and-go. He'll be out this spring most likely. Adam Kraus, a top candidate for the vacant role at center, will miss Spring because of shoulder surgery. Center/long snapper Pat Sharrow will also miss Spring with a weird foot injury. Look for the kid, Mark Bihl, to make his move for the spot with all of his competition sidelined."

Zoltan goes blue...

ZOLTAN! Posted by Hello

so THIS is how we're now supposed to dress for UM football? I'll stick to my Chad Henne #7 jersey, thank you very much. Posted by Hello

Seth gives us a rundown on the latest UM highschool recruit...

"His name is Zoltan (ZOLTAN!) Mesko.

He's a punter, and a pretty good one at that.

Tres, Nate, Nate's friend and myself were watching the US Army game and picked up quickly on Zoltan (ZOLTAN!) and his name's connection to "Dude, Where's My Car."

As such, we've agreed to not only repeat the name with reverence at every utterance (ZOLTAN!) and make the "Z" sign with our hands (see photo above), but also to attend his games at Michigan Stadium dressed in bubble-wrap (see other photo, which demonstrates appropriate wear for Michigan games).

Perhaps I could re-vive the old Brabbs for Heisman e-mail list in this endeavor.

Long live Zoltan (ZOLTAN!) Mesko!"

Well it was a bit of a stretch trying to fully blog the Superbowl with the computer and TV in seperate rooms. You can't miss the action and you certainly don't wanna miss the great commercials either. Thus, I had to run between rooms while Joe Buck made boring transitions. Overall, the game was kinda a dissapointment. I thought both teams played below their normal level (but I guess that is to be expected when 2 defensive teams throwdown). Both Brady and McNabb seemed a bit shakey. But compared to Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, and Steve Young ripping through weak defenses I guess this is the price of parody in today's NFL.

Anyways, the Daily Rants' efforts to keep up with the Superbowl were not ignored as I was only 2 clicks away from the the great Instapundit linked via

Remember the chick in Nashville that lost it and chewed out her basketball coach and then fired her in a tirade of profanity? Well the AJC had a couple more articles that chronicle her insanity. One focuses on the trainwreck that is the ABA. While the other is a columnist's summary of events (though nothing new compared to what the Daily Rant blogged), it's still pretty funny to go over it once more.

UPDATE: Well it looks like the coach got rehired. That's good. With an 18-6 record there is no excuse for firing a coach that is doing her job very well. Nevertheless, this is a HUGE blackmark for women in sports and tbe ABA. Nothing like playing into the stereotype that all women are emotional nutcases not to be trusted with any rational decisionmaking responsibilities.

From the Rapid City Journal via Seth:

Buffalo Roams Into Center's Dressing Room

RAPID CITY, S.D. - A buffalo that escaped from an auction ended up in a dressing room at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center where it spent a couple of hours staring into a mirror.

The buffalo jumped over a steel panel during the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo on Sunday morning, went down an alley and got into the dressing room reserved for visiting sports teams, said Brian Maliske, the civic center's general manager.

"The door happened to be unlocked and he pushed the door open and went in," Maliske said.

The crew conducting the Black Hills Classic Buffalo Sale decided to keep the animal locked in the dressing room for the rest of the auction. During its two hour stay, it reportedly became fascinated with the image it saw in a big mirror.

Once the sale ended, a rodeo crew member coaxed the buffalo out of the dressing room and back into captivity.

The animal never got into a public area, Maliske said.

From Pigpen...

"Did we have this much time or should we have been getting in on crap like this - I also find it funny that the "Electric Industry" is pissed. Hope this kid didn't want a job at Consumers or DTE."

Sunday, February 06, 2005


After the game...

10. Wow, what a quick touchdown. Though all of this really makes you wonder why the Eagles didn't have a man back to make the fair catch on the punt? Also, why did McNabb keep throwing over the middle with a handful of seconds and no timeouts? Once again, what was with that Eagles 2 min. drill? Talk about a time gobbler. It suddenly makes sense why New England won 3 Superbowls in 4 years, while Philladelphia lost 3 NFC Championships in 4 years.

2 min warning...

9. It really seems like the wheels are falling off the Eagles as this 2 min. offense is really eating up the clock.

3:15 to go in the 3rd qtr...

8. Why do the Patriots always win close Superbowls. If they are such a "dynasty" shouldn't they at least have one blow out like the 49ers, Steelers, and Cowboys?


6. I kinda wanted to see Paul McCartney's booby. Wouldn't that have been great if he flashed his bosom and then gave America the "O-crap" face?

7. Who else thinks Joe Buck deserves a face-punch at this point of the night?

5:20 to go in the 2nd qtr...

4. Couldn't you almost picture the NFL Film with some dramatic music as we see Tom Brady crawl across the ground trying to recover that play action fumble?

5. What is up with Bill Belichick and the hooded sweatshirt, hobo chic. I had clients that were way better dressed when I was handing out the food stamps.

40 sec. left in 1st qtr...

3. With 3 (ok 2) turnovers in the first qtr, this is certainly no way to beat the Pats. Eagles better simma down or this has potential to get real ugly real quick.

2 min to go in 1st qtr...

1. With all the penalties, New England isn't playing like the well coached team that they are.

2. Luckily for the Pats, Donovan McNabb is playing more like John Navarre than himself.

Allison: "I wish I was pregnant."