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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Sleep li'l Franky, you've had to much to drink.
There's no truth in what you think.
The Richard Nixon Dance-a-thon has you in pink.
Just like Big Tiff it seems that you stink. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 29, 2006


Jerry's away on "Dancing With The Stars" right now. So Steve is running the show and today is a "very special" episode: "Steve & The Girl On Heroin."

Steve didn't curse her out or even hit her with a chair. I even found myself chanting "Go to Oprah" at the TV. I hope Jerry hurries back so that we can see the lighter side of the dregs of society.

From the AP...

" Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., submitted a letter of resignation from Congress on Friday in the wake of questions about e-mails he wrote a former male page, according to a congressional official."


" In his exchanges with the boy, Foley asked how old he was, what he wanted for his upcoming birthday, how he was doing after Hurricane Katrina and for a photo."

Here I thought we were going to get something along the lines of Dateline's "To Catch a Predator." Instead, the details reveal what seems to be an adult trying to poorly relate to a teenager. And I'm sure a Congressman would never think to put a picture of a constituent he had helped up on his website. For crying out loud, when I was an intern I had e-mail correspondence of a personal nature and even had "alone" time with adult males. What exactly, is the problem here? At what point did every adult become a pederast?

Obviously, this raises the question: If Congressman Foley knew enough to resign for this, what was in the redmeat e-mails?

From the Tennessean...

"The man was suspected of shoplifting, and the trooper was doing security work at a Hickory Hollow Mall department store.

Witnesses told police that the off-duty trooper, Aussie Thaxter, 41, chased the 21-year-old suspect out of Dillard's about 7:30 p.m., Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said. Thaxter apparently had followed the man into his red Plymouth Breeze, which was backed into a handicapped-only parking spot in front of the store, when the man started the car and began to drive off.

Police believe Thaxter was partly inside the car when it started moving and was dragged. As that was happening, he fired one shot, striking the suspect in the neck. Thaxter rolled out of the car as it careened across the parking lot toward the nearby AmSouth bank.

Because of stories like this, Seth hates the south. Frankly, I don't blame him when I see stories like this. I guess we found the point where lethal force is justified for shoplifters. It's also nice how Tennessee cops just ignore that pesky Constitution and take it upon themselves to literally be police, jury, and executioner.

Looks like I found something for Tres and his hair to do this weekend...

"He is hawking noses Â? and perhaps honking noses Â? this weekend at the Marriott Gwinnett Place in Duluth, where the South East Clown Association is holding its 24th annual convention. About 220 of its almost 500 members are attending the five-day event, held each year in different areas throughout the Southeast.

Seminars include magic, costuming, juggling and one class led by McBryde, "Picking Your Nose the Right Way." Among the highlights of Thursday evening's schedule was a balloon sculpture contest.

"I think we've got a great reputation for some of the best teaching in the country," said SECA president Jan "Giggles" Livesay.

SECA covers 10 states, and in the past, clowns have come to the convention from Mexico, Canada and across the United States to reunite, share trade secrets and buy props such as puppets and magic kits.

Thursday morning, many members sat in on "Fun & Games With Balloons." Among the lessons: When you call up volunteers at a party, make sure you acknowledge them and learn their names.

"They're not props. They're not meat," said lecturer Dave Hill. "A good volunteer will make you look very, very good."

Tres could conduct a seminar on making others look good through public displays of obnoxious clown hair in pink shirts.

I don't care what anyone says, Miss Allison is by far the hottest girl in this photo. Posted by Picasa

This is a rather sad story from south of Nashville in Columbia, TN. But it's a great example of what happens when you combine ignorance with authority...

The second came from Dr. Edcheril Benny, father of the developmentally disabled man whose love of walking apparently led to his demise. Sitting at his dining room table, the neurologist called his 30-year-old son's death "a senseless act."

One week ago, Thursday, the young man went for his afternoon walk after returning from King's Daughters' School in Columbia, a school for youth and adults with mental disabilities that he had attended for about three years.


Lovett responded with pepper spray, but it remains unclear whether it hit Benny. Finally, with the help of two other officers and Primm, who had tracked Benny in his truck after he left Primm's home, Benny was subdued.

"When they did get him handcuffed, they noticed he was limp and unconscious,'' Crotzer said.

