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Saturday, October 21, 2006


U2 - North And South Of The River

I want to reach out over the loch
And feel your hand across the water

Walk with you along an unapproved road
Not looking over my shoulder

I want to see, and I want to hear
To understand your fears
But we're north & south of the river

I've been doing it wrong all of my life
This holy town has turned me over
A young man running from what he didn't understand
But the wind from the loch just got colder and colder

There was a badness that had it's way
Love was not lost, love will have it's day
North & south of the river
North & south of the river

Can we stop playing these old tattoos?
Darling, I don't have the answer
I want to meet you
Where you are
I don't need you to surrender
There's no feeling
Thats so alone
As when the one you're hurting is your own
North & south of the river
North & south of the river
North & south of the river

Some high ground is not worth taking
Some connections are not worth making
There's an old church bell no longer ringing
Some old songs are not worth bringing
North (Some high ground is not worth taking)
North & south of the river

Remember back in 2000 and 2001 when you could go on Napster and find ANYTHING? I'm talking the rarest live cuts or obscure B-sides and remixes. Of course, some of those songs are out there, but thanks to the record industry these have been spread to the 4 corners of the globe and are hidden away a little with Tondar, a little in Europe and a little in Asia. Never again will we experience that great renaissance of music exchange like back in Y2K.

But anyways, I have often said that we are in the Gold Age of Youtube. But alas, I fear that it's end is on the horizon as well...

"TOKYO (Reuters) - Google Inc.'s removed 29,549 video files from its popular Web site after receiving a demand from a group of Japanese media companies over copyright infringement, an industry group said on Friday."

Enjoy it now kids while you've still got it!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Today the monkeys celebrated their 4th annual October Day. Things got kicked off about noon with a parade around the apartment complex. General Denise led the way. She looked quite grand in her official ceremonial scarf. One might even have called her pretty if it weren't for the certain beating waiting on the other side of that comment. However, during the course of the parade, she became enraged by the third Mustang that tried to run down the participants. At this point, she chased down the car. As the owner got out, she proceeded to shove him to the ground and pound on his chest with both fists. Of course, she was just getting warmed up. She then ran around to the other side and with a bit of rocking momentum used her gorilla strength to flip the car over. Luckily, the owner had run away by this point. But I'm sure he learned a lesson about harassing a Monkey Parade.

Eventually the citizens made their way to the tennis courts. Here, Mr. Mojo was supposed to deliver his annual State of the Republic speech. But I fear that the citizen and bureaucrats have grown more apathetic and complacent towards the betterment of the Monkey Republic and its goal of simian hegemony. While the members of the bureaucracy stood by scratching themselves and sniffing the air (somebody deep fried something today), Paddington Huggs ran about giggling and chasing leaves in the wind.

Afterwards, the Republic returned to my apartment for the fruit, candy and cake reception. At this point Lord Grumpington took it upon himself to ensure that Paddington was not allowed to participate because of his bad behavior at the speech. I later found wee Master Huggs crying in my bed. I felt sorry for him so we sat down and had a little talk about being a good citizen. I'm not sure Paddinton understood what he had done wrong. He told me about the leaves and how they went, "This way and this way and this way," and "It fun to run with leaves." I guess Paddington had never done that before, though he had heard several of Mr. Mojo's speeches previously. Today the Philosopher King's orations did not interest Paddington because they were "boring" and "of not fun like leafy friends." In many ways, this makes sense. But then I reminded Paddington that as a citizen of the Republic it was his duty to listen to Mr. Mojo and be good. Because without the Republic, there would be nobody to take care of Paddington or give him candy. When I mentioned this Paddington's eyes got really big. He then ran off and apologized to Mr. Mojo. Mr. Mojo was happy to see that the citizen had understood the concept of Monkey Government and with that he gave Paddington some cake.

In the end, I think we all learned something today about government.

Mr. Mojo is unwinding after today's speech and festivities. Posted by Picasa

in the continuing effort to liberate the screensaver...

