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Saturday, July 16, 2005


It looks like the LA Lakers have traded Chucky Atkins and Caron Butler for Kwame Brown. What a terrible deal for the Lakers. They give up a 13.5 career ppg scorer in Butler and a solid journeyman in Atkins in exchange for a headcase that in his best season, (03-04) averaged only 10.9 points and 7.4 rebounds. While the Wizards make out like bandits, it will be interesting to see if Phil Jackson can actually coach Kwame into the number one overall player he was intended to be.

From Darklord Denise...

"Is this what your monkeys do while you're @ work? Maybe that's how Melvin keeps getting hurt and prevented from working."

"It was a jungle at the John Ball Zoo last week when two male chimps preened, postured and battled for the hearts, or at least the attention, of four fertile females.

When the dust settled, one chimp, Donnie, sustained a nasty gash above his left ear, the result of a brawl with his half-brother, Joe Mindy, said John Ball Zoo spokeswoman Krys Bylund."

Check out this AJC Poll on picking a motto for my newly formed home city of Sandy Springs.

Pigpen sent me this piece about anti-American revisionists trying to erase Berlin and America's cold war partnership. From Pigpen...

"Kinda reminds you of the photo doctoring that the Soviets did to most of their state photographs (scratching faces off of negatives etc) so that certain individuals and events that were unfavorable to the party "never existed". Very 1984, in fact the main character in 1984 worked for the Ministry of Information doing just that - erasing history."

Seth sent me this interesting piece on the problem with judicial activism. Of course, judicial philosophies are like opinions and assholes. And for those that operate under originalist intent, it is still easy to come to different conclusions.

To quote Pigpen: "Here's a spoon Ted Rall. Eat my ass." Seth concurs...

"Ted Rall pisses me off. Cheap partisan ass clown."

Seth explains the French concept of a brasserie...

"Okay, so a brasserie is basically a cross between a cigarette shop, a bar, and a lunchtime restaurant. A truckstop Diner/gas station is the closest thing I can relate it to in America. The literal translation is a café, or coffeehouse, but in the Hemingway, Lost Generation sense, not Starbucks. Coffee was just how they got started; Brasseries have full menus for generally light food (things you would get fries with).

When you walk in, there's usually a little booth to buy cigarettes or papers or Metro Tickets, or telephone cards, or know...stuff for people who plan to spend the length of a newspaper or an evening out for a few laughs with friends at a casual bar. The French use them for pre-drinking; a "bar" in their eyes is someplace to dance.

If the place has outside seating with people drinking expresso next to a space heater, a printed menu, and tablecloths inside reminiscient of Big Boy it's usually a Brasserie.

They also always have a bar with beer on tap and a selection of Scotch, brandy and, to be sure, Cognac.

The easiest way to explain it is by what it is not. A café opens for business earlier and is still best for serving coffee or sandwiches, but won't have what you and I might call a dinner menu. A bistro, on the other hand, is a restaurant with a fuller traditional menu of hearty French cuisine, and is usually much smaller, has no outdoor seating, is family-owned, serves wine, and puts its menu on a chalk-board outside.

Anyway, I always loved eating lunch in a brasserie, but French culture gives you one to two hours for lunch, so it's a lot more feasible there (this has changed in the business district and other high-business areas of Paris as the information age sped up life)."

Seth on why journalists are above the law...

"In the article the author was giving us some insight into a friend. The author knows her very well, and shared her faults to paint a picture of a real person.

Why is it so hard for you to give respect to journalists? I mean ANY respect! Yes, there are higher callings. And there's a reason that when the founders put together the bill of rights to make the states believe that the government under the Constitution wouldn't be corrupt, they put Fr-eedom of the Press was right up at the top of the list.

What would have happened if Deep Throat couldn't go to journalists because they would, by law, have to expose him. Nixon would have gotten away. So it works both ways, doesn't it. Even with this, even though Lay could face criminal charges for breaking a code of national security, at least the public now knows that the guy who criticized Bush's assertions about Yellowcake uranium wasn't on a government fact-finding mission for Cheney or Tenet so much as there on his own volition, which is a different thing, isn't it? Dirty politics or not, Lay got the truth out, helping the American populace to make more informed decisions about their politicians. That's how it's supposed to work.

