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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Dark Lord Denise...

"Hey, I just go with the flow."

Well Christmas hasn't been ruined yet so I have to be thankful for that. However, Dark Lord Denise is still her delightful self. The fun started yesterday. They said they were going to be here some time between 2 and 3. Of course they show up around one. And because I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I had been taking cold pills during my PBR/Cleaning session. Bills, peer, and the Dark Lord are a frightening combination. I could just feel myself entering that black-out stage just as they arrived. Unfortunately I was in no state to be going for a ride on the Nagging Train...

How often do you dust?

Why didn't you finish cleaning the bathroom?

When are you going to open gifts?

Do we have to watch football?

Do you want to take a nap?

Why did you put so much salt in your food?

When are you going to call your Grandma?

Being removed from her for a while makes me forget the interrogations. It's amazing how the questions just keep rolling. And heaven forbid you should not answer the same question for a third of fourth time. I really miss having Allison around because it puts Denise on her best behavior and the defensive. When we visited Michigan in July, the Dark Lord was so well behaved and not the passive aggressive nag that was sighing through the entire Falcons Game. I think the highlight of yesterday had to be when she woke me from a nap in her coat and hat, asking if I were ready to go to Mass. There's no correct answer to that question. Lose-Lose.