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Monday, April 09, 2007


From Frank...

"I am thinking of visiting you Dar during a weekend in October; I have three, 3-day weekends that month, two with Fridays off and one with Monday off. For the weekend with the Monday off, we could make it four day weekend if I took Friday off. I assume since you just got your big boy house that you will be there. My question to you is: When do you want to plan it out? I could order the tickets by the end of the month."

By all means, it would be great to have Frank in the Dirty South. I doubt we can get Miss Allison to drive us to the bar while Frank picks a fight with Clownhair. However, I would not be opposed to busting out some seersucker suits and sipping mint juleps in my tool shed. It most certainly isn't a gazeebo, but I don't own my plantation yet either, so compromise is the name of the game.

But anyways, my October is wide open so you just plan it whenever it is cheapest and I will see to it that the Gingerbread Man and I have clear schedules.


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