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Thursday, March 31, 2005


What a day for mortality! From one Catholic in FL to another on the Throne of St. Peter, today was certainly witness to the Triumph of Death. But on the other hand, it's important to stop and remember all the beauty this world actually does have to offer those of us still alive.

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For those of you wanting a bit more information on Papal Elections, check out this New Advent entry on the Conclave. This is the "hash" (to use a frat term) to determine who the next Pope will be. During the process the Cardinals will seal themselves off in a portion of the Vatican and the winner must receive a 2/3 super majority.

And of course being a 2,000 year old establishment, there have been a few changes to the rules governing this process. For you history buffs, be sure to check out this piece on the history of papal elections.

Remember the story of Clinton's National Security Advisor stealing top secret documents and shoving them down his pants? Yeah, I barely do too. (I keep confusing it for a coat full of booze and chicken breasts) Well, after about a year, Sandy Berger will plead guilty and collect a nice slap on the wrist. I wonder why we never heard much about this during the 2004? Well, we can blame the liberal media for sweeping this one under the rug. But of course, the bigger point really shows the problem with today's Democratic party and their lack of credibility on issues of national security. When you have top officials and advisors running Tondaresque shenanigans, it kinda makes sense why Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry could not be taken seriously by security minded voters.

Check out this piece from Mike S. Adams that discusses the culture of "inclusiveness" at today's universities...

"After hearing poems that talked about castrating men, read by women with scissors tied around their necks, Hoffman asked “How is this any different than hating African-Americans or Jews?” The answer is simple: It is no different in principle. But, of course, the FAL is not based upon principle. The organization is based upon blind hatred."

It's really a must read if you had trouble with the "empowered by daddy" women of UM. What do you wanna bet these man-hating-feminists are all bigguns and butter trolls. Though on the other hand they may have a point when they say...

"I hate men because they are men, because I see them for what they are: misogynistic, sexist, oppressive and absurdly pathetic beings who only serve to pollute and contaminate this world with war, abuse, oppression and rape.”

And it seems there's a crazy right around every corner to prove the douchebag fringe right. Normally this would go under "Can't Get Your Head Around It Watch," but it fit so well with this column, I had to include it...

"Silveira's neighbor west of Boynton Beach called 911 on Oct. 26 after seeing Soper carrying Silveira as she screamed "no, no, no," Assistant State Attorney Tim Beckwith said. Soper pointed a knife at Silveira and threatened to kill her, he added. A deputy found evidence of a struggle inside the home, including a broken pot.

Soper dragged Silveira, kicking and screaming, into her house before throwing her to the floor and spitting on her, police reports said. Soper reportedly bit Silveira and then placed a knife in her hand and told her to kill him, because a vote for Kerry would mean he would die anyway.

The couple's relationship had been volatile at times, defense attorney Michael Salnick said, but it became violent when Soper learned of his girlfriend's decision to support Kerry."

Not exactly an excuse for cutting off genitals with scissors, but Mr. Soper certainly helps makes the case for the biggun/troll subculture.

The word out of the Vatican today is not good. It seems the Pope has taken a turn for the worse. Between the fever, low blood pressure, urinary infection, and recent insertion of a feeding tube (certainly a touchy subject in the states these days), the Pope is facing a mountain of health problems. In fact...

"Italian television stations said pope had been given the last rites. There was no confirmation of the reports."

As a Catholic, I have only lived under the reign of John Paul II. Sure Jimmy Carter was president when I was born, and I have witnessed several power transitions in the states. However, the Republic (in the Platonic sense) of the Roman Catholic Church certainly does things a bit differently. Personally, I have never witnessed the election of another Pope. From a psychological point of view, it will difficult to accept another upon the throne of St. Peter having only known "God's Athlete." However, I will not play mainstream media and speculate who it will be or when. In the meantime the only thing we can do at this point is pray...

Special Prayer for Pope John Paul II

OREMUS (let us pray)

Blessed are you, Father,
who, in your infinite love,
gave us your only-begotten Son.
By the power of the Holy Spirit he became incarnate
in the spotless womb of the Virgin Mary
and was born in Bethlehem

He became our companion on life´s path
and gave new meaning to our history,
the journey we make together
in toil and suffering,
in faithfulness and love,
towards the new heaven and the new earth
where You, once death has been vanquished, will be all in all.

Praise and glory to You, Most Holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

By your grace, O Father, the Jubilee Year began a new millennium, a time of deep purification and conversion wherein you invited the Church and the entire human race to return to you in and through your Son Jesus Christ. In such a wonderful way you have given us the gift of Pope John Paul II, in this significant moment in the history of the Church and the world, to teach, pastor and lead us into this millennium.