Just as with forcing lawyers to give their clients' secrets over, making a journalist give up their source means we cannot do our jobs. And because our jobs are necessary for society, especially when it comes to exposing government corruption, yes, in this particular instance, we are above the law."

Of course spouses, doctors, and lawyers are given special rights in our judicial system because of the gentlemanly nature of the American judicial system. These are all historical relationships that require complete trust for society to function best. However, to extend this protection to a class of citizens known as the "information keepers" has no basis in juris prudence. In fact, going back to the Supreme Court case Branzburg v. Hayes it was found that the interests of law enforcement were much more important to society than the information gathering aspect of citizen journalists (note their first responsibility is to be citizens). Now for Judith Miller to ignore the judge and the grand jury seems a bit of a stretch. And to even use Seth's example, it was ruled during Watergate that even President Nixon was bound by these rules when he was denied a blanket exemption from this law. The truth is if we are to be citizens of the United States than equal application of the laws is needed for all, and there is no precedent whatsoever for putting journalists above the law.

Haven't done one of these in a while so we are more than over due, afterall there's nothing like beating up on tards, "those goofy bastards"...

"NORTH UNION TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A T-ball coach seeking to keep a player with a mental disability off the field allegedly asked another player to hurt the boy, state police said Friday.

The alleged incident happened June 27 at R.W. Clark Little League Field in North Union Township, Fayette County, police said.

During pre-game warmups, Mark Reed Downs Jr. offered one of his players $25 to hit the 8-year-old boy in the head with a baseball, according to a police news release.

After speaking with Downs, the second player hit the victim near his left ear and in the groin area, leaving him unable to play in that night's game, state police said.

"The coach seemed to find excuses not to play this child because he wasn't that talented," Trooper Thomas Broadwater told Channel 4 Action News. "On the 27th, the child was basically beaned in the head with a baseball."

The injured boy's mother was suspicious, so she approached the player who threw the ball and he told her about the payment offer, Broadwater said.

Downs, 27, of Dunbar, was charged Friday with criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault, corruption of minors and reckless endangerment. He is free on bond and faces a preliminary hearing on July 28."

And just for a nice ironic twist his name just HAD TO BE 'Downs'

If youre as big of a fan of Michael Bay as Ole Tondar, be sure to check out this fluff piece that promotes his new movie "The Island" and shows all the B.S. he had to endure during production. Of course, it is inherent I have to go see this film, though according to the piece it sounds like he should have not tried to push for the summer '05 release.

With homosexuality creeping into the mainstream of America, it is only natural to push the outside of the envelope. This is especially true now that Lawrence v. Texas has legalized sodomy, it is only a matter of time before what goes on between a man and his pets becomes a protected right. Note these two cases involving a man and his guide dog as well as the martyr of the cause, a man who died while trying to engage a horse in intercourse (of course). Money quote:

"Investigators first learned of the farm after the man died at Enumclaw Community Hospital July 2. The county Medical Examiner's Office ruled that the death was accidental and the result of having sex with a horse.

A surveillance camera picked up the license plate of the car that dropped the man off at the hospital, which led detectives to the farm and other people involved, said sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart.

Deputies don't believe a crime occurred because bestiality is not illegal in Washington state and the horse was uninjured, said Urquhart.

But because investigators found chickens, goats and sheep on the property, they are looking into whether animal cruelty, which is a crime, was committed by having sex with these smaller, weaker animals, he said."

Thus by virtue of their larger size, horse humping is not animal cruelty?

No matter which model you use, Cancun and the Yucatan are gonna get it. Posted by Picasa

Just 2 months after the delightful Allison and I brought the Yucatan into my sphere of influence it looks like it is about to get ravage by (recently upgraded) Catagory 4, Hurricane Emily.

