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Saturday, May 12, 2007


From Callista...

1. This Saturday (tomorrow), I'll be running the 25k Riverbank Run. For anyone who's free and looking to spend a little time outside enjoying the sunshine that has been promised, a familar face cheering me on is worth 2 packs of go-gel. If anyone's bored, come out with the thousands of other spectators. I hear that a good place to watch if you don't want to be downtown near the finish line is John Ball Park. :) For info about street closings etc, go to

2. On Tuesday, I was accepted to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to start a Master's of French studies with an emphasis in International Development! It's a full calendar year program that also involves a two month internship abroad. I'll be heading over there at the end of August to start the Fall semester.

Well between you and James livin' la vida 'Sconi, I have no choice but to visit now!


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