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Saturday, April 07, 2007


For the last 3 months at work my computer desktop has featured the left half of Masaccio's Tribute Money. This fresco is located in Florence and appears in the Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria della Carmine. Masaccio painted it about 1424-27 and it appears as part of a cycle based on the life of St. Peter that he painted with Masolino.

Historically this painting was a huge step forward as it revolutionized perspective and in the Greek and Roman style of the ancients reintroduced classical compositions back into painting. Over the next century the great artists would cross the Arno and study the works in the Brancacci Chapel as they learned the art of painting. However, The Rendering of the Tribute Money remained the most popular.

I thought this painting was rather appropriate because in many ways it represented my job in the mortgage industry. In real life the painting was meant to justify tax reform to assist the Republic. In a similar way it was to serve as inspiration as I charged my own tribute money for originating mortgages. In the end ole Tondar ended up going the way of the Brancacci. For when Cosimo Medicci returned to Florence and forced Felice Brancacci into exile about 1435, he was later declared a rebel in 1458. This seems even more fitting as Tondar goes into exile at a better job. However, it remains to be seen whether I will be declared persona non grata.


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