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Saturday, December 30, 2006


You gotta get your groove on, before you go get paid
So tip up your cup and throw your hands up
And let me hear the party say
Lets flip the track, bring the old school back
THIS IS HOW WE DO IT Posted by Picasa

Sheryl Crow - Diamond Road
By Sheryl Crow/Marti Frederiksen

Walk with me the diamond road
Tell me every story told
Give me something of your soul
That I can hold onto

I want to wake up to the sound of waves
Crashing on a brand new day
Keep the memory of your face
But wipe the pain away

When you're lonely (you're not alone)
When you're heart aches (on Diamond Road)
It's gonna take a little time
Yeah, it's gonna take a little time
When the night falls (you're not alone)
When you're stumbling (on Diamond Road)
It's gonna take a little time
To make it to the other side o
So don't miss the diamonds along the way

Every road has led us here today
Little bird, what's troubling you
You know what you have to do
What is yours you'll never lose
And what's ahead may shine
Beneath the promise of blue skies
With broken wings we'll learn to fly
Pull yourself out of the tide
And begin the dream again

So don't miss the diamonds along the way
Every road has led us here today
Won't you shine on
Morning light
Burn the darkness away
Walk with me the Diamond Road
Tell me everything is gold
Give me something of your soul
So you don't fade away
When you're lonely (you're not alone)
When you're heart aches (on Diamond Road)
It's gonna take a little time
Yeah, it's gonna take a little time
When the night falls (you're not alone)
When you're stumbling (on Diamond Road)
It's gonna take a little time
To make it to the other side o
So don't miss the diamonds along the way

Don't miss the diamonds along the way
Every road has led us here today
Life is what happens while you're making plans
All that you need is right here in your hands.

Well Ole Tondar is about to fly out to LAX for the Rose Bowl again. And we most certainly do need a win. Right now Michigan is a one point favorite, but honestly, this kind of game is hard to predict. Teams have a history of falling flat after getting dicked over but the politics of the college sports. However, USC is a rather mediocre star in a weakened Pac-10. ESPN has a pretty good rundown and preview, though it's mostly statistical name dropping. I would look for the Wolverine defensive line to get things started mean up front and try to put the hobnail boot to the neck of Booty early. From there conservative Carr will let the experience of the offense go to work against a USC team that's not quite up to the standards of the last 3 Trojan teams, especially on defense. But since predictions are the name of the preview game I will go with Michigan in a classic Big 10 score winning 31-13 in a game that's not as close as the score appears.

As for what this means for next season, I will leave that explanation to the Prophet James, and Go Blue Seth.

Maury Povich today counted down his top ten shows of 2006. Thanks to retirement I probably saw about 7 of them. However, one of them that I missed was his show on irrational phobias. Check it out as this waitress has a complete meltdown over pickles. Also good, check out this grown-ass man freaking out over peaches. I'm not sure how anybody could have these kind of fears. For Tondar you could bring some of my most hated items such as cotton, cocoons, Monica, or Big Tiff and I would not run to the corner and weep.

What causes these fears? Are these people otherwise normal? Is it like Allison and the Purple thing, just a funny little quirk that defines them? Or are they truly howling-at-the-moon crazy, and this is the most amusing of their crazy-manifestations?

Well anyways, it boggles my mind...


Everybody knows that cops lie. Now that New Years is upon us Big Brother is going to be there with this "sobriety checkpoints." I don't know if these strategies actually work, but anything is better than falling victim to the legalized racket of lying shakedown cops. Know your rights and you might protect yourself.

Friday, December 29, 2006


"A Gay Family Affair"...

"If you sleepin' with a man, you don't love me."

"He's gay because I slept with him!"

"If you slept with my brother, you're gay."

"Do I look gay to you?"

"Sigma Fraud said all men have homosexual tendancies in their life."

"You tell your girlfriend she needs to grow some goddamn tits."

Looks like Frank is down for this weekend...

"We need to get copious amounts of hard liquor and discuss the issues of the day. It will be McCormicks for all!" Posted by Picasa

It is only a matter of time before the NBA starts holding players financially responsible for international play. The best example this season is how Pau Gasol's broken foot cost the Czar of the Telestrator his job as head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies. I have always been a big fan of Mike Fratello, because he is a defense-first kinda coach that like Larry Brown until 2004, has always been saddled with mediocre teams. If I had a potentially championship winning team, I would most certainly consider firing Flip Saunders, Scott Skiles, or Mike Brown and bringing in the Czar.

