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Friday, August 25, 2006


Almost Home by Mary Chapin Carpenter/Beth Nielson Chapman/Annie Roboff...

I saw my life this morning
Lying at the bottom of a drawer
All this stuff I'm saving
God knows what this junk is for
And whatever I believed in
This is all I have to show
What the hell were all reasons
For holding on for such dear life
Here's where I let go

I'm not running
I'm not hiding
I'm not reaching
I'm just resting in the arms of the great wide open
Gonna pull my soul in
And I'm almost home

I saw you this morning
You were staring back at me
From an ancient photograph
Stuck between some letters and some keys
I was lost just for a moment
In the ache of old goodbyes
Sometimes all that we can know is
There's no such thing as no regrets
But baby it's all right

I'm not running
I'm not hiding
I'm not reaching
I'm just resting in the arms of the great wide open
Gonna pull my soul in
And I'm almost home
But there's no such thing as no regrets

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Thursday, August 24, 2006


After over 2 years I am now packing it in and leaving Atlanta. In fact, the com-man will be coming to disconnect the internet sometime today between 2-5 pm. And as much as it is hard to live in a big comuter city such as this, I will focus on what was good and special. First, I must give props to my aunt for taking me in during the summer of 2004 and spawning the Scotchy-Scotch Revolution. I will always be grateful for her help in the Southern Migration of the Dar.

But secondly, if I had to nail down one great moment it would have to be the performance of Berlioz' "Le Damnation de Faust" that I saw in March of 2005. It was a brilliant performance with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus at their best. Plus I got to share it with the delightful Miss Allison. What I found so interesting was that the performance illuminated aspects of the story that I had never even contemplated. Over the course of a matter of hours the audience wanted to celebrate during the Hungarian March and weep for the love of Faust and Margaritte. To this day I can hardly bring myself to listen to it on disc since this live performance can never be topped. Truly one for the ages.

From Frank...


Due to your affinity with Sin City, fyi-I will be there for a week in November, from 11/13-11/17. I will be at the Tropicana. Free room, though I will be gone most of the day for a work conference.



Can lightning strike twice in the same year? Are we going to have to take it off the chain? In a way we will kind of be like a married couple. While he's away at work during the day, Tondar will have to do the woman's work of playing black jack, drinking scotch, and berating girls for not putting out. The best part will be when I have an emotional breakdown because Frank buys me the Pabst Genuine Draft instead of the traditional PBR that my refined pallet has grown to love.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The Great He-Goat or Witches' Sabbath by Francisco Goya (1821-1823) Posted by Picasa

Today I have been intrigued by the concept of the black hole - a gravitational force so powerful that the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Of course astronomy tells us that x-ray emissions are the most typical indicator. However, if one was on a spaceship rocketing through the galaxy, how would one find the black hole prior to crossing the event horizon? Would one detect certain signs such as the warping of light around the event horizon? Would the black hole's gravitational pull increase thus a sense of instability as the two become closer? Furthermore, when the traveler becomes aware of the black hole, could he borrow it's gravitational pull to slingshot himself further and faster upon the appropriate trajectory?

All very interesting questions to ponder while wandering the office, drinking water and using the bathroom to while away the workday.

But anyways, when I got home today, I found myself browsing the Artchive at left when I stumbled into the works of one of my favorite artists, Francisco Goya. Today I was especially intrigued by the imagery of his "Witches' Sabbath aka The Great He-Goat." It was part of his Pinturas Negras collection at La Quinta del Sordo and its permanent home is in El Prado, in Madrid, Spain Here is what their website says...

Interpretations are as varied as names, as well as their links with the other paintings of the dining room. Does the girl with a muff mean the initiation of a young witch, or is she just a viewer? Is the monumental figure at left the image of Capricorn, being under the influence of Saturn whose character links it with melancholy? The only clear thing is that Goya represented an alienated mass attending a particular ritual for initiated people.

The composition follows these principles: the group surrounds a geometrical figure, an oval, where each of the elements is in function of the semicircle that stands out against the neuter background. Only three characters are underlined: the priest represented by the he-goat against the light, the luminous and disfigured witch and the young girl, dressed in the moment fashion, attending the ritual rather isolated.

What I found so interesting about the He-Goat is that he is a black mass upon the foreground. Those familiar with photography would know that this effect would be the result of a bright source of light directly on the other side which places his figure in silhouette. Furthermore, this can be supported in the way that the light falls upon the crowd and dissipates towards the edges of those assembled at the unholy ceremony.

So what is going on? What does the light mean? Historically, the piece was painted during a period of great decline in Spanish power and culture. The painting represents the passions of the masses being swayed not by the light of truth, but by an artificial light. This fact is revealed to the viewer alone. For the viewer, it is easy to see the event horizon of the He-Goat's black soul. But for those wrapped up in the celebration of the witches' sabbath, this fact is obscured by his artificial light that they adore.

