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Monday, May 21, 2007


Well today is the NBA draft lottery. Some hearts are going to be broken while other teams are going to be set for the next decade. Let's take a look at the teams and their chances of winning the Greg Oden/Kevin Durant sweepstakes...

1) Memphis Grizzlies - They should get the first pick considering their 25% chance of winning. However, with Jerry West leaving and Pau Gasol being a douchebag, I would love to see them denied a top 3 pick.

2) Boston Celtics - It's amazing how this team has balanced themselves on the knife of incompetence. On the one hand, look at the Raef LaFrentz and Sebastian Telfer trades. It was almost like they were tanking to get that 19.9% chance on lottery day. On the other hand, they have Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson. However, the Sports Guy's rants and begging and whining have become so obnoxious I hope they slip out of the top 3 as well.

3) Milwaukee Bucks - They got popped by the injury train but between Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd, they are better than their record indicates. But thanks to their end of season tank they deserve to slip as well.

4) Atlanta Hawks - No team has as much to win or lose and it looks like they will lose since they are counting on their 11.9%. If you remember back to the Joe Johnson trade. They not only had to give up Boris Diaw, but also their first round draft pick this year. The only stipulation is that it is lottery protected. Thus if the Hawks land one of the top 3 spots, they will get either Oden, Durant, or probably their point guard of the future, Mike Conley. Atlanta, tends to have bad luck with the draft. And if history is any indication, they will most likely get screwed again as the Phoenix Suns will get the missing piece, (Brandon Wright or Joakim Noah) and Atlanta will get the shaft on their way to another 33 win season. However, things might not be all that bad since they get Indiana's pick for the Al Harrington trade, which will probably be 11th in a loaded draft. But still look for the Hawks to get dicked over as usual.


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