The chief said efforts were made to resuscitate him and three doctors on their way home stopped to help, but Benny "was pronounced dead at Maury Regional Hospital."

This is just quite sad. And though nothing will probably happen, I would like to see all the officers charged with Ashley's murder. Nothing like 3 police officers "subduing" one brain damaged individual. It breaks your heart to read about such a senseless death. And sure, Ashley was wrong for trespassing. But it is so infuriating that there is such a large gap in the "official" timeline, while the police are bending over backwards to cover their own authoritarian asses.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


It seems just a month ago I was lamenting the Pistons playoff implosion. But 2007 is around the corner, and it's time for them to go back to work at training. Marty Burns of CNNSI has a preview for the entire Central Division. However, I disagree with his three biggest questions. So here are three of my own...

1. Addition by subtraction?

Obviously, you can't replace a defensive spark like Ben Wallace. However, the truth is, he was a liability on offense where the Pistons were forced to play 4 on 5. The biggest question will be, can Nazr Muhammed step up and produce enough on both ends of the floor to fill the middle. He doesn't have to get all the blocks and rebounds Big Ben got. But on the other hand, he had better score a lot more points and offer another option to spread defenses for Rip and Chauncey.

2. Flip the rotation?

During the offseason the Pistons added Flip Murray from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last year he averaged a career high 13.5 ppg. My question is, how will this 6'4" guard fit into the rotation? Personally, I see him coming in to fill both the 1 and 2 spots giving us a solid 3 guard rotation. But can Flip play the point? Can he produce enough to lessen the dropoff of having allstars Chauncey Billups or Rip Hamilton on the bench?

3. How quickly is time marching?

The Pistons have an interesting mix on their roster. On the one hand they have some aging greats in Lindsay Hunter, Antonio McDyess, and Dale Davis (if he doesn't go to jail). On the other hand they have quite a few unproven young players in Alex Acker, Jason Maxiel, Carlos Delfino, Amir Johnson, and the new Darko, 7'1", 195 lb, Cheik Samb. Samb will probably be sent to the developmental league so that he can end his anorexic nightmare with the help of Dr. Keith. But of the rest, somebody is going to have to step up. Personally, I think we could see Delfino become the 3 point money man. Also, Amir Johnson played well in the summer leagues and may be just the man to bring that athleticism that we are losing with old Karl Malone Antonio McDyess.

If you're not a fan of Google Earth, you have been missing quite a bit of fun with their satalite function. Personally, my favorite spots are the Villa Corsi-Salviati outside of Florence, the small island off the coast of Taoromina, and Istanbul. But it turns out you can also see some nekkid people sunbathing in The Hague as well as some other oddities.

If GM sells a car that's a lemon, the automaker loses money, either by having to pay for costly repairs or by customers looking elsewhere for their next vehicle. But when a hospital makes errors that keep a patient in bed longer, the hospital is paid more.

The Detroit News has an interesting piece comparing the business practices of GM and the healthcare industry. You might not think they are related. But if you consider all the pensioners and employees that GM must cover under their healthcare plan, they suddenly have a very big interest in delivering a quality product for a reduced price. This is a very interesting must-read.

Hat-tip to Pigpen for the link.

"He's about 300 pounds and got his fatass on the pole."

"If he wants to go on national tv and embarass me, I'll go on national tv and whoop his ass. Let's see how that feels."

"What's the shortest verse in the Bible?"
"The shortest verse is 'Bitch, you ugly!"

"How you gonna live the Bible by slapping her around?"

"A good tree bears fruit. A bad tree has a prostitute for a daughter."

This has gotta be the best episode featuring a man with one leg...matey.

NAFTA can suck it. Mexicans use American taxpayers to pay for their babies. Yet Americans are not allowed to take their babies to the top of the pyramids and make out. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


"They wanna get together and do crack and do this and that."

"Keep it white and keep it real."

"They don't like the idea of me drinkin' and smokin' while I'm pregnant."

"My mamma drank when she was pregnant with me and I'm perfect!"

"I don't drink enough to hurt my baby. I can drink about a half a thing of Jim Beam and be ok."

"I feel in my heart that you're my baby's daddy."

"How can I do better than somebody that will bail me out of jail?"

