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Saturday, November 04, 2006


You may remember this tirade from Kanye West where he goes off script making Mike Myers the most uncomfortable man in the history of television. Well it seems that Kanye had himself another meltdown in Copenhagen at the MTV Europe Music Awards...

Kanye apparently was so disappointed at not winning for Best Video that he crashed the stage Thursday in Copenhagen when the award was being presented to Justice and Simian for "We Are Your Friends."

In a tirade riddled with expletives, Kanye said he should have won the prize for his video "Touch The Sky," because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons."

"If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility," Kanye said.

I think it is safe to assume that this guy shouldn't be allowed to talk any more. He's gotta touch of the crazies.

I stumbled upon this one today and had to watch it repeatedly. Sure enough it brought a smile to my face everytime. That look of panic on the kids face is classic...

*sigh* Good times!

Sheryl Crow - Crash And Burn (by Sheryl Crow and Jeff Trott)

Word outta Hendersonville is that this would make a great Johnny Cash song (being in Hendersonville, this is my opinion).

I watched the sun come up on Portland
I waved goodbye to all my friends
I packed my car and headed to LA
I gave away all my loose ends

Somebody said you gotta get away
To wanna go back home again
I left my universe standing there
Holding the hand of my best friend

And it's laughter that I feel when I think of you
It's one more dusty rose about to turn
I'll see you when I reach New Mexico
If I'm in the mood to crash and burn

I wrote a letter that I never mailed
I rehearsed a dialogue in my head
In case you ever wanted to track me down
I'll take my cell phone to bed

And it's laughter that I hear when I close my eyes
And it's one more punchline I forgot to learn
I call you up when my bottle's dry
I'm on my way to crash and burn

Antigone laid across the road
And let a mack truck leave her there for dead
Just because her lover split the scene
Well love might be great but why lose your head

Well, it's laughter that comes up when I cry for you
And my heart may break again before it learns
And I might be stupid enough to want to fall again
Cause I've gotten use to the crash and burn
I say I've gotten use to the crash and burn

Crash and burn
Crash Crash
Crash and burn

The more you see the less you know. The less you find out as you go. I knew much more then, than I do now. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 03, 2006


From the Tennessean...

When the commercials come on for Republican Bob Corker or Democrat Harold Ford Jr., Nashville voter Sarah Taylor Holly switches the channel or mutes the volume.

She can't even guess the hundreds of times a U.S. Senate candidate commercial has flashed on her television screen, but she thinks it's unusually high Â? and more often than not, it's a Corker ad.

She's on to something.

A new report by Nielsen Media Research says that Corker has aired more ads this election season than any other candidate in 11 key U.S. Senate races.

Corker was losing early in this race but thanks to all of these ads...

"A Reuters-Zogby poll released Thursday showed Corker with a 10-point advantage, leading 53 percent to Ford's 43 percent. The telephone poll of likely voters had a margin for error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points."

I'm not sure if Bush or Corker is to blame. But really, there is no reason for this race to be competitive in such a conservative state. Just for not pulling away and for some of the more toolish commercials I've seen, Corker franklydeservess to lose.

But anyways, I do have some good news for Corker. I went to get my Tennessee license plate last week and they had early voting going on at the county courthouse. From the looks of that place with wall to wall old white people voting, Corker should have this thing wrapped up by now.

Gotta represent the Polska sect. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs...

"My brain just kept sayin' get rid of them so I got rid of them."

"I've injected my knee with feces."

"I built a guillotine and dropped it on my legs. That didn't work."

"The saw got bogged down about halfway through and I had to back off and go again."

Enter a mamma's boy love triangle...

"I'm gonna take my teef out. Can fomebody hold dem fo I can beat her ass?!"

"Ever since I was eleven years old, I took care of you."

"I won an Oscar for being one of the best telemarketers in the world."

"I'm more hungover than drunk."

By request, here are some more of the pics from Tondarfest 2006. Here we focus on the fun Jason brings to any social gathering. I miss you buddy!