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Bob Seger, The Who, and Meatloaf all have new albums coming out this fall. It seems that Seger has recaptured the old sound as he returns to "Face the Promise." On the other hand, Meatloaf didn't get quite the same reviews since his new album was made without song writer Jim Steinman. As for The Who's "Endless Wire" which is due to come out October 31st, like Bat III, we will have to wait and see. Though the idea of a a new rock opera certainly has Tondar intrigued since there are only so many ways one can enjoy their last masterpiece, 1972's Quadrophenia.

I once said the word "cunt" in front of Erika. She became so enraged that she poured a beer down my throat (yeah, jokes on her). However, I never asked her opinion on Tom Brokaw's "tax cunts."

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The classical era returns Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


"Update: Springer Crossdressers"

"I'm lonely. I don't have my dead mother any more so I wear her underwear."

"And no matter what I am you're supposed to be there for me and care about me."

"Harold, the image of you in my dead aunt's underwear is disturbing and disgusting."

"Are you afraid of a woman, Jerry?"
"Right now I am."

"Why do you have to be the way you are?"

"You were in the infantry in the army? Maybe you should have been in the navy with the seamen."

"People that only think about themselves often wind up alone."

Seth breaks down how desperate Iowa screwed the pooch trying to make a by trying to showup the Buckeyes in their national showcase game...

"Iowa tried to make Ohio State into a statement game by going downfield early and often, and trying to open it up and break big plays. Had they played closer, I think they could have gone toe-to-toe with the Buckeyes, they would have hung in the game like Penn State did, and had a chance to win. But Tate can only throw deep into soft coverage so many times before he's picked off, and it played directly into the Buckeyes' strength. When you're going against talented freshman, you have to let them screw up, THEN make them pay, not toss it directly into their hands on the chance that they screw up.

I thought Kirk Ferentz was a great football coach, but he didn't prepare his kids correctly for Ohio State, and I can't see how he'll do it for Michigan either, especially if Manningham comes back. If Iowa's weakness is small offensive linemen, then I don't see how they'll do better against Woodley, Branch, Taylor, Biggs and whomever's blitzing than the beefcakes of Minnesota, Wisconsin and MSU -- O-lines envied across the league. Michigan's biggest defensive weakness is the rollout, which requires an established power running game, a QB who can throw on the run, and fast receivers who know how to find space. That's Drew Stanton. That's Ohio State. But I tellya honey, it shoh ain't Drew Tate."

"Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Tuesday declared a state of emergency for 11 parishes, and ordered state emergency management officials to send teams to assess damage. FEMA pledged to send teams later this week, authorities said."

Last year he made Hurricane Katrina, and now this. You would think that President Bush would not be going after Louisiana, especially during an election year. But I guess the Gulf Coast wasn't the only place to get ravaged by this storm. There is also some news about Tennessee...

" KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Torrential rains and hurricane-force winds ripped through Tennessee, downing trees and forcing officials to close major roads in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Tuesday.

The storm, which had a peak wind gust of 106 mph, swept into the 520,000-acre preserve that straddles the Tennessee-North Carolina border on Monday evening."

Knoxville is way on the Eastern side of the state, but I was a bit worried as the storm rolled through because it had rained so hard for so long that I wondered if the parking lot outside was flooding the Oldsmodar. In retrospect, this is more of an Atlanta problem since the Georgia clay doesn't absorb the water quick enough and any bad drainage system will overflow in a flash. Luckily for Ole Tondar everything is fine here in Hendarsonville. But that's no comfort for those experiencing the wrath of the dark alliance between the Republicans and Mother Nature.

Seth sent me this link. I guess the environmental movement is trying to recruit the Christian right. Inherently, and like in Europe, this is an issue that would seem to be something the Christians would support. However, in America, since our livelihood is tied to our manner of locomotion the drive to protect the environment is not as strong as the standard American's drive towards economic self-sufficiency.

But anyways, it is pretty interesting the lengths some take to manipulate the moral high ground.

From Mark Twain's "Letter To The Earth..."

"What is the giving up of life, to a noble soul, or to ten thousand noble souls, compared with the giving up of fifteen dollars out of the greedy grip of the meanest white man that ever lived on the face of the earth?"

