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Monday, April 09, 2007


From Seth...

"Here's my question: Where's Zetterberg?

He's been listed as day-to-day for a month. The last news was he's been skating. I don't know what his back injury is, and the WIngs won't say, but without Zetterberg, this team is in trouble.

Again, the stupid NHL alignment has matched the West's top seed, Detroit, against the team they least want to play, Calgary. Congrats for winning more games than anyone else, guys.

The Flames' thing seems to be this year that they flame-out on the road. But we've seen too many of these matchup since we won the cup in 2001, where a crummy group of cheats shows up, exploits officiating, and after a series of grab-ass Detroit is eliminated in the early rounds. If any team this year will play a trap and cheat, it's the classless Flames. We had a "playoff" game with them already this year, with Detroit outshooting 2-1, but having to take those shots from the blue line, then get held on their way to the net. It was the worst officiated game I ever saw, but I really think it's just a preview of the crap-fest we're about to see. With Zetterberg healing, and most of our team just coming back from injury, we're prime targets for a group with zero class. Even if our superior hockey skills -- and nobody's arguing which team would win an actual game of hockey -- pull out the series, we're facing a team, not unlike Edmonton last year, whose gameplan revolves around knowing which strain, sprain, chip, pull, and bruised bone to whack. This means we'll have to face a slick team like Vancouver or Nashville or San Jose all banged up.

Given the NHL's track record of "letting them play" come playoff time, even after promising again and again to call penalties, and adding to that the Calgary mindset of referee manipulation I can't foresee a series in which the Flames are even called for half of their infractions. If we were to play hockey, this could have been a great playoffs, with Anaheim, Detroit, Vancouver, San Jose and Nashville all worthy of taking on Buffalo or New Jersey."


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