We now pray for your servant, Pope John Paul II who has faithfully and tirelessly proclaimed in word and deed the Good News of Jesus Christ. As he enters the "autumn" of his wonderful service, Lord, hold Him close to your heart; heal and comfort him, let Him know your deep, intimate presence as He continues to pour himself out for you and, in your Son, for the sake of the world.

May we truly encounter, as he prayed in the Jubilee,
a time of reconciliation between people,
and of peace restored among nations,
a time when swords are beaten into ploughshares
and the clash of arms gives way to songs of peace.

Father, grant great favor to our beloved Pope,
so docile to the voice of the Spirit,
faithful to the way of Christ,
diligent in listening to your Word
and in leading so many to the wellsprings of grace.

Praise and glory to You, Most Holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

Father, by the power of the Spirit,
strengthen the Church's commitment to the new evangelization Pope John Paul has proclaimed and guide our steps along the pathways of the world,
to proclaim Christ by our lives,
and to direct our earthly pilgrimage
towards the City of heavenly light as he has both taught and demonstrated through his own holy life, extraordinary teaching and prophetic invitation.

May Christ's followers show forth their love
for the poor and the oppressed;
may they be one with those in need
and abound in works of mercy;
may they be compassionate towards all,
that they themselves may obtain indulgence and forgiveness from you.

Praise and glory to You, Most holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

Father, grant that your Son´s disciples,
purified in memory
and acknowledging their failings,
may be one, that the world may believe.
May dialogue between the followers of the great religions expand, and may all people discover the joy of being your children.

May the intercession of Mary, Mother of your faithful people, the one to whom this Pope consecrated himself, his fruitful service and the entire Church and world, in union with the prayers of the Apostles, the Christian martyrs, and the righteous of every people and every age, bring comfort, healing, mercy and consolation to your son, John Paul II and make this millennium a time of renewed hope and of joy in the Spirit for each of us and for the whole Church.

Praise and glory to You, Most Holy Trinity,
you alone are God most high!

To you, Almighty Father, Creator of the universe and of mankind, through Christ, the Living One, Lord of time and history, in the Spirit who makes all things holy, be praise and honor and glory now and forever.


A while back Seth got upset that I compared Sir Hugs-A-Lot role in the Monkey Republic to Vice-President Dick Cheney. My reasoning was...

"Cheney's value, as both he and Bush have stated repeatedly, lies in his total devotion to this administration and lack of ulterior political motives."

Sir Hugs-A-Lot's devotion is towards the Republic unlike the two other members of the failed Oligarchy of January-July 2004 (Lady Sassafrass and Lord Grumpington). Seth's contention was that Cheney has no reason to seek power in 2008 because this "Rasputin" is already pulling all the strings for the current Bush Administration. However, since then, Seth has stumbled upon this Jonathan Chait piece that speculates about Cheney actually running in 2008. As Seth puts it...

"I'd love to see Cheney run. Talk about easy to beat; without the aw shucks attitude, this guy has the popularity of Mr. Burns. However, if the GOP gets blinded by their close win in '04 into thinking they can pull this off - especially in the face of a moderate like John McCain getting the nomination - that's exactly what could happen."

Personally I think the 2008 will be a hard fought battle for the GOP. Personally I would like to see them find a candidate that is actually a conservative or go with McCain. McCain actually is conservative for the most part. But most importantly he would tell the corporate feudalist wing of the GOP where to put their money. But if I had to make a guess now, and guess a shall, I would look for a showdown between Condi and Hillary that shatters the Great Society coallition of today's Democratic party.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


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Everybody pretty much knows the Soviets were behind the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. Afterall, the Pole was a major leader in the Solidarity movement that eventually undermined Warsaw's communist regime. Check out the latest as the Italian Secret Service work with the German to unravel a plot involving multiple coverups and 5 countries.

Good news Pistons Fans! Looks like Larry Brown is now off the injured list and back on the bench for the Pistons. And not a moment too soon as they put the finishing touches on their team and get ready to go to work in the playoffs. How strange to have your coach spend a good portion of the season being out injured.

SI is out with their MLB preview. They weren't to big on the Tigers picking them 22nd overall and 4th in the AL Central. They were big on Troy Percival though. Or maybe he was the only person with whom SI spoke.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


One day they are tearing through San Antonio, and Phoenix, the next, they are losing to Atlanta and Indiana. Check out this Marc Stein recap of the Pistons up and down season, while getting an assurance from Joe Dumars that the team will be ready to roll come playoff time. Well let's hope so!

Even royalty find it amusing...