"At the 2AM EDT Advisory, Hurricane Emily had restrengthened to a Category Four hurricane with winds of at least 135mph and a central pressure that has dropped to 953mb according to reconnaissance aircraft. This is a very quick improvement in her windspeed and some minor fluctuations are forecast for the next day or so, as this is common with major hurricanes. The swath of hurricane force winds seems to be growing, especially in a rain band that is forming to the north of Emily. On the way home, a hurricane hunter reported back at about 3AM EDT warning of hurricane force winds of over 90 mph up to 105 miles to the northeast of the eye. The same recon reported that Emily's eye was opening up on the south side. This is consistent with a collapse of the inner eyewall as forecast below. Emily looks to be heading south of Jamaica and will be near the Cayman's soon after. With the expansion of the wind field, hurricane force winds are likely at least at higher elevations. Hurricane warnings are up for both islands."

That's gonna be rough on the third world tourist industry. Ouch.

Tres Crow (see pic below) is currently on his way to the A. T. L. after a terrible show in Gulfport, MS. Due to the unexpected earliness of his arrival I have been clearing away the mountains of clean clothes. Not sure what the weekend has in store for that Ole Pup. However, I can gaurantee that it gonna be off da hook.

"Welcome to Atlanta
Where the playa's play
And we ride on dem streets like ev-a-ry day
Big beats
Hit Streets
See Gangstahs rollin'
And parties don't stop 'til 8 in da mornin'"

Thursday, July 14, 2005


DATELINE NASHVILLE: Word outta Tennessee is that the new war has begun. Just like General Sherman, Tres is now leaving a path of destruction through the south himself. Posted by Picasa

From Seth...

"With the Democratic Party now effectively removed from all power, it's the various factions within the right's coalition who get to argue about what kind of justice we'll have.

Apparently, the Neocon-artists are trying to form an alliance with the corporate whores, tax abationists, hawks, top-hats, nicomediants, Machiavellians, Neo-Nazis and pork swindlers against the homophobes, papists, fundamentalist evangelicals, Buchanites, anti-abortionists, Klan Dragons, xenophobes, anarchists, and Glowery Boys.

The fight's heating up. Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning even went so far as say the Neocons' top probable nominee, Alberto Gonzalez, looks like a terrorists (he's Latino).

The Neocons, who call themselves the True Patriots, responded by attempting to set fire to the Anti-Red Rabbits' church. Meanwhile, Ann Coulter announced that she's willing lend her shillelagh (which has a notch on it for every liberal she's killed) to whichever side offers the most for her services.

Looks like a real battle's a-brewin' in the Five Points."

All fine and dandy to say now, but my understanding of conservative news and radio is that the base will accept nothing short of another Scalia or Thomas. And everybody knows the real battle is going to be getting the nominee past Chucky Schummer and Ted Kennedy. That'll be your true showdown in the Five Points.

From Seth over the PR wire...

Dear Mr. Seth:

Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

LAS VEGAS, NV - July 13, 2005 - The cigar industry could be on the verge of seeing another Cigar Boom similar to the one in the 1990's. Will another boom be good for the industry? Will it be good for the cigar aficionado?

Stephen Malan, owner of Humidor Vault, LLC, feels that the premium hand rolled cigar industry just might be making a case for another cigar expansion.

The numbers below show the imports of handmade cigars, in thousands of cigars:*

2003: 257,700

2004: 282,100

Percentage Change in 2003-2004: 9.5%

*Information provided by Cigar Insider, April 12, 2005

Despite all the recent smoking bans and higher taxes, an amazing 9.5 percent increase occurred in 2004. The Cigar Association of America just released figures for the first four months of 2005, and the numbers appear to still be climbing at an unprecedented rate. Compared to 2004, the numbers for 2005 are at almost a 10 percent gain, and will surpass the 300 million mark for the first time since 1998 if the trend continues.

