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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Not sure why, but this reminded me of Pigpen. Check out the findings when researchers determine the age old question: Is Kansas as flat as a Pancake?

I came across this bit of NBA History this morning and found it rather interesting. Take yourself back to late 1989. The Detroit Pistons are the world Champions. Michael Jordan is tearing it up in Chicago. And Jack McCallum is actually taking his job as a journalist seriously. Here is a rundown of the defense Detroit employed to shutdown Michael Jordan, aka "The Jordan Rules." It's a nice look at some of the true X's and O's of the game.

From Sackett...

"I have an announcement to make, I am now here in Shanghai, trying to extend the reach of the Yeza organization to the chinaman. Excuse me, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Apologies to Tony for not calling him back before I left. My plan here is to teach english for 5 months, then come back for spring/summer. Anyone wants to visit, let me know! It's only my second day here, it's a huge adjustment. But my motto is, in the trenchant prediction of BC, "Ethnic Yeza Welcome Here."

I'm sure this will end well.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Only Frank could have found this one. Here we thought we had a unique case in Georgia with the 15 year old that legally married the knocked up 37 year old, only to be upstaged by the Japanese. Money quote...

"Unemployed Okada lived in an apartment with her two sons, aged 16 and 13. She is accused of keeping the 16-year-old schoolboy, who can't be named because of his age, a prisoner in her home from Sept. 28 to Oct. 15, in which time she is alleged to have treated him as her sex slave demanding he put out whenever she got the urge."

Ookiro America! Japan's far more messed up than we are!

From Seth...

"I think we'll be in the Outback, probably against Georgia.

Here's how it plays out:

Penn State is going to a BCS bowl.

Ohio State is the most likely candidate for the BCS's only at-large bid this year (Notre Dame automatically gets in if they have 9 wins, which was a better rule when they played 10 instead of 12 games).

So it's between Wisconsin and Michigan for the Citrus. We do travel well, but Wisconsin beat us head-to-head, they had a better non-conference record, it's Barry Alvarez's last game, which gives the game national appeal, and Michigan ticked off the Citrus committee more than they know for that snub in 2002.* The last is probably the biggest reason I don't think we'll be going there.

So the Citrus will take the Badgers, and we'll get to face probably Georgia in the Hall of Fame Bowl. That's fine with me.

Other scenarios lead to the same thing. If Ohio State doesn't get the BCS invite (say, for example, Texas loses the Big XII championship so Colorado has an automatic bid and Texas gets to be the lone at-large) then they'll go to the Citrus, but the Hall of Fame could still jump at its chance to nab Michigan over Wisconsin because of the travel-well factor. If not, we go to the Alamo Bowl.

*In 2002, Michigan lost to Ohio State, the eventual national champion, in the last game of the season.

Iowa was going to a BCS bowl. So was Ohio State. Michigan's only two Big Ten losses were to those teams. We were clearly No. 3 in the conference, and clearly the choice of the Citrus Bowl.

However, we'd just been to the Citrus 3 times in the last 4 years. We went there in '98, beating Arkansas. We went there in 2000, defeating Auburn. And we went again in 2001, getting trounced by Tennessee. We were sick of going there every year. So Lloyd Carr announced that Michigan would not accept a bid a to the Citrus Bowl. Part of the decision was because we didn't want to face Florida under Spurrier and Rex Grossman, a team many had thought would win the National Championship that year. We were sure they wouldn't fall apart against Florida State.

The Citrus got stuck with Penn State, who'd gone 5-3 in the Big Ten and only beaten one ranked team all season (Nebraska), and that team was out of the top 25 by season's end. What's worse, Florida collapsed at the end of the season, and they had to invite Auburn instead. So the Hall of Fame Bowl lucked into getting No. 9-ranked Michigan (9-3, 6-2) and the hometown team, Florida.

We ended up with a great game, with Chris Perry and co. beating the Gators 38-30. And the Citrus ended up with a lackluster, un-sold-out, un-wathed 13-9 field goal fest. They're still sour about that."

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh the irony! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005


We're not all finger pointing doom and gloom around here these days after the firing of Steve Mariucci. Here's Seth's plan to clean up the Lions...


1. Millen

2. Our GM

3. People with first and last names that begin with "M"

4. That used-to-be-a-linebacker dude with a big mustache.

5. Millen

There's not a lot of guys I'd plain get rid of.

