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Sunday, April 22, 2007


From James...

"Looks like the King's house will be getting more business. Honestly, I was hoping for a summer road trip to Graceland and seeing a sleepy eccentric mansion. Damnation"...

"The effort marks the first time the company is advertising nationally with a campaign crossing over television, radio, print, outdoor, travel guides and online, the company said Monday.

"The Discover Your Inner Elvis campaign will be used ... to support our worldwide branding strategy," said Paul Jankowski, EPE's chief marketing officer."

Don't worry too much, James. The way Tondar sees it, people aren't going to drive ALL the way to Memphis just to find their "inner Elvis." He died before I was even born and with more and more people forgetting the memory of the King, Graceland's popularity will fade. Most likely, this is a last ditch effort to stick it to the baby boomers one last time before current management unloads the whole estate.

My guess is that one of the Bee Gees will buy it and burn that to the ground as well.


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