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Monday, May 14, 2007


From the Sports Guy...

• From Eric in Michigan: "Why did the NBA hire the director of 'The Blair Witch Project' to shoot the playoffs? It's nauseating to have the camera in constant motion."

(Couldn't agree more. Trying to follow the action in Saturday's Spurs-Suns game made me feel like I had just dropped peyote with Tony Soprano. Did I miss the meeting where everyone decided, "Hey, the midcourt camera for NBA games just isn't cutting it anymore, our fans like it and they're used to it ... instead, let's use a really weird camera angle that makes them sick!")

I was thinking the same thing trying to follow the action from the robot camera. The only reason behind it that I could determine is that the angle is supposed to be new and exciting and exists for the sake of itself. Of course it is lame and should go away. But when is the NBA actually going to start listening to the fans?


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