How does this affect the consumer? When the market was hitting over 400 million in hand rolled imports during the year 1997, manufacturers were pressed to meet the demands by hiring inexperienced rollers while also using young and rough tobacco. This led to what consumers felt was a decline in quality, even though the prices remained relatively high.

So, will history repeat itself? "Probably not," reports Malan. The industry has learned quite a bit from the 1990's boom days. Some cigar leaf growers have added to their land holdings for future planting needs, while manufacturers have also upgraded many of their plants.

"Quality is still superb, and pricing is still reasonable. It doesn't look like pricing will get out of hand soon, but you never know," states Malan.

The best strategy for consumers? Buy quality cigars from a reputable dealer and lay them away in your personal humidors. Buying high quality humidors with top notch humidification systems will keep cigars fresh for an extended period of time. Malan warns, "Don't buy expensive cigars and throw them in a cut-rate humidor. Look at how a humidor closes; it should not clang shut when the lid is dropped from two to three inches. It should land on a cushion of air. If your humidor doesn't do that, it's just a box, and you will ruin your cigars."

"With the cigar industry enjoying a stable increase in sales, there's always the possibility that prices will rise if the industry suddenly catches fire again," states Malan.

Malan's website offers expert tips for cigar consumers. Cigar fans can learn how to properly store, light and smoke a cigar while enjoying maximum satisfaction. They can also browse through some of the finest brands of hand rolled cigars and humidors.

More information can be found at:

When I was in Detroit over the 4th Ole Tondar had a bit of a run-in at Seth's apartment. You see, Ole Tondar had just showered down and needing to get the night off to a good start I made my way to the kitchen to help myself to a scotch. In the other room Stevie Wonder was playing, and so as I wandered around with just my boxers on, I couldn't but help busting a move. Of course at this point Seth's sister had company over. However, being Tondar the Destroyer, Baron of Atlanta, and Rightful heir to the Throne of Spain, I didn't give a rats ass who these people were. Scotch held sway in that Stevie Wonder funked up moment. A few minutes later I returned and prepared to cook dinner for the kids when this exchange followed...

Seth's Sister, Abby: Tondar, you decided to put clothes on?

Tondar: Well I figured I should be wearing something if Im going to be cooking.

General laughter and approval from the crowd except...

Mike and his disdain: Yeah, thank God!

Tondar to Mike: Who are YOU?!

Mike: I'm Mike

Tondar: Who cares!? *scowl, shake head, turn and walk away*

Well after that li'l exchange Mike and Seth's sister's friends high-tailed it outta there. Once again, we see a classic example of Tondar not being able to get along with others. However, Seth recently had some trouble with Mike as well...

"Because after last night, I learned the kid is a mortal douche. Anyway, so the kid pulls up in his dad's brand new Range Rover (Mike apparently totaled his dad's last expensive car) and proceeds to spend the next half hour having a conversation with On Star on speaker. This is at 9:30 at night in my parents' driveway, and yes, the whole neighborhood could hear.

Then he comes to join us on the porch and proceeds to talk about himself all night. I actually laughed when he said he hates people who interrupt. I can't imagine how anyone has ever said a word to the kid without interrupting. He notes he has a 19-month old daughter, but he doesn't sound like a father. No paternal pride here. Basically, the daughter is just another excuse for the kid to call people on cell phones and speak dramatically about petty things.

So I count out chips and we start playing poker. He's never even heard of 5-card draw, but pretends like he's Poker master. Of course, that's for only a few minutes, before he starts doing his E-bay business (it's now approaching midnight) on his cell phone. Again, yes, the neighbors can all hear. Abby and I sat there waiting while he checked his e-mail, did another E-bay call (this time trying to sell Spiderman 2 for PS2 and a memory card), then called some girl and chatted for another half-hour.

So I give up on Poker and move to play some guitar in the living room. Well, asswipe comes in and turns on the TV, then turns the volume up all the way "So I can hear."

