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Monday, April 09, 2007


From Seth...

Team Wins Losses OTLs Pts.
Buffalo 53 22 7 113 Patrick-Adams Div. Champ
Detroit 50 19 13 113 Norris Division Champion
Nashville 51 23 8 110 Dixie Division Champion
Anaheim 48 20 14 110 Gretzky Division Champion
New Jersey 49 24 11 109 at-large
San Jose 51 26 5 107 at-large
Dallas 50 25 7 107 Heartland Div. Champion
Vancouver 49 26 7 105 at-large

The final 8 are decided. The last few spots came down to tough race, with Ottawa and Pittsburgh tying Vancouver at 105 points. But the Canucks did it with more wins (49) than either of them (48 and 47 respectively). Dallas edged out Minnesota for the Heartland Division Championship by 3 points with a solid final-week run that got the Stars to 50 wins. Buffalo and Detroit tied at 113 points, but Buffalo's win total of 53 beat out Detroit's 50 for the coveted President's Trophy, and first pick at their opponent.

Mock playoffs:
Buffalo selects 7-seed Dallas.
Detroit, sensing weakness in injury, decides to bring it to Nashville, negating the Predators' 3rd-seed pick
Anaheim selects 8-seed Vancouver, whom they dominated in the regular season
New Jersey is left facing San Jose.

First Round Results:
1. Buffalo 4, Dallas 1
2. Detroit 4, Nashville 3
4. Anaheim 4, Vancouver 0
5. New Jersey 4, San Jose 2
Buffalo selects weary Detroit. Anaheim draws the Devils

Semi-Final Results:
1. Buffalo 4, Detroit 2
2. Anaheim 4, New Jersey 3

Stanley Cup Results:
1. Buffalo 4, Anaheim 2

Wouldn't this be so cool -- with everyone questioning the Wings' decision to take on No. 3 Nashville after the 7-game series tires them out too much for Buffalo. And all of these teams deserve to win it, but Buffalo reaps the reward of playing for the win all season (and being better than Detroit at shootout). This makes for a much more exciting last week of the season -- instead of Anaheim tanking to draw the Wild, they'd be clawing their way for wins in the end so they can earn a matchup with Vancouver. Fans can speculate like mad on which team they want to face. And a team that gets selected by the early teams gets to go to the playoffs with a chip on their shoulder -- you want the Preds, well you've GOT THE PREDS!

There's still just one problem with my program -- Columbus still gets doinked being in the Heartland Division with Phoenix, Dallas, Minnesota, Colorado and St. Louis when its closest teams are Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. There's just not room enough in the Northeast for all the Northeast teams. Plus, I'm still working on my balanced schedule algorhthym (unbalanced one is easy). More to come on that...


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