Historically, we are in a unique time and place with so many nation states controlling their own territory in the Middle East. If you take a look at this historical mapshow, you see that the history is dominated by the rise and fall of massive empires. Plus with the rise of Iran it will be interesting to see if this trend continues, or if they will follow the European model and create self-ruled democracies capable of maintaining their independence in spite of the pull of empire.

Bush is wagering on and pushing the second, but time will tell.

Well guess, who else was knocked up! That great Parisian exile, Lisa Gherardini also known as the Mona Lisa...

"Thanks to laser scanning, we were able to uncover the very fine gauze veil Mona Lisa was wearing on her dress. This was something typical for either soon-to-be or new mothers at the time," Michel Menu, research director of the French Museums' Center for Research and Restoration, said Wednesday on LCI television.

This is probably the most famous painting in the world. It was begun by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503. And being a perfectionist when it came to theory, he continued to work on the piece his entire life. Furthermore the laser scanning revealed...

We now have very precise information about the thickness of the layers," Bruno Mottin, of the French restoration center, told reporters in Ottawa, Canada. "We know how the painting is painted, with very thin layers of painting. That's one of the things we couldn't see by the naked eye, and that Canadian technology brought us."

John Taylor of Canada's National Research Council said there were no signs of any brush stroke. "That includes the very fine details of the embroidery on the dress, the hair," he said. "This is the 'je ne sais quoi' of Leonardo. The genius. We don't know how he applied it."

The scan even revealed Leonardo's first conception of Mona Lisa.

"The 3-D imaging was able to detect the incised drawing to provide us with da Vinci's general conception for the composition," said Christian Lahanier, head of the documentation department of the French research center.

It's quite interesting how much we are actually learning about art history these days. As technology becomes better we can dissect many of the details and techniques that were lost to history. Furthermore, art history has become more concerned with the specific events and details of past times and places in spite of their direct influence on an artists. This allows us to better understand the artists and what may have inspired them.

So the other night I was working out and there was this little cutie hopping down that hottie trail on the treadmill. Since I was already impressing her with my body, I struck up a little small talk to see if she had any kind of personality to go with those looks. Unfortunately, the second thing she mentioned were the "little ones" she had waiting for her at home. At that moment, the Frank Sinatra voice inside my head declared, "This conversation is over." After all, what utility and worth does a cute girl on a treadmill have when she's already filled her baby quota. My work is already done and there's no need for me to father any more children.

However, tonight the same girl came back. And you guessed it, the logorrhea continued. I would have to say that strike 2 was the story about how her little boy had a virus. Mmmmm, hmmmm you certainly know how to interact with the other humans. I guess I should have brought Duchessa Viola of the Monkey Republic down to the weight room so she could converse with her intellectual equal on matters of great Tondar apathy. Sure La Duchessa can only scream when you squeeze the little box inside her. Like for this girl, I'm sure she would have considered it the equivalent of a smile and a "Uh-huh." But what really put the final nail in the coffin was when she invited me to her Baptist Church. I can't imagine anything being more of a good time than wasting my WHOLE Sunday worshiping in a happy-go-lucky Baptist church with a singin' and a prancin' and a healin' and a snake handlin' all in 4/4 time with my best new workout buddy in the whole wide wide world.

Guess what babe, you've had your fun and run your mouth and from here on out, NO MORE TALKIN' FOR YOU!

So let it be blogged. So let it be done.

Of course if we did have an adventure in Chichen Itza, we would have to be careful because I can just see Tres attacking these stairs with the same wreckless abandon that almost landed him with a broken leg in the Saracen Camp. Posted by Picasa

Normally Tondar is not one to get all afraid when the media starts hyping one of their typical WARNINGS. However, when I moved to Tennessee I bought two bricks of frozen spinach. I hate to admit it, but I am a bit afraid that I might have Ahmed E. Coli waiting to bomb my lower intestinal express if I decide to cook up that spinach with a little basalmic vinegar and garlic. Plus considering that I am eating more fruits and vegetables these days it makes me feel even more terrorized, afraid, and alone.

I know that the reports mention bags of spinach. But I'm wondering if I would be better off simply wasting the dollar and saving myself from a near death experience. Afterall, just because one has the intestinal fortitude of Chuck Norris, doesn't mean one should take on the risk of a Karate Kommando. My track record speaks for itself and I know I would have no problem taking on deadly dolphins, but I am worried that I don't have the determination to overcome certain forms of jihadi bacteria that may or may not be in my spinach.

