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Friday, November 10, 2006


"She beat the crap out of me."

"Do you wanna lay on this stage?"

"You had all show to get tough. It's a little late now."

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For some reason when I see this guy wearing a Tony the Tiger T-Shirt, I can't help but think of Tres. However, if you search around the Youtube, you can find other great movies from the Tourettes Guy...Bob Saget. Balls. Piss.


Well it looks like Ole Tondar was wrong about Rutgers as they have pulled a 28-25 upset of Louisville. I'm not sure what this does for the BCS rankings but as the ladies of the SEC pointed out tonight, it is a bit of a travesty to allow Auburn to play for the national championship when they most likely will not even play for their conference championship.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


"You're not attracted to her because she has hygene problems?"

"Hey Steve, how's it smellin' over there?"

"Strip down and show her why I ain't got no grandkids!"

"Move on and find someone to love you back. You deserve it."

James found this piece that breaks down the battle between Louisville and Rutgers tonight. Honestly, I have to agree with James and wonder if anybody outside of New Jersey thinks that Rutgers can pull off the upset.

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Yeah, I'm a Big East hater. But maybe if the teams actually played somebody, I wouldn't have keep making the case against them. Well, I'm certainly not the only one as ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski gets in on the action too.

Yeah, it's a week late, but I really didn't know what to say. I really see this season as a crossroads and I'm not sure which way it will go. On the one hand, it looks like the perfect opportunity for young players like LeBron, Carmello, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Joe Johnson and Emeka Okafor to rise up and set the tone for the rest of the decade. On the other hand, we could see the return to dominance of those players that were on the USA team in 2000 and 2002. I could very well see players like Ray Allen, T-Mac, Vagina Carter, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Jermaine O'Neal, Paul Pierce, or Allen Iverson stay healthy and carry their team to a great season in the new offensively oriented NBA.

In addition, from top to bottom, this is one of the most competitive NBA seasons in history. I don't see any team establishing itself as the 60 game winning hegemon. I see many teams reaching that 55 game threshold (and early on this seems to be the case with so many 3-1 teams). What will determine if these teams make it to the upper bound of mediocrity will be the health of key players on the major teams. If this were NBA Live I would pick Phoenix to win it all. However, Amare Stoudamire still seems to be a bit cripped up while I've been waiting the last 2 years for the wheels to fall of Steve Nash. So where do we go from here?

Here is how I see the standings with a few sentences about each team...

In the East...

New Jersey - This team is very solid and with old Jason Kidd and young Marcus Williams distributing the ball, they could be real dangerous considering that Vagina Carter is in a contract year.

Philadelphia - This team has a great coach and is relatively well put together. Look for a big season from Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert, while Kyle Korver takes advantage of the new NBA as an outside assassin.

Boston - The only thing saving the Celtics from barely winning 20 games is Paul Pierce. However, if they trade him to complete the rebuilding cycle, look for them to take the dive and win the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

New York - I don't think this team is as bad as everyone says. It's not that I believe in Isiah as a coach. I just think there is enough talent on this team to win about 30-35 games and most likely saving Isiah's job which allows the trainwreck to roll on Matt Millen style.

Toronto - Never trade away size for a smaller player with a questionable injury history. Plus with a crazy coach and a front court full of soft internationals, let the rebuilding continue.


Chicago - Welcome back to the old NBA. Look for these Bulls to be that brick wall that hits every offensively oriented team in the new NBA by surprise during the regular season. However, I don't have high hopes for their playoff run.

Detroit - I don't see too much of a dropoff without Ben Wallace, as Nazr Mohammed makes the Pistons relatively competitive in the new NBA. Unfortunately we have witnessed the downside of this with the Rasheed Wallace rule. They are now handing out technicals like tic-tacs for the slightest whining, complaining, or display of dissatisfaction at a call. I can't wait to see how this affects the playoffs as Knick Bavetta, Ron Garretson, and Danny Crawford take it off the chain. But if 'Sheed can stay out of trouble, he will also have to step up tremendously and be the lone giant of the front court. In the meantime, look for Chauncey, Rip and Tay to thrive under Flip Saunders in the new NBA.

Cleveland - ...and that team of LeBron, by LeBron, for LeBron, shall be mediocre without a significant trade.

Milwaukee - Look for Bogut and Villanueva to continue to develop. Michael Redd will continue to be awesome. And if this team finds a point guard be afraid, be very afraid.

Indiana - It's not that I see them being terrible, but I think they will have a down year as Stephen Jackson goes to jail and their short bench doesn't produce anybody to fill the void.


