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Friday, April 27, 2007


So on the way home from my new job I have been getting off the highway close to Opryland. There they have a roundabout where the road dead ends into the Opryland corporate offices and meets the highway off-ramp. Everyday I come down that ramp and not a time has gone by where there is not some retard acting the fool on the roundabout. They will either come down and treat it like a stop sign like they are floating a stop sign, either way robbing Tondar of his momentum. Today was the worst however, as I got waved through by an elderly couple that were actually parked in the loop, just off to the left.

Now, I have always been critical of Tennessee driving. However, this is a new level of ineptitude. I just don't get it. It's not that the roundabout is terribly complex. You stop IF NECESSARY, otherwise enter going to the right, and accelerate out on the appropriate road of your choosing. If you miss your road, you can always go around again. NOT THAT DIFFICULT! But for those of you a bit ignant (or mildly retarded) here are some pointers on roundabout etiquette. And in the meantime, if you see the Oldsmodar barrelling towards you, get off the road or I shall "Mr. Bean" you like that 3 wheeled car.


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