From Seth...


Now that Shaun Alexander has broken his foot, that makes the count 8 for 8 with the Madden curse. In case you don't play as many video games as Seth, this is a curse that injures or ruins the career of the player that makes the cover of the game. Normally, it's somebody coming off of a great season. And it used to be an honor. But now that Alexander makes it 8 of 8, I doubt anybody would want to risk being number 9.

Here is the complete history from ESPN...

Madden Curse strikes again?

Cover athlete Impact Game Edition
Shaun Alexander, Seahawks Non-displaced fracture in foot 2007
Donovan McNabb, Eagles Sports hernia in first game of season; team divided by feud with T.O. 2006
Ray Lewis, Ravens First season without INT, missed last game of season with broken wrist 2005
Michael Vick, Falcons Fractured right fibula day after game hit shelves 2004
Marshall Faulk, Rams Ankle injury, never again broke 1,000 yards for season 2003
Daunte Culpepper, Vikings Struggled to 4-7 before season-ending knee injury 2002
Eddie George, Titans Career year, but key turnover led to playoff loss 2001
Barry Sanders, Lions
(shared cover with Madden)
Abruptly retired week before training camp 2000
John Madden N/A 1989-2000

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


In case you missed it, President Bill Clinton got a little hot and angry on FoxNews Sunday with Chris Wallace. What's interesting is that Clinton is trying to rewrite history and paint his failures as a "conservative hitjob" from the "rightwingers." However, as his former personal advisor Dick Morris points out...

"There he was on live television, the man those who have worked for him have come to know – the angry, sarcastic, snarling, self-righteous, bombastic bully, roused to a fever pitch. The truer the accusation, the greater the feigned indignation. Clinton jabbed his finger in Wallace’s face, poking his knee, and invading the commentator’s space."

It's obvious that mistakes were made. Now Clinton is upset because he knows that this is going to tarnish his legacy and make his presidency appear that he was asleep at the switch and enjoying BJs while the jihad raged and plotted against us. What I find most interesting is the psychology behind Clinton's rage. In many ways it is similar to Bush's attempts to insulate himself from criticism and dissent. It would make a great topic for a political science thesis to find just how many of the late 20th Century Presidents also had this self-righteous attitude and in what forms did it manifest itself? Secondly, I think we would then have to look at our media and nomination process to determine what role they play in promoting this personality trait.


"Did the Klan have a dental plan for both y'all punks?"

This one was actually kind of sad. There was a father who was disowning his daughter for having a 'molato' baby. Sure the crowd made fun of him. But really this episode was just too sad to be all that amusing.

I say, bring back the trannies and the love triangles!

It's too bad that we have to respect this old historical crap. It would be a fun place to go on Adventure. Posted by Picasa

Here are Seth's thoughts on MSU blowing a 16 point lead in the 4th quarter Saturday night to lose to Notre Dame...

"Looking at Michigan's schedule, the fearsome games are still Iowa, MSU and Ohio State. OSU I still believe is 80-percent hype. Case in point: Troy Smith's acrobatic touchdown pass against Penn State made all the highlight reels and impressed Heisman voters, but that 37-yard pass was fully one third of his total yards all game. If you take away that one play, he was 11-21 for 78 yards and 2 INTs, and ran the ball 3 times for 18 yards. Heisman? (PSU running back) Tony Hunt's left butt cheek put up a better Heisman performance than that overrated clown. When Michigan goes to Columbus this year, Ohio State's overhyped children are going to get beaten bad.

Iowa is a tough one, obviously, but I think they're ripe for a beating if we show up -- their running game is underrated but will not be able to perform against Michigan.

So that leaves MSU as the most likely candidate, I think, to beat Michigan this year.

The team most like the Wolverines has to be the Irish, at least when you're coming up with game plans. They're similar in talent at similar positions, except Michigan has better linebackers and Lloyd Carr is a far superior college head coach in my opinion to Charlie Weis.

So I would guess that MSU will use a similar approach against Michigan as they did against Notre Dame, i.e, run outside off the shotgun, throw quick slants on passing downs, and use every ounce of Stanton. On defense, they'll bring pressure by the boatloads and live and die with man coverage, since they're probably the worst team in the Big Ten at zone coverage.