Mark Twain was a great sardonic writer. It's too bad much of that is lost in the archaic manner in which he wrote. I recently read a collection of his essays and thanks to all the 19th Century double-entendre the book was tedious and took twice as long to read. What made it worse was his ignorant approach to science. Mark Twain was certainly far behind his contemporaries when it came to writing science fiction. Not that it kept him from trying but it's a shame that he didn't stick to the Americana of his time since he did much better capturing the spirit of what he ACTUALLY knew.

I hope my writing holds up better than Twain's.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


From Seth...

There is logic in the Tigers winning.

The Tigers are a better baseball team than any other in their league. So why should it come as a surprise that they spent most of the season atop it, and ended up atop again after the crucible of the playoffs?

The Tigers' hitters are decent and timely, the manager is the best you could hope for, the fans have made Comerica Park more inhospitable than the weather ever could, and their pitching staff this year is one of the best ever assembled in the DH era of the American League.

One of the best ever assembled?

It seems so ludicrous to say that, but it's held true all season. Robertson's a pure gamer, Bonderman's got a breaking pitch that would make Hideo Nomo blush, and Verlander is probably the most talented rookie we've had in this organization since those boys in the late '70s. Then there's Kenny Rogers, the gold-glove starter of this year's All-Star game and a member of the last three All-Star teams -- and we're still flabbergasted that he wins? Why? Because he disappointed Steinbrenner in 1997?

And don't forget the guys who got us more wins from the 5-spot than any other team: Mike Maroth was Kenny Rogers Part Deux until his injury. The rookie Zach Miner replaced him with a mid-summer display more brilliant than the Detroit River fireworks. When Miner fell off, Wil Ledezma stepped in and started pitching wonderballs. Roman Colon even had moments of bright spots, so long as we kept him away from 2-run deficits and/or runners in scoring position. And though he didn't quite fit into his Tiger whites yet (figuratively and literally), it's a sure bet that those who speak of the '06 squad in the years to come will mention that Andrew Miller wore a Tiger uniform.

Then go to the bullpen, which surprised from pre-season predictions. But those predictions were predicated upon a projected middle trio of Franklyn German, Chris Spurling and Matt Ginter, not Fernando Rodney, Joel Zumaya and Jason Grilli. Rodney with his strange-up (and fire) and Zumaya with his blistering fastball (and underrated curve), were the best setup tandem the American League has seen in years. Grilli was the most consistent middle reliever you could ask for. Walker was lights-out against lefties, earning him longer outings as he carried an ERA under 1.50 until the postseason was clinched. And then there was Jonesey, who gave up his Y2K penchant for slamming the bullpen door to instead induce heart attacks by putting the tying run on third. We finally figured him out -- opposing teams still haven't.

Now put those arms and against any lineup you like. Try the All-Star game lineup, even. Or perhaps more germaine to the Tigers' "surprising" run to the AL pennant, the parade of pugnacious power-hitters in pinstripes our pitchers pitilessly pummeled (my editor hates alliteration -- yours?). Want stats? Try a 2.92 ERA over eight playoff games. Or better yet, a baseball-best 3.84 regular season tally against one of the most high-scoring divisions in baseball history (four of five teams had over 800 runs).

The hitters, well, they're good. Polanco and Guillen and Rodriguez and Ordonez are flat-out good hitters. But Inge and Monroe and Granderson and Thames are a better representation of our offensive style, big hits in the 1st, bigger hits in the 8th and 9th, and long dry spells in-between. That makes for a decent offense: few "manufactured" runs, but hard to shut out and, like the Pistons, able to hurt you from anywhere.

Finally, you have the manager. I couldn't call him the best manager of all time, career-wise, but Leland certainly had, by a margin wider than Stengal's grin, deeper than Durocher's frown, thicker than McGraw's fist and larger than Connie Mack's pachyderm, the single best managerial season in the history of baseball. Whatever a manager does, this guy did better than anyone. He was so good at tweaking lineups, he managed to make a group of inconsistent hitters produce runs with consistency. He had so much respect, you had guys playing for Tony LaRussa, Bobby Cox, Dusty Baker, Frank Robinson, Ozzie Guillen and Joe Torre speaking in envy of playing under Leland. And he did it concurrently with what I think was perhaps at least a top-10 managerial performance of all-time from Ron Gardenhire.