From Wikipedia: "Intoxication frequently leads to a lowering of one's inhibitions, and intoxicated people will do things they would not do while sober, often ignoring social, moral, and legal considerations." Posted by Picasa

Nothing can stop the Army once it is mobilized for good drinking. Posted by Picasa

No Jasons were harmed in the making of this trainwreck of an evening. (But as for Jeremies and Hillbillies, that's another story) Posted by Picasa

For the wedding should I fly into Grand Rapids or Detroit? Posted by Picasa

OH BILLY!! Posted by Picasa

I've warned about the end of Youtube. Though I would prefer the taped off a live TV method over nothing at all...

On a personal note, I could see myself ending up on this channel. Not that it makes any difference, but I wonder if this channel knows the difference between Phil Collins solo and his work singing for Genesis. Does anybody else notice the difference? It's like Bono and MacPhisto or Tondar and the Good Pirate.

I'm sure gonna be sad when Tres' sister leaves Nashville behind, but such is the siren song of the circus. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


From Seth...

"The new season has begun. Are there Tondar predictions? I know I can just wait 7 months to get a result, but given how accurate you've been in recent years, I might just as well ask you about it in November and call it a season.

My picks (as if they mean anything)

New Jersey
New York

There's nothing to like in this division, except I think the young Raptors could make some more noise, and the Nets stay the Nets.


WOW! This division is so good, the whole group could make the playoffs. The new-look Pistons, I think, can edge the ready-for-prime-time Bulls behind the leadership of Chauncey.


The Heat are acting like they'll walk to another Southeast championship. Great. That means they'll have to charge at upstart Charlotte at the end of the season, and be too tired for the playoffs. I think Adam Morrison makes the Bobcats a new entity, and I think the other teams in the Southeast aren't all that much. Orlando might be something, though, if Darko keeps improving and Grant Hill keeps up this unbelievable stretch of health.

San Antonio
New Orleans

This should be the most interesting division in the West, their version of our Central. Memphis could be a playoff team, but I ranked 'em down because they're not healthy now and Houston is. Why's everyone so up on San Antonio again? Every year, they get older, and every year people keep saying that Ginobli, Duncan, Parker and co. can't be beat. Okay. Yes, I see the roster. Fine! But mark my words, by 2016, no Southwest championship for San An


If turnovers are up this season, people will blame the new ball. I'll say it now: it's not the ball, it's the Blazers. On the other end of the Northwest, I think Carmelo's performance for USA will transcend into a leadership role, and that's what the Nuggets need more than anything.

LA Lakers
LA Clippers
Golden State

The Clippers were last year's feel-good story, and everyone wants them to be that good again. Really, what you're looking at is whether Livingston can fully replace Cassell, and if Cassell can become a role player. If so, up with the Clippers. As for Phoenix, pick against them at your own risk. Lakers too.

1. Chicago v. 8. Indiana
2. Detroit v. 7. Toronto
3. Miami v. 6. Milwaukee
4. Cleveland v. 5. New Jersey
Bulls/Cavs -- Cavs
Pistons/Heat -- Pistons
East Champion: Detroit Pistons

Storyline: the Bulls haven't had the late playoff experience -- except for Wallace -- to get them deep just yet, whereas the Cavs really showed something last year. Meanwhile, the Heat will rue the day they forgot to put in effort in the early going, as the tired bodies break down for a disappointing championship defense. The winner, the Detroit Pistons, using a potent offense led by Billups, and a bench of defensive role players. They're not the best Pistons team we've seen, but underrating these guys has always led to good things.

1. San Antonio v. 8. Houston
2. Dallas v. 7. Minnesota
3. Phoenix v. 6. Denver
4. LA Lakers v. 5. LA Clippers
Spurs/Lakers -- Spurs
Mavs/Nuggets -- Mavs
West Champion: Dallas Mavericks

Storyline: Gotta love the LA/LA playoff matchup. Stern will demand teams lose games to get this one set up. Otherwise, it's business as usual in the West, with Phoenix bowing out early, and the monsters of the Southwest going through the motions of a regular season and early playoff rounds before their inevitable clash in the Western Championship. Maybe then the Spurs' age will catch up.

Champion: Dallas Mavericks"

From ESPN...

"With three games remaining in another disappointing season, Michigan State has decided that John L. Smith will not return to coach the 2007 season.

The university made the announcement at a Wednesday news conference on campus.

Smith will coach the Spartans through the end of this season, including a bowl game. Michigan State, 4-5 this season, must win two of its three remaining games against Purdue, Minnesota and Penn State, to qualify for a postseason invitation."