QB: Harrington (keep)

RB: Jones, Bryson, Pinner (keeps)

FB: Schlesinger (keep), but draft an heir-apparent this year.

WR: Williams, Williams, Vines, Rogers (keep, keep, keep, keep if he agrees to sign for less and start puttin some effort in.

TE: Marcus Pollard (keep, but get him a better backup)

Tackles: I'm willing to accept that Backus is good tackle having a bad season, Butler needs to be replaced immediately but kept as a backup, Kosier lose right away.

Gs & C: Raiola lose, or wake him up somehow. Woody keep. DeMulling lose. Gutierrez lose.

DL: Keep all of them.

LBs: Keep Holmes around to teach Davis, Bailey and Lehman

S: Kennedy and Holt are sure keepers. Lose Walker.

CBs: Fernando Bryant needs to get healthy or lose him. Dre Bly is the best player on the team. R.W. McQuarters should be a nickel. Need some depth here.

Special Teams: Hanson and Harris some of the best in the league. Drummond, well, if someone would block for him he'd get back on track.

Overall, it's not the players so much. The O-Line is what's killing them, and this is a team that spent the '90s drafting 1st-round O-lineman, and we're left with just two underachieving guys. Both the guys on our right side are worse than most teams' backups, and that's probably why Raiola looks bad, too. Fix the line, and give these guys a brand new season with a good coach, and there's hope. Of course, the Lions squander hope better than any franchise in the league, so don't hold your breath."

Steve Mariucci was fired by the Lions today. It's ironic that he is shown the door while the mastermind of this mongoloid train wreck, Matt Millen retains his job.

From Seth...

"And Millen got a 5-year extension.

Mooch's honeymoon was over. He's the one the cretins weren't responding to. He's the one who put in Garcia when Harrington was playing great. He's the one who wouldn't run Kevin Jones against a team that couldn't stop the run. The announcers even thought Jones was injured or something because he wasn't playing. No, he was just benched, and we threw the ball every down.

Millen's not on my happy list either, by the way. How could he field such a bad offensive line now, when we got so many offensive weapons. What good is a premier running back and three premier receivers when 3 plays out of 4, the quarterback is pressured into dumping it off underneath, or the back has a defensive tackle on him before he gets the handoff.

They NEEDED Stockar McDougle, and couldn't re-sign him. If it was impossible to get the guy to re-up, they should have offered his money to some other premier tackle free agent. Going cheap in hoping that Butler could emerge after getting no playing time last year was useless. That hole is so huge, it renders the offense worthless.

And with three 1st round draft pick receivers, why do we go to Roy Williams every time? What's the point? Charles Rogers was getting less than a throw per game; no wonder he went attitudinal.

The defense is so much better than they've looked. They have a short field every time, and still they've managed to keep opponents off the board -- at least until the freak offense puts them in such a hole it doesn't matter anymore. Without Rogers, they're not as good, but with him, I'd stack us up against anyone out there. And that's not counting what Dre Bly could do if he had two hands. Just give them a chance. They're on the field the whole game, usually after some demoralizing turnover. You put that defense with pretty much any other offense in the league and you get a winning team.

From here, I hope they find an interim guy who can coach the kids. Use the rest of the season to teach them to play together. Use practices to drill the youngsters. Get a look at Orolovsky during the inevitable blowouts that are coming our way, but give the keys to Harrington and tell the guys: "this is Joey's team. You're with him, or you're leaving." This Garcia B.S. has only shaken Harrington's confidence more, and that's what's made me so sour on Mooch. Joey can play quarterback. We've seen him coming along this year. We're invested in him, and the the best possible scenario for the Lions is if Joey continues to play well. But how can the team be behind him when the coach isn't even, and when he's got to dodge the strongside end every play because we don't have a right tackle.

It's ironic that we were all so excited to have Mariucci that we didn't even mind incurring the wrath of the NFL's affirmative action policy.

"Have to disagree with you there, Seth. Pat doesn't really hate the jews. if he did, he'd say so. i think he just dislikes them for killing Jesus. hah! He really hates mexicans, and he isn't afraid to say so. Remember he was the guy who said we should build a wall on the border to keep illegals out. i believe he was in favor of arming border guards and other extreme measures. he doesn't veil his words on immigrants, he tells you exactly who he means-mexicans. not just "illegals". "new york bankers" doesn't necessarily mean jews, though i understand the implications. he was also the guy who bemoans free trade at everychance for sending good US jobs overseas. though I do think he dislikes israel.

