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Friday, October 07, 2005


You are entering the Twilight Zone
Beyond this world strange things are known
Use your key unlock the door
See what your fate might have in store
Come explore your dreams creation
Enter this world of imagination

Being naturally drawn to the Eastern Conference, I never got to watch many Minnesota Timberwolves games while Flip Saunders was coaching there. However, he is bringing his concept of the "hyperbolic-parabaloid-transitional-floating zone defense" to Detroit. Of course the natural reaction is skepticism. Afterall, why should anybody mess with the Carlisle/Brown era Piston defense? It has consistently ranked near the top of the league using a rather simple man-man style.


"Man-to-man will still be the Pistons' primary defense. But Saunders will use zone as a change-of-pace addition. He thinks it will be effective simply because most other teams don't work on beating it."

This will be key when Detroit has to play slashers like Dwayne Wade and Manu Ginobli. These players will be routinely shut out from getting their game on, leaving the game in the hands of the lesser quality jabroni spot shooters (Robert Horry, Antoine Walker, Kyle Korver). This added dimension will most certainly come in handy as Detroit will have to battle its way through star oriented teams (Indiana, Miami, Philadelphia, Cleveland) which are most vulnerable to pesky zone defenses.

Be sure to check out Harriet Miers's very own blog. LOL This is the best!

Hat tip to ole Andrew Sullivan.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


That's putting your woman to good use! Posted by Picasa

While on the one hand, Bush's full spin has this traveshamockery up and running on the Blogads. On the other, this seemed to be the most thoughtful defense of Miers I have seen so far. Of course, it has the advantage of being a direct response to George Will's column I referenced a few days ago. Money Quote...

"Will's fourth argument is the most dangerous and absurd. He suggests Miers shouldnÂ?t be approved because she hasnÂ?t shown a "talent" for "constitutional reasoning" honed through years of "intense interest" and practice. Judging takes work, but the folks who think "constitutional reasoning" is a talent requiring divination, intense effort and years of monastic study are the same folks who will inevitably give you "Lemon tests," balancing formulas, "penumbras" and concurrences that make your head spin. The President sees through that mumbo jumbo and recognizes that good Justices are the ones who focus on the Constitution'?s text, structure and history and who call balls and strikes. Bush is in favor of demystifying the Court and the Miers choice is part of that effort. Will seems to be buying into the "Nine Wisest Men" mythology that is a root cause of the CourtÂ?s aggrandizement of power over time."

One thing I haven't considered yet, is a grand effort by Bush to undermine the authority of the court altogether. What better way to achieve this, then to nominate somebody that has no business being on the court in the first place. In theory, if you can once again humanize the Justices it becomes much easier to undermine or ignore their authority. Of course given the great resume of Chief Justice Roberts, this argument seems a bit weak.

This is one of the coolest ads I've seen in a while. But of course Ole Tondar likes any well edited/paced music video.

"At one point in the first of the two off-the-record sessions, according to several people in the room, White House adviser Ed Gillespie suggested that some of the unease about Miers "has a whiff of sexism and a whiff of elitism." Irate participants erupted and demanded that he take it back."

Well the Bush team is certainly going to work trying to hush conservative outrage over the Miers nomination. However, at this point Old Tondar's not going to buy it. With a Republican majority in the Senate there is no reason for Bush to take the easy way out with an unqualified stealth candidate.

From the Sports Guys' Mailbag...