It seems like they're very vulnerable deep. I would go vertical right from the get-go to get those safeties out of the box. Then it's Hart, Hart, Hart, Hart, Hart, Grady, Grady, Hart Hart with every screen and delay in the book. That should soften them up and get Henne the time he needs to pick 'em apart in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Also, MSU looked really out of shape -- probably because their defense doesn't have the depth to sub in front-7 backups without a significant drop-off in performance. I think Michigan should put together a slew of no-huddle series with Grady and Hart both in the backfield (so as to keep them both fresh).

The keys are to hold onto the football (MSU knows how to create turnovers) and keep playing like it's 0-0 all game long -- no lead is safe against that offense.

There's no such thing as a shutout of MSU, even with Michigan's awesome defense. They're too fast and Stanton is too good, with too many good receivers to shut down. The Irish had success late by bottling up their tailbacks, but that was largely because State's best offensive tackle was on the bench (he'll be 100 percent by the Michigan game). I think we can man up the receivers with some safety help. Passing, because their plays develop so quickly, the concentration has to be hitting your man at the line of scrimmage and the spy linebackers being able to react to the play and put a hurtin' on the receiver. Coverage is going to rely heavily on the safeties being able to react as well. If Adams and Mundy have a good game, there will be little bits and pieces of Spartan receivers all over the field, and lots and lots of dropped passes. If not, look for MSU to put up as many points as any two other teams on the Michigan schedule. The reason the pass coverage is so tough is because if you focus on zone coveage, you get eaten alive by their thunder-lightning combo of Jehuu Culcrick and Jevon Ringer. At least our linebackers have the speed to keep up with them, and Alan Branch, Terrance Taylor and Lamarr Woodley make it pretty hard to run up the middle. But stopping them, Notre Dame showed, is the key to stopping MSU's offense.

Stanton can escape and make plays, but even he gets tired if he's being chased every other play by Prescott Burgess or Lamarr Woodley. And he doesn't know how to slide, which is a HUGE problem for Michigan State once it's David Harris, Prescott Burgess, Brandent Englemon, Morgan Trent, Leon Hall or Jamar Adams making the hit. These are all guys who can hit better than most any other guys at their position in the conference. If Stanton gets injured, MSU can fold up camp, and the way he runs is just begging for an injury when you have guys like that all over the field. I think there's a 50-percent chance that Stanton suffers at least one injury. What that is and how it affects his play is another matter. But that was the key to beating State in 2004 (that and Braylon Edwards I should say), and it could very well be again."

Personally, I think we will be undone by our trip to Happy Valley. Penn St. is not as bad as their two losses would indicate. They lost to Notre Dame in a bed crapping Madden Shenanigans style game. While against OSU they kept it close and tight (except for that one drive and one desperate interception). Plus there is an emotional factor at play as they will be looking for a little revenge considering that we ruined their perfect season last year.

How many times have we seen the Crocodile Hunter just do something ridiculously stupid and wonder how that man survived for so long? For crying out Crikey I figured it would be one of those sea snakes or other poison nasties that did him in. But anyways, the truth is, none of us were that surprised when his animal friends finally killed him a few weeks ago.

Now with Jackass 2 being the number 1 movie in the country, I wonder if anybody has considered their impending doom. Who will be the first of the group to die? How will it happen? Will it be funny? Johnny Knoxville almost bites it here if that yak had aimed a few inches in either direction. Steve-o seems to be a bit of a mess that will do anything. Maybe it will be some strange microbe disease? Does Vegas have an over-under on this thing? But like the death of Steve Irwin, I'm sure nobody will really be that surprised?

Monday, September 25, 2006


From Seth...

This must be what the Pirates felt like when a 40-year-old Babe Ruth and his Boston Braves came to town and Ruth hit three out of the mammoth part (400 feet to the corner!)

Everyone else gets to tee off on the old guy and exact a little vengeance for what he did to them during his prime. But when it comes our turn, Favre becomes the Favre of old for one game and eats us alive. This wasn't defensive breakdowns or a bad offense even this time -- it was purely one quarterback beating the living snot out his opponent for four quarters. He sucker punched us, then cracked us in the kneecap, kicked us in the balls about six times, then stepped on our windpipes and.... (too graphic a metaphor?)