My next move was to get into the old photo album cabinet with Abby. Perfect activity for getting the douche outta there, right? Well, now he stops making the phone calls and sits down right between Abby and I. He's talking about how he has comics that are worth a lot of money. Like the Death of Superman, which is worth $35 he says. So I show him my unopened 1st ed. Death of Superman, and share that it's really not worth anything because everyone else who got the comic did the same thing. Apparently, the kid didn't even have that: he has a graphic novel (when they put a series bunch of comics together). The reason it's worth $35 is becuase he bought it at Borders for $35.

Eventually, not long after t!ts (who's not nearly as good-looking while sober) and the fat girl showed up, my laundry finally got finished and I got the heck outta there.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for picking up on this kid's douche-ness. His douche-osity was greater than I ever imagined. At my place, I figured our animosity toward Mike was that there was precious little estrogen and way too much testosterone in the room. He wants Boobs (one of Abby's friends), so that put him at odds with the other apes right off the bat."

Once again we see the Tondar Radar in full force hunting out another douchebag.

Seth recently sent me this piece on Judith Miller written by those that know her best. However, for Old Tondar it raised more questions than it answered. Here are a few thoughts I had on it.

I thought journalists were supposed to remain unbiased?...

"She has a reputation for getting too close to the people she covers and too excited about the things she covers. She takes sides. Many of us think she went way too far in her reportage on the search for weapons of mass destruction, cheerleading for big-titled fools in Washington determined to find or fabricate reasons to attack Iraq."

In code this means she's a bitch...

"She is a high-strung, high-maintenance lady."

How wonderfully arrogant of journalism to place itself above all other citizens. As a blogger do I qualify for these special privleges? Am I yet raised above the proletariat masses of "ordinary citizens?"...

"The position of this government is that the press is just another special interest, another business out for a buck. We don't want to drill for oil on public lands, but we do sell information, and the government has a great deal of that, much of which it tries to hide. Reporters, in the eyes of the people running the country, have no more rights than any other Americans and should be treated as "ordinary citizens."

I was actually rather sympathetic to the bitch (namecalling justified per statement above). Afterall she went to jail for her conscience and moral convictions. However, now that I find that these convictions were just a means to justify journalism as somehow superior to all other callings and above the law, I can now agree with Hannity and the RAM clap-trap. And to think America is losing faith in their mainstream journalistic institutions. Cant imagine why! The ordinary citizens must all be a little high-strung and high-maintenance, I guess.

From Seth...

"Responding to your column on April 4, I thought I'd clue you in on why hometown Wolverine fans root for Michigan State. This is only take on the rivalry; I'm sure someone else could offer a very different opinion.

First, I ain't no 3. I weathered the dungeon of Castela Mosher-Jordan (if it has a moat and arrow-slits, it's a castle, not a dormitory), smuggled the Captain and his first mate Meijer Cola into the Big House every Saturday, CRISPed my courses (might be before your time), swiped my M-Card, and dutifully came to Daily ed board meetings for four years.

But in this state, and in the world of rivalries, Michigan State is no more or less than Michigan's little brother. And that's very much the relationship. The rivalry doesn't mean nearly so much to us as it does them. I remember distinctly when my brother, after watching the overtime thriller last year, stated that Michigan State was Michigan's biggest rival. So I had him ask every Wolverine fan we knew, and from each he got the same response: Ohio State. We hate evil, as you said, like Duke and Notre Dame. But Ohio State's the big kid up the block with whom we're engaged in the penultimate turf war of college football. Woody versus Bo. Dumb Jock U versus the school with as many people working for NASA as MIT. Or perhaps most prophetic: Red State/Blue State.

Michigan State? We actually love them. We remember when they were babies, just trying to eke out an agricultural college amongst the herds of cattle while we were busy clashing on the football pitch with Harvard and Yale.

You've gotta understand: the jock jerks with "Git 'er Done" screened on their sleeveless shirts are Ohio State. We really really really hate those guys. As for MSU: they're the guys we cut lunch with to go play Mario Kart who just happened to get a B in Spanish instead of an A.

