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Friday, May 11, 2007


It seems Seth has stumbled upon one of our ole frat brothers in crisis on CraigsList...

I've got 4 premium tickets for the totally sold out game Friday, May 18th against the St. Louis Cardinals. To gain entry to this World Series re-match and many other games throughout the season you must trade me a simple medical procedure: a vasectomy. I have 8 kids already and that number is always on the rise, I need help. I can't scalp enough tickets to cover the ones I have, and without a legitimate job I don't get a tax break. I'd like to speak in person. I need certain assurances. I want to be sure that my little italian suasage will be alright, I've heard horror stories. A friend of mine told me that when he went in for his vasectomy the doctor performing the work used liquid stitches to sew up the cut. When he woke up his scrotum was glued to the side of his leg. I must know that my boys will be able to swing like a chimp on a vine. Please feel free to e-mail: or call 936-444-8944 ask for Clifford. Thank you and God bless my tiny dong.


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