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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Tondar - "I had raw beef and raw eggs for dinner last night. You ain't takin' MY Mancards."

From Frank...

"I remember watching the kids play this back in the day...oh the memories. GO BLUE!

Mich. Pair Wins Beer Pong Championship

A pair of recent University of Michigan graduates are each $5,000 richer for being the best at a national tournament involving a campus drinking game popular among many college students.

Jason Coben and Nick Velissaris are the champions of the "World Series of Beer Pong," which took place earlier this month near Las Vegas. The two beat out more than 160 other competitors to split the $10,000 grand prize.

Beer pong is played this way: While standing, players attempt to toss a Ping Pong ball into cups that are partially filled with beer at the other end of the table. If the players succeed, their opponents are forced to drink the beer in the cup.

Beer pong has made the transition from house-party game to being a featured event in bars that host tournaments. Companies sell custom-designed beer pong tables and related products. A merchandiser of beer pong paraphernalia held the "World Series of Beer Pong."

Critics say the game encourages binge drinking, but Coben and Velissaris say it's not about irresponsible drinking. They say it's a way to have a good time with friends.

"It's like playing darts at a bar," Coben told The Ann Arbor News.

Coben and Velissaris picked up the game several years ago. Coben was a swimmer at Michigan, Velissaris was a wrestler, and they got to know each other through the athletic community.

When they were old enough to go to bars, they brought the game with them and played among friends.

Eventually, the two began helping to organize weekly tournaments in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.

At the national tournament, Coben and Velissaris were sponsored by a campus-area bar, The Brown Jug, which paid the $550 entry fee. The bar's owner, Perry Porikos, agreed to put up the money.

He said Coben and Velissaris are regular customers who have helped out in a pinch at the bar. The two paid their own airfare and plan to pay back Porikos from their winnings.

They also wore T-shirts with the bar's name during the competition."

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Monday, January 16, 2006


First off, I have to give mad props to Miss Erika. She did the Louvre with Tondar like a champ. In just a matter of 5 hours Seth was ready to leave, and he hadn't even fallen on the stairs once! Sure he had to go back and work, but he actually wanted to leave and get food. Now maybe I'm mistaken, but that's why the Good Lord invented granola, gummy bears, and bathrooms. There's no reason to leave the Louvre when you only have a handful of days in Paris. But alas kids, don't cry for Tondar because I have a 3 day pass beginning today. By the way has anyone ever noticed how much a 16 looks like an 18.

Here are the highlights of my day there...

1. Once again Tondar made a run straight for the Renaissance art. I was delighted to see my old friends Raphael, Leonardo, El Greco, Veronese and Murillo. Seth even learned a lot about the hand of Leonardo and gained an appreciation for the ecstatic baroque (we're looking in your direction Maria Di Medici).

2. French art didn't actually get good until the 19th Century. I remember last time when I was here being unimpressed by the French galleries. Given the size of the Louvre I figured I was suffering from a bit of the ole saturation. Turns out the Louvre doesn't have that great of a collection of their own art (you have to go to the Musee D'Orsay for that). With the exception of Poussin, French art really doesn't become interesting until Delecroix and David shortly after the Revolution. However, I did learn a new appreciation for Camille Corot and his influence on the realists and impressionists that dominated French painting in the second half of the 19th Century.

Don Le Douche - Pussies lose man-cards for riding the elevator. Hey who wants to see my barbed wire tatoo.