To top it off, they're backed by starving fans. This isn't St. Louis or Boston, baseball-rules towns where every season brings equal parts hope and disappointment. And this isn't New York or Chicago, where half the fan-base was recently knocked off the cross-town rival's bandwagon and the other half purchased box seats 10 years ago. The fans who will show up to Comerica Park on Saturday evening are guys who spent $800 out of a $35,000/year budget for the hope that his son could discover what Tram brought to my generation, Kaline to my father's, Greenberg to his father's, and Cobb to his father's. This isn't just passion; the stadium is teeming with more life than the city has seen in decades.

All told, this is a great baseball team. Fantastic pitching. Fantastic bullpen. Fantastic management. Great Defense. Decent Hitting. And -- as cliche as the term has become -- at the moment, the best fans in baseball.

That they beat other baseball teams, i.e., those with decent pitching, a medioce bullpen, solid defense and fantastic hitting; or those with great pitching, a mediocre bullpen, decent management, fantastic defense and mediocre hitting, should come as no surprise. Upsets do happen in the postseason, but this October, I believe, we've yet to see one.

"You're going to hell! Leave me alone!"

"Don't blame me for the mistakes you made raising her/him or whatever it is."

"A good tree bears good fruit. And a bad tree has a 'he/she."

First it was Steinbrenner firing the Tigers. But I guess this World Series run has claimed another job as the Oakland A's have fired their manager Dick Cheney. It seems silly since he won the division, and swept the Minnesota Twins in spite of injuries. But it sounds like one of those things where people just weren't getting along with eachother and something had to give if the franchise is to move forward in the off season.

I saw this on Conan tonight. I guess I should have included this on my puking Top 10...

Jar Barf
You're a barfing jar.

Frank found this piece that documents the excesses and wasted tax money spent by the ATF...

"The report states that Truscott ordered extensive design changes to ATF’s new headquarters. The building is now $20 million over its $120 million budget.

Many of the changes concerned Truscott’s office suite. In meetings that subordinates called frequent, long and indecisive, he ordered wood floors and panels, later estimated to cost about $243,000, built-in book cases, 15 pieces of furniture, and a host of other items eventually summarized in a five-page memo. The list includes a retractable TV monitor, double doors that open by remote control and a bathroom featuring a flat-screen TV and telephone.


Truscott also spent “an excessive amount of time” on plans for the ATF’s gym, according to the report. Investigators say he involved himself in details like whether showers would have soap dispensers and suggested $137,000 worth of new equipment, despite a staff memo showing that using items from ATF’s existing facility would save about $58,000."

Frank is correct, I would someday love to be lured out of retirement to head a ridiculous and frivilous branch of the beauracracy. Can you just imagine the news stories about how Tondar and Frank spent millions of dollars on scotch, gin, Segways, stuffed animals, sundae bars, in addition to trips to Vegas, Bangkok, Spain, and Big Lots.

This is by far the ultimate job one can hope for in the America of the 21st Century.

Well Somebody likes purple Posted by Picasa

Note on the Italian foot how the second toe is longer than the big one. Michelangelo certainly made sure to manifest this unique detail in his sculpting. Posted by Picasa

You mean that's not your real hair color? Posted by Picasa

I wonder what on Earth could possibly make her that upset? Posted by Picasa

That purple wig is SSSSOOOOOOO KrAZzIEE that I forgot how to spell. Posted by Picasa

One of the things I love most about Youtube is being able to get music videos on demand. And being a lover of the artform, I thought I would put together a little top ten of some of those rare greats you probably have never seen. Of course I couldn't put all my favorites since some of them I'm not sure how to find (The Italian video of the guy dancing through the supermarket, or the sad "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to me" song where a Frasier-style mixup causes the singer to miss his own birthday as he wanders around his house singing). But of those I know, and could find...

10. Travis - Flowers In The Window: This video always reminded me of the Bill Haley song "13 Women, and Only One Man In Town." In the Travis version, the Invisible Band is dumped into a town in the southwest where all the women are pregnant. Strange imagery follows, as the band is both intrigued and weirded out. But in the end, I think this video serves as a reminder that it is from Tondar that all babies come. Remember that. Write it down. Tell your friends.

9. Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow: Not only is this a very dark video, but it's also a great song. Kylie's beauty is the perfect answer to Nick's creepy. And thus we are left with beautiful imagery in a ballad of love and lust with a little Nick Cave style murder thrown into the mix.

8. Meatloaf - Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through: As a teenager I was always a fan of the brunette with the horizontal stripes in this video. I especially liked the way that shirt showed off her body. But I think the rest of America felt the same way because she grew up to be Angelina Jolie. But like every Meatloaf video there is an interesting but failed attempt at a story. I still can't quite figure it out. I think Meatloaf is supposed to be some sort of carny/juke box elf/Michael Jackson that saves all the vulnerable kids and doesn't molest them. In the end he takes them on his motorcycle to his magical new land full of rock and roll dreams and an angel. Or something like that. *shrug*

7. Weather Girls - It's Raining Men: This video is just classically bad. On a personal note, I've always been intrigued by the concept of it actually raining men. I really need to talk to Tres about the possible insurance ramifications of such an act of Mother Nature. I would like to see this video redone with the men falling from the sky causing damage to homes and vehicles as they splat down from the heavens. This video kind of captures this concept but it's mostly about Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes dancing around some half-nekkid men on a bad set. I was in a club in Prague a few years back and it was a real sausage fest. And those girls that were actually there were underage Swedes simply trolling for men to buy them free drinks. When this song came on, I declared it a perfect storm and as the Colonel of the Discotheque, led the march to a much cooler nightclub.

6. Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number: Whether it was his solo stuff, or with Genesis I have always been a fan of Phil Collins' videos. This classic shows Phil ripping off a bunch of videos and genres of the day (such as Road Warrior, Take On Me, Every Breath You Take, and California Girls) as he tries to come up with a concept for his non-sensical song "Don't Lose My Number." I was especially a fan of the Western scenes and the fat guy that steals his sandwich. "Fake Blood! Great isn't it?!"

BTW - Have you ever noticed that Phil Collins seems like the type of guy that should be overweight. Yet when you see him, you're kind of surprised that he appears to be in good shape. I'm not sure what's up with his shape or look, but this Phil Collins Phenomenon has always intrigued me.

5. Articolo 31 - L'Italiano Medio: Speaking of Phil Collins, this is a great rip-off of Genesis' "Land of Confusion." In this case they parody some of the better videos and characters that make up the Italian Media of today. What I enjoy is the way the puppets walk the line between retarded, funny, and frightening. Plus if you watch closely you can see some puppet porn. Forz'Italia!

4. Sophie B. Hawkins - Right Beside You: Yeah, you're not escaping a Tondar top 10 without Sophie B. Not only is this still one of my all-time favorite songs, but the video is a great representation of why I love Sophie B and her music. The director goes above and beyond the typical ploys one might see in Britney Spears or Madonna video. Instead, the video is given an artistic edge when typical womanly crazy is manifested through the unpredictable element of nature as it is both beautiful and yet dangerous. Plus the blue filter visually represents the duality of her lyrics as she is both obsessive and playful as she sings of her lover. But if you are not that intrigued by any of the artistic elements, one can simply appreciate an attractive girl, soaking wet and touching herself.

3. Alizee - Moi Lolita: Leave it to the French to find a popstar that pushes the boundaries of the puritanical concept that is the age of consent. But before everybody gets creeped out, Alizee is just four months younger than miss Allison of the Purple Hair. But with that being said it's still strange to see the very young looking Alizee toying with the provincial hearts before running off to the discotheques where she dances seductively into the night. Yeah she's a bit of a whore. I've always liked the cinematography of this one as it uses a filter to give the video a classical and timeless feel. Note how the director keeps the camera constantly moving showing the energy of both the Discotheque and youth as we zoom, pan, spin to the 4/4 beat. Also, be sure to pay attention to the beginning of the video where Alizee is chased off by what appears to be a real life version of the Cat Lady from the Simpsons.

2. Mylene Farmer - Pourvu qu'elles soient douces: Nothing like a 17 minute 18th Century period piece. This epic video focuses on a booty chasin' English Officer that's got it bad for the sweet sweet behind of a captured French peasant girl. After beating on the officer for a while the peasant girl ends up getting cornholed by him (note how they hold hands). In the end the French army kills everybody (so obviously it's a fantasy), but not before a wet old muddy cat-fight can go down. The video also features full nudity, excessive violence, a cast of hundreds, plus a beat straight out of the early 80s. In other words, it freakin' rocks!

