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Friday, April 27, 2007


From Seth...

I worry that you and I and our generation will be judged for allowing this war to occur. As much as we stump against the hypocrisy of the boomers for becoming yuppies and greedy after the '60s, at least they stood up against a war like this. We're making it too easy for this administration to throw good kids' bodies (and faces) into the meat grinder for the off chance that Bush's legacy might be saved. If guys like us made a bigger stink, we could Matt Millen this president into a cautionary tale, and the next guy, whomever he might be, would find it impossible to pursue the same foreign policies.

Do you know anyone killed or maimed in the war? We've been taking such an intellectual approach to it for so long that I think we've lost sight of how much of our involvement in Iraq is simply young flesh being ripped from young bone for no reason, no principle, no goal, and no hope.

We pretend like we can't do anything about it, but is that really true? That's not a rhetorical question; I'm looking for answers here.


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