As far as the fans go, every Michigan State kid knows they wanted to go to Michigan, even though every Michigan State kid will tell you they know someone who got into Michigan and chose to go to State. They're bitter. They're out to prove themselves. A Spartan can't go five minutes without mentioning something about the altitude of our noses, at least not when a Michigan fan is in the room. From where they're sitting, this rivalry is all-important.

But do we reciprocate? No. Little brothers are supposed to challenge themselves by striving to be like us. We're their barometer, not their battle-mates. If they play a prank on us, we laugh, pat 'em on the shoulder, and say "good one, kiddo." If they win in a football game, we show 'em how proud we are of their accomplishment, then wink to each other knowing that Mom told us to let him win one.

We also go to their basketball games to cheer them. They're good at basketball, and like all big siblings, we're mighty proud.

Seriously, I have a father, brother, sister and cousin who all went to State, and a mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle and great-uncle who went to Michigan. Don't think the tensions don't mount on these lines at any and all family gatherings. But it's still a good-natured rivalry -- one that's great for jokes:

What's the difference between Michigan and State?
They both have cows walking around, but Spartans never date them.

What did the State grad say to the Michigan grad?
"Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?"

Why did OJ drive his white Bronco toward East Lansing?
He knew it was the last place anyone would look for a Heisman winner.

How do you get a Spartan to stop masturbating?
Paint his nuts Maize & Blue; he won't beat it for years.

What do you call 30 Michigan State students in a basement?
A whine cellar.

What do you call a good looking girl on the University of Michigan campus?
A visitor.

What's great about rivalries is that each is a different animal. Just because USC and UCLA buy up every can of spray paint in Los Angeles County doesn't mean every other rivalry has to do so. Sometimes, there's hate. Sometimes there's mutual respect. Sometimes it's a mix of both. The Michigan/Michigan State rivalry, like all rivalries, has its own personality. And it fits our character. They're insecure and we're pretentious -- having a team for which an 8-4 season is a disappointment kind of does that to a person -- and patronizing, in case treating them like our kid brother in the first place wasn't prima facie evidence of this. So logically our in-state rivalry becomes a sibling relationship.

I'd rather celebrate that than try to make U-M/MSU into a mutual hate-fest akin to Georgia/Georgia Tech or Auburn/Alabama.

From Seth...

"It's hard to believe, but it's a pretty good opinion from their unsigned editorial page."

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Two different men, both down with the ladies, but with two different approaches. My snaps are off to you Sackett! Posted by Picasa

It seems that Atlanta isn't the only Georgia location that has a rough go of it during the summer. Though this article is a little old it still makes you wonder how that whole tank-top issue was resolved.

From Seth...

"I don't know what else to do with this, so I thought maybe it would fit better on Tres' website or Dar's blog.

You see, sometimes people accuse me of imparting useless facts. But once you see what this guy sent me, you will have redefined what constitutes "useless information." I have no clue who this is or why he sent this to me, why he thought my experience on this Earth would be enriched by knowing now what I didn't know before about corks, cork trees, and the birds who alight there. Perhaps I was meant to share this with the world of Pollution Engineering.

Ah, but for relevence, I could have.

Mark my words, I WILL find some way to bring birds and their cork forests into a conversation sometime in the near future.

Cork's Living Forests

According to a recent study by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, shows that the use of natural corks by the world's wine industry sustains a variety of rare wildlife in the cork forests of Southern Europe.

These cork oak woodlands, known as "montados" in Portugal, have been used to produce cork and graze livestock for centuries, making them a haven for wildlife. Forty-two bird species depend on them, including the endangered Spanish imperial eagle (with a global population down to 130 pairs), as well as rare species such as the black vulture and black stork. Smaller birds, such as robins, finches and song thrushes, migrate to the Iberian Peninsula's cork forests from northern Europe, along with blackcaps from the United Kingdom. In spring and summer, the cork forests are home to a rich variety of butterflies and plants, with more than 60 plant species recorded in just one square meter. In more remote parts of these protected lands, the rare Iberian lynx can still be found.