As for the greater ramifications for the game, I think this will probably serve as a wake-up call for teams to penalize players for playing in the international game to the detriment of their professional American counterpart. I could very easily see Stern using his labor muscle to negotiate some sort of "non-guarantee" for future players-union contracts if the result of international "exhibition" games is mediocre NBA play. I won't stand for it. The fans won't stand for it. And most certainly, the Lord Stern will not stand for it.

It was strange that Gerald Ford died on a day when I was showing my dad the online history of Michigan football. But if you haven't read Bob Woodward's piece in the Washington Post, it gives Ford's take on the Iraq war. However, more important historically, it shows how Ford transformed the Nixon White House to better serve the nation. Check it out because it mentions his previous dealings with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Henry Kissinger.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Did I ever mention I got this beast put together? Allison started it, but I'm not sure if I ever told her I finished. Anyways, it makes ya wonder; if Van Gogh was such a "great artist," then why is he dead? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It has come to my attention that some of you are bored at work recently and need a little stimulation to keep Alzheimer's away. For me, I love nothing more than a little Church History or Philosophy. In particular I have been recently drawn to the works of St. John of the Cross and Boethius. If you are interested in something a bit more secular, I have several great selections under the linky dinks at left. Some of my favorites are the sections on cryptozoology, and my own personal problem, sleep paralysis, yeah it's the opposite of sleep walking. If after all of that you are still in need of something to read, I would suggest the political realm, as Andrew Sullivan, Vox Day, and the Volokh Conspiracy have something interesting to say on a daily basis (in addition to their extensive archives). Of course, all of these are ideas that neglect furthering your own blog or digging up skeletons in the darchives on which to challenge ole Tondar.

Or at the very worst, get started on some ideas for the 2006 in sucky-year review posts that will start tomorrow!

Can you see it? That's my second grey hair. I have another one hidden up further away from the hair line. NOT THAT THEY SHOULD BE CUT WITH THE REST OF MY NATURAL HAIRS, HEAVEN FORBID!! Posted by Picasa

I recently got a haircut. My intentions were to do away with a bit of the shag. Unforunately, the barber-lady saw fit to do away with most of my length. Now certainly, I am certainly not the same long haired hippy fool from the summer of 2006. However, I now have the hair of somebody bordering on the concept of a young professional, which is a bit further than I had intended on going. But in a strange oversight, she forgot to clip 2 of my hairs. this would not be a big deal if it did not happen to be the lone grey hairs on my head. Now I first discovered grey back in April 2002. At the time, my friend Katie was kind enough to pluck it out and show it to me (as the tears formed in my eyes).

Now in the dying days of 2006, Tondar still has a full head of hair. But yet I kind of fear Katie's solution of simply yanking them out. As they multiply, this option will become less and less viable. Today, I am content to let the two hang down into my left eye, but as they multiply will this interfere with Tondar's ability to pass as an 18 year old, or use his student ID without question? These are truly the questions that keep me up at night and will probably lead to even more grey hairs.

Katie would know what to do.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


California, here I come
Open up your golden arms
My God watch over me
California here I come Posted by Picasa

It's good to see that not all of Spain has lost its passion and devotion...

"MEJORADA DEL CAMPO, Spain - It looks like a Disneyland castle grafted onto a medieval cathedral. Its builder is an 81-year-old man who has spent four decades working on it mostly by himself, without planning permission, architect's drawings or previous construction experience.

To some, the 10-story-high product of Justo Gallego's labor of love is an awesome monument to faith and perseverance. Coca-Cola featured it in a 2005 commercial, and Gallego was included in a 2003 exhibition on modern Spanish artists in New York's Museum of Modern Art."

James was fond of this story and passed it along to me. What I enjoy most is that Don Justo is a modern Don Quixote in many ways. Independently he follows his own dreams in a world that seems to have passed him by. From a builder's perspective, he has no regard for modern permits, zoning laws, or prosecution. He simply continues to build, and most likely by the time the courts have it sorted out we will have a completed monument and a dead Don Justo. Yet as he builds his half factory, half train statiton, homemade cathedral for the Virgin Mary, he continues to find assistance all in spite of having no assistance from the Church. It is a great example of how the Lord works in our lives. Plus, as secular Europe tells him that the era of churches has passed, he continues onward, raising his own unique cathedral to God. Or as he inspirationally puts it...

"I limit myself to offering every day of work which He (God) chooses to cede to me and to feel happy with what I have achieved so far."

BTW - If you want to see more of the Church, check this out.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Gloria in excelsis deo,
et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis
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Sunday, December 24, 2006

With further thoughts on Tonnaroo too...

There's too much joy to go around, thus I think the weekend of 2/10/07 might work well for the kids. What say you?