1. A-Ha - Forever Not Yours: This epic masterpiece is probably my all time favorites. This 2002 Euro-hit combines the drama of the city scenes of "The Killing Fields" with a Biblical re-telling of Noah's Ark. While the treasures of humanity, and the animals are being saved (2 at a time), A-Ha is making their way to the boat as well. The drama really kicks up as the rain starts to fall. Plus as an added bonus this video features the only Asian, Indian, and both blacks that live in Sweden (they happen to be security guards).

Monday, October 16, 2006


"You ain't born like this. You a nympho and shit."

"The first time I met Lucifer, I tore him up."

"You look like Dr. Seuss did your boobs."

"When it comes to romance adults are entitled to make their own mistakes."

From The Onion...

"NEW YORK - Immediately following the Yankees' first-round playoff elimination last Saturday, George Steinbrenner released a statement announcing his intention to fire the Detroit Tigers, whose "inexcusable postseason performance stunned and saddened" the 76-year-old Yankees owner.

"The Tigers' level of play during the ALDS was deeply disappointing and absolutely not acceptable to both me and the great and loyal Yankee fans," the statement read in part. "This is a mid-budget team with a payroll under $85 million, and I expected them to play like one."

Well I hope they can recover from this shakeup before the World Series starts on Saturday.

I'm glad Seth is back from Paris. Now I can talk Tigers, Harold Ford Jr, and Wolverine football. Plus I don't have to entertain myself with food anymore. Posted by Picasa

One of the things about listening to foreign internet radio is that you get songs that are culturally well beyond the acceptable to our puritanical American tastes. A great example is the Numa Numa song. You may remember Gary Brolsma's interpretation. After all, it is so stuck in my mind that the few times I have heard the song on Euro radio that I have busted out in the same goofy dance. Of course, I live alone and don't have a webcam so this atrocity has never been recorded or seen. Nevertheless, that doesn't make me feel any better about myself when I'm thrusting my arms through the air before I arbitrarily wave and salute.

BTW - Here is the original Numa Numa video from the homos in O-Zone. Now you may think I'm using the word homo as some off-hand remark about a crappy Euro band. However, you really have to see this for yourself to understand how right-on Tondar is.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Looks like Mark Foley wasn't the first Congressman to have an inappropriate homosexual relationship with a page as the AP explains...

BOSTON (AP) - Former Rep. Gerry Studds, who became the first openly gay member of Congress when his homosexuality was exposed during a teenage page sex scandal, died early Saturday. He was 69.


In 1983, Studds acknowledged his homosexuality after a 27-year-old man disclosed that he and Studds had had a sexual relationship a decade earlier when the man was a teenage congressional page.

The House of Representatives censured Studds, who then went home to face his constituents in a series of public meetings.

This may look like perfect timing for the GOP to spread the blame for their page scandal. But if we remember, they were always the party of family values. Are we to assume that they are just as depraved as the Democrats? They certainly spend like the Democrats in spite of them being the party of small government. But if the GOP is not the party of smaller government and family values, then really where is the difference between them and the democrats?

Let's see how the bifactional ruling party spins this one?

Last night during the game Tres and I were trying to figure out who was the 10th team to join the Big Ten Conference. While every guess pointed to Northwestern it turns out that it was a school a bit closer to Ann Arbor...

Eleven months after the presidents met, one faculty member from each of those seven universities met at the same Palmer House, and officially established the mechanics of the "Intercollegiate conference of Faculty Representatives", or "Big Ten Conference" of "Western Conference."

Those seven universities were: University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin. Indiana University and the State University of Iowa were admitted in 1899. Ohio State joined in 1912. Chicago withdrew in 1946 and Michigan State College (now Michigan State University) was added three years later in 1949.

Now we can all look smart when this comes up on AFLAC trivia. Plus it gives us another chance to show up our winning history compared to our little brothers and sisters in East Lansing.

Magglio Ordonez - "I knew it was gone as soon as I hit it, This is what I've dreamed about my whole career, my whole life. I don't even remember running around the bases."