Washington - They have a very solid team with Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, Antwan Jamison and Brendan Haywood. If Gilbert stays sane, I could see him having an MVP year. On the other hand, they are having some early chemistry issues.

Miami - This team was old last year. However, Shaq, Alonzo Mourning, and Gary Payton are so old they can now be placed on Medicare instead of the disabled list. Look for Dwayne Wade to carry the team as the rest of the wheels fall off. They will be respectable, but I can't see them finding the same balance and chemistry they had last season.

Atlanta - They doubled their wins from 2005-2006. Look for them to continue their improvement now that they have Speedy Claxton at point guard allowing Joe Johnson to claim his place among the NBA elite. Plus with the defense of Josh Smith, look for them to be only a key bigman away from competing in the playoffs.

Orlando - It's wishful thinking to have them this low since Detroit gets their draft pick. But I don't see them doing much if they don't have any healthy players (Grant Hill) to get the ball to Dwight Howard.

Charlotte - So are you going to trade any of that young talent or simply become the new Clippers with a revolving door of rookie contracts?

In The West...


Utah - I'm assuming that Andrei Kirilenko will stay healthy. But all around this team is solid from Mehmet Okur and Carlos Boozer in the front court to Deron Williams and Gordon Giricek in the back court.

Denver - This team has kind of fallen off since their great run back in 2005. I don't think this current team will be great with a disgruntled Kenyon Martin. However, they are just an awesome trade away from being the cream of the western crop.

Seattle - I think this team will be closer to the 52 win team they were in 2005. Plus with Rashard Lewis having a player option for next season, I think he will tear it up. However, I still have to question their front court and the coaching of Bob Hill.

Minnesota - Look for them to be mediocre until they trade away Kevin Garnette before the deadline. The Timberwolves will also be another player in the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

Portland - Well at least we know this team isn't going to come out of nowhere to win 50 games. Look for them to struggle to win 20.


Phoenix - Of course I'm assuming that Amare Stoudamire and Steve Nash are going to be healthy enough to finish the season.

LA Clippers - Elton Brand is my favorite player. He combines scoring and rebounding to be the perfect power forward in the tradition of Karl Malone. And though Sam Cassell is no John Stockton, this team has a good amount of talent to make it realistically more competitive than even those Jazz teams that were dashed against the 70 win Bulls teams of the 90s.

LA Lakers - I dig Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, and I expect big seasons from both. In the meantime, let's see if Kobe can recover from his surgery in time to ensure that Lakers did the right thing by building the team around his selfish ass.

Sacramento - I don't see this team as being awful. Plus with Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, and Brad Miller, they are built for great things. With that being said, I would consider this team to be the NBA Live teaser of the season as they find some way to crap the bed under coach, Eric Musselman.

Golden State - Nellie Ball has found its way back to the Bay Area. However, in its current state, I don't see this team doing much considering the poor development of Mike Dunleavy Jr, Troy Murphy, or Mickael Pietrus.


Dallas - I see the Western Conference champs continuing to dominate under the coaching of a more experienced Avery Johnson.

San Antonio - Sure Tim Duncan is healthy this year, but his team is also another year older. I'm sure Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker will be right back at all star level. On the other hand, father time won't be as kind to Bruce Bowen, Michael Finley, Brent Barry, or Robert Horry.

Houston - This is a team that could win it all. Of course all of that depends on T-Mac and Yao Ming staying healthy. Though I like the addition of Shane Battier, I have to question Jeff Van Gundy's ability to coach and win an uptempo game.

New Orleans/Oklahoma City - I like Chris Paul and coach Byron Scott. Unfortunately there is just too much talent in this division to think that Peja Stojakovic, David West and Tyson Chandler are going to be able to run with the teams mentioned above.

Memphis - I feel sorry for the Czar. Mike Fratello inherits a great team on the upswing. Then all of a sudden they change the style of play in the NBA. He is forced to compete in the best division in the NBA. And to top it off his best player Pau Gasol is going to be injured for the first two months of the season. Sorry Czar but it's not paranoia if they are actually conspiring against you.

The Playoffs...

1. New Jersey over 8. Philadelphia in 4 games.
2. Chicago over 7. Milwaukee in 6 games.
3. Detroit over 6. Miami in 7 games.
5. Cleveland over 4. Washington in 7 games.

1. Dallas over New Orleans/Oklahoma City in 4 games.
2. Utah over LA Lakers in 5 games.
3. Phoenix over Houston in 7 games.
4. San Antonio over LA Clippers in 5 games.

Second round...