The cork oak is the only tree that can regenerate its bark. Natural wine corks are made from the bark of these trees, which are stripped every nine years. One particular tree, known as the "Whistler Tree" because of the many singing birds attracted to it, is said to be 212 years old. It is estimated that this tree alone had produced 1,000,000 corks by the year 2000.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Look out! Here comes Brent on Hug Patrol! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005


Check out Marc Stein's report of Darko's progress during summer league play. Unfortunately with 7 pts and 5 boards against jobbers, it looks like the boy still needs some more practice.

I'm still contemplating Hawks Season Tickets (only $200 for 41 games). I know the season won't be very good but I will get to see all the NBA stars like Damon Jones, Allen Houston, and Kelvin Cato. Plus, since the Hawks aren't going to be very good, there's a great chance I can move closer to the floor once I am in the building. But seriously, being terrible is nothing new for the Hawks. Check out this piece in the AJC about Pistol Pete Maravich stinking it up in Atlanta during his first few years in the NBA. Should be the same thing with Marvin Williams this season.

From Seth...

"Apparently, punk is Nike's new marketing ploy."

From Seth...

"Here's all about the "Right Wing Media Bias."

I'm so sick on people, on either side, thinking they know what's in our heads when we write a story. The way you make your way up the corporate media ladder is playing golf with your boss and cracking jokes about the people below you, just like everywhere else."

Did I mention that I got to see Miss Kristin :) Posted by Picasa

Frank on Cisco: "This is NOT a WINE COOLER!"

This weekend Miss Allison and I got into some Riunite. I thought the flavour tasted a bit like the Richard's. Just in case you haven't been by the Bumwine page lately, swing on by and marvel at their updats. Also be sure to check out the new flavor of Richards, while noting how cool Tondar is for drinking "Red" and "Black Cherry" Cisco...

"Our research shows that Cisco is actually the second best tasting of the five great bum wines, especially if you're having one of those hankerings for cheap Vodka, Jello and Robitussin. We must also note that Cisco is the best of all 5 bum wines at putting the darkest and puffiest bags under your eyes."

I guess that explains my 5'O Clock in the morning Evil Anakin look. I didn't notice anybody else in kitchen pounding back Cisco to my extent (or detriment). But nevertheless, we will need more when Tondar rolls north with the Lady Allison.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

YA grusten, pechen'e blagosostoyaniya reguliruyet men'a nepravil'no

From Pigpen...

"Comrades! Our ruble problems are over, we shall sue the stars - not only are we going on Judge Judy I've also been preselected for many wonderful western trinkets and "enhancements" - Follow me to financial independence!

If I was NASA on the defense stand I would shake my fist menacingly and say "Yeah, and what are you gonna do about it pinko".

The defense would rest with a bellowing abnoxious "DEAL WITH IT!"

BTW the subject when translated in english reads: I'm sad, the fortune cookies are steering me wrong

So right now the conventional wisdom says that there was no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda at the beginning of the Iraq War. However, a year after the 9/11 report, it appears things just quite aren't that simple. Check out this piece in the Weekly Standard that shows that the relationship was much deeper. And though there wasn't a collabrative relationship, al Qaeda and Saddam's Iraq were both a danger to the free world.

For those of you still working retail here's an inspiring piece from The Onion on how to thwart the customer's attempt to complain about your work. Of course most of us aren't Stoned Jesus, so it will be helpful to read the article instead of looking at the picture. Money quote:

"Though only a dishwasher, Sid Bricken, a 42-year-old recovering alcoholic and the oldest member of the general staff, was someone Wheaton believed could pass for a manager. Bricken listened to the customer complain about Wheaton for nearly 10 minutes while nodding sympathetically.

"I told the guy I'd put Matt on probation, and I also gave him a bunch of gift certificates and a two-liter bottle of whatever soda he wanted," Bricken said. "He wanted to keep complaining, but I told him I had to go do some manager stuff in the back."

I guess at this point it's inevitable we're going to have to talk about feral animals. Posted by Picasa