Like the black hole, the He-Goat is a dark force. One could even consider him an emotional or spiritual black hole that exerts a gravitational pull on the desperate masses as they search for truth, identity, and direction. To further the analogy, have these people already passed the event horizon of their soul? Do they even know they have reached this point? If they have not, how does one escape and find the light of a higher truth in place of this shadow of a false and temporal truth?

These are certainly not easy questions. But perhaps a lesson can be drawn from the girl outside of the compositional oval on the right. Given Goya's mastery of light, I'm sure it was intentional for her to be partially veiled in darkness and not fully illuminated by the false light. Perhaps this is the answer, and like her we must examine the He-Goat from a different point of view that reveals the deceptions of his shadows. Thus, with a bit of detachment and examination we can seperate from the momentum of our own witches' sabbath and rise above false goods to continue the search for that higher truth. However, as for my original question of identifying and escaping black holes?

I have no fricken clue.

And yet something about Florence encourages one to the most sentimental speculation and fantasy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Professor Arthur C. Brooks forecasts a grim future for America's liberal democrats in today's Opinion Journal. It seems that they just aren't breeding enough to sustain their current levels of power...

According to the 2004 General Social Survey, if you picked 100 unrelated politically liberal adults at random, you would find that they had, between them, 147 children. If you picked 100 conservatives, you would find 208 kids. That's a "fertility gap" of 41%. Given that about 80% of people with an identifiable party preference grow up to vote the same way as their parents, this gap translates into lots more little Republicans than little Democrats to vote in future elections. Over the past 30 years this gap has not been below 20%--explaining, to a large extent, the current ineffectiveness of liberal youth voter campaigns today.

Of course one cannot assume that these demographics will hold at their current level. Secondly, liberals have the benefit of government schools to further their agenda. However, all of this does explain why Democrats need illegal immigrants to boost their voting numbers.

Ken is obviously internet savy...

hey u guyz!!! i m ur biggest fan. i love when you guyz wail on the guiatars, it sounds soooo keeewl! it sounds like, NEEEERIR NIDDILY NEEEEEEER! anyways, you are the best. will you come play at my birthday party? i can't pay you in money but my mom says there's gonna be cake and if she knows what's good for her it's gonna be chocolate, but then again she's had like two abortions at this point, so maybe she doesn't really make good choices in life.

ROCK ON!!!!11!!1

This still is not a wine cooler. Posted by Picasa

Sometimes things leave a bad taste in your mouth. Sometimes you don't even have to drink too much. Here are some rough riders puking (not safe for work)...

10. "I wanta da babies. I wanta da babies. I wanta da babies. I WANT BABIES!" Why would you ever want babies after seeing this ABC projectile montage.

9. I like the cinematography on this one. Notice how the puker and the toilet are both in the shot. Plus to make the moment easier to understand for the casual viewer, the sludge flows from left to right across the frame. I give it two fingers in the back of the throat.

8. This one's actually not a video of puking, just Dane Cook discussing puking. Stick with it, the end is totally worth the wait.

7. I really enjoyed this one. Nothing like a Maalox moment all over the newsdesk. You can really hear the remorse in his voice afterwards, and that my friends, is priceless.

6. Beef-barf has it coming out of both ends.

5. Remember the pie contest from Family Guy? "Who wants chowder!?"

4. A "Classic Video" for a classy guy. Nothing says "I'm a trainwreck" more than vomitting on your shirtless chest.

3. What's better than puke-sex? Answer: Puke-sex doggy style. Saddle up!

2. Who would have thought that Jim-Jack would have made Captain VD Shit from his mouth? "It's like a punch in the face, all the time."

1. That's a tough one to swallow. But on a side note why do women always have to ruin a good thing? Just be cool!

It sounds like Team USA is taking care of business in Japan this year...

But it was that sub-standard ball-handling that limited their chances to make a competitive go of it against Team USA. The Americans have forced 59 turnovers in 80 minutes of play in two games (including an Aug. 7 exhibition) against China, with Chris Paul, LeBron James, Wade and Kirk Hinrich providing a devastating bit of ball-hawking in the open and half court. Their length, ability to anticipate, and quick feet kept China from developing any sense of rhythm on offense.

Kelly Dwyer
has the rest of the details. I was especially impressed with how our bigmen are dominating and how this team is drawing comparisons to the original Dream Team. Of course, we will have to wait and see how they do against Argentina, Germany, and France before we can make any definite declarations on an American return to glory.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


So last night I got back to Tres' apartment and his cat announced that she would be sleeping on my face that night. I told Apple that she made me sneezy and weepy and that this made me sad. But like any woman with an agenda, she informed me that my feelings didn't matter and that she wanted to sleep on my face out of love. And so to follow through on her promise she spent the night trying to jump into bed with me. That darn cat must have woken me up every hour either trying to snuggle up to me or simply laying beside the bed telling me how she was going to snuggle up to me so that I couldn't sleep.

Last night I was told that 3 was the critical mass necessary to make a cat-lady. But in Tres' case I will declare him a cat-lady given the emotional neediness of his sole ammonia machine.

I guess Tres was too busy in the North to spend time with his real friends in Nashvegas.