We all saw this one coming. However, the real surprise is that MSU could still end up playing in a bowl game.

"Update: I'm Marrying My Sister..."

-"You comin' up here gettin' married. You both got the same last name!"
-"You just can't kick love to the curb."

"That is wrong! That is ssssooooo wrong!"

"Everytime they sit down to dinner it will be a family reunion."

"I don't know what y'all talkin' about, this family DNA be messed up from the beginning."

This episode does raise some interesting questions. What if strangers hook-up before they realize they are biological brother and sister? Now these Springer fools are staying together even though they knew about their ancesteral ties before they became procreative incestual ties. However, what if you maintain your ignorance and have already spit out a couple of bastard children? Does one abandon their role as mother or father to uphold the incest taboo? Do they continue their relationship (assuming they remove further procreation from the scenario)? What would be the best thing to do? What about the kids? Man, this is like a Ray Stevens song gone horribly awry.

Many of the kids were recently intrigued by the idea of a Michigan and Ohio State rematch in January for the National Championship. Here are the details of the other contenders so we can keep an eye on various scenarios as they unfold.

Right now there are 6 undefeated teams left in college football. #1 Ohio State, #2 Michigan, #3 West Virginia, #5 Louisville, #14 Boise State, and #15 Rutgers. First, West Virginia and Louisville will be playing Thursday night. After that, Rutgers will have to play both of those teams. However, even if somebody does end up winning out and going undefeated, I think that most of the computers and voters will overlook this champion because the Big East is so weak. Afterall, can we really consider this a legitimate conference when the fourth best team lost to Michigan State (Pittsburgh). Plus, 2 other teams, South Florida and UConn, have just recently taken up this sport the kids call "football." They should be lucky to retain their automatic BCS tie-in and call it good. Maybe if the Big East still had Miami, Boston College, and Virginia Tech, there would have been enough talent in this conference. But that is sooooo 2002.

Thus we are only left with Boise State. To that I say Western Athletic Conference and Smurf Turf.

This then leaves us with the rest of the one loss teams. Most likely,we will probably see a team from the SEC emerge. There are four one loss teams and everything here start in the West with Arkansas (7-1 and 4-0). They are undefeated in conference and have only lost to Southern California overall. However, they still have yet to play Tennessee (7-1 and 3-1). And if they get through the Vols and Kujo IX, they would still most likely face Florida (7-1 and 5-1) in the SEC championship game. On the other hand, if they falter, #6 Auburn will be there to represent the West. In the East it looks like Florida will emerge since they have already defeated Tennessee. However, if they lose to Florida State in their annual rivalry game, that would be enough to keep them from going to Tempe. However, since the SEC is so tough, it is very likely these teams will continue to beat up on a eachother.

If the SEC does become a victim of mutually assured destruction, it really leaves us with only two other one loss teams. Southern California lost late in the season to Oregon State. This could really come back to haunt them, even if they do end up defeating one loss California and Notre Dame. But given their play of late, this is easily said than done. This leaves only #4 Texas, who lost 24-7 already to Ohio State.

Assuming there are a few upsets and the SEC implodes, meanwhile Michigan and Ohio State keep their showdown close, there really should be no doubt as to who the number one and two teams in the country are. And we could see the Wolverines take on the Buckeyes once again in Tempe.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Jerry's Halloween Special...

"What money? Look at you. You look broke down!"

"I gonna prostitute myself to pay for my sexchange."

"If you're making so much money, why don't you buy real tits?"

"You coulda told me this at home. I coulda whooped yo ass at home!" *shove*

"Yo car sittin' at my house and you know it gonna be messed up when you get there."

Poor Captain Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can't get no breaks from the man...

"OCTOBER 31--Meet Alfredo Martinez. While the Nevada man should be saluted for knowing that he was too drunk to get behind the wheel last night, he probably should not have tabbed his seven-year-old son as his designated driver. Martinez, 37, was arrested after Reno cops spotted his car weaving across lanes and stopping suddenly. When officers pulled over the vehicle before it could enter a highway, they found a plastered Martinez in the passenger seat and his son behind the wheel."

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!

From CNNSI...

"Smokey IX, Tennessee's bluetick coonhound mascot, has been accused of biting an Alabama player before last week's game at Neyland Stadium.