Mark my words, the Lions will win a game this year. I know this because they're so wildly unpredictable. I thought they would have a 10-7 win against Green Bay cause the offenses stunk and it was the offenses that ruled the day. I thought the Seahawks would dominate them offensively and the new Martz offense would be able to surprise. I thought the Bears couldn't run the ball. Since we have shown the capability to play solid D and solid O, and the capability to play one or the other or neither, it makes sense that we should put them both together at least once. I know it doesn't look like it, and you're going to think I'm crazy, but the Lions will win at least one NFL game this season, maybe even two. Who knows -- that Detroit karma's so good this year they might even win three!

Ya know the Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers (hopefully) all won their divisions this year. It would be great if the Lions could get their act together and complete the tetrafecta.

BTW - Has there ever been a city that has completed a tetrafecta for all their sports divisions in the same year?

It was the season premier subtitled: "Jerry's Tranny Special."

"Yes, I'm really a man."

"Hee haw donkey! I'm a real horse right now." *Dances*

"In my opinion, who's really straight these days?"

"Who gave you the name Hershey because 'Mr. Ed' suits you better."

What is it with Trannies and boas? Is this what they are teaching in stereotype school these days?

So I finally have seen all 3 of the Wilford Brimley Diabeetis commercials. Now you may remember these from a link I posted a while back. In one of the remixes, Wilford declares, "I know who has diabeetis." As one of the Youtube comments asks...

"I know who HAS diabeetis."

Whoa. Is he the Diabeetis Santa Claus?
Is he checking his list...and checking it often? :p

Close. It turns out that he is reading a letter and the full context of the quote is that the writer was mentioning "My friend I know who has diabeetis..." But thanks to great editing, it just comes across as creepy. I know I was always curious about the full context of that statement, and now we can put that mystery to bed.

I've seen many videos on Youtube where people mix the "Mortal Kombat Theme" with some goofy dancing or play fighting. However, I think this video of a "Polish Bum Fight" is one of the best. I love the sheer chaos of the thing including the manhole incident (note where the lid lands).

Sunday, September 24, 2006


James has a great rundown on his blog about Wisconaroo 2006. Of course, I'm sorry I couldn't make it. But with my recent move to Tennessee, there was just too much transition in my life for me to plan early for this trip. Thus I could not get a good airfare so my only other option was to drive. But as James points out, driving to Wisconsin isn't all that it's cracked up to be...

I think it was decided that next time, they will fly out from Metro Airport. The drive was just too grueling for a weekend trip. I agree, flying would be the way to go. It is further than it seems to come out. It is only 2 to 3 hours from Chicago, depending on traffic. And Chicago isn’t a bad drive from Detroit. But Madison is far enough from Chicago to be too far from Detroit to make a comfortable drive. Maybe we will make a Chicago weekend sometime? I want to go back to see autumn in Chicago. I’ve only been in the spring and summer. And while I know that summer in Chicago is lovely, I imagine fall to be equally as lovely. We also started banging around the idea of our next rendevous. Seth is trying to get a NYC reunion. Personally, I don’t want to crash at Ben’s place if everyone else is going; it is just too small. Things were to capacity for Tonaroo, add another person and reduce the space; no good. Tondar is trying to rally a trip to Cali in January for the big rose parade they have. I guess there is a football game afterwards that takes place every year? Well, there is a good chance the Michigan will be playing there. Actually, there is a decent chance that we will go to the BCS championship this year, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m thinking that Lloyd Carr will blow it against OSU (again) and we will go to the Rose Bowl by default (OSU will go on to the BCS game).

On the whole, I think a good time was had by all. It was great seeing the guys again. It was too bad that Tres and Tondar didn’t make it out, but on second thought maybe it was for the best. I realized that my apartment is smaller than Tondar’s. Also, my bed is smaller, so there isn’t room for Jason and I to sleep together since Dawn is in the bed too. Haha. It was also good because the cats wouldn’t have handled two more people so well. They will be OK for next time though. They could probably handle it with more people too. Though I think our next big gathering might be a Tennessee roundup. I would love to see Nashville this coming winter.

I would certainly be down for NYC and since I have other peeps there I might be able to relieve the hospitality crunch. However, if that UM bowl game falls through Alamo style, lets plan on a Tonaroo 2007 sometime in late January or early February. What say the kids?

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