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Saturday, July 30, 2005


IF you're a fan of either Doctor Seuss or the environment you should check out this post from The Commons on an alternate interpretation. Sure everybody likes the liberal perspective of taking care of limited resources. But on the other hand what about the problem of property rights with regard to the truffula trees. Money quote...

"Viewing the tale of the Lorax through an institutional lens, ruin is not the result of corporate greed, but a lack of institutions. The truffula trees grow in an unowned commons. (The Lorax may speak for the trees, but he does not own them.) The Once-ler has no incentive to conserve the truffula trees for, as he notes to himself, if he doesn't cut them down someone else will. He's responding to the incentives created by a lack of property rights in the trees, and the inevitable tragedy results. Had the Once-ler owned the trees, his incentives would have been quite different -- and he would likely have acted accordingly -- even if he remained dismissive of the Lorax's environmental concerns."

Certainly something to think about!

The ladies can't be all up ons every night Posted by Picasa

SO I'm cleaning up the Balti Butter Chicken and having a few drinks. After a couple of SoCoes and Lemon I switch to beer. Now in my fridge I am given a choice of beer. I can go with the traditional old time flavour of the PBR. The Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The olde time taste at a popular price, enjoyed during the depression. And later consumed by Big Ed and his brothers while running shenanigans in the late sixties. On the other hand I have a few cans of Steel Reserve remaining from when Tres came through the durty south on his last tour. Now the Tondar part of me wants to get rid of the shitty beer first. However, with the ole Crow-bag now living in Nashville, I can easily save these for him. Why choke them down myself when I can put them on ice and haul them up to Davidson County, State of Tennesssee, and force that clown haired bastard to drink them himself. ABSOLUTELY, there's no reason for Tondar to be drinking that piss-water himself. So therefore, let it be known from the Piedmont Plateau to the banks of the Cumberland River: MY STEEL RESERVE BELONGS TO TRES!

So tonight Ole Tondar tried to make Balti Butter Chicken. On the one hand it was very tasty. However, a few problems popped up, demanding me to declare a culinary abortion. Between the butter and the water from the canned tomatoes, it made everything just too runny. Now this could have been solved with a midcooking addition of rice. However, I'm normally not a fan of starches and thus had none in the hizzy. Thus I was forced to improvise and use 4 cheese tortillini to soak up some of that moisture along with a combination of high heat to boil off the remainder. All in all, it was a good save for a good recipe. However, I look forward to the time when I can complete this recipe to perfection. For future consideration, I may let the chicken marinate in the spice/tomato mixture for about 6 hours to absorb some the tasty combination of eastern spices.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in preparing Balti Butter Chicken. Note for cheap bastards like Pigpen: I had to go out and buy $30 of spices to prepare my kitchen for an attempt at Indian food. It was a sound investment, but nevertheless a bit unexpected.

From Rock DJ...

"I don't wanna be sleazy
Baby just tease me
Got no family planned (oooh ooooh)
Houston, can you hear me?
Need permission to land"

With the NFL season right around the corner, I for one am expecting big things out of the Lions this year. They have a veteran quarterback and depth at every position so there is no excuse for NOT making the playoffs. In the meantime, check out what SI had to say about the Lions and the curse of Bobby Layne in their preseason preview.

Looks like local governments in Duluth and Marietta are doing what they do best, screwing people over. As if red-light cameras weren't bad enough, the fines these cities collected were $24.50 more than what was required. And now the money that is overpaid, it just happens to be lost somewhere in Georgia government.

"Of the people, by the people, for the people" OR "Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato" (Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state)

One can certainly see the Anglo-sphere commitment to individual rights as France has begun to deport its terrorists.

"The gulf between British and French treatment of preachers of hatred and violence was thrown sharply into focus yesterday when France announced the summary expulsion of a dozen Islamists between now and the end of August.

A tough new anti-terrorism package was unveiled by Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister and a popular centre-Right politician.

His proposals reflect French determination to act swiftly against extremists in defiance of the human rights lobby, which is noticeably less vocal in France than in Britain."

I would attribute this difference to the English system of law going back to Magna Carta that sets up an adversarial system of law that seeks to protect the people from the body that is the government. Of course what makes the War on Terror unique is the fact that terrorists use our liberal system to hide and protect themselves. Basically this systemic difference is why we are beginning to see a divergence in strategy as the Anglosphere projects its security measures outwards toward other countries, while mainland Europe and most of the world would turn inward, eroding civil rights and using the power of government to broadly sweep away those in society that wish to destroy it.

Maybe it is the UofM liberal in me, but at this time it is hard to say which system is better. We must ask ourselves, can our Anglo-system withstand the assault from the ACLU and islamic terror? Can we rely on our system to be fair while protecting its citizens? On the other hand, will European liberty survive their government's methodical crackdown on islamic terror? Can Europe rely on government to take just enough power to do what is right?

