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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So today I devoted myself to a cleaning session of the bigboy house. It was REALLY a mess. It wasn't so much that the previous owners were "dirty" people. I did not have to contend with dirty diapers strewn across the floor, maggots, rotting carcasses or rotting load bearing walls. However, these people simply got dirt in the damnedest of places.

"From the window, to the wall
'Til the cleaner drops off it all"

*Yeah that's a more exact rhyme than Little John's, deal with it*

Honestly, the best way to describe the house is simply "smudged." Thus, the cleaning and moving in process is taking ALOTTA time. Like the American Army I have to go from location to location clearing space for MY goods. In addition, what adds to the aggrevation is the the numerous landscaping and construction projects that I need to conquer to get this house back in to sale-condition. Sure I have 2.4 years to do it, given my mortgage. But why cut corners and live like a pauper in the interim? Was it too much to assume that there wasn't that much crud preventing me from fully unpacking in a timely manner?

UPDATE: STILL FINDING MORE SMUDGE: Five feet six inches above the floor, above the toilet and next to the master shower there was another smudge. And sure enough with paper towell and all-purpose cleaner it came right off the yellow wall. However, how does a smudge like that get up so high?!? Was it a samurai kick? A shower rod gone horrible awry and ignored? Why this house? Why so lazy?


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