1. New Jersey over Cleveland in 6 games.
3. Detroit over Chicago in 5 games.

1. Dallas over San Antonio in 7 games.
3. Phoenix over Utah in 4 games.

Conference Finals...
1. New Jersey over Detroit in 5 games.
1. Dallas over Phoenix in 5 games.

Dallas over New Jersey in 6 games.

I think the West will still be the toughest conference. It will probably be another year where teams must win over 45 games to be guaranteed a playoff spot while the teams of the East will struggle once again to reach 40. In the playoffs, I see Detroit finding a new chemistry to thrive in an up-tempo NBA. On the other hand, this is why teams like Chicago, Miami, Utah, Houston and Philadelphia will make early exits. Also, I think we will see the experienced teams still dominate the other teams. Thus, Dallas and Dirk Nowitzki should have the hunger and talent to overcome Vagina Carter's contract year and a very solid Nets team.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Remember that negative ad the RNC ran against Harold Ford, Jr? Well the Tennessean had an interview with the star, Johanna Goldsmith.

"In the controversial commercial, Goldsmith plays a flirtatious blonde who says she met Ford at a Playboy party - a reference to his attendance at a Playboy-sponsored Super Bowl party in Jacksonville, Fla. last year. The ad, filmed in a faux man-on-the-street-style, featured other questionable characters who say they are Ford supporters.

Some pundits and politicians speculated that the ad, paid for by the Republican National Committee, was just enough to put Republican Bob Corker over the top. Because Ford is black, they said the it played into racial fears of a black man dating a white woman."

I didn't understand we were supposed to be fearing for the safety of our white women. I just figured it was "racist" because it tied a Democrat to pornography and the Playboy Mansion, along the lines of this ad.

"So when you signed up to be a lesbian you didn't go full time. You're only a part time lesbian."

"If it was just lust, can I get my money back?"

"I hope you learned your lesson: Whores don't give refunds."

"Do you drink? Maybe you should start."

"A relationship is over when one of the parties is not committed in heart and mind."

From Seth...

I think David Brooks is right. Look at this race, how uber-partisan Republicans in moderate conservative districts found themselves in tight races or utterly ousted. How Lieberman dominated Connecticut. This wasn't a sweep like 1932 or 1862, where the country bought into an entirely new way of doing things, so much as a recognition that the Democrats have moved far enought to the middle, and the Republicans had gone off the deep end...

"Why am I weirdly happy? I’m a conservative. Many people I know and admire lost tonight. And yet somehow this strikes me as a good night for the country.

First, there would be something wrong for the country if the Republicans got to act this way in the House and then keep their majority. That would be a sign we’d become a one-party state.

But more than that, the voters have voted for change, but they haven’t gone overboard. They did not choose the Ned Lamont wing of the Democratic Party. Many moderate Republicans survived, despite my pessimistic expectations – Chris Shays, Deborah Pryce.

Furthermore, many moderate Democrats won, like Heath Shuler in North Carolina. And to top it all off, some of the crudest anti-immigration folks in places like Arizona lost.

All in all, an end to the era of base-mobilizing politics and a victory for the center (albeit with a Democratic tilt). Nancy Pelosi seems to understand this. She’s striking a bipartisan pose, not a triumphalist one. We’ll see if it lasts."

Make no mistake, this was a huge shift -- overcoming gerrymandering and incumbency and big spending divides in a number of races meant a lot of normally conservative areas would have to vote Democrat. Here's the number: going into yesterday, 55 percent of Americans said they'd likely vote Demcorat, 31 percent said Republican. That's huge numbers. Not as big as I predicted would be necessary, but huge nonetheless.

I really appreciated Nancy Pelosi's sentiments last night after it became clear the Dems would have not only a majority, but a quite large one (30 votes as it looks right now, and that's giving 80 percent of the too-close-to-calls to Republicans). She said this was a mandate for bipartisanship, and that the people wanted not Democratic Party policies so much as an end to corruption and a new direction on the Iraq War. She said lobby reform is their first target. If this sentiment sticks -- and there's no guarantee it will -- then I'm very happy for the country right now.

The question is, which Pelosi are we getting? I feel like I might have listened to the GOP propoganda's demagoguing of her too much in gauging what Speaker Pelosi is about. Then again, when a party exspends that much hatred on someone (e.g. Hillary Clinton, Tom DeLay), there's usually something there. Right now, I'm behind her, and will continue to be until she goes off the page she just laid out. But I don't trust 100 percent that she will.