Crimson Tide receiver Mike McCoy fell on the 3-year-old dog during pre-game warmups after jumping for an out of bounds, near where Smokey was standing with the cheerleaders."

My old friend/brother Dan had a bluetick coonhound when we were in highschool. I hated that dog. It was alway howling and all up ons whenever anybody came near. Given what I know about the breed, I have no doubt that bloodline has spent the last 50 years inbreeding and attacking SEC opposition. At least the darn things turn on their own from time to time. That's kind of amusing...

Not all Smokeys have passed doggie charm school. Smokey VII was forced into early retirement after he nipped the same UT band member during consecutive games in 1994.

"That fellow had obviously stepped on his foot. Nobody ever explained that in the paper," Hudson said. "That's the only dog we used that was out of the blood line."

In which Tres is outted for his costume...

Wait a second, that's not a throne of blood. It's a video game chair. Posted by Picasa

And that's not a book of spells, it's a Baroque record. Posted by Picasa

Tres was a Flower! Posted by Picasa

If all babies come from Tondar, does this mean that all honey comes from Tres? Posted by Picasa

From Pigpen...

"Ya kept making the stops!?

People kept ringing the bell!"

FERN PARK, Fla. (AP) - A Florida teen is in hot water for an unusual joy ride he's accused of taking this weekend.

15-year-old Ritchie Davis allegedly stole a bus, drove it along a public transit route, picked up passengers and collected fares.


The teen told a deputy after he was stopped and arrested that he " drove that bus better than most of the LYNX drivers could."

I agree with Pigpen, he should have stolen the cop cars and gone a crime fighting rampage.

Seth takes a look at the free agents this winter as we take a look ahead to baseball next year...

"It's hard to get a read on Dave Dombrowkski and what he'll do with the Tigers this offseason. You'd think it was easier in previous years, when our holes were more obvious, but he's always surprised me with his moves. It's possible we'll make no change at all. As far as free agents this offseason, it's our lefty reliever specialist Jamie Walker, who's been underrated his whole career with Detroit and could be offered bigger bucks from somewhere else, and Sean Casey, whom we picked up at the trade deadline. Most people think we'll re-sign Casey, and Walker won't go unless somebody starts throwing big bucks at middle relievers.

The Tigers are probably the only team in the game who are set at pitching. Yes, Barry Zito could bump everyone down the list, but why throw money at your strength? Maroth will be back from surgery by April, and that gives us a 5-man rotation with three lefties (one's finesse, one's an innings eater, and one's a changeup specialist), plus a strikeout specialist and a power pitcher. In relief, Todd Jones could be replaced by Eric Gagne, but that's trading an unknown risk for a known risk. Joe Zumaya, Jason Grilli and Fernando Rodney have the late innings locked down, and for relief on those long-inning nights, the doctor can always recommend a dose of Zach Miner, Wil Ledezma, or Roman Colon.

Then you look at hitting. I think our biggest weakness was in the leadoff spot. Leyland believed in Granderson all season, but does Dombrowski? I think so; the guy's young and plays a gold glove centerfield, and with an offseason being pushed by one of the league's best prospects, Granderson could re-discover his ability to take a pitch (he had it early this year). Besides, with Cameron Maybin probably ready for the show next year, you can't bring in another guy and clog the position. I say let them play it out, and if neither is panning out, Vernon Wells might be available by trade.

At the bottom of the lineup, Monroe was the Tigers' most clutch hitter -- maybe we could platoon him with a righty-killer though. Frank Catalanotto, a former Tiger, is available. He could platoon with Monroe and otherwise serve as a utility man for Leyland's NL-like tinkering. Inge on paper didn't look too hot, but he's gold glove material at 3rd and has more homers than anyone else for a 9th hitter. And he plays better the more pressure he's in. The other guys are Guillen, Polanco, Pudge and Magglio Ordonez. No complaints about those boys.

So where can the Tigers improve their hitting to become a truly elite team?