"Doug Cantor pointed out the horrendous timing problem in "Jerry Maguire." However, the worst example of this is in the "Blues Brothers." At the end of the movie they play the sold-out concert to raise the money to save the orphanage. The Blues Brothers play two songs before sneaking out to avoid the police. Even granting that they were late to the concert, considering that the entire audience is still in attendance it can't be much past 11 p.m. when they leave. There is then the classic line "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses." The Blues Brothers then lead a massive police chase driving roughly 100 miles per hour. The 106 mile trip, therefore, should not have taken much more than an hour, putting them in Chicago at midnight. Yet somehow they arrive in Chicago around 10 a.m.! The fact that a federal building is open and operating is a sure sign that it is at least mid-morning. So what were they doing? What happened? That is a minimum of 9-10 hours that simply disappeared without a trace.
-- Eric H, Phoenix, Ariz.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


President Bush makes me feel like the Evil Monkey >:( Posted by Picasa

Be sure to read George Will's latest column on Miers. He rips her and the President a new one, and rightly so!

Due to some jackoff wrecking on the highway near my apartment, traffic was backed up for miles in the new City of Sandy Springs. After taking 25 minutes to go a mile, I pulled into an apartment complex and just walked home. I figured it would be cheaper to save on the gas, plus my fat ass needs the exercise.

But anyways, during my walk I had time to reflect on the GOP line Sean Hannity was feeding me in the car. Frankly, I'm not buying it. I think really the biggest problem with Miers is her resume. It would be great that the President nominated somebody not already on the bench, if he had picked a proven Constitutional intellectual. However, Miers is not a professor, nor is she a lawyer with a background in Constitutional Law. I'm not sure how he expects her to come in and weigh the great issues of the day, without years of the intellectual workout that it takes to wrap your head around these various issues and their caselaw history. Sure everyone has a basic understanding of how Griswald led to Roe or Bowers v. Hardwick was ignored in Lawrence. However, I doubt that Miers has a deep understanding of the evolution of progressive thought from the Gilded Age concept of "police powers" found in history's now obscure cases. Especially coming on the heals of John Roberts' nomination, even if you disliked the pick, you could not demean the fact that the man had an encyclopedic knowlege of American Law. It was amazing how he knew the details of the most obscure cases with which the Schumer and Kennedy tried to stump him. Given the resume of Miers, I doubt the same will be true of her. Nevertheless, I bet she will be spending the next few weeks cramming for that oral exam.

In my legal thought, I always considered myself most closely aligned with Rehnquist. But being a good UofM liberal, I am also open to the Originalist thought of Scalia and Thomas. Given the advancement conservative thought has made in the last decade, I feel that the MSM would not be able to Bork an outspoken conservative, Bork-like candidate in this day and age. In addition, a great intellectual conservative would do a great deal to reshape legal thought in this country, and reframe many debates on why government fundamentally fails America. On this note, if you get the chance be sure to read Todd Zywicki's thoughts on Miers. He has a much more scholarly way of articulating my thoughts from my traffic jam hike. Or as he put it...

Individuals such as Brandeis, Holmes, Warren, all changed both the Court and the legal culture, by providing intellectual heft and credibility to a certain intellectual view of the law. Thomas and Scalia have been doing the same thing for some time now, with their view of the law. This is, of course, precisely why Bork was taken down as well. Rehnquist, by contrast, may have changed the voting patterns of the Court but did not change the legal culture through intellectual leadership. Even worse, pick someone who supposedly "votes right" but has no developed judicial philosophy, and soon you have someone who doesn't even do that (Blackmun, Souter, etc.).

Monday, October 03, 2005


I would make a better Justice than Miers! Posted by Picasa

What do Alan Trammell and Tondar have in common? Neither of us are going to be working come Wednesday. Of course, he got himself fired. But Tondar will be back to work on Thursday after going to see Braves playoff baseball down at Turner Field. Better rest that rotator cuff, yer gonna need it for the Tomahawk Chop in Game 1.

With many well qualified, and well known conservatives out there, President Bush chose to take the easy way out, nominating his own lawyer for the Supreme Court. As a conservative, this is the latest in a series of kicks to the groin from the GOP. However, don't take my word for it, Uncle Pat Buchanan puts it best.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Who's that still lookin' like a Redwing? Posted by Picasa

I am thinking of you all back in The D, the A.T.L, or anywhere else where you can exchange rent for sex...




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