Everything won't be fixed overnight. I doubt the awful 109th will leave office without trying to pass at least one more partisan bill. We don't even know yet who will control the Senate. And given who's in the White House, right now it looks like we'll need a two-thirds majority to pass anything concerning gerrymandering, or campaign finance, or 427s, or any of the other systems of the old Republican power-hold. And we all know how power corrupts. What's to say the Democrats won't, after a decade of power, start acting like some of the Republicans 109th? No Dem would ever take it as far as DeLay -- that's contrary to what makes one a Democrat, for one, and two, we don't have the control over our base that would allow them to turn a blind eye. But there's a lot of space between incorruptible and 109th Congress, and there's no guarantee we'll fall to the left in that.

But right now, I think, is the time for great optimsm in American politics. The Iraq War is going to get serious consideration, with strong oversight over contracters and new methodologies for American presence. Maybe there will even be set official goals. From the sound of things, the Democrats want to focus not on getting our troops out of there, but improving the situation and decreasing the death tolls, and meanwhile hammer out a long-term strategy between Dems & Republicans, other nations, and most importantly, Iraqis. And given how much it was a part of their victory, government and electoral reform will have to be atop the agenda, even if it's just put up and vetoed by the corruption-fed administration in the White House. Right now, the people have taught a Congress that mostly agreed with them on issues that it won't stand for corruption and ineptitude. And that means, where the press is free and every man can read, all is still safe.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Attack of the Country Folk...

"Yeah, I threw him out nekkid."

"When he spreads his fingers he thinks about his bitch, so I makes him hold his hands like this."

"He likes me to beat his ass."

"I'd cut his thing off and shove it where the sun don't shine."

"I don't drink enough!"

"You're not even helping yourself. You're just drinking and beating his ass."

"You deserve better, and you can find it."

From the NYTimes...

“All of a sudden, they just don’t show up,” Mr. Fulton said, noting that such cancellations often mean the buyers forfeit as much as 5 percent of the price. The reason? The prospective buyers got cold feet or simply could not sell their old home.

The striking contrast tells the tale of a housing bonanza turned bust. Today, the number of unsold homes in the area has soared to almost 46,000 from just a few thousand in early 2005. And builders are pulling back as fast as they can.

They have little choice. Sales cancellations among big builders, not just here but around the country, are running as high as 40 percent, double the rate a year ago.

Across the nation, new-home sales are down by more than 20 percent from their peak last year. Prices fell almost 10 percent in September from a year ago. And that reported drop does not take into account the extras that builders are throwing in free or at steep discounts to lure buyers, which means that effective prices are even lower."

Just know the game
Know the game
Something new every minute
If you don't know the game
Then you shouldn't be in it

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What goes better together than stain berries and a power outage? (and with that, the lights returned in the kitchen!)

Monday, November 06, 2006


"My Lesbian Mom Stole My Girlfriend"

"We she-banged eachother 3 or 4 times with mutual feelings."

"Do you wanna see MY dingo?"

From Tres...

"Customers at a west Nashville Waffle House restaurant were in shock Friday morning after a naked man and woman walked into the restaurant.Authorities said the naked man, Larry Boyd, and the unidentified woman were sharing a room at the nearby Super 8 motel.The woman told police that Boyd took a hit of cocaine and started acting crazy, trashing their room and choking her.

She then ran to the Waffle House located next door for help and locked herself in the bathroom. Boyd came chasing after her into the restaurant."

This one pretty much speaks for itsel. But even better than reading about is having the people of Middle Tennessee show and tell you about it.

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If you don't hate science fiction you may have read Orson Scott Card's classic, "Ender's Game." Well just like Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, I too was tapped to lead the attack against the Buggers. In my case, I was to take the battle to Spider Town. Armed with a broom and a can of pesticide, I went to work. I came out and first blasted their flanking defenses in the corners. From there I shifted my focus to the caves and crevices of Spider Town. Here, I was able to root out their queen. She put up quite the fight and being the size of a silver dollar, I had no choice but to bring her down to my level with the broom. The noise she made when I crunched her underfoot could best be described as victory. That Spider Mastermind would trespass no more. Thus, with the queen destroyed, I threw the collective consciousness of Spider Town into chaos and from there it was quite easy to mop up the rest of the Buggers.

It is unclear if this will be the last of the Arachnicides. But I am prepared to fight on until the Spiders learn that I am human and my capacity for destruction and evil will never be satisfied. I will not rest until all of Spider Town is dead and the dry exoskeletons will be the only testament to my evil triumph. So let it be blogged. So let it be done.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


You know how that rabbit feels
Going under your speeding wheels
Bright images flashing by
Like windshields towards a fly
Frozen in the fatal climb
But the wheels of time
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