The answer is DH. Maybe Carlos Lee (platoon with Monroe), or even Barry Bonds, though if you kicked Dmitri Young off the team for being lockerroom cancer, I can't see how Bonds improves you. Plus, the Tigers are slow enough as it is without Barry's bad knees. We'd love his on-base percentage and what's left of his power, but that's about it. He probably belongs somewhere where they'll let him trot out to left, wave his cap, and bring the fans. Other options could be Cliff Floyd -- another injury waiting to happen -- or Gary Sheffield if the Yankees don't pick up his option. Jim Edmonds (a center option too) could work in that spot if he'll finally admit he's not a gold glover anymore, and Moises Alou might be ready to play a DH role before retiring. Piazza too. None of these guys -- except perhaps Bonds -- makes the Jim Thome splash we'd really like to have. After letting Young go, we brought in Matt Stairs to finish the season in the pitcher's spot, and it was used for Marcus Thames (a streaky power hitter) and the slightly injured Sean Casey during the playoffs.

As for the Mets, the starting rotation looks like the Red Wings of last year: a bunch of grandpas finding ways to hold it together. Greg Maddux is back on the market. And Zito's been on Minaya's radar since he signed his last contract with Oakland. Jason Schmidt is available too. What's going to happen with Glavine? The hole at 2nd base was filled nicely by Valentin, I think, but it's still a hole. The Mets could get into the bidding war over Alfonso Soriano, who did well with New Yorkers during his Yankee days. What I like about Soriano is if Lastings Milledge isn't working out, Soriano can move to left and you still have Valentin to cover 2nd again (if he's re-signed that is). Still, another avenue might be Michael Young, whom I think was miscast in Texas as a shortstop.

Here's my Top 5 free agents for the '06-'07 offseason.

1. Barry Zito -- The guy is instantly the ace on any staff except the Mets, but the Amazins' seem to have the most interest in him, since Pedro won't be around until after the All-Star break.

2. Alfonso Soriano -- Because he can play so many positions, and he's entering the apex of his career for the next few years, and because he's just plain good, a number of teams are after Soriano. The Mets and Cardinals and Orioles want him to play 2nd base, while the Cubs have made him their No. 1 target to play centerfield.

3. Jason Schmidt -- Want this year's Kenny Rogers to come in and make you an instant contender? Well, maybe that's too much, but Schmidt has been too much for NL hitters for years, and has one good contract left. A future Yankee?

4. Kerry Wood -- The question on Wood is whether he can bounce back or did Dusty Baker really ruin him with overplay. If he can't stay a starter, someone could make him into an awfully good closer. With his talent and a distinct lack of pitching around the league, there are no shortage of teams who are willing to try.

5. Carlos Lee -- He's only 30, and had a career season a few years ago. He's probably going to end up overpriced because he can play left field really well for a guy his size, so the National League teams are getting in the mix. Houston or the Cubs I think.

The Geriatric Squad

These guys are free agents, but they're also at the end of their careers. Maybe it's time to hang 'em up, but for now, they're on the market:

1. Barry Bonds -- Barry comes with a lot of baggage, and for whatever reason [sic] he's now officially in the twilight of his career. The question is who wants a selfish DH who will be poison in the clubhouse, play only half the games, hit .280 with a .380 OBP and 32 homers, fill your stands almost every night, and break what is perhaps the most hallowed record in sports while wearing your uniform? Someone named George perhaps?

2. Frank Thomas -- He was the AL comeback player of the year, providing the little offense that Oakland could muster. The A's got a bargain on him because his age scared off suitors, but that age is plus 1 again this year. The Big Hurt will be someone's DH.

3. Luis Gonzalez -- If the D-Backs aren't re-signing this fan favorite, whose power has declined a lot since his glory days, I can't imagine there's a lot left in the tank for '07. He'd be a great buy for a struggling team somewhere, since he's a good role model and leader, but those teams all would rather pay $300,000 to a kid outfielder to get some experience.

4. Moises Alou -- Can you believe Alou will be 40 this season? He sure looked it with the Giants. I think his injury problems wouldn't be so bad if he was DH-ing. Maybe Baltimore -- they seem to have an affinity for getting old folks at a bargain. Alou could also retire.

5. Roger Clemens -- The Barry Bonds of pitchers. Nuff said.

Import of the Year:

Starting Pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka has some strange stuff. Mets, Bosox and Yankees are in the running, which means if he goes to the Yankees he'll be great, if he goes to the Mets he'll be an expensive bust, and he won't go to Boston because the New York teams always outspend Boston.

