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Saturday, April 21, 2007


From Seth...

"What's the fucking point of having a hockey game -- making everyone go through the trouble -- if the game has been decided already?

I'm so close to boycotting the NHL next year for this. I've written to the NHLOA, letting them know there is a problem in games at the Saddledome, but each game is getting noticeably worse.

Even Babcock, who normally keeps his mouth shut about officials, responded during a period break that the only thing he thought his team really needed to do was do a better job getting on the refs. That was after two 5-on-3 situations (both leading to goals) by Calgary that never should have been even 5-on-4s. And the crap, the obvious, odious CRAP going on when the Flames were on defense -- holding every Wings player against the boards, cross-checking, tripping, holding the stick, and then totally grabbing on to Detroit's forwards every time the Calgary forwards started pushing the puck forwards.

I've watched other series, and they're the up-and-down hockey we were promised when the league said it would finally enforce its rules. And Games 1 and 2 in Detroit were like that. But soon as we landed in Calgary, suddenly hockey is a grabfest along the boards again? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE????????"


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