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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Frank - This smells awful. What are you kids doing?


Drink this slowly! This will put hair on your chest. Son of a bitch! God Damn!

You can only wear a penis like a watch that's why they are so much more valuable than a vagina.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Can you believe that it's been 3 years? Dawn asks the very important question:

"Do YOU remember where you were when you first saw Trogdor? I do!"

It seems that the crazy in L-Town even affects the animals. From Sackett...

"I can't believe it! Livonia makes national headlines. This is crazy. I bet this was right near my house, too! I'll have to check it out."

"A dog apparently fell from a freeway overpass and crashed through a car windshield, fatally injuring the driver, police said Thursday.

Charles G. Jetchick, 81, died Wednesday of injuries suffered in the accident over the weekend in suburban Detroit. A passenger suffered minor injuries.

Investigators do not believe the 60- to 70-pound Labrador retriever was thrown, but rather fell by while trying to avoid a car, State Police Sgt. Michael A. Shaw said. Police questioned the dog’s owner. The dog died after a fall of about 16 feet.
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Despite his injuries, Jetchick was able to steer his car in a straight line and stop safely, Shaw said.

“We’ve had rocks and other stuff like that fall off of overpasses. This would be the first dog we’ve had,” said Shaw, who has been with the state police for 11 years."

From Seth...

"Why is it that some women come to me to complain about something, then just stand there dumb when I tell them how to fix it?

I can understand the "I'm just looking for some sympathy because I need constant proof that you love me" thing from a girlfriend, but a co-worker?

If you cry to me that your computer is down and you need to e-mail a client right away but only have the client's fax number 'cause the e-mail is on the computer, then I'm going to respond by:

a. Showing you how to get your e-mail from someone else's computer, or
b. Showing you how to use the fax machine.

The sympathy zone is down the hall in the lunchroom."