Top others by position:

Starters: (Strong on top and bottom)
Mike Mussina
Andy Pettitte
Greg Maddux
Mark Mulder
Ted Lilly
Gil Meche
El Duque
Mark Redman
Randy Wolf
Woody Williams
Tom Glavine
Jeff Weaver
David Wells
Steve Trachsel
Jeff Suppan
Byung-Hyun Kim
Vicente Padilla

Middle Relievers:
Jamie Walker
Rheal Cormier
Ron Villone
Chad Bradford
Darren Oliver
Ryan Franklin
Roberto Hernandez
Steve Kline
Jose Mesa
Alan Embree
Mike Stanton

Eric Gagne
Danyz Baez
Octavio Dotel
Keith Foulke
Joe Borowski

Middle Infielders
Michael Young
Rich Aurilia
Mark Loretta
Ray Durham
Ronnie Belliard
Craig Biggio
Adam Kennedy
Todd Walker
Jose Valentin
Kaz Matsui
Craig Counsell
Julio Lugo

Corner Infielders
Nomar Garciaparra
Sean Casey
Phil Nevin
Aramis Ramirez
Shea Hillenbrand
Mark DeRosa
Craig Wilson
Wes Helms
Pedro Feliz
Kevin Millar
Aubrey Huff
Joe Randa

Corner Outfielders/DHs
Cliff Floyd
Frank Catalanotto
Moises Alou
Carl Everett
Dmitri Young
Jose Cruz Jr.
David Delluci
Jay Payton
Shannon Stewart
Rondell White
Matt Stairs
Erubiel Durazo
Jeromy Burnitz
Jose Guillen
Trot Nixon
Ryan Klesko
Preston Wilson

Jim Edmonds
Gary Matthews Jr.
Juan Pierre
Dave Roberts
Kenny Lofton
Steve Finley
Darin Erstad

Catchers (not a good year. Piazza as Boston's DH? I've heard tell)
Mike Piazza
Gregg Zaun
Bengie Molina
Mike Lieberthal
Rod Barajas
Javy Lopez

Could lightning strike yet again? Could Frank be looking to bring the Work and the Glory to Nashvegas?

FYI-I have the next 2-3 weekends free before Turkey Day; I will not be traveling for work until after Thanksgiving. I will have a four day weekend from 11/10-11/13. Tony: I may look into coming out to Nashville at this time. Does that work for you?
If this is too short of notice and the airfare is too much, I understand; my work has been flaky on traveling of late. There will be opportunities for you to come out in December.


How sweet it would be! Though something tells me that I'm not going to see Frank pounding PBRs at the Red Door.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Do they make blue shoe polish? If not, how does one go about cleaning blue suede shoes?

"I've neve been with a fat girl before. Do you mind if I call you fat?"

"Free drinks!? I need to talk to you more!"

"I love you crab! Have sex with me."

"The chicken all over me makes an orgasm!"

"Ugh! I can't resist. I have to have sex with food!"

"Crazy!? I'll show y'all crazy!"

Now that USC has lost, Michigan and Ohio State remain as the only respectable undefeated teams. This will cause problems as there will now be controversy as the BCS attempts to find a team to play the winner. While here in SEC country, the kids are bashing the Big 10 (Yeah, you don't ask two Go Blue Alums randomly, "what up with Michigan." It kind of reminded me of that time Sackett asked a room full of Catholics "What's wrong with those crazy Catholics?" OOPS!), there is actually a very real chance that if the showdown in Columbus is close, Michigan and Ohio State could meet again in January to decide the National Championship. Check out this CBS clip that explains the controversy.

I thought the kids might wanna see some of these pics as soon as possible so I went a bit buck with the Pic of the Day...

Never trust a man that wears sunglasses at night, especially if he's dressed "for puttin' babies in the ladies." Posted by Picasa

bzzz bzzz, howdy, ahoy!! Posted by Picasa

Three beautiful ladies Posted by Picasa

Miss Olivia was a Bee! Posted by Picasa

Upon the throne of blood doth the terrible Dark Lord Tres rule over all lands east of the Cumberland Posted by Picasa

What terrible spells doth the Dark Lord Tres cast in his Castle of Bones and Bad Plumbing? Posted by Picasa