Though i agree with one assessment; he is a populist. Hence his free trade policy. he makes keen observations that i often find true. yet then the conclusions he reaches are often the opposite of mine. The war in iraq was a good example. he went on McLaughlin group before the election and said that: he thought the war and occupation was a bad idea, that it would divide the party, and that if the media was
sincere they would ask real question of the candidates, such as; if the new iraqi parliament asks the US for 10,000 more troops, will you send them? his conclusion were then; vote bush. i still don't understand why he would support the candidate who went through with a war he opposed (or said he opposed), set up the party for division, and would send more troops if asked (which he opposed because it would
lead to a longer engagement). Seems irrational to me.

So yeah, i mostly ignore old paddy. he's a kook, and the only real useful purpose he serves is being a punching bag for old john mclaughlin."


Correct answer James: we never got to see the rest of that McLaughlin Group because in the interest of intellectual diversity Seth turned the TV off.


Sunday, November 27, 2005


From the Katherine Archives 11/14/05...

Priviet everyone!

I hope this email finds you all doing well. I am doing very well here in Glazov and enjoying my last few days of this town. I don't want to leave.... I am having so much fun! I am looking very forward to coming home too. I am just so worried about how sad I will be when I leave my new family and friends here.

Well, I have had a BIG dose of Russian culture lately, and it has been so interesting! I got a chance to go into a real village last week, and it was so amazing. You would not believe how these people live! I felt like I was a photographer for the National Geographic! I have to pinch myself to make sure I am really here in Russia! I cannot believe it sometimes. At the village, I had the opportunity to teach about 75 people about HIV/AIDS and it was so cool! They had never heard of it before, so I hope that I have helped them! I added up how many people I have taught total since I have been in Russia, and it is pretty close to 3,000! WOW! I can't believe it has been that many.

Anyway, in the village these little old women, called babushkas invited us into their little wooden home to show us how they live. They made us all kinds of Udmurt food (the region I am in) and we got to see how things work.

They cook everything in this wood burning oven that is also the heater of the house. They grow all of their own food and raise their own interesting! They even sang us a Russian song! I can't wait to show you pictures!

On Friday I wanted to share some of the American culture with my new friends here, so we had an American cookie party! I had brought some cookie mixes from home, so we baked cookies and had drinks all night and talked about the American culture. They loved the cookies of course since they don't have cookies like that here! It was great, even though the cookies don't quite taste like home.

We had a party at a local club on Saturday where we ate dinner and danced the night away. One big difference in Russia is that everyone dances to the hottest songs.... no matter how old or bad at dancing you may be! It was hilarious to see the Grandmas' get down with Beyonce! So funny!

Sunday was the big day.... we had our last party at our apartment. All of our friends came and we drank vodka all day anâ made Russian cuisine. It is called Pellmini, and it is a pasta with meat in it. It is quite the process and takes all day to make them! The men have specific duties, and then the women ñome in to make dough and shape them. Then we all sat together and did toasts and ate until we were almost sick! It was a blast! I think this is my favorite cultural moment becasue I really got to see how they celebrate here in Russia. This is what they usually do to celebrate the New Year, which is their biggest holiday. Also, I really wanted a furry hat in Russia since so many people wear them, but they cost about $100 dollars
American....too much! SO at the party my translator's boyfriend who is a police officer gave me his furry police hat! I cant' wait to wear it at home! It is hilarious!!!!!!

Well, this week is already going by fast. I have a lot to do before I go to Moscow this weekend. I will be in Moscow for a conference from Sat- Wed, and then I fly home for Thanksgiving! Yeah! I cant' wait to see all of you! I miss you so much!

Until then, take care!



Seth makes some good points. However, I think what were really looking at with Pat is a case of media whoredom moreso than any kind of closet Jew hating nazi. From Seth...

"First, a leftist magazine, but comments are all too true. Secondly, here is a Pre-1996 account of his hate-mongering.

That's what others have noticed. Here's what my thinking was: the man's a populist. He took up William Jennings Bryan's torch and still carries it on down the gold standard road. There's striking similarities between the rhetoric of the two men, particularly in who it's aimed for and who it takes aim at, namely religious conservatives, and Jews, respectively.