Throughout all of human history, nothing good ever came of the phrase, "Dude, smell my fingers." Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005


Check out this piece from Bob Novak as he takes a more in depth look at Condi's proactive work as Secretary of State.

Money quote...

"Determination high in the Bush administration to begin irreversible withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq this year is reinforced by the presence at the State Department of the most dominant secretary since Henry Kissinger three decades ago. Condoleezza Rice is expected to support administration officials who want to leave even if what is left behind does not constitute perfection."

Seth digs trustbusting...

"I've landed on Boardwalk too many times in my life to ever want to see someone get a monopoly. Capitalism ain't nothin' without competition, and competition's what's really knocking at Blockbuster's door right now.

However, this company is not among those who think monopoly is the only goal of business. Their corporate history demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that's taken full advantage of trends. Some say that NetFlix will spell the end of Blockbuster, but I doubt it. I did a big feature article on them my senior year of high school, and can tell you, this is a company that has always come out on top.

The company has at least been pro-active in the face of recent competion, founding an online rental service to get back some of the market share lost by NetFlix, while easing up on movie rental late fees and offering the monthly rate deal. One should note that late fees and rental dues were really high beforehand because

1. They had a virtual monopoly

2. They spent the last 5 years in the transition to DVDs (gotta re-stock all the hits).

3. Multi-disc DVDs made to be purchaed brought new release rentals way down (they're still there).

The DVD exchange is what allowed Hollywood to get into the market in the first place, as Blockbuster was driving up prices to replace their video selection. The company also financed this by going to a mass buy format for major new releases and selling off used videos after the novelty wore off. Eventually, they increased their focus from rental to retail to accomodate a buy-to-own market and took a cue from the supermarkets in offering impulse items -- like coke and candy -- at the register (that's where my story left off).

The most interesting story about Blockbuster is how they got so big in the first place. They originally expanded faster that they could really afford in the mid-'80s and the gamble looked like it wouldn't pay off as local video stores (through membership programs and familiarity) weren't giving their business up. Part of the problem was actually the name; northern cities were familiar with the "movie hit" meaning, but were much more intimate with the "Guy who warns people to move out of the neighborhood because black people are coming" connotation. Among urban and suburban Yankee baby boomers, it was not a nice term at all, and given that these were the primary purchasers of newfangled VCRs, the company actually looked into changing the moniker, with the vote of a single shareholder keeping the name as-is.

In an emergency move to cut costs, every Blockbuster franchise was ordered to stop purchasing and start selling off all of their porn. At that time, pornography was a booming part of video rentals but not very cost-effective considering how much the film-makers charged for licensing. Newly minted Blockbusters across the nation were scared to death, especially once all the porn they were offloading was showing up in the local stores.

But the pornographic liquidation proved their boon, not their bane. For at that time, Nintendo came out, as did a whole new wave of made-for-kids animated features (i.e. Transformers the Movie). With the market shifting toward children, the fact that Blockbuster was smut-free was a HUGE selling point for parents afraid of their kids wandering into the wrong section. Blockbuster offered rental video game systems and games, specifically Nintendo, before the locals did, and started raking in dough. The Legend of Zelda, as of 1998 still the No. 1 rental not to be returned on time for the company, was especially nice for them.

By the end of the Echo Boom, which means the latter half of Generation X, or us, Blockbusters had tripled their selection and established themselves as the place to take your kids, while the VideoMaxes of the country had earned a reputation as smut dealers. They still had a niche market, but not one in which families would come in, argue about what feature to get, and end up purchasing 3 movies, plus popcorn, plus candy, plus a used video, plus a video game. Nobody, if you can imagine, would want to be caught taking their time in Video PLUS!.

Anyway, there's a sense among too many large companies that stability through market control is the ultimate goal. But Blockbuster has thrived for 20 years now on being dynamic. I'm glad they didn't get their deal. Because as long as this company has tough competion, I guarantee they'll continue to lead change in their industry."

From Pigpen...

"Just in time for Lent to be over eh? Kinda brings to mind the scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent is waxing nostalgic about pork products. "Pork chops taste good, bacon taste good, suausage taste good."

To which Jules replies; "swine is a FILTHY animal. I don't eat no filth."

Check out these stats...

"That works out to 730 calories and 47 grams of fat -- more than a Whopper sandwich, which the Burger King Web site said has 700 calories and 42 grams of fat."

My great Odyssey came to an end Monday morning at 5:40 AM. Thanks to bad weather in Atlanta and douchebaggery on Delta Airlines I was stranded in the airports in Cincinnati and Atlanta (train don't run in the middle of the night). Needless to say I was only able to grab 2.5 hours of sleep before work, so I was a bit tuckered out...

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