Friday, July 29, 2005


Do you ever have a moment where you're surfing the web, and you end up lost? WTF, man. It's a bit freaky with half the words in German and the other half in Italian. Anyways, this is what I was trying to see/hear, but somehow I ended up in one of the internet's 3rd world-back alley's. But if anybody knows of a cool place to find free sheet music of history's great songs, shoot me an e-mail.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


An awkward moment... Posted by Picasa

It's good to see Pope Benedict XVI addressing the biggest problem facing the Church. Of course it is difficult for the Church to change on a dime. However, just the fact that Benedict is lamenting the dying Western Church, is proof that he understands the problem and will take steps to correct the situation.

Check out this thoughtful Todd Zywicki post on the politics associated with Supreme Court nominee and the politics associated with Roe v. Wade. It makes a wonderful point about journalists not being able to grasp the various elements in play. This is especially true as they try to paint everything in terms of the zero-sum game of supporting or opposing "Roe."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


That's a shame, a damn shame :( Posted by Picasa

Nothing but cheap talk and speculation surrounded trade rumours of Darko to Atlanta for Al Harrington. From personal speculation, I wouldn't mind seeing Tayshaun for Harrington so we could get a li'l more scoring in the frontcourt. However, that deal wouldn't do much to help the Hawk considering their logjam at the 2 and 3 positions.

"A "Code Red" smog alert went into effect for Atlanta Wednesday because the city’s air quality is expected to reach "unhealthy" levels for the third consecutive day, Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division reported."

It's a good thing Bush has his "Clear Skies" plan to curb this kinda pollution in the future. Honestly I found the code-red not that bad compared to Mexico or a nasty Michigan day. On the other hand, I also didn't spend much time outside huffing O3 for the perfect buzz.

YONKERS, N.Y. -- A 63-year-old man died a day after emergency workers found him at his home in such squalid conditions that maggots were eating his flesh, a fire official said Wednesday.

Paramedics went to Michael Link's home Sunday night after his 66-year-old brother and roommate, Adam Link, said the victim was having trouble breathing, fire department surgeon Roger Chirurgi said.

Michael Link was lying in his own feces on a pile of debris and "had open wounds with maggots eating on the flesh," Chirurgi said.

Link was taken to a hospital, where he died Monday, the surgeon said. His brother was undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

The home, a large Victorian across from a school, was overgrown with trees, shrubs and weeds. Inside, paramedics found no electric power and papers and boxes everywhere, Chirurgi said.

Firefighters wore hazardous-materials suits to investigate the house after the brothers were taken out. Chirurgi said several veteran firefighters were sickened by the scene and stench.

Sure KrAzEy stuff goes down in Atlanta. But it only takes a story like this to remind you of just how off da hook New York really is.

From Subsaharan Africa to Mother Russia, the adventure rolls on...

"As some of you may know, I applied for a grant from the US Government to teach HIV/AIDS education in Russia this fall. I honestly didn't expect to win the grant because so many people applied, and only a few were selected, and that is why I was hired for a teaching job in New York and California. I just found out that I was a finalist for the grant! That means that I am going to Russia to live my dream of teaching HIV/AIDS to the world! I am extatic and very lucky to have this opportunity.

I start my journey in Washington DC on September 18th for a conference for a few days, and then I head to Moscow for some training. I requested to stay with a family in Russia versus having my own apartment. I really want to take in all that I can while I am in Russia about the culture and ways of life.

I will be returning back to Michigan the day before Thanksgiving. I know this is only 2 months, but I think it is an amazing opportunity for me to have in my life. Once December hits, I am not sure where I will be or what I will be doing. There is a competition for more grants once I complete my time in Russia, so who knows where I will be headed next. I know I am crazy for always leaving, but I have to do these things now while I am able to.

I hope you all support me in my decision to go across the world and do more volunteer work. (the other great thing about this opportunity is that it is completely paid for, and I even get a stipend!) Fall is my favorite season, and this will be the third year in a row that I will be living abroad during this time. I am crazy!!

Anyway, I hope to see you all before I leave in September. From now until then I have a few more vacations and then I will be working for a few weeks too."

The NHL is going to be back this year and the only person interested is James? Where's Pigpen and Seth on this one? How does the new CBA kick the Wings in the crotch?

Well in the meantime, check out the piece James sent...

"slamma jamma in yo face hockey? i hope not, but i think this bodes poorly for pro hockey."

From Pigpen...

"Everyone loves alliteration and risque subtext. But still in this case, I don't know what it is, but I sure as H ain't eatin' any...if ya know what I mean.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


"The tide is high, but I'm holding on. Im gonna be your number one!" Posted by Picasa