In today's PC world, he uses code, the moreso when he's speaking in a forum in which the greater public will overhear. He used to say "the bankers" or the "big money boys" or "he has a 'New York' sense of humor." I had a conversation one night early in college when Clinton was facing impeachment, and we were watching Pat on TV talk about who was defending Clinton. My friend (Nick if you know the name) turned to me and said "wow, he really doesn't like you guys." What Pat was explaining was how "some of those people" in the Clinton camp didn't have Christian values. I don't remember the exact quotes (they're lost in a 'haze' if you will), but I think anyone who heard the interview knew who Buchanan was talking about.

Again, my memory is foggy, but I remember watching a thing in high school with Pat on TV with my mom and he said something about the White House staffers that infuriated my mother. I'll have to see if she can remember what it was. Anyway, that was when I learned that Clinton's was the most Jewish white house, in terms of both senior staff and cabinet appointees, in American history.

If you look at American anti-semitism in the 1990s, it was centered on several myths:

1. Clinton's presidency is dominated by Jews.

2. Jews have an innate morality deficiency

3. Jews want to overthrow Christianity

4. Jews are wealthy, and their power base is in New York and the North.

These are all themes that Buchanan has touched on. It lead me to believe that not only was he using the rhetoric for his own political purposes, but was reading anti-semetic literature, following anti-semetic themes, talking to other anti-semites. It led me to think that Buchanan isn't just a preacher out to sway the greenbacks crowd -- the scarecrows in need of a brain if you please -- but a believer.

Now, he says "neo-conservatives," but his tirades against Iraq amount to the same rhetoric you can find on a neo-Nazi. During the leadup to the Iraq war, I remember seeing him on TV talking about the Bush administration. I still watched a bunch of news TV then (carryover from 9/11 I guess) so I saw a lot of pundritry then, but I noted specifically that Buchanan always seemed to mention Ari Fleisher. You know, like when he's naming Bush people: "Dick Army, Donald Rumsfeld, Ari Fleisher -- those people will tell you....blah blah blah."

You know how I am about the freedom of speech. I'd defend his right to write, say, imply, or symbolize what he thinks to my dying day. If he were arrested for burning an Israeli flag, or an American one, I would have little pity, but I would still denounce whoever did the arresting, because free speech is the single most intrinsic aspect of a free society. But free speech also means you don't have to read, listen, or discuss something you don't want to. You don't have to ban a movie that uses gratuitous sex and violence, or worse, delivers a hate message. Free speech means you can slam it, or just choose not to watch it.

I have lost all respect for what Pat Buchanan has to say. Perhaps he has some insight into conservatism or American thought, but from my experience with him in the past, I've yet to come across any insight and I like my odds that I won't miss any in the future. My world is a better place the less he exists, and the more people who choose to ignore his comments, the better I think we'll all be. Even if this is the guy who takes down President Bush, I can't imagine the country would be in better shape if this rather bad president's base deserted him because, even in roundabout terms, they thought he was too cozy with people of my faith.

So if you choose to keep reading him, it's entirely up to you. The Constitution forbids me from any course of legal action that would infringe upon your right to read this pundit, no matter how bad the quality. But for this one fella, I'd appreciate it if you found someone else to discuss it with, and I hope you can respect my own reasoning for deciding to ignore the Anti-Semetic Ass-Clown's hate train. If you can trust my sense of judgement to ignore him as well, more the better. But in this, you're not going to change my feelings, anymore than I could convince you Christ is a figment of your imagination. In other words, not only would it be a monumental waste of time, but also incredibly offensive. To sum up, I do not respect him, will not respect him, and would stake my reputation on the simple fact that the guy's a Grade A, Dyed-in-the-wool Anti-Semetic Ass-Clown. Think of him as a burning flag; that he has a right to say what he wants doesn't make it less repugnant.

There's only one more day I should ever like to discuss him again, aside from, you know, an off-hand comment about how he's a registered ASAC. That's the day he dies. When that happens, look me up: I'm interested to know whether my humanity stretches so far that I can not be happy when it happens. There are people whose deaths would make me happy, I'll admit. Osama bin Laden comes to mind. Saddam Hussein is certainly one. Kim Jong Il would make the cut. But Buchanan didn't kill, torture or oppress people, just spread hatred. So I'm anxious to know if my own capacity for hate stretches that far, and I don't think I'll know until it happens. Until then, remember that you can say or write whatever you want, but